50 Animals and Things in Unique Colors That Will Blow Your Mind

Our five senses help us make sense of the world through colors, shapes, and much more. Because of this, we are used to seeing the world in a certain way. For example, it would be odd if you suddenly saw a chicken in purple color as to your senses it does not come in that color.

However, there is much we don’t know about the animal kingdom as some species come in unique colors and patterns. So, if you are ready to get your mind blown away, you are in the right place. Here are the top fifty animals and things in unique colors.

1. The Half-White Peacock

Half White Peacock

Peacocks are known for their beautiful blue and green colors, which is why we are sure you have never seen this half-white peacock before. Its majestic white feathers offer a beautiful contrast with the blue and green hues, and it looks like royalty. It is one of the most unique peacocks you will ever get to witness.

However, we hope we get to see it one day because we would love to see how the white looks with all the colors. We wonder how the peacock came to be half-white. It is a mystery we are curious to solve soon.

2.The Pelagic Thresher Shark

An Iridescent Thresher Shark

This iridescent shark is known as the Pelagic Thresher Shark, and it is sometimes also referred to as a green thresher shark. It is because of the way the light hits their skin and creates all these beautiful colors you will not see on any other shark. We don’t know how it became iridescent, but we do know that the shark was not caught in an oil spill.

The shark looks like a holographic paper that keeps changing color, and we are mesmerized by its beauty. We hope the fishermen had the decency to put this beautiful creature back to where it belongs.

3.The Snake with the Halloween Pattern

This Snake Has A Jack-O-Lantern On Its Back

If there is one reptile in the animal kingdom we don’t like at all, it is a snake. They are scary, and this snake with a Halloween pattern looks spookier than the rest. If you are obsessed with Halloween, this snake will make the perfect pet for you all year round.

The pattern on the snake is known as a pumpkin patch, and it is a rare snake you will not find anywhere else. We would never have the courage to hold this snake because the pattern makes it look even scary. We wonder if any other snakes have a holiday-themed pattern.

4.The Black Turtle

Ninja Turtle

Yes, there are many animals we thought we would never witness in black, but they exist like this black turtle. It looks like a luxe version of turtles that has made its way to the top in the turtle world. The turtle is matte black, and you will never spot him at night as it will blend with the dark.

We don’t know how this black turtle came to be and the reason for its color, but he sure looks cool. We would love to keep this rare turtle as our pet and make all the other people jealous.

5.Sectorial Heterochromia Iridis in Both Cat Eyes

This Cat Has Sectorial Heterochromia Iridis In Both Eyes

Sectorial Heterochromia Iridis is not a new condition in cats, and you might have at least seen one cat with such a condition. They usually have one eye that is half brown and half blue. However, this cat is rare because she has this condition in both her eyes and her name is Olive.

We think she looks beautiful, and if we had the chance, we would stare into her eyes for hours on end. The colors are beautiful and give Olive an even royal and majestic look. Against her beautiful white fur, the eyes look even deep and exotic.

6.The Golden Beetle

This Little Golden Beetle Must Be Very Lucky

This golden beetle could be displayed in an exhibition, and it would look like a piece of art. The gold shine is like no other, and it looks like a gold beetle piece of jewelry. If only we could wear it, but this beetle is real, and it wouldn’t like that.

These golden beetles are not found anywhere else in the world except Maine. We wonder what Maine has that other cities don’t to give this beetle the gold color. So, if you are ever in Maine, you should keep a lookout for these golden creatures, and you will not be disappointed.

7.The Dog with a Clown Face

In The Middle Of Putting On His Clown Makeup

The dog looks like it is sick of you calling it a clown, and it is completely done with you. It is one of the most unique and strange fur patterns we have seen on a dog till now. However, the fur is like that because this poor dog has vitiligo.

Because of vitiligo, the skin underneath the fur starts turning white, after which the fur starts turning white too. The dog in the picture has significant vitiligo that has progressed for a long time. Half of the face is now left before it turns white, too, like the rest of the fur.

