30+ Photos That Show That Rollercoaster Rides Are Not For Everyone

Taking your kids to an amusement park so they can spend a nice day with their parents is one of the most popular things to do with them. Even though there is a range of other things to do at amusement parks besides riding rollercoasters, it is rollercoasters that are unquestionably one of the most popular attractions for kids as well as adults. Many people enjoy riding because of the exciting sensation when traveling at high speed.

There is another category of people, though: these guys hate the thought of doing something so uselessly scary. For them, fear and amusement have no connection with each other, and the whole concept of an amusement park is weird. So, when their friends do convince them to go, they would definitely rather be somewhere else. And those people are the funniest to watch.

So, this collection of amusing mid-ride sentiments is guaranteed to make your sides split, regardless of whether those guys in the pictures are enjoying themselves or not..

If You Are Getting Nervous, Just Hold on Tight

They invited me to visit Disneyland. They predicted that it would be enjoyable. When his spouse pulls his face apart while clutching on for dear life in the middle of a car journey, it is exactly what must be going through his head. Besides, the unhappy young man is almost certain to walk away from Splash Mountain with a severely sore mouth; there is also the possibility that he will not find his sunglasses or baseball cap.

If You're Feeling Scared Just Hold On Tight

We are very confident this was the couple’s final ride of the day — or at least the last ride for him, at the very least! It is to be hoped that everything was forgiven and that they could enjoy the remainder of their vacation.

Someone Had Consumed Too Much Beer the Previous Night

With the sheer dramatic impact of this photograph, we were rolling on the floor with laughter. Indeed, we recognize that it is exceptionally offensive — and that this must have been a pleasant experience for the unfortunate individual or anyone in his vicinity — but, let us be honest, it is still highly amusing.

Someone Had Too Many Beers Last Night

The more time you spend staring at the photograph, the more difficult it becomes to determine which of the unfortunate rollercoaster riders had the worst luck. Initially, you would think it is the lady sitting next to Mr. Projectile, but upon closer observation — and considering the law of physics — we believe the two men sitting behind him are in big trouble!

After Screaming So Loud You Turn Into a Horse

There is so much going on in this photo that we are unsure where to begin describing it. But first, let us talk about the elephant (or should I say horse) in the room: terrorism. You read that correctly. A person donning a horse’s head is seated in the first row of this rollercoaster carriage, casually making out with their companion. Do not bother asking why; we have no idea either, but that is undoubtedly one method to divert your attention away from the terrible ride!

When You Scream So Hard You Go Horse

Directly behind the horse, another man does everything he can to keep his partner’s eyes covered — even though she does not seem to realize where she is. Behind them, a couple is terrified and trembling. It’s one of the most incredible group pictures of all time, without a doubt.

Multitasking – And Then There is This One!

We have all seen some pretty fantastic rollercoaster ride images, and this one might just be the most impressive of them all, to be honest. Talk about being able to multitask! They are not only undisturbed by the rollercoaster itself, which is flying around the track at breakneck speed, but they are also doing a fantastic job of playing a competitive game of Jenga against one other!

There's Multitasking And Then There's This

Is it possible that everything collapsed in a split second after this photograph was taken? We will never know the truth.

However, the kid’s face, which is directly behind the Jenga jokers, is undoubtedly the most endearing aspect of this photograph. His reaction perfectly captures how most of us feel when we first see this photograph!

Place Your Hands in a Position Where I Can See Them

It appears like the girl who is terrified (the second row, clearly) is screaming more about the hand in her face than she is about the rollercoaster ride itself, the more time you spend staring at this shot and thinking about it. Okay, so it is possible that this is not the case, but it is still a somewhat amusing story. We are firm that certain persons should not ride amusement park attractions for their safety.

Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them

The most striking aspect of this photograph, though, is the contrast in reactions between the girl who appears to be losing her will to live and her neighbor, who seems to be entirely at ease. She is just taking it easy.

Not Quite the Profile Pic We Had in Mind

We have gone from one cleverly choreographed group photo to… well, this one is not particularly creative, despite being a group portrait. It isn’t easy to tell whether this is a staged photo or the rollercoaster ride that this group of friends is on has become so extreme that they have physically lost control of their faces. In any case, it is an amusing picture, and we sincerely hope the boys bought it and used it as their official group photo.

Not Exactly The New Profile Pic We Intended

Closer examination of the photograph reveals that the man in the second row on the left appears to have his arm in a cast. We are not medical professionals, but we guess that riding rollercoasters is not a part of his rehabilitation program?

