40+ Instances of People Getting Served Justice

We live in a world where justice doesn’t always exist. And we mean not only the justice provided by the legal system. It is also very relevant if you are talking about life in general. Seems to us that anyone would agree with this statement: sometimes life is fair, sometimes it isn’t.

More than that, sometimes the justice that was not provided by the legal system is served by the circumstances of life itself. There are many ‘justice served’ situations that happened either to us or to our friends.

So, in this particular article, we’re talking about several kinds of events and situations. Some of the people we will write about had it coming for them. Some of them got their justice after being treated unfairly in one way or another. And all of it, we can assure you, is quite satisfying to read. Enjoy.

Siblings Rivalry: The Vengeance You Must Take upon Your Blood

The siblings portrayed in family movies must have been a dilemma that people have weaved in their brains to ease with their lack of closed, packed love. Even a mere action of care from our siblings makes us skeptical if they are planning to get us murdered or they need something of ours.

Sibling warfare is the most important to survive the revenge plots in a household. A brother planned revenge on his sister for stealing his 20$ by hiding her project in folders with subfolders. This teaches us not to mess with our siblings, who can change our Peaceful life into a walking nightmare.

Silly YouTubers

YouTubers are known for their pranks and content. However, this is not a way to act, he just went too far by pranking a homeless man like this. We appreciate the fact that the homeless man sued the YouTuber and let others know that you should prank but within limits. 


15 months in prison and $22,300 in penalty is very mild compared to his action. Pranking family and friends can be understood but a homeless guy who tries to find a bite and then you prank him like this is just cruel. We hope that the YouTube headquarters deletes his channel permanently.

Savage Granny

This story is a real-life representation of the statement that age is just a number. We salute the granny for her act of bravery. The guys should thank God that the granny was just 77 otherwise she would’ve bashed them badly Know they’ll be embarrassed for life.

Gangsta Grannies

This incident should be a life-changing point for the robbers and now they should change their way of living and earning. The guys thought it would be easy to rob an old lady and would get away with it. However, what they didn’t know was how strong the granny is.

Laundry Room Rivalry Isn’t Something To Be Taken Easy

Doing laundry is a task that people dread most of the time, but it becomes enjoyable and exciting if someone turns the laundry room into a real battlefield. Two people who shared a laundry room made their laundry tasks enjoyably as well as vengeful.

Laundry Room Drama Is Serious Business

This guy regretted cutting the laundry line and putting his clothes on while taking someone else’s clothes out. Unfortunately, his clothes were thrown in the cold snow. The guy taught laundry room etiquettes to the person who had forgotten the etiquettes or most probably thought no one would know about his skilled plans.

Do Not Trust Unknown Snacks

Why would you want to take a bite out of someone else’s food you found in the fridge? You can always get to the vending machine and buy yourself a tasty snack, you don’t have to steal it from someone else. This person learned it the hard way.

Never Trust A Snack You Know Nothing About

We understand that sometimes the craving is just too much that you can’t hold back, especially if something looks as good as the laxatives looked to this guy. We can’t help but sympathize with the thief here. They would have had a really bad weekend after consuming dog laxatives which they thought was a delicious snack.

It’s Time to Switch to Black Coffee

There may be nothing that would make you uncomfortable when you know that the coffee you’ve been drinking for a week has breast milk in it. We know you’ve digested it now and can’t even throw up. Next time be careful and it would be advisable to switch to black coffee.

We'll Be Drinking Our Coffee Black From Now On, Thanks

That is going to traumatize the people who had coffee for life. They instantly would’ve switched to black coffee for sure. Why did she do that? That’s the first thing that would come into anyone’s mind after reading this. Was she seeking revenge or did she do it just for fun?

It’s Wartime Boys!

In an office, there are some people who are excited to log in daily. On the other hand, there are people who are ready to use imagination to create violence. This person just declared war against all his colleague and no one knows why he choose this way.

