30+ Brides Who Found Their Dresses At Thrift Stores

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most exciting and unforgettable events of her life. However, wedding preparation is also a challenging endeavor because of the numerous details involved, such as the wedding gown, the venue, the makeup, and the food, to name a few. In addition, budgetary constraints contribute to the stress level. The good news is that not everything has to be expensive to be effective. The right wedding dress is a key priority for most brides, and selecting the perfect one is no exception. However, if you are on a tight budget, spending hundreds of dollars on a gown may not be possible. The good news is that there are numerous options for finding a gorgeous and economical wedding dress – including thrifting! Secondhand stores can be a terrific place to shop for your wedding dress if you want to save money while still finding something beautiful. Continue reading to discover how these brides got their dream dresses while thrifting — and how they saved a bundle in the bargain.

The Lace Miracle

Looking at this photo, you may think it is an accurate model chilling backstage in a catwalk gown. However, it is just an inexpensive thrift shop gown on a prospective bride who is lovely and ready for her big day.

A person in a white dress

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A secondhand bridal store helped this stunning woman find the garment of her dreams while staying within her budget. It appears to be custom-made for her, which is a nice touch. Only a veil and a few essential jewelry pieces are required to complete the outfit.


Who says blazers and dresses are not appropriate for a wedding reception? The bride in the photo below knew precisely what she wanted to wear to her small wedding, which is why this dress from a charity store is a beautiful fit for her style. This one is both elegant and simple.

A person in a white dress

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Our favorite thing about it is how elegant yet essential it is, with just a hint of shine here and there- it is just fantastic! Batwing sleeves look ethereal on her, and this outfit is unquestionably one of a kind in the fashion world. Of course, any bride would like to stand out from the crowd on her wedding day.

Looks Expensive!

How fortunate are the women who come across these hidden treasures that cause people to ask this question? This gown has the appearance of a custom-made or designer dress. However, the bride purchased it on Amazon without even stepping foot in any of the several boutiques in her town.

A person in a white dress

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On the ball night, she appears to be dressed as Cinderella in this gown. Incredibly, these women discovered their dream dress on the internet and did not have to battle for weeks or months like so many other brides. However, you must remember that everyone’s story is unique, and you will find the ideal dress!

Exceptional Value For A Fantastic Gown

This bride spent a significant amount of time looking online and at secondhand bridal retailers before deciding on her wedding dress. She was fortunate that she could get the right outfit for her dream wedding. It looks stunning on her! This is what it looks like to be determined.

A person wearing a white dress

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This demonstrates that patience is essential and that you must continue to shop from store to store until you find the perfect match. As a result, never give up whenever you are shopping for the perfect outfit. It is out there somewhere, just waiting for you to find it and bring it back home with you.


Cocktail dresses with a low back are pretty stylish and may make anyone appear more attractive. However, this bride chose a simple yet exquisite wedding dress with a sensual backless detail for her special day. According to the design, her outfit was trendy and did not cost excessive money.

A person wearing a white dress

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The bride went to a local rental store and picked a dress within her budget. A hired dress for your wedding is a fantastic idea if you have a limited budget and want to make the most of your money while still looking elegant.

The Designer Outfit

The bride declined to pay a colossal sum of money for her wedding attire in one case. As an alternative, she made a wise decision and headed straight to the secondhand store. As a result, she was fortunate enough to locate one that suited her like a glove and made her seem stunning.

A person in a white dress

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Even though it is a perfect match, she has some new ideas for modifications and adaptations. Overall, she did an excellent job retouching it to match her taste. The dress appears to be of high quality as if it were directly from the designer’s hands.


Instead of a white outfit for her wedding, the gorgeous bride envisaged herself in a pink dress for her special day. So, despite her reservations, she decided to go ahead and dye her gown ombre pink. Indeed, it turned out to be a brilliant idea, and she did an incredible job putting it into action.

A person in a dress

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She successfully created something unique, and her garment was stunning and one-of-a-kind. Numerous future brides will be inspired by the design of this gown. It would be interesting to see garments dyed in various ombre colors during the upcoming season.

A Fantastic Internet Find

When it came to planning her upcoming wedding, the bride could not get excited because the wedding dress she had imagined would have cost half of her savings account. As a result, she turned to the internet and sifted through all of the riches, searching for the most incredible dress within her price range.

