40+ Examples Of Wildlife Photography That Show That Animals Can Be Funnier Than Us

Seeing professionals get beautiful shots of animals is truly mesmerizing. But do you know how long it takes them to get close enough, to make sure that the light is ok, that they got the right angle and shot? If you get to do the same, you’re going to realize how hard it really is. Taking pictures of animals is surely a task since they are always on the move. Whether you’ve got great photography equipment or a simple smartphone, you’re bound to get some random shots of animals that’ll leave you rolling with laughter for a while. From a cat skunk leader to an antler with a ball, you’ll get to see many photographs here that’ll make you laugh.

Bird or a Living Tornado

It has been reported that birds can rotate their head roughly at a speed of 2700 degrees per second. By spinning their head at such a rapid pace, these species can improve their sight. The picture below is clear evidence of this mind-boggling fact making birds one of nature’s exotic and exciting species. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_18.-Torpedo-bird-credits-FacebookAnn-Marie-Jacobson.jpg The picture was probably taken while the bird was busy in its routine habit of head spinning. It makes it look like some creature from a fantasy movie. However, it is incredibly remarkable that no other vertebrate has been able to rotate its head this fast as the birds.

Beauty With Not So Much Grace

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a part-time taking pictures from your phone kind of photographer, an important lesson for you is never to take a picture of an animal when it’s bent like that! You can clearly see why it’s a no-no in the picture. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_40.-Moose-caboose-credits-FacebookDusty-Repaskey.jpg The picture would’ve turned out fantastic if the moose was looking towards the camera, but it’s definitely not from this view! There is no debate about the gender of the moose, at least. One thing you can’t deny is that even though the position is unflattering, it is still a high-quality photo!

Taking it for the Gram

Doing it for the Gram is a phrase that is heard too often. It simply means taking and posting that is Instagram-worthy. For example, the picture posted below was taken by an individual while strolling around the coast. One would think he could’ve posted a view of the coast as it would be more scenic. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_19.-Just-one-for-the-gram-credits-FacebookRachel-Heffington-Pross.jpg Of all the possibilities, he took a picture of a marine bird’s footprints and considered it worthy enough to be posted on social media. He might be following the current social media trends, but we hope he didn’t do it for the Gram.

Two Types of Geese

Now, we have all heard of two types of people. However, have you heard about the two types of geese? Well, there are those that like to chill and live their life and others that love to scare the bejeesus out of people. Don’t believe us? Take a look. A picture containing outdoor

Description automatically generated This picture perfectly encapsulates the two types of geese in this world. Boy, were we wrong when we coined the phrase “silly goose.” What makes the photograph even more perfect is the warning sign. If only people had listened to warning signs, the man in the backpack wouldn’t have been traumatized.

A Surprise Box

A group had a simple task to do, to check the wood duck boxes. They thought it would be nothing and volunteered. However, we hope that they are okay now and recovering from this trauma. It is also their mistake that they underestimated what could be inside the box. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_25.-Surprise-credits-FacebookShasta-Slade.jpg Ouch! That might have hurt the man. What he lacked was knowledge. He was unaware of that the wood duck boxes are the habitat of mice in winter. A small mistake can cause him a big problem. Thank god it was a small mice and the bite wouldn’t have affected the guy much.

Just A Racoon Being Himself!

No one can ever get enough of raccoon content and are one of the cutest creatures. We all know that they are very busy during the day, searching through the bins. But not many are aware of the things they do at night while we are done for the day. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_34.-Raccoon-on-stilts-credits-FacebookLindsay-Sletten.jpg Once we sleep, the raccoons go out and try new stunts. After all they also have a life and right to do what they want to. If you live in an area where raccoons are common then you may also encounter them in this state during night time.

Aaand Another One..

It is now common to find raccoons in dustbins. They have changed their habitat and are now enjoying the leftover items that we throw. We aren’t sure that the photographer was clicking a picture of but the impeccable timing of the raccoon is to be applauded. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_33.-Peek-a-boo-credits-Facebook.jpg The raccoon looks like he is done and had a blast in the bin with all the food he found. He may be searching for something else outside and the camera caught him and now he is guilty. We say move the camera so our little friend can get comfortable with its surroundings.

“Anyone There?”

