5 Absolute Must-have Apps for Every Dog Parent

As much as a furry friend invokes happy fuzzy pictures of comfort, joy, and oodles of snuggling,  raising canine babies can be a demanding and overwhelming task. If you find yourself intimidated by the responsibilities of taking care of your dog, do not feel disheartened. From training to veterinary care, grooming to keeping track of your pet’s dietary needs, there is an app to make your tasks more manageable. Here is a list of five of the best apps out there for dog parents. Try them out and bring back some relaxation into your life:

Pet First Aid: Compatible with Androids as well as iOS, this free app is n essential requirement. We all get worried about the slightest medical issues with our children. This app is designed to prevent you from going into an anxiety attack by helping you take care of your dog with detailed step-by-step first aid guidance for every identifiable situation. Created by the American Red Cross, this app is your directory for keeping a tab on your dog’s health, Not only does it enable you with the knowhow of checking for symptoms and administering medicare at home, but it also helps locate local vets and hospitals in case of emergencies.

PetCoach: We know health is not the only thing that you may be worried about. Perhaps there is a behavior pattern that baffles you, Or maybe you need to find ways to take care of your baby when you are on a vacation. Use this app to find answers to all your pet-parent queries. It’s a fairly simple application to use, just post your question and you will have it answered by professional trainers, vets, groomers, even other pet-parents depending on the nature of your question.

BarkHappy: This is a social app. It helps you connect to other dog-parents in your locality Whether you are looking for some company at the neighborhood dog park, or just someone who shares your parenting ideology, this app will help you find your tribe. The app also features maps to local dog-friendly places like restaurants and hotels,

Puppr: Download this app for a step-by-step photo guide for training your dog. From teaching obedience to fun tricks, the app covers a large corpus of lessons, With features like a daily training log reminder and forums to post your training related questions on, this is a handy app to have for all dog-parents.

WeRescue: Another app that works on both Androids and iOS, this is your go-to app for finding your baby some canine company. This is for your dog what Tinder is for humans. Swipe through photos to find that perfect match depending on whatever specifications you would prioritize for your pup.

Bringing up your puppy is no easy feat, but it is definitely an enjoyable journey. If you feel bogged down or unsure, remember help is often just a click away!