A person in a white dress taking a selfie in a mirror

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She was fortunate enough to come across an adorable one. The outfit appears to be of high quality and value for her price. She found a fantastic deal on the internet that was less than half the original price. Ladies, never put your trust in the sales areas!


The purchase of secondhand goods for the wedding is a beautiful decision for any prospective bride. They save a lot of money and, as we have seen, do not sacrifice style or quality in the process. But, even more surprising, few brides know that there are secondhand shops specializing in bridal attire in various styles and sizes.

A person wearing a white dress

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Furthermore, these secondhand dresses are more than just a piece of cloth; they also hold great potential. Instead of leaving these lovely gowns to gather dust in the shop, new brides give them a new lease on life and a second chance at happiness by wearing them.

DIY Vintage Upgrade

Consider sewing your own if you do not find the perfect dress in a thrift store like these ladies. Take home any bridal gown that you think has the potential to become the dress of your dreams. Now it is time to let your ideas flow.

A person wearing a white dress

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This is simply what this bride did to the dress in the photo above. The DIY gown turned up beautifully and is far more fashionable than the original. It turns out that even the less-than-ideal thrift store finds can contain hidden treasures.

A Double-Digit Wonder

In some instances, you may be able to find a dress that has a price tag that is in the double digits of the range. It only cost $20 to purchase the dress in the photo. I think it is safe to assume that by selecting this gown, the bride was able to save a significant amount of money.

It looks incredible on her and appears to be much more expensive than the twenty dollars she paid for it. Whoever came up with the brilliant idea of making thrift store dresses that do not break the bank a common occurrence, did a wonderful thing for brides on a tight financial budget.

A Dress Inspired By The Bride’s Father

Many brides and their families watched the endearing film “Father of the Bride” with their children. They may have a fantasy about finding a dress comparable to the one worn by actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley in this classic film. Unfortunately, it is a little outdated, but this lady brought it up to the current!

This bride was fortunate that she discovered her outfit in a secondhand store. The garment appears to duplicate a bridal gown worn in the film of the same name. Furthermore, it is so well-fitting that it seems to have been custom-made specifically for her. This bride was fortunate that she discovered her outfit in a secondhand store. The garment appears to duplicate a bridal gown worn in the film of the same name. Furthermore, it is so well-fitting that it seems to have been custom-made specifically for her.

Secondhand Store Treasures

If you look attentively at the dress in the photo below, you might think it is a custom-made couture gown. It is a perfect match for the bride-to-be. However, much like the rest of us, you would be mistaken if you assumed this was some sort of lavish gown.

If you look closely at the garment in the photo below, you might think it is a couture gown that has been custom-made for you. It is a fantastic complement for the upcoming bride’s style. However, just like the rest of us, you would be mistaken if you imagined this was some extravagant garment.

Goodwill Jewel

This garment will allow this future bride to live out her dream of becoming a bride. It appears to be straight out of a fairy tale princess fairytale. We all know that a fairy tale wedding is filled with many intricacies, and the costs can quickly mount up. Therefore, every effort should be made to save resources.

While browsing Goodwill, this bride came across a stunning gown that was just six dollars in price. Can you picture being able to purchase a wedding dress for less than 10 dollars? This price appears to be so absurd that it nearly sounds like a fairy tale in and of itself.

Stylish Thrifted Find

This gown may be the most excellent option for a budget-conscious bride on her wedding day, that is for sure. It complements her body form and looks great on her. Her tattoos are also enhanced by the lace design around her neck.

It could be the perfect outfit for her style. Fortunately, this bride discovered this treasure in a used bridal shop. So take a page from this woman’s book and hunt for a wedding gown that is not in David’s Bridal catalog. You will not be dissatisfied.

Vintage Fashion Returns Again

We can all agree on one thing when it comes to fashion: it comes, it stays for a while, it disappears, and it nearly always returns. The lovely bride in the photo below was fortunate enough to acquire a vintage gown that turned out to be fashionable.

She discovered her gown in a thrift store, tried it on, and purchased it without hesitation. Sure, she had to make some adjustments, but nothing too major. The total cost was still a fraction of the cost of a new outfit.