Everyone likes a lonely and peaceful walk out in the woods far from every problem and issue they face in everyday life. There is no doubt that everyone now craves an aesthetic picture and the peace found in nature is something unimaginable. A picture containing outdoor, gallinaceous bird, bird, wood

Description automatically generated The bird may have been amazed by seeing other people trespass his area. It may have gone to the people and interrupt them to make their location. What a great way to make its presence. Now the photographer knows who the area belongs to. Thank god the bird didn’t say anything further.

The Dark Knight

Batman is so overrated now. We have our own batman of this neighborhood. It is someone we can trust and it will make sure that we are safe. Be it any emergency just turn on the signal and your buddy will help you during any time of the day. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_27.-Possum-signal-credits-FacebookAmy-Fisher-Rosaaen-McDonald.jpg We are done looking at the batman sign in the sky now it is time for some change. Knowing that the possum is there to protect and have our back. Having this sight to see is a relief itself. However, don’t get scared the possum is here.

Perfect Catch

Played catch with your pet dog? Well, this man behind the camera takes playing catch with animals to a whole other level. You could even call it the perfect hoop. What better way to check your aim than throwing a bright pink ball right between the antlers of a deer? A picture containing fence, grass, outdoor, sport

Description automatically generated If there is one thing that we are sure about after looking at this picture, it is that this bright pink ball is one sturdy ball. That is not all; this deer also has some amazing catching abilities. While we use our hands, this deer is on a whole other level.

Damn that’s A Long Way In

You may have seen a pelican yawning and it is something that has amazed many. The way a pelican stretches their beak is phenomenal. No other bird has such flexibility like a pelican. Their beak is designed to hold large quantities of food and other eatables. A white bird in a cage

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Just look at the beak size. Thank goodness, the pelican didn’t take the camera lens and equipment with it in the beak. But look how adorable it is looking. It is impressive how nature works and how every creature is designed differently. On the other hand, the photographer should maintain some distance.

Bird Poop but Make It Majestic?

Have you ever lined up a great shot, and then just as you’re about to capture it, something happens that completely changes the vibe of the photograph? Well, here is a great and majestic eagle just living its life on camera and in HD quality too. A bald eagle sitting on a rock

Description automatically generated with low confidence Well, if there’s one thing we’re glad about is that the eagle pooped in front of the camera instead of on it. Bird poop is hilarious, but only when we aren’t directly involved with it. This photograph, without a doubt, takes wildlife photography to a whole other level.

Whirlpool Day

We feel bad for this poor duck. It didn’t even get to see the world properly and already everything turned upside down for him. Either it was the force of the pond that got him into an upturned universe. However, we hope he doesn’t stay like this for long. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_30.-Upturned-Girl-credits-FacebookEllen-Hickey.jpg It may have been naturally done or the duck is enjoying the underwater view. However, to get some air it will eventually sit straight. If not then sorry to say but the duck is no more. However, this would be the last time you will see it like this.

Traumatized Terry

Terry, the Egyptian egret, has personified and captured the true essence of what it is like to be traumatized. We aren’t sure what it is around Terry, the egret that made him so traumatized, but one thing is for sure, he wants to have nothing to do with it. A bird flying in the air

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Perhaps Terry had seen the future and knew about everything we would have to deal with in the year 2021. Only if Terry could talk, the stories he would have to share of the moment this photograph was captured. There is no doubt that this picture has top meme quality. NEXT

Watch Your Step

A zillion thoughts may pop into one’s mind by looking at this picture. The two hind paws and bushy tail could be misleading as one may think of it like a cat. Or it could be a raccoon, a rabbit, or maybe a puppy. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/20.-Down-the-rabbit-hole-credits-FacebookNino-Mskhiladze-576x1024.jpg Whatever it is, it sure does have some strong limbs supporting it to dangle into the trash receptacle. We could only wonder what it might be looking for that interested him to take such a bold step. We hope you get what you’re looking for without falling into the bin completely.

Sealy Dog Eyes

Dogs are known for making adorable puppy dog faces but turns out that seals can do it as cutely! You can see this elephant seal with its big black eyes staring through the wood fence with curiosity, but what for? Well, we don’t really know. No one knows why this cute-eyed elephant seal is watching the humans intensely. Maybe it just wanted to say hello? Or perhaps it smelled food and wanted to be invited over as well for a snack. Regardless of whatever reason, this adorable seal is definitely allowed to come over.