This Person Just Declared War Against the Entire Office

We understand that in every office workplace rivalry exists but this is the lowest someone can go. His colleague may have done something to piss him off and that made him do this. However, it is better than throwing their stationery and other valuables in the trash.

He is going to be Unemployed for Life

When giving professional interviews for a job there are two things that can happen after. Either you get selected or you don’t. Even if you don’t there may be something in you that doesn’t fit the job. However, the last thing you wouldn’t is to flip off at your interviewer before the interview.

We're Guessing He Didn't Get the Job

You can call it bad luck or karma, whatever it is the guy is going to regret this for his life. What if he was accepted after the real side of him or he wasn’t, God knows. Seeing the reaction on the guy’s face after knowing that he just flipped off at his interviewer would’ve been hilarious.

It Made ‘Petty’ Meaningful

Well, we can’t deny the fact that this woman has great beaded hair; it’s her attitude that’s the problem. However this guy. Drew Ford, wasn’t taking any of it. This lady bumped into Ford’s leg and then told him that his foot shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

This Gave New Meaning to the Word 'Petty'

Well, this seems like something a simple “I am sorry” would have fixed but she decided to escalate the situation and Mr. Drew Ford, as you can see from the picture retaliated in his own unique way but tying her hair strands together. She is in for a big surprise once she tries to stand up.

The Bearer of Bad News

Timeshia Brown who is most probably in a happy relationship now with someone other than Patrick saw it fit to publish this news in the local newspaper. In the bulletin, she congratulated a woman by the name of Shara Cormier on being pregnant. However, it was the guy who made her pregnant which was the main focus in this bulletin.

Timeshia Seems to Be Pretty Chill About the Whole Getting Cheated On Thing

The guy Patrick Brown, was none other than Timeshia’s husband. This was such a unique way to shame her husband for cheating on her and also tell him that she was going to leave him by saying “Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out”. Absolutely savage.

Exceptions Don’t Exist

Law is law, and it should be obeyed by everyone, even the person who has the authority to introduce new laws and the ones who protect them. If they break any law, they should be punished at all costs. No one is above the law.

No Exceptions

The meter maid should definitely be appreciated for ticketing the cop and making sure that they feel guilty and won’t do something like this ever again. Breaking so many laws would be a hefty ticket and that is the best lesson to teach a cop.

All Hail Stewart!

Dedication and commitment is surely the key to success. John Stewart is a real-life example of this. He became an advocate for the 9/11 responders and supported the drive to raise funding for health care first responders of 9/11. It took him a while but succeeded in the end.

Go Stewart

Stewart knew that the Justice would be served all he knew was to stay committed to achieving his goal. This photo is surely going down in the history books and John is the hero who helped others by raising his voice for them in front of the government.

Moore Justice

Serving justice doesn’t always mean punishing the criminal. What Judge Carlos Moore is doing for the young people is just remarkable and mind-blowing. Teaching them new ways to live and changing their life is the best thing one can do and especially in the way Judge Moore is doing it.


We salute Judge Moore for punishing the young in the best way. This would surely teach them a lesson as Judge Moore wouldn’t be the judge next time. This has also impressed the parents as they see their children achieving something that they’ve been asking for some time.


A teacher is the most important source of knowledge and guidance in a student’s life. But what if your teacher is so ignorant that she tries her best to deport her students. Well, this is just disappointing and was not expected from a teacher at all.


Not by contacting the immigration agency but she went on to the next level and tried to contact President Trump. How could she even do that? Well now the students are in the school learning and the teacher is sitting embarrassed after being fired. But why did she even want to deport the students? Maybe the students were smarter than her.

Captain Jack Sparrow

We all have multiple cases of assault against females but the number of men getting assaulted by a woman is very few. Something like this is going between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Heard tried to find some dirt against Depp to gain some leverage for him to take back his lawsuit.


Seeing this act by Heard, it is visible who is on the right side. The dirt Heard is going to find is just some rum and gin bottles or maybe his iconic hat from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp did well by suing her with 5 different lawsuits.