The ’80s

In the 1980s, glistening fabric, a set of giant sleeves, lace, and bows were all the rage. Even though it was a bold design choice, the original form of this wedding dress featured many of the decade’s most notable fashion features.

And while many ladies may find this expensive dress intimidating, this woman does not share that opinion. Instead, she noticed something special about it and decided to purchase it without wasting her time. After a few tweaks and revisions, the final product is stunning.


Another bride noticed a gorgeous modern dress hidden behind the historical design of her wedding gown in this photograph. She was well aware that she would have to be resourceful to rework those large sleeves and a high collar to achieve the garment she desired.

It is reasonable to say that she accomplished an excellent job by taking her imagination to a whole new expression level. When she decided to change this outfit, she had a clear vision in her mind. It is incredible how she transformed an old-fashioned gown into something quite fashionable.


Sometimes old-fashioned clothing can be transformed into a treasure by simply removing a layer or two. A dress like this was fortunate to be discovered by the bride. We were surprised to find out that she is wearing the same outfit in both images below.

Even when placed side by side, they appear to be completely distinct. It was a brilliant idea to give this outfit a second chance at life. There are undoubtedly more gowns with excellent potential that can be altered with little to no effort – you just have to start looking!

Rocking Out Like It is the 1970s All Over Again

If you only look at the time’s fashion, the 1970s must have been a great decade. Yet, while much of it has been restored, other elements appear out of place. For example, the headpiece used to accessorize this garment has not yet been reintroduced into the fashion scene.

There were other difficulties with the cleavage, the long lace sleeves, and the loose fit that needed to be addressed in addition to the hat. Nevertheless, the bride entirely changed it into a stunning gown for her wedding reception with this dress. It is yet another fantastic transformation.

Custom-Made Gown For A Happy Bride

Now picture yourself feeling relieved when you finally locate the dress of your dreams! Knowing it has been out there, hiding somewhere, at some store or another, and now it is finally here, the day has arrived! You might get lucky while thrifting and come across a designer item.

When we see this stunning bride-to-be beaming with delight as she tries on her dream gown, we can only imagine the range of emotions she must be experiencing now that the hunt is done. This dress has delicate lines that make it look attractive from any angle.

Buying Online

The best course of action when a bridal shop wants to charge you more is to explore other options to get the same outfit. And this bride-to-be did the same thing when she discovered that the dream dress she had bought at a department shop was out of her financial reach.

However, she visited the website and saw that the same garment was for 70% off sale. That is a fantastic offer for her right now. She knew exactly what size she needed after trying on the dress in the store. She was able to obtain precisely what she desired with no effort.

A True Vintage Discovery

Rather than going against her instincts, the gorgeous bride seen below chose to purchase her wedding dress from an antique store. However, she did not waste any time and went straight to the store, where she saw the clothing, put it on, and purchased it.

She recognized that this dress had the potential to be her masterpiece for the occasion. Her highly talented seamstress assisted her in transforming this item into a modern gown suitable for a young wedding. I think the new sleeves are far superior to the old ones.

Guess the Price

You will have to use your imagination to figure out how much this garment is worth. You might not be able to tell from how it looks that it is considerably under a hundred dollars. However, the fabric and design give the impression that it is highly costly.

This dress was only $12, making it more affordable than a pizza or even a few upscale lattes on occasion. Is not it incredible that you can find a wedding dress for such a low price and still have it look amazing? And, yes, she discovered this hidden gem while shopping at a thrift store.

Vintage Will Never Go Out Of Style

When this bride went thrift shop hunting for a wedding dress, she was fortunate enough to find one that she liked. As a result, she was able to find not one, but two dresses for her wedding ceremony and one for the after-party was a lucky break for her.

These dresses have a vintage feel, but they are tailored to the bride perfectly. She appears to be delighted with her thrift store finds. Take a look at how bright her smile is from ear to ear! It demonstrates that you do not have to spend a fortune on the perfect dress.

Bridal Lottery

There are some of the most intricate details and embellishments on this dress that we have seen so far. However, although it does not appear to have come from a thrift store, it did. If we had not told you, you would never have guessed what we talked about.

