24 Giant Puppies Who Are Bigger Than They Think They Are

Dogs have been with us throughout most of human history, even before the rise of civilization as we know it. As humans spread across the world, our loyal companions followed, meaning they are now as globally widespread as we are. The bond between dogs and humans has been growing for centuries now, making it one of the longest-lasting relationships on Earth.

As the centuries passed by, dogs became our invaluable companions – creatures many of us see as family members. This is especially true when they join our lives as puppies. While puppies and small dog breeds are undoubtedly adorable, there are many larger dogs who don’t understand their size and behave very much like their diminutive counterparts. This awkward, funny innocence makes them even cuter than if they genuinely were as little as they think they are. This list of giant puppies getting into all sorts of antics will bring a smile to your face while proving that size doesn’t matter when it comes to being cute.

Jumbo-Sized Lap Dog

Small dog breeds like the chihuahua work perfectly as lap dogs. However, bigger breeds also crave a piece of that affectionate lap action, just like the St. Bernard in this picture. If you look closely, you’ll see that there isn’t just one lady in the photo.

While the woman on the left seems amused by the dog, the one on the right may not feel the same way for long – that’s a pretty hefty dog resting on her lap! For now, the ladies both seem to be getting a good laugh out of the situation. And who could get mad at that adorable face?

The World’s Largest Alarm Clock?

Need to wake up for that early morning meeting or pre-sunrise jogging routine? That’s what an alarm clock is for. Wait, is that not enough for you to get up from bed? Guess it’s time to bring in the cavalry – and by that, we mean a giant puppy hug!

The big dog has certainly done a stellar job of waking its owner up, but it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to let her get out of bed. Imagine waking up with a giant dog licking your face. You’ll probably think it’s cute at first, but it will eventually get tiring. The dog, on the other hand, thinks its human is like a soft pillow and looks thoroughly relaxed.

Motor Doggos

Riding a motorbike is the last thing most people would do with their dogs. A small dog, maybe. But two giant fluffballs? That would take a lot of training for the dogs, and a lot of confidence for the driver!

Bikers with big dogs like the one in this photo are walking the line between cute and risky. What’s most amazing about the photo is how happy and relaxed the pups and their owner appear to be. Would you be this chill if you were about to take your two giant dogs for a spin?

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Swing

Nothing could be more relaxing for a dog than cuddling with its human, no matter how big or small they are. This picture of a giant pup relaxing with its mama on a swing is all the proof we need that fur babies love cuddles, even if they’re bigger than their owner!

The only thing that worries us about this picture is that the swing looks pretty old and tattered – we wonder how long it will be able to hold out under all that weight! Still, it looks like the two are having fun, and perhaps the swing is far more sturdy than it seems.

One Hug Fits All

Hugs are always a delight, especially when they come from someone you love. Dogs love a good hug from their masters, even if they are humongous. The labrador in this picture is a prime example of how happy hugs can make a dog, and its mama seems to feel the same way. Quite an adorable sight, isn’t it?

It’s impressive how the woman manages to hold a pooch whose weight exceeds that of a small toddler. Maybe the saying “love conquers all” applies here, and the burden of a heavy canine is nothing compared to the woman’s love for her furry friend. Her bright, smiling face says it all!

Couch Potato Baby

Dogs will always be fur babies to their masters, no matter what size they may reach. The dog in this picture is no exception. Sure, he may not fit on the armchair anymore, but that doesn’t stop him from climbing onto it in order to cuddle with his mama.

The dog clearly revels in all the affection, even if he’s having a hard time sitting on the woman’s lap. A dog this heavy can be concerning to others, but this woman’s love for her dog makes her take it in stride. If anything, this pup is blessed to have a fur mama like her.

A Not-So-Heavy Load

Small dogs are light enough for people to carry them like babies. Carrying big dogs, however, is like carrying a sack of rice or two, but that won’t stop them from angling for it. Just look at that dog – its head is even bigger than its owner’s!

Well, at least the human doesn’t mind all that weight, as long as his dog is enjoying the attention. After living with his dog for a long time, we’re pretty sure this man must’ve developed a lot of strength and endurance from having to carry his big fur baby around.