Win-Win Situation

It is less likely to hear about situations where people are charged wrongfully. However, if a person is innocent there is no power in the world that will stop them to prove their innocence. Juan Catalan`s lawyer knew his client is innocent and gave his best to prove it in court.

That's a Win

The lawyer worked as well as a detective and found a piece of evidence that couldn’t stand any question in the court. After this Juan was proven innocent and the case against him got dismissed. His story went so popular that even Netflix reached out to him and made a documentary on his situation.

Karma Got Him Before Justice System Did

This is one of the most unusual stories you may have heard. A cop shot a dog just because it was barking. Not only that, after shooting the dog the cop accidentally shot himself. It may be an accident but is truly an act of nature to get back at him.

Only Fair

Only God and the cop knows what was going inside his head when he did this. However, it was the only punishment he will get. There is more to come and he will regret this action all his life. Let’s take a moment of silence for the dog that lost his life.

The Legal System

The justice system has the power and the authority to accuse and punish anyone even wrongfully. However, it can be for some time and karma gets them back. This story is one of the best example of it. It may be disappointing that Isaac had to spend some time in jail.

The Legal System

On the other hand, it didn’t mean he gave up on the legal system and after proving his innocence himself he worked hard to be an attorney. Now he works to save people from wrongfully spending time in jail like he had to due to some people.

A Smelly Trap

Some entitled people do things that would irritate others. This is the time when others should do something to make them feel good inside. The person parked his car illegally so the sweeper took matters into his own hand to teach the car owner a lesson.


Getting out of his car would be a bit of an embarrassing task for the owner. When citizens such as the sweeper start taking matters into their own hands it is the best punishment one could get. Getting his vehicle out now would be the best part.

Chipotle Disappointed Us!

One of the best stories that help restore people’s faith and trust in the justice system. No one knew a business like Chipotle would do something like this, extremely disappointing. They tried to frame a lady worker who was due compensation for her medical condition.


If Chipotle paid her the compensation, they would’ve been $8 million richer. Just to save them the compensation money they went too low with this shameful act. But now the manager has enough money for her treatment and will be left with a lot more.

Tax Havens

Tax Havens in business terms are some countries that have a very low tax rate. To save themselves from hefty tax costs, companies register themselves in tax havens. It is in other words perfect ground for doing something illegal. Now Poland and Denmark had enough of these companies in their country.


It isn’t much of justice served but will provide relief to those companies which are playing by the rule. Now it seems fair with Poland and Denmark introducing these policies. The financial aid then can be diverted to local companies and the ones which are playing by the book.

Unsafe Behavior

We see many videos where passengers misbehave with the Uber riders. This story is one of them but the careless attitude of the passenger is just unacceptable during the pandemic. Refusing to wear a mask, coughing on the rider, and then snatching his phone and assaulting him, all this can be seen in the recorded footage.


Her careless and egoistic attitude is now seen by everyone and she won’t be going places with that attitude. Coughing like that isn’t just a safety hazard for the rider but she is contaminating the entire car and would be a risk for future passengers as well.

Say No To Racism!

We have seen many acts of racism getting justice but this is what we all should see. A dad serving his own son due to passing racist comments on other people. It may be a disappointing moment for the dad but it was really needed from him.

Family Ties

Getting punishment from your parents is a lot harsher as they can cut you off completely. The dad just set an example for others to follow. Hope the son realized his mistake and is going to improve his behavior towards others and show everyone love.

Take Karma Seriously

We have seen many examples of karma getting back to people in mysterious ways. People trip over after hitting someone and like this when you try to do a runner from your taxi driver but forget your phone in the car. What the driver did is remarkable.

Telling the runners act to his friends and family and that too from his own Facebook account is just hilarious. This would be a life-changing lesson for him and now would be embarrassed for life. Anyways the taxi driver can sell the phone and get his fare and a hefty tip.