She was a little red-faced when she got off the Ride

Although we feel a little nasty for laughing at this photo, we have to admit that we find it entertaining! Once you learn that this girl has not been transformed into a tomato by the rollercoaster, you will be relieved to know that she has her face painted elsewhere on the Dollywood property. (By the way, the name is fantastic.) On the other hand, Dad sits comfortably next to her, seemingly unconcerned about anything. However, her expression is made all the more dramatic by her red face.

She Stepped Off The Ride Feeling A Little Red-Faced

His demeanor is so peaceful that it has the appearance of being slightly frightening. The young lady appears to have encountered a ghost, giving the impression that this is a billboard for a horror film set in an amusement park!

You Can Not Remember Anything When It is That Good

At the very least, this girl has picture confirmation that she braved the Goliath rollercoaster because it appears that she had no idea what she was getting herself into! During rides that fill the brain with adrenaline, it is not uncommon for people to drop out altogether. Vasovagal syncope is the medical term for this condition, which occurs when the heart rate starts to slow down and the blood pressure decreases, causing the victim to pass out. Consequently, either vasovagal syncope took hold in this girl’s case, or she became bored and fell asleep.

When It's So Good You Can't Remember A Thing

We particularly like the smile on the face of the other girl in the second row, who we assume is part of a group of female friends. Is it a feeling of nausea? Is it indifference on our part? In any case, she is taking precautions to maintain her, eh hem, dignity.

What is Your Typical Morning Routine?

When it comes to family photographs, there are the badass, choreographed ones, and then there is this! Hats off to this father and his three children for coming up with the idea to orchestrate this funny situation and having the bravery to pull it off successfully.

What's Your Morning Routine Like?

The sheer casualness of the eldest daughter quietly applying her cosmetics while riding at breakneck speed is impossible to surpass. We can not select who our favorite family member is because they are all so great.

When the person in the pink shirt sitting behind the family smiles, it is hard to tell whether he is enjoying the ride itself or because he is appreciative of the choreography.

That is What You Refer to As a “High-Speed Proposal.”

Who does not appreciate uniqueness? This brilliant proposal stunt by a soon-to-be (we hope!) groom, who dragged his friends along for the ride – in more ways than one — gets a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Congratulations to the group of friends who worked so hard to ensure that all of the signs spelling out “would you marry me” were held up correctly while going at breakneck speed could not have been easy.

We adore the concept that this lucky girl’s boyfriend proposed to her by presenting her with a photo from the rollercoaster and then fell into tears as she responded, “yes!” But, what is the best part? The couple now has a souvenir of the particular moment he proposed to her in their possession.

See there, Honey? That is your Mother-in-Law!”

When this guy finally convinced his partner to ride this log flume, he will have to perform at least a week’s worth of apologizing to the rest of the world. It is impossible to conceive how two reactions could be much more dissimilar — he appears to be lounging on a beach lounger, and she seems to be clutching on for dear life while screaming at the top of her lungs — but they certainly are.

Look Honey, It's Your Mother-In-Law

Nonetheless, they do claim that opposites attract, do not they?

You may be one hundred percent certain that this cheeky chap purchased the photograph and distributed it to his buddies. We can only hope that his ex-girlfriend retaliated in a style.

Once Again, He Failed to Win the Dad of the Year Award

At the very least, Dad appears to be having a good time! The fact that this is not exactly a rollercoaster ride does not make it any less terrifying for this small boy, who is utterly terrified while speeding down a wooden slide.

The little kid should place his hands in front of his eyes rather than over his ears if we had the opportunity to provide some advice. If he did, though, this would not be nearly as good a photo as it is!

Perhaps some of the other people who appear on this list should have followed the example set by this child and opted for a slightly milder ride rather than taking on a big rollercoaster.

Reality Vs. Instagram – A Rollercoaster Edition

We have all been in that situation. Feeling relaxed, not a care in the world, probably a tad smug, to put it mildly. Then reality sets in, and we are suddenly terrified out of our minds and bodies! Basically, this is the circumstance that this young man found himself in at the amusement park. This classical ‘before and after’ photograph is almost certainly displayed prominently someplace in his family’s home, and it is a favorite among guests who come over for dinner.

Instagram Versus Reality: Rollercoaster Edition

The only thing missing from this funny narrative is an “after” shot to finish it off. We would love to witness the look of relief on the kid’s face once he or she has survived the stomach-churching experience.

Holding on for the Sake of My Wife

We do not doubt that this photograph will wind up on the mantelpiece; however, it would not be surprising if the mischievous gentleman kept it in reserve to embarrass his partner in the future. The reason why she wound up on this rollercoaster at Playland is unknown, but we can safely say that the terrified lady will never go near another ride in her life. Perhaps she was tricked into doing it by her boyfriend? This guy seemed to be having a great time!