Big Dog, Small Bed

What could be more adorable than two dogs sleeping? These two bed-swapping puppy pals, of course! The fact that the tiny dog stole it’s giant friend’s bed is just too cute for words.

Perhaps the big one actually gave up his bed so its little companion could have lots of space for a sleepy snuggle. It’s like the giant dog serves as the little one’s big brother, and it’s very cute. No matter which way you look at it, this picture will always give off wholesome vibes.

Couch Hogs

If there’s one important thing to learn about owning a large dog, it’s that your couches are going to be their territory, whether you like it or not. After all, small beds simply won’t do for creatures of their size, so they’ll naturally go for sofas as their favorite resting place.

It seems this woman didn’t get the memo, and now her fur baby is all over her. Still, both of them seem alright with the situation they’re in, and it’s not like she’s being crushed to death or anything. Asking permission is important if you plan on occupying your dog’s space, especially if it’s big and heavy.

Wrong Bed Size

While there’s already another post about a big dog on a small bed, this picture is too cute not to post. Unlike the other puppy, this big dog doesn’t seem comfortable sleeping in its tiny bed. You can really tell from the photo how it feels.

I mean, just look at its forelegs and sulky face hanging over the edge of the bed. It would be a miracle if it managed to get a good night’s sleep. Perhaps it’s about time the owner gets this big dog a bed to match!

Don’t Bring Your Pooch To Work

As far as deskwork is concerned, dogs have yet to be able to comprehend its importance. A small one may inconvenience you a bit while you try to get that paper done on time. As for the big ones, you might as well give up!

This picture of a big dog hugging its owner proves that it’s best to stay away from your pooch when working. Still, the dog smooshing its master is adorable, and the owner doesn’t seem to mind. Though she might develop a few furballs if she doesn’t get out soon!

Tired But Cheeky

Walking your dog around in the park is a brilliant way for both you and your furry companion to get in some exercise. When their small dog gets tired, most owners opt to simply carry it with them all the way home. If you’ve never done this yourself, then you certainly would’ve seen other dog owners doing it. Have you ever seen someone try it with a dog that’s big and heavy, like the husky in the photo?

If you’ve got the strength for it, then go ahead and give your pooch a lift. Although, things will get awkward, especially with the eyes of onlookers all at you. Expect to hear plenty of laughs ringing out around you, but in the end, they will think it’s adorable. Honestly, dogs are pretty good at creating awkward, yet endearing situations.

Family Bath Time

Nothing beats bath time as a way for family members to bond – at least that’s how things used to be. Though modern kids prefer tech-based entertainment, this picture of a young boy, a large dog, and its two pups shows that old-fashioned bonding is still going strong. The big dog looks so excited to be bonding with the kids.

You have to wonder what kind of trouble this group got into once bubbles got involved. Our guess is that the whole place looked like a storm hit it: wet floors, wet towels, wet mirrors, and foam everywhere. Surely all that mess is kind of worth it for the quality bonding time.

The Fluffiest Member Of The Family

Dogs, including big ones, should always be treated as part of the family. After all, they’re invaluable companions who can provide you love and stability while protecting your home. The big dog in this picture looks like he accounts for two family members at once. I mean, just look how much space he occupies on the couch!

The pup’s human companion, on the other hand, seems fine with just taking up a small space next to his canine pal. Can you imagine having a dog the size of two people acting like it’s still a puppy? He would be one huge mouth to feed, that’s for sure, but the look on his happy face should be worth it. Guess it’s time for the man to buy an even bigger couch!

Big Baby, Small Baby

The picture below shows two babies – a small human one, and a giant puppy! Sure, the dog takes up a lot of couch space, but it still managed to carefully avoid crushing its human companion. Even if it still wants to be treated like a baby, the dog is doing a great job of being a “big brother.”

The giant puppy definitely has a calm and gentle disposition to be able to sit so quietly with the human baby. That fact alone increases the cuteness of this photo. We can definitely imagine that this baby will have an invaluable playmate and best friend once it grows a little older.

Sunny Dog Days

Since all the sunbathing chairs are occupied, the big dog in this photo decided to make its human share her seat. In fact, the dog is so big that it practically occupies the whole sun lounge. This leaves so little space for the girls that her legs are starting to dangle.