Sweet Revenge

It is common when men go out mudding in the open fields and if it doesn’t go as planned it may cause some troubles. Here, a farmer who had enough of those who did mudding on his field and built a dirt barrier which is a bit difficult to notice.

With no one else around, the driver only has the farm owner to ask for help and we hope he didn’t. Next time the guys would think twice before entering others fields for mudding. This was a clever trick by the owner and other farmers can also use this.


They could’ve used this clever business idea for something better but now are regretting their decision for extorting and blackmailing people. Justice served them really good when someone put up business owners’ mugshots. But before they could take it down they got arrested by the cops.

This was a clever business idea but the direction they took it landed them in trouble. It looks like justice and karma goes quite well together and have a really compatible relationship. What a silly situation these guys got themselves into through their extortion business.

Irresponsible Residents

Stories like these are not common to hear but yes they surely exist. An ignorant resident dumping all his trash at others’ property is irresponsible and also unethical behavior. However, when you do something wrong you always leave behind evidence that helps get back to you.

The resident didn’t tear his post properly and left his entire address in the trash bag. Now he can experience what it feels like dumping trash at other people’s property. He can’t even complain as is his own trash and will now handle it himself.

Hard Work Pays Off

Self-defense classes are now gaining popularity among women with rising crimes and situations like these happening. However, the attacker didn’t know that he is going for the wrong lady. Being brave the lady showed the attacker what it is to mess up and assault others.

Now the lady knows that her self-defense classes paid off and boosted her confidence. What the great thing is that she now helps other women to get out of the situation as she did. Hats off to her as she caught a sex offender and charged him for his actions.

The Queue

This is one of the most hilarious acts of answering to rudeness. We know it can be irritating standing in a long drive-through line. However, it is the real test of your patience and requires you to be calm. The young lady who was in a hurry got served.

Next time the young lady won’t even think of touching the horn in a drive-through line. What would be hilarious if the old lady in the front car would be eating her meal in front of her? However, this was also hilarious and shocking how she executed it.

It’s Official!

There is an assumption against cops that they don’t have a good sense of humor and are always serious. However, after seeing this the perception of cops is officially going to change. Seeing justice served in this way is hilarious and something they are always going to remember.


Wrong parking can irritate and cause problems to other people as well. However, with this clever trick, the car owner would be humiliated and will always check the lines after he parks his car. We hope after filling in the colors, the car owner will learn to stay inside the lines.

Steven’s Last Rites

We are sure Steven isn’t going to be happy about this. Imagine how Steven would have felt driving down this road and coming across this billboard. We are sure this would have given him a mini heart attack. At least she did not mention his full name so that is a relief.

This Just May Be the Most Savage Way to Announce a Divorce

To add insult to injury she paid for the advertisement from their joint account but if we were in Steven’s place we wouldn’t be worried about the bank account; the only thing Steven should worry about at this time is getting his hands on that tape recording.

Is There A Problem With The Service? Instead Of Dessert, Have Some Sweet Vengeance.

There are many methods to retaliate against disgruntled waiters to deliver poor service. We’ve heard a lot of tales of individuals getting even with rude and disrespectful service providers, some inventive, some devilish, and some little bit of both.

Bad Service? Skip Out on Dessert and Have Some Sweet Revenge Instead

Besides, this narrative may turn out to be one of the better ones. Forcing the waiter to spill a whole cup of water to get a gratuity. What’s attractive about this method is how easy yet exceptionally effective. This is unquestionably the work of a wicked genius. We don’t want to irritate them in any way.

Either Someone Was Enraged, Or That Bike Had Teleportation Abilities.

In today’s world, parking spaces are a coveted commodity. It’s gotten to the point that witnessing anything like this doesn’t surprise us anymore. When the bike owner positioned his bike in a vehicle parking area, he understood precisely what he was doing.