Holding On For Dear Wife

This is yet another example of an amusement park photograph in which you feel a little terrible for the individual holding to the carriage’s railing. But, if they could joke about it afterward, that was enough.

Mama, I Would Be Listening to You For The Last Time

This poor kid’s stomach must be churning right now, judging by the expression on his face. Based on the angle of the photograph, this appears to be one of those pirate ships or magic carpet rides that rock from side to side on a pendulum, gradually going higher and higher as the ride progresses. No way to spend your lunch hour if you are afraid of heights — or if you have just finished your meal, for that matter.

This Is The Last Time I Listen To You, Mom!

The fact that this boy almost appears to be too slim to be adequately fastened on the ride cannot do anything to lower his blood pressure, either! But, at the very least, he has a strong adult hand grasping onto him.

It Has Never Been Mentioned in good Parenting Guide

This sad little guy most likely woke up that morning anticipating another relaxing day spent creating wooden blocks and reading picture books with his family. Instead, what exactly did he get? It was, without a doubt, the terrifying experience of his short life to date! The only thing we can see in that face is horror, no matter how hard we try to locate a sparkle of enthusiasm in it. Do not let go, no matter what you do, mommy!

The Guide To Good Parenting Never Mentioned This

It’s quite difficult for us to understand what on Earth mom was thinking. But this is, unquestionably, a photo to add to your family album, this is an excellent image for parents to use to humiliate their teenage kids who think they are too cool for school, as demonstrated here.

Something Happened During His Early Life Has Changed Him

The trouble with rollercoaster rides suitable for the entire family is that, almost usually, someone will not get much enjoyment out of them. In this example, the older brother in the light blue t-shirt appears to be watching a re-run of his favorite cartoon on his computer screen. On the other hand, his younger sibling seemed to have just completed a 100m sprint after partying until six of the clock in the morning the night before.

Clearly Something Happened Early On In His Life That Changed Him

Suppose these formative experiences offer children the desire to try out more adventurous rollercoasters in the future. In that case, it is uncertain whether they scar them for the rest of their lives, guaranteeing that they never set foot in another amusement park.

When The Dentist Is Confused With The Rollercoaster

There is so much going on in this place that it is difficult to know where to begin. Surely it can not be a coincidence that the three men on the right-hand side of the picture are all wearing that dentist’s chair face at the same time? If it is the case, then it is incredible. Aside from that, what is up with the pink bowtie? Another unusual coincidence is that all of the passengers on the left-hand side of the plane appear to be relaxed and enjoying themselves. Weird.

When You Confuse The Rollercoaster For The Dentist

The number of sunglasses dangling from t-shirts is a little concerning, especially given that this appears to be a pretty speedy coaster. So, people, keep in mind to safeguard their personal belongings before being launched into space!

Raise Your Hand If Your Child Refuses to Forgive You

We are not sure if dad has seen someone he recognizes or if he is just trying to ride a rollercoaster wave in a very “dad” manner. We have a feeling it is the latter. In any case, his frightened little tot is not impressed.

Raise Your Hand If Your Kid Won't Forgive You

Perhaps his father had been holding him with both hands up until this particular moment — a great moment, it has to be mentioned, for the family photo album — and then panic struck all at the same time. Aw!

 On a serious note, however, is it a smart idea to bring such small children on amusement park rides, especially the gentle ones? Not to be judgmental, but… seriously! 🙂

NASA Astronauts Appears to Have Gotten Younger and Younger

So you know the rollercoaster ride is serious when the harness is over the shoulder and around the waist. Even though this is a still image, you can see that this carriage is going reasonably fast because the strap is around the waist. What do you mean by “quickly”? For example, the youngster in the foreground makes an admirable impression of a NASA astronaut undergoing G Force training in the foreground.

NASA Astronauts Seem To Be Getting Younger And Younger

We adore the adorable display of support by the child’s father, who places a protecting hand over his son’s shoulder. This is an excellent illustration of how visiting amusement parks can be a wonderful bonding experience for parents and children.

I Would Never Have Expected This To Be A Kids’ Ride.

The parents are having a good time, completely ignorant that their children are not only afraid but also perhaps on the verge of puking. This ride is about as extreme as it gets for children of this age, so, usually, they are freaked out by the experience.

Who Would've Thought This Was A Kids Ride

This attraction is probably the most soothing respite between the more stomach-churning options in the amusement park for mom, dad, and any other adults on board.

While all of the children appear to be in equal discomfort, we have to pay a special mention to the brave little girl attempting to mimic her mother’s gesture of waving at the camera.