As a result, both occupants aren’t exactly feeling really comfortable. Judging by the facial expression of the girl, it looks like she’s fine with the situation – at least for a little while. Eventually, one of them will have to move out though. After all, lazy days by the pool demand full access to the sun.

No More Car Space

Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you, it’s difficult getting your dog to behave once it knows it’s headed for the vet. Getting them inside the car is one thing, but having a giant puppy riding along with you is a challenge all on its own. Just ask the man in the picture… or maybe don’t since his face is pretty much the answer already.

After all, who in their right mind would actually be comfortable with their dog’s butt pressed against their face for the entire trip? Perhaps the best course of action would be to bring along a couple of toys and snacks to keep your pooch calm since a visit to the vet won’t be very pleasant.

Cuddle Buddies

Greyhounds are best known for their blistering speed, but they also like to act like babies, especially when their human parents spoil them. Well, they’re not really an exception since most breeds also do that, but did you know they love using their human parents as a pillow?

Sure that greyhound may be big, but it’s not heavy enough to risk crushing its human mama with its weight. The result? A cute photo of a dog and its master in perfect comfort. After all, co-sleeping with your pets has been shown to improve your well-being.

A Gargantuan Lap Dog

While there are many large dog breeds, none are as affectionate and as droopy-faced as the Saint Bernard. This dog loves nothing more than being close to its master and clearly thinks it’s still a puppy who can fit comfortably in a human lap.

However, just one of its butt cheeks already occupies the entire space of the man’s lap. It really shows how massive this pooch is. Still, the man in the photo seems to be managing the situation just fine. If a dog that huge is going to sit on your lap, then you’d better start working on your leg strength!

Kid-Sized Puppy

If we say “kid-sized puppy,” we mean a dog that is literally the size of a child and behaves like a puppy, which is exactly the big dog in this photo. Funnily enough, most supersized dogs like this one don’t realize their stature, especially when you see that there is a kid underneath that big fur baby.

In fact, that dog could be easily more than twice the size of its little human owner. Still, the kid’s smile shows that she’s enjoying her time being sat upon by the dog – in a way, it’s like a big, living blanket. That girl is definitely gonna end up smelling like fur, but it’s clearly worth it for the good time she’s having with her big furry friend.

Keep On Working, Don’t Mind Me

Dogs never follow a schedule when it comes to showing their affection. They’ll do so whenever and wherever they please. All that matters is that they are bathed in love and attention from their masters. This is especially apparent when a big dog demands its daily dose of affection.

The picture above shows a huge pooch cuddling with its master, even though she looks like she’s busy with paperwork. It would seem that the woman won’t be ticking anytime off her to-do list until her fur baby is done with her.

Pats Galore

As a dog owner, giving your dog love and attention is essential, and this includes plenty of back rubs and pats. When you’re the proud owner of a big dog, expect that you’ll be giving it tons of affection (along with plenty of running around outside). This may seem breezy in theory, but things can get pretty heavy when the dog tries to sit on you.

Take this “unfortunate” man, for example – his dog ended up sitting on his lap when it needed a good rubbing, leaving him no choice but to flop down on the floor. The result? An adorable photo of a big dog getting its daily dose of love, somewhat at the expense of its owner.

Yet Another Jumbo-Sized Lap Dog

Some big dogs just do not realize their own size and weight, and they end up squashing their owners in their attempts to get the love and affection they desire. Just look at the picture below. The dog is barely managing to fit on the girl’s lap, even though it looks happy and content with its position.

What makes this photo even cuter and more interesting, however, is the fact that the dog uses its forelegs to prop itself up, even though it’s supposed to be “sitting” on the girl’s lap. As awkward as it looks, both dog and human seem perfectly comfortable with each other. Judging by those happy faces, it seems that big puppies are just as welcome to be lap dogs as little ones.

No Rest For The Wicked

Dogs are famous for cuddling up wherever they please, whether it’s on the floor, the bed, or your favorite footrest. This is especially true if you own a big puppy, and things can get pretty awkward if you’re in the way of their favorite comfy spot. So long as the pooch feels settled, nothing else seems to matter to them.

The man in this picture, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to enjoy the fact that the dog’s behind is right in front of his face. Sure, the situation is quite endearing, but we can’t help but feel kind of sorry for the man. We hope he drops that cranky face and realizes his dog just wants some love and attention.