The bride appears to be floating on air in this stunning gown, which makes her sparkle like a star on her wedding day. Unfortunately, some brides become too lucky: they locate an inexpensive dress in a secondhand shop that does not require modifications.

Too Lovely To Be True

The wedding dress you see here was not custom-made. It did not require a lengthy alteration process to bring it into compliance with current regulations. As an alternative, the bride purchased her wedding dress at a local thrift store for less than 80 dollars, making it a genuine bargain.

We can do nothing except marvel at how beautiful the floral arrangements for this bride’s wedding are. The flower crown and clothing are a perfect match. This small detail went undetected at first glance but was later discovered to be significant. We can not stress this enough: visit your local secondhand stores as soon as you receive your engagement ring.


This bride was clear about what she wanted for her wedding reception. To avoid the traditional white dress, she decided to wear something else. She looked in several bridal boutiques but could not find anything she was interested in. She, on the other hand, was not willing to quit.

She was persistent and eventually found what she was looking for. Her choice was a bride’s maid attire, which gave her a youthful appearance to a bride. So making it her wedding dress was unquestionably a brilliant decision on her part.

Smartest Bridal Outfit

Anyone who glances at this photograph will agree that the bride’s clothing is stunning. It just works because of the V-neckline, the shape of the skirt, the sparkly belt, and the fabric. She appears to be posing for a photo session for a magazine.

She paid so little for the dress may be the most impressive aspect. Because the bride did not want to spend excessive money on a garment that she would only wear once, she searched for her ideal outfit on Facebook Marketplace.

Perfect Fantasy

Mermaid-cut dresses are flattering on all body types, regardless of their physical characteristics. You will see this specific silhouette dress on the covers of magazines produced by well-known fashion designers. You can not go wrong with this design for your wedding day because it has a classic look that will never date.

The bride appears to be wearing a mermaid gown straight out of a fairy tale. She is delighted and will cherish the memory of this day for the rest of her life. If you ever get the opportunity to come across anything as perfect as this for such a low price, do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity.

Something To Behold

Lace is a gorgeous fabric that may be used to enhance the appearance of clothing items. For example, an extravagant choice for the bride would be a wedding dress with lace. It also lends a romantic touch to the dress, ideal for such a memorable occasion.

Again, the bride in the picture looks stunning in her lace gown, demonstrating our argument. She discovered this piece of art in a thrift store. With the right accessories and a simple bouquet, this outfit must have appeared a dream come true for the wearer.

Do Not Pass Up The Opportunity To Visit The Thrift Store

When the bride in the photo below discovered herself without a dress, she realized she needed to do something. The fact that she had searched every rack in every one of their local wedding boutiques and had come up empty-handed repeatedly appeared to indicate that fate was conspiring against her!

Why not give destiny one final chance because this great woman remembers hearing about an old secondhand store nearby where they sell everything under the sun? And, sure enough, when she arrived, she discovered the one she was looking for. What a fantastic performance!


If you do not want to be too traditional, a gothic wedding dress can be the right choice. This non-traditional black wedding dress was chosen by this modern bride to be worn down the aisle on her wedding day. Although this dress is unlikely to be worn by many women, it does have a distinctive appearance.

In this case, the bride purchased this as a white wedding dress from a thrift store and opted to color it herself at home. She did an excellent job in terms of coloring the dress without making it look uneven. In addition, she did not miss a single one of them.

Thrift Princess

Princess gowns are indeed a popular choice for weddings. However, some women do not adore them or dream of wearing their huge and puffy bridal gowns—especially if you are seeking something more contemporary. The use of tulle and taffeta dresses is not required for everyone.

Even though we do not know why this bride chose to wear one on her wedding day, we agree that she looked absolutely stunning. Moreover, guess what? Her gorgeous vintage gown was also reasonably priced, which was a nice bonus.

A Hidden Dream Dress

Even though she discovered this vintage wedding dress at a local secondhand store, it was not her style, and it was also two sizes too large for her. It took a lot more time and effort than she anticipated to fix and edit all of the problems in the picture. The result is stunning!

Although she spent a significant amount of time and effort making necessary alterations, the woman did an outstanding job with what could have been considered plain old white clothing if not for her dedication to making the required adjustments. She possesses exceptional talent as well as a keen eye for bargains!