Did You Make a Reservation to Be in This Ride?

We are big fans of carefully planned rollercoaster ride images. In this case, it appears that everyone got the message. So should not it be “textbook” instead? Beyond the obvious synchronization, the most striking is that the entire group of pals is maintaining their composure.

Did You Book To Go On This Ride?

None of their facial expressions indicate that they are ready to dive headfirst into a pool of water at high speed. Excellent work, class. An A for effort.

Perhaps reading a good book will help folks afraid of rollercoasters to feel more at ease? So continue to concentrate on this chapter of Harry Potter rather than on anything else!

Do I Make a Good Impression?

It has to be noted that the unimpressed expression on the face of this elderly lady is worthy of being turned into a meme. This is the expression of someone who has been there, done that, and seen it all, and a log slide at Busch Gardens is not going to cut it for her any time soon. She is not merely delivering monotony; she offers something much more terrible. With her hood up and sunglasses on, this lady appears to be utterly dissatisfied with the so-called entertainment!

Do I Look Impressed?

Someone who has been on just so many rollercoaster rides to recall, or someone who has been brought along to the amusement park without her will, is the subject of this story. Although we would prefer it to be the former, the likelihood is that it will be the latter.

When Your Friends Will No Longer Accompany You to the Amusement Park

There is something incredibly happy about this photograph! We are not sure how this older man found upon a rollercoaster with a group of children — perhaps he is their instructor, or maybe he just wanted to go on a solo travel to the amusement park — but they all appear to be having a great time, regardless of how they got there.

When Your Friends Won't Come With You To The Amusement Park Anymore

As we all know, children tend to like rollercoaster rides more than adults; therefore, this gentleman had a brilliant idea!

When you see this picture, you will realize how versatile the safety buckles on rollercoasters are. Even though the man is almost twice the child’s height seated next to him, they are safely secured in their seats!

When You are Just Not able to Take It Anymore

You should know that some people enjoy going to amusement parks. They exist solely for the rides, the fairground vendors, the food, and the general cacophony. Others, it would appear, would prefer to be absolutely anyplace else in the world. Of course, we can not be optimistic that this stance was not posed for the photograph, but it certainly gives the sense of someone having the worst day possible. Is it possible that he is bored? Or perhaps the people in front of him are making too much noise? Unfortunately, we will never know.

When You Just Can't Even

What is particularly humorous about this photograph is that our poor man is wearing a t-shirt entirely at odds with his state of woe! It seems to me that a simple sweater shirt would have been a more fitting choice.

OMG, This is Really Boring When Compared to TikTok

It would appear that this young lady does not hold this rollercoaster ride in the same regard as, for example, Mickey Mouse, or… absolutely anything else in the world for that matter. She appears to be genuinely bored, to the point of falling asleep — which is more than can be said for the man in front of her, who seems to be in genuine fear for his life!

OMG This Is So Boring Compared To TikTok

On the other hand, we enjoy the attitude of the gentleman behind our unconcerned companion – possibly his father? As we have already explained, it takes a lot of courage to wear accessories on a rollercoaster, such as sunglasses or a hat. So, to casually lower them for the camera like that? We are pretty impressed.

What Does It Mean To Have an Explosive Experience?

While the girl in the previous shot had a thick layer of makeup on her face, this guy is entirely nude. What is his favorite band? Without a doubt, it is Simply Red. In all seriousness, we are a little concerned for him – the force of the rollercoaster appears to be too much for his body to handle.

The Definition Of An Explosive Experience

And even if his head does not explode, the sunglasses he is clutching will almost certainly do so. Oh, how we wish we could hear the sounds made.

The strength of the seatbelt on a rollercoaster ride is typically a good indicator of how challenging the ride is. Unfortunately, it would appear that the carriage was going at a breakneck pace in this instance!

This Is not the Honeymoon She Would Have Ever Expected

If you have ever had a high-octane rollercoaster ride that left you doubting your life choices, you would think you would be ready to call it quits after one trip. Unfortunately for this lady, who made the mistake of accompanying her boyfriend to Cedar Point amusement park, this was clearly not the case. We can only assume she rode the top coaster first because she appears terrified but still somewhat in control in this photo. More than can be said for the photograph taken in Valravn, in which the poor lady seems to be genuinely concerned for her safety.

This Isn't The Honeymoon She Expected

When it comes to their thoughts toward rollercoasters, it is not uncommon for couples to oppose one another. But, without a doubt, the guy is having a great time and appears to be considering his partner’s horror to be nothing short of amusing.