“I Look Better, Take Mine!”

The photographer had only planned to take a picture of this beautiful pink bud that is supposed to bloom soon. This flower is one of the most beautiful ones and is known as the peony; however, this bug decided to photo bomb the picture instead. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_38.-Bug-photobomb-credits-FacebookAyn-Generes.jpg The insect flew in perfect timing right next to the photogenic plant as soon as the person pressed the camera button. It couldn’t let the flower take all the attention away, or maybe it just came to appreciate the beauty and color of the flower, just like the photographer.

Hoppity Hop Away

Even though you cannot look at the face of this bird but just by its little hop, you can tell its one happy bird. This is because, just before this picture was taken, this birdie was given food by the photographer, which he munched on then strutted away. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_39.-A-happy-camper-credits-FacebookBlujay-Emnott.jpg I know the temptation to feed birds is strong, especially after looking at how happy this one was but be very careful when doing so. Sometimes instead of being grateful for food, some birds tend to get rough and aggressive, which will lead to you being chased by them.

It’s Watching You…

Have you ever tried taking picture of any creature and as soon as you click it the animal stares back at you. It can be a bit frightening and the look of the animal might scare you for the entire night. We hope the photographer had a peaceful sleep. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/24.-Bobcat-sighting-credits-FacebookChris-Altis.jpg This may look like nothing to you. However, increase the brightness to the maximum and you can see the outline of an animal. The outline of the animal resembles a bobcat. We wish the photographer had a night vision camera so we can see something more than two headlights.

The Resemblance to Frida Kahlo is Uncanny

This is one adorable deer, don’t you agree? What’s cuter is that it was caught while trying to eat food from the bird feeder. But that’s probably not the first thing you’ll end up noticing. Its brows are standing out and we can’t help but draw the comparison. Can you? This dear looks awfully familiar to Frida Kahlo, the renowned painter. The unibrow gives it away. If you see a picture of the artist right now, you’ll be able to understand why we’re saying this. It makes this deer adorable yet funny to a whole new level.

Enjoy the Sleep Just Like This Elephant Seal

This one’s our favorite. Just look at this elephant seal hibernating on the beach, looking like a soft, rubbery rock. Tourists couldn’t tell it apart from a rock till they got up close to see and snap this picture. One thing’s for sure, this seal is our spirit animal. This is all of us during the weekdays, when getting things done feels like a chore. There’s nothing better than imagining yourself sleeping on the beach, and enjoying a beautiful beachy view. If this doesn’t define our constant mood, then we don’t know what else will.

Who is The New Intruder?

Every individual wishes to have a house with a wide-open space to host grand parties or relax. A lush green backyard seems like a perfect spot to revive your energy after an exhausting week of work. But, unfortunately, such property owners have to welcome some uninvited guests as well. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_17.-Brunch-guest-credits-FacebookKatrina-Page.jpg These uninvited guests are no one but species from the wild. But unfortunately, people who live closer to nature are used to welcoming such intruders. For instance, in this picture, as you can see, a fox is chilling out on the sofa while enjoying the fresh morning breeze.

Is He Reading?!

The creature looks like he has read a john green novel ending. Someone caught her reading a sad-romantic book in the middle of the night. She is confused about what to do in this situation. The urge to sleep or cry while throwing her face in the pillow can be seen from her eyes. A small animal on a branch

Description automatically generated with medium confidence From another angle, it looks like she woke up at midnight and felt hungry, she went inside the kitchen in search of food, but the only thing she got was a recipe book which is out of her knowledge. Suddenly, her sibling came inside the kitchen and caught her with an upside-down recipe book in her hand.

Skunk Leader, Bailey the Cat

This is one quite a popular post when it comes to whacky wildlife photography. A pet owner’s cat named Bailey ran away from home, which led to them putting up a trail camera to see whether it comes back or not. Guess who came back with a bunch of skunks? Bailey clearly befriended three skunks and was riding on their back as if it was in control. The cat truly looks like a born leader, sitting on top of the skunk’s backs and being carried forward. Let’s hope they didn’t spray on the poor cat.