Either Somebody Got Really Angry or That Bike Has the Power of Teleportation

It’s hard to think who would do anything like this. What does this mean for bike owners? Isn’t he supposed to be tying his bike to something? Perhaps if we had secured his bike to something, it wouldn’t have ended up there in that tree. We have no idea how someone could bring the bike down safely.

This Guy Has Just Discovered What Lines Are For

We’ve all been there: you’re combing the crowded streets of whatever city you live in, urgently seeking a parking spot. You finally see it: a perfectly decent parking spot. And – lo and behold! – it is rendered unavailable because someone opted to utilize two places instead of one.

This Guy Just Learned What the Lines Are For

Nothing seems to enrage people more than a rash of irresponsible parking. This is entirely appropriate and understandable, in our opinion. We suppose you reap what you sow. Needless to say, this individual received the most of it. We’re certain he’ll be more cautious in the future while parking his automobile.

More Junk Mail Is the Only Way to Fight Junk Mail

Indeed. The tit-for-tat method. Why should we give up since it has never let us down?? Especially if you have the upper hand; after getting what we can only assume was a mountain of junk mail, this person decided to repay the favor by mailing a bundle of pennies to his solicitors.

The Only Way to Fight Junk Mail Is With More Junk Mail

This somehow cost them about $17, a fact that only adds to this individual’s genius. When this gentleman decided to fight back, he defied all odds, and the greatest part is that he really won. That is precisely why he has earned our admiration.

Leaving Your Dog Can Cause Significant Damage to Your Dog and Your Car

When people leave their dogs in their cars, they never think about the consequences. Although many dogs do not protest when they are left in the car alone, this crafty dog decided to give his owner a taste of his own medicine. He played an ingenious move on his owner, making him never leave the notorious pet in the car.

We can see how the dog taught his owner to never leave him alone in the car in the mentioned photo. Although, many people still be confused about what the dog is doing in reality? The dog is most profoundly relieving himself in the car of his owner after being bored out of his mind in the car all alone.

Wonderwoman Or Supergirl? This Woman Is The Superhero Of Her Own Story

There is not a single soul who isn’t obsessed with a single superhero. It doesn’t matter who the superhero is; what matters is the super-strength they acquire. Every kid has a dream of being a superhero. Still, our ideas go down the drain as we get older, and the idea of becoming a superhero becomes slimmer.

The woman in the picture realized her long-lost superhero dream. When she got her bike stolen, she found her bike on Craigslist and asked the seller to meet her. When the seller took her bike, she ask for a test ride and rode her motorcycle to her own sweet home.

How Did The BMW Owner Learn To Never Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant?

This BMW owner parked his BMW in front of the fire hydrant without considering the serious consequences he could face. When he saw his window skewered by a fire hose to fuel the fire, the amount of regret and anger he must have felt cannot be imagined.

It must have been entertaining for other people and the firefighters to see the demolished BMW. Still, the owner of the BMW might be crying over the corner. The only lesson we get from this incident is not to park your BMW even in the close vicinity of a fire hydrant.

Christmas Hit and Run

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Families come together from different parts of the country, children go Christmas caroling and people genuinely seem happier. However, not everyone goes along with the happy Christmas vibe. Some people like to be the Grinch.

New Christmas Grinch Just Dropped

The same is true for this person who ran his car into this snowman for his/her hate for Christmas. This family had a great idea to use a tree trunk as a base for their snowman and unknowingly to this person, they weren’t just trying to run over a snowman, they were trying to run over a tree trunk. This is one mistake that would have cost their car dearly. We just hope that this taught them a lesson to never be a Grinch again in their life.

There’s Nothing Like Wet Cement

Judging by the car, we are sure this car owner has a thing for luxury vehicles. This is why we are sure he would have had a few words to say to himself when he drove straight into wet cement after breaking his from his lane. He should still consider himself lucky that there were construction workers nearby happy to help him.

There's Nothing Like Some Good Old Wet Cement

This is a prime example of why you should never try to break a traffic line. Just stay in your lane until the way clears and you along with the rest of the vehicles will be on your way. This guy broke out of his lane to get ahead of the rest but ended up being at the last and in a ditch. So a lose-lose situation for the driver.