When You Search for the Definition of Terrified in the Dictionary

Although many rollercoaster ride images are amusing, this one almost makes us feel sorry for ourselves. What you see here are three generations of a family who are entirely horrified – we are not sure who is having the most fun, the boy, his mother, or his grandmother! In any case, we are not confident any of them will be returning to The Great LEGO again anytime shortly. It never seemed that those little construction blocks could be so frightening.

Even though most amusement parks pride themselves for being perfect places to have a great day out for the entire family, it is unlikely that The Florida Resort will utilize this photograph for any marketing purposes. But, on the other hand, this picture made it into our list, which is also quite an achievement.

So It Explains Why the Ride Sounded Particularly Squeaky

This is not something you see every day, to put it mildly. In fact, before they visited this amusing rollercoaster ride shot, this is probably a possibility that no one had ever considered! The kilts, plaids, and feather bonnets worn by these men, as well as the numerous metal components such as belt buckles, a trench coat cantle, a dirk, and a pattern brooch, will be familiar to those unfamiliar with traditional Scottish bagpiper regalia. These are actual words, by the way.

So That Explains Why The Ride Sounded Extra Squeaky

We would be interested in learning more about this. Possibly, this is a bagpipe band on tour, taking a break from their performance at the local amusement park. Or perhaps they are putting together an out-of-the-ordinary photoshoot? We think it is hilarious, and we think you will too.

Follow the Instructions on the T-Shirt

Never before has there been a person who more fully embraced the slogan on their breast than this fabulous youngster right here. If the young man were riding alone, he would be wearing a pair of sunglasses and appearing in the stance of Rio de Janeiro’s renowned Christ the Redeemer monument, which he seems to be emulating.

Just Do As The T-Shirt Says

However, because a scene of mayhem surrounds him — and presumably a chorus of cries — his degree of CHILL only goes up a notch or two, do not you think?

Even though the looks on the faces of the group of girls behind our Mr. Cool demonstrate how exciting this ride is, the large amounts of sweat on their t-shirts elevate it to an entirely new level!

Introducing The Ride That Smacks You Right In The Jaw

Indeed, these two are related in some way! Anyone who has siblings will completely understand this hilarity, which, while amusing at the time, frequently escalates into a full-fledged fight when the situation gets out of hand. Either that or they are just good friends. To be fair to the youngster who is being pummeled, he appears to be managing the situation admirably.

The Ride That Hits You Square In The Jaw

He does not appear to be too concerned about the log flume. What is surprising about these photographs is how well they were taken. How does the public know when a picture is being taken, exactly? Impressive.

The way the boy with a fist in his face got his own back would be fascinating to hear about. We hope that however he successfully took his revenge, it was also captured on camera!

Grandpa is Bored of Playing Bingo

If you are looking for a rollercoaster photo, this might be one of the most exhilarating we have ever seen. What has been captured here is one of the highlights of what appears to have been a lovely day out for an elderly guy and his granddaughter, and we are completely captivated by it! When we see the overwhelming happiness in both of their expressions, we are thrilled to learn more about their time at the amusement park. It is adorable.

So frequently, rollercoaster ride images taken in the middle of the ride are either awkward or absolutely hilarious, but this one stands out for its pure, uninhibited joy. Ideally, the photograph would be framed and displayed on a mantle somewhere.

Oh No!

It is becoming increasingly challenging to determine the object that has gone flying in the middle of this excursion. Is that a cell phone or something else? Is that a stray bit of plastic? Who knows what will happen. In any case, the passengers on board at Silver Dollar City do not appear to be disturbed by anything and appear to be having the time of their lives! Suppose you have ever experienced the thrill of riding a rollercoaster. In that case, you know how important it is to secure any loose personal goods before the ride begins.

When The Ride Is So Good You Lose More Than Your Mind

Whatever it was, we can only hope it was not something too valuable because, barring a miracle, it will never be seen or heard from again! Fortunately, that gentleman’s beloved Star Trek t-shirt appears to be a little more secure.

When Your Mother Makes an Inappropriate Remark at Dinner

In most cases, when rollercoasters are described as ‘hair-raising,’ this does not refer to their ability to raise the hair on the back of your neck. However, in this particular instance, nothing could be further from the truth. We are not sure what this ride is, but it appears to check off all the boxes for adrenaline junkies: it is fast, terrifying, and causes you to sweat, among other things.

When Your Mom Says Something Awkward During Dinner

Not to mention that it is an excellent activity for sibling bonding sessions. In addition, unlike many other coaster photos, this one is obviously not contrived. Pure, unmitigated terror!

While it may not be the most flattering photograph, we hope that this one gets framed and displayed prominently in the family home! Maybe the bathroom?