Bird as Large as an Adult Human

You’ve seen multiple pictures where people try to hold the sun or the moon with their photography. Not only this, it’s also done with many other objects. How do they do this? It’s all about the focus and the camera setting you choose. Something similar happened here as this bird looks larger than an adult human. Choosing the f/16 feature of your camera allows you to focus on the object and add more depth to it. And now, ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold, you’ve got yourself a massive bird with the help of this function. Funny, isn’t it?

We’ve Got Our Very Own Yogi Bear

You’ve probably seen the show where yogi bear would go around hopping on people’s cars and tables just to steal their picnic baskets. Well, guess what? We’ve got ourselves a real life yogi bear that makes its way into someone’s car. It might be funny for us, but someone who has to visualize a bear in their car might be scared. Just look at the bear popping its head out and probably searching for food inside the area. Imagine if the car owners forget to check the trunk and take this giant bear with them to the city?

A Penguin Wedding

You’ll see many researchers visit the Antarctic to study the changes in climate and the wildlife there. One of the most popular animals amongst the masses that live in Antarctica is, of course, the penguin. They’re incredibly interesting creatures and, not to mention, incredibly cute as well. Well, we’ve seen penguins waddle around but have you ever seen two penguins joining hands in holy matrimony? You have now. You can clearly see two penguins tying the knot here and a minister too! Have you ever laid eyes on a more adorable and intimate wedding? Well, we haven’t either.

Tiny Deer on a Fence

There is nothing more satisfying than when two unforeseen events perfectly align together in a picture. We’ve seen people do the leaning tower of Pisa pose, but have you ever seen a tiny deer balance itself on a singular post of a fence? Well, take a look at this shot right here. We all knew that mountain goats are able to scale mountainsides but who knew deers could balance themselves on fences? Well, not really. What you see here are just two of your average deers. However, with the right timing, distance, and angle, the deers have been turned into tiny deers.

Chaotic Wendigos Are the Best Wendigos

If you’ve ever wanted to see an animal capture the true essence of chaos, then there is no animal that does it better than this wendigo. Sure, wendigos are mythological animals, but now we’ve got them on tape, and they’re more chaotic than scary. That’s certainly not what the woman behind the camera expected. Well, honestly speaking, this is definitely a stray deer out causing mischief, and we are all here for it. This is one of the most chaotic photographs taken of a stray deer. If you ever want to contest someone on the existence of wendigos, this photograph is all you need.

Pipe Snake?

Ever tripped on a pipe at night and thought nothing of it? Well, we’d urge you to take a second look at whatever it is that you tripped on. It could very well be a giant snake just chilling at the corner of your house, just like this one. We would most definitely urge you not to complain to your housemates about leaving the pipe out, thinking that you tripped on it. It could very well backfire on you when you go back out to pick up the pipe and accidentally grab this beast of a snake.

Derp Faced Deer

There is no other form of photography that takes more patience than wildlife photography. You can spend hours and hours on the perfect spot with the perfect angle, waiting for an animal to appear. When one finally appears, just as you’re about to take a shot, well, this happens. Now we aren’t too sure whether this deer was born with it or nurtured the art form of perfecting the derp face. This derp face was caused by a great big burp that the deer let out right as the photographer took his shot. Talk about timing. NEXT

A Swamp Love Story?

Perhaps this could be the contemporary version of the Lady and the Tramp or perhaps a Shrek crossover version as well since it takes place in a swamp. This wildlife photo perfectly captures a lady and the tramp moment but with prey and a predator. Although, this photograph could also have a tragic backstory. Someone has to have dropped their plate of spaghetti for this beautiful moment to take place. Well, we aren’t sure who would want to have a picnic in a swamp, but we’re definitely grateful since it birthed this picture.

Is It Cold Enough?

You may have come across a hairless cat, but have you ever seen a bald squirrel? Well, believe it, or not such squirrels do exist. There could be numerous reasons behind a squirrel’s fur loss; however, nobody has reported it yet. A squirrel of this unusual appearance was roving around the Northern Bruce Peninsula. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_16.-Somebody-needs-a-sweater-credits-FacebookKatrina-Page.jpg This squirrel was quite different from the other hairless squirrels found. Its entire body was utterly bald, while its tail was as bushy as present in an ordinary squirrel. So the question here arises what these squirrels do in a freezing environment.