Consequences of Road Rage

It is common to see young drivers who recently got their license speeding and driving irresponsibly. They cause havoc and try to mess with everyone on the road. What this young guy did would teach him a good lesson and hope he tries to drive responsibly.

The Often Understated Consequences of Road Rage

It is good that she posted about him publicly. But how would he see that his phone is literally on the top of his car? How could he ever forget that? He really is an irresponsible driver but we must appreciate the grip of his phone that stood in its position.

A Game You Wouldn’t Want To Play

This is the road you wouldn’t want to go down ever. You have to trust us on that. It all starts with a toilet paper strike with your roommate and then spreads towards all the basic necessities of your place.      Soon everything will be empty and any of you have to go down to the store.

A Game Which Has No Winners, Only Losers

It just doesn’t end there, deciding who will go to the store is the real deal. Someone has to cave in and surrender. There is no winner in this war. Therefore, try not to start this otherwise it would end badly and you will have no basic necessities left to continue.

Nobody is Above the Law

Parking enforcement mobile is one thing everyone tries to be safe from. Handing out tickets is their favorite task. This is a view you’d be dying to this. They got the taste of their own medicine and now will know how bitter it is. It would be fun to see their reaction when they the ticket.

Nobody's Above Parking Laws, Not Even Parking Enforcement

It would’ve been better if there was a reaction of those police officers after seeing the ticket in this picture. However, this itself is enough to make our day. It also represents that law is for everyone and no one is an exception from the law.


Wet Cement. Part 2.

Let’s just clear this, it doesn’t matter how fast your car is or what it has under the hood. It won’t ever beat the speed of wet cement. But why do people still tend to test it out and try to win when there is not even a match.

Sure, You're Car May Be Fast, But It Isn't Faster Than Cement

It is just a dumb act to take a low-height car in a pool of wet cement. The consistency of the cement is enough to stop the car. Their real challenge would be taking the car out, we would absolutely love to see that happen.

Placebo Effect

It isn’t a big deal but is surely hilarious. This girl just went out her way thought it would be cool to steal an alcoholic bottle and get drunk. What she didn’t know was that it was just a soft drink she drank half the bottle.

Seems Like Somebody Got Lit Last Night

It would be hilarious for those who knew she drank the soft drink and just the placebo effect is playing games with her. Isn’t it fun to get drunk on a $2 bottle, the cheapest booze? Anyway, we don’t think she felt great the next morning. And what the thought was a hangover was just the consequence of sugar overdose.

Great Mother

Kids with a new driving license tend to do stupid things and feel like they’ve got everything in life. However, they need to be responsible while driving. A small mistake can cost them their lives. Drinking and driving is not the way to live. The mother is doing what she be done.

Great Bargain, Even Better Parenting

We can literally feel her anger through her ad. It is the perfect lesson she could teach. Now the 16-year-old would never think of driving or drinking. She should receive the mother of the year award. We need more mothers like her in society who knows how to punish their child.

What an Irony!   

This situation is just like people say that ‘Do as I say, not as I do’. Breaking your own rule in a way that wouldn’t have noticed but others do. It would be disappointing to see others not doing anything after seeing this board and the fence.

Oh the Wonderful Irony

Bravo to the person who posted the irony sign next to it. Now would the property owner remove both the signs to follow their rule or just the irony one? If the owner has good humor he would leave both the signs.

An Eye for an Eye

This kid is just ruthless. I mean how he learned this. He is just a kid now, wait till he grows up and does things no one would’ve expected. You wouldn’t want to be a neighbor of this kid at any cost.

They Say an Eye For an Eye Will Make the World Go Blind

How did the kid even think of doing something like this? We can feel the level of anger of this kid towards the dog. You wouldn’t want to ever mess with this kid because the way you do it he will answer you in the same way. So it is better to be on the good side here.