DIY Fashionista

The bride in this photo is a self-proclaimed specialist on DIY wedding outfits. We are not sure how she accomplished it. Still, this woman changed an average dress into something fashionable and stunning! It is the result of a creative mind combined with dedication and perseverance.

Our attention must be drawn to her exceptional needlework skills before someone else discovers them and snatches them all from her. She found the way to adapt the dress and make her body type so incredibly well. As a result, her physique is beautifully complemented by the clothing, which is simply stunning.

The One Outfit

Indeed, this young lady had fantasized about wearing a bridal gown as she walked down the aisle. However, she was unaware that she would find a dress before finding a partner or establishing a date for her wedding. Nevertheless, she had discovered her dream gown, and she could not care less about the fact that she would not be getting married anytime soon.

All this woman wanted was to brag about was how stunning she looked in front of her friends and family — and fortunate for her, because one day, someone will be amazed by what a great find this incredible gown was.

Searching For Antiques In Your Neighborhood

When this stunning woman thought about her wedding dress on the eve of her big day, she knew precisely which gown she wanted to wear. Not only that, but it should also be able to fit! As a result, I enlisted the assistance of a few vintage businesses in the area.

The shop owners gave her excellent advice because they knew the woman’s preferences. So she went out looking till she found exactly what she was looking for that matched her style and the theme and aesthetics of the event. So she has a dream appearance.

Dress From a Fairy Tale

The garment worn by the bride-to-be on her wedding day is a duplicate of the gowns worn by Disney princesses in their stories, as shown in this photograph. The long skirt, long gloves, and simple yet sophisticated design of this clothing make it appear as though it stepped directly out of a fairy tale.

After seeing this one, everyone may wonder where they can get one of these outfits. The surprise element may not be necessary in this case because the bride discovered hers while thrift shopping at a secondhand store near her house. For less than $50, you can get yet another stunning gown.

Thrift Vintage Gem

You may say, “It is a no from me!” to several vintage outfits at your local secondhand store. And it is pretty understandable why they would feel that way. However, even if everyone else had felt the same thing about her wedding dress, this stunning bride saw something special in it.

She put her imagination to work and turned it into a stunning piece of art. She had her heart set on this vintage wedding gown, and she did not even hesitate to purchase it without a second thought. We will all agree that she did an excellent job modifying it following the second photograph.


Have you ever considered getting married in a floral wedding gown? Even if you have not considered it before, it could be a fantastic idea. It would provide a fun and fresh aesthetic to a bohemian wedding on the beach, and it would go perfectly with the theme.

It is possible that you will not need to accessorize much or even carry a large bouquet if you are wearing this amazing dress. However, when the appropriate goal is in mind, even the simplest appearances can appear lavish. This woman came across something extraordinarily remarkable and one-of-a-kind.

Guess The Cost

Please take a moment to examine the dress in the photo below and make an educated guess as to its cost. It is a stunning gown that may lead you to believe that it costs hundreds of dollars to purchase. However, even if you assumed it would cost $500, you would be mistaken.

This outfit costs a fraction of the price of the original. The bride was able to get it for about $200. This price for a wedding dress is insane and unreal, especially when you consider how beautiful it is. She has been blessed with a beautiful marriage!

Budgeting Has Been Well-Planned

Take a look at how radiant and beautiful the bride appears to be. Everything, from the outfit to the hairstyle and accessories to the flower bouquet, is flawlessly coordinated. Furthermore, her flowing gown seemed to have been purchased at a high cost. As a result, she has the appearance of a million dollars.

However, this garment demonstrates that appearances can be deceitful if one does not know the truth. The dress appears to be pricey, yet the bride purchased it for less than a hundred dollars on Amazon. Her bouquet cost 25 dollars, and her veil cost 12 dollars.

Something Donated, Something Borrowed

Who knew that there were people worldwide with such lovely hearts who wanted to give their wedding dresses so that other women may have their dream dresses without spending their entire wedding budget on them. That they are standing together as a group of women is something we admire.

Someone posted a great ad on Facebook Marketplace asking for donations of wedding dresses. This lucky woman happened to come across it. She sent an email to the address provided, asking for more information. Finally, she received the dress given, which fit her exactly — and it was entirely free!