Hey Guys! Anythin’ to eat?…

Be aware of the stalker that peeping right from your window. Make sure to close the windows and put down the curtains. You don’t know what his eyes are on. It could be the steak you have in front of you or the glass of wine in your hands. It could be anything that he is waiting outside for. Don’t worry, it won’t harm you. If you think he is there for shelter as it is hot outside, bring him in and give him some food or water. Release it later in the night when it is cool.

Hide and Seek

It looks like the bunny is playing hide and seek with its fellow mates and finding new spots. It may break your heart to tell him that he is out in the open and someone can easily spot him. We hope he finds a new and a better spot. We know that the bunny is looking cute trying to blend in with the camouflage. Make sure to not to make any sound as he is enjoying the day peacefully. It is looking so cute while waiting for everyone else to find him. Hope there is no snitch in his team.

A Beaten-Up Kid in Disguise:

Just by seeing the eagle in this picture, he’s sitting at a high peek where the air pressure is strong and tough to handle. It is simply visible by the decent hairstyle of Mr. Eagle. The wind makes the best hairstylist, to be honest. If we look in detail, then doesn’t it seems like an innocent kid is beaten up by his mom after he has just argued with her, and now he’s sitting doubting his whole existence. His downcast eyes seem like he’s planning to leave the house at midnight.

New Tree Toppers

Now the trend of giving tree toppers and stars is old. We are past that stage. With time people are learning new things and the ideas of new tree toppers are also coming in the market. They are a sleek and classy things to have on a tree. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_35.-2020-tree-topper-credits-FacebookBrandi-Rose.jpg Design the tree topper in any way you want. It could be a stick bug or any avatar you want to place on you top of your tree. The reason why many people prefer stick bugs is that they give a classic and a lean visual appearance of tree.

Smile for the Picture…or Not

You may think this little fur ball is just posing and looking all cute for a photo in this picture, but unfortunately, that’s not the reality. It did not take long for the woman who was taking the picture to realize that the badger was definitely not in the mood. https://whythese.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1_36.-Badger-attack-credits-FacebookRachel-Heffington-Pross.jpg This fellow got angry and ran after the woman, making her run on the hill to the car. Her husband, who was present inside the car, closed the windows and locked the door instead of letting her in, thinking it was the bees chasing her.

Let It Go

Goose may seem cute and adorable to you but have you ever seen something like this, we haven’t. A stubborn goose with a seagull in its mouth is something you don’t see every day. For what it looks like, we don’t think any of them will give up. A picture containing ground, goose, outdoor, aquatic bird

Description automatically generated The seagull may be enjoying the ride he got. On the other hand, the goose will get tired and have to let it go. We will wait for that and see how they both react after facing each other. It has been time since we saw an intense fight.

A Possessive One

You may have seen many dogs and other animals protecting their territory from others. Just like that here we have a squirrel who is the king of the tree. His attitude shows that anyone even thinking of going to his tree can imagine what could happen. A squirrel on a tree branch

Description automatically generated with medium confidence This squirrel is smart and clever. Has a tree as its property and can go to any house for lunch and dinner he likes. His health is a sign that it is either lonely or lazy to get off its tree. This squirrel has taken security to the next level.

A Deadly Combo

Vultures are one of the most dangerous and scary birds. You wouldn’t want them anywhere near you. In many cultures and beliefs they are associated as bad omen. On the other hand, they are mostly found around carcass and blood. Do you have any of these in your house out in the open? A picture containing outdoor, plant

Description automatically generated Imagine going in the terrace to have a good cup of coffee but as soon as you enter you see these two vultures. If it was me I would’ve spilled the coffee on myself. We hope none of like this ever happens with you.

A Scary Night

There are many different bird watching groups and have the ability to tell the difference between different birds and its species. A photographer wanted to try that and clicked a picture that not only amazed many but also scarred most of them. A group of trees in a foggy forest

Description automatically generated with low confidence No doubt that this is an amazing click and an aesthetic one. Someone with a great knowledge can tell the difference. However, many people considered to choose the silent path and not even reacted to this picture that the photographer shared. To some it looks like that the bird is perched.