8.The Crazy-Colored Frog

Don't Be Fooled, It's Probably Poisonous

If we have learned anything from David Attenborough’s latest documentary, it is that if a frog has vibrant colors, it is poisonous. So, while this frog may look beautiful too, don’t forget that it is also highly dangerous. The colors are there to attract predators, so the frog can release the venom when they attack.

These purple frogs are not rare, and there are many frogs out in the wild that have the most vibrant colors you will ever witness. If you ever see such frogs, never make the mistake of touching them, or you might end up in the hospital.

9. The Albino Moose

White Chocolate Moose

Nobody associates white with a moose, but this is one of the rarest moose you will find. It is an albino moose, which is why he is entirely white, and he looks like he can take you out with one kick. Many people don’t know about this moose, and we are glad because people might start hunting it.

These white moose have no sanctuary, and the government should take steps to preserve these animals. Otherwise, someone will come out and hunt them, and they will go extinct like many other rare species. After all, we must take care of the beings around us.

10.Black and Gold Cockatoo

Black And Gold Cockatoo

The black and gold cockatoo looks like a luxe version of the regular cockatoo with its sleek colors. These birds are native to Australia, and it is highly common for people to see these cockatoos, which is why it won’t come as a shock to them. However, people from other countries have only seen yellow or white cockatoos.

We love the beautiful gold pattern on her black feathers, and it looks like a bird villain in a Disney movie. However, don’t be fooled by its looks because it is friendly and will never harm you. The cockatoo mostly keeps to itself.

11. Blue Bananas

Blue Bananas Look Like Something You Would Find In An Art Museum

Yes, we are used to seeing yellow or green bananas, but we are sure you have never seen a blue banana. These bananas look like they just came out of an art exhibit. However, these are known as blue java bananas, and there is a solid reason for this blue color.

The blue color indicates that the bananas are not ripe, and you can’t consume them yet. Once they are ripe and ready to eat, they will turn to yellow bananas. This version of banana is native to South East Asia, but you will find it in Hawaii and Fiji.

12. Albino Humpback Whale

Only Known Albino Hump Back Whale On The Planet

Yes, it is not just humans that can be albino, as this condition can be seen commonly in the animal kingdom. This albino humpback whale is a prime example of this fact, and it is the only whale we know with this condition. Scientists estimate that there might be four or five albino humpback whales in total.

The whale you see was spotted in 1991 in Australia and was named Migaloo. After this spotting, scientists began researching albino humpback whales. Migaloo has fathered two more of such whales, and one more albino humpback whale was found in Norway, which is why there are at least four right now.

13. The Golden Possum

Australian Veterinary Clinic Rescues A Golden Possum

You saw the golden mouse before, and now it is time to familiarize yourself with the golden possum. Australian vets rescued this possum, and they gave him the name Pikachu because of his golden color. Yes, we know that possums can look disgusting, but isn’t this the cutest possum you have seen?

Australia has some of the rarest animals and creatures that you will ever get to see. After all, it is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. We can’t wait to visit one day and see all these rare animals we will not witness anywhere else.

14. Golden Mouse

The Lucky Golden Mouse

Yes, some mice are not gray and dull. What you are looking at in the picture is known as a Satin Texel mouse. The satin gene in these mice provides them with curly hair and various colors such as golden, silver, and many others you have never witnessed before.

Before we knew why the mouse was golden, we thought it was dyed golden and given a blow-dry for such textured hair. There are many breeders of this gene, and if you want a mouse pet, there is no better mouse than this. It will add some color to your home.

15. The Zebra with White Polka Dots

It Officially Answers The Question, "Are Zebras Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes?"

For decades, people have wondered if zebras are brown with white stripes or white with brown stripes. Well, this baby zebra has finally answered our question as it is brown with white polka dots. This baby was not born with the usual white stripes but polka dots in place.

We are concerned if the baby zebra is easily noticeable in the wild because of these polka dots. We hope he can learn to defend himself or his mom offers him the protection he needs. After all, baby animals are a big target for predators in the jungle and the wild.

16. The Jet-Black Chinchilla

Pet The Darkness And Protect It At All Costs

Yes, we know many animals come in a matte black or jet black color, but we are sure you would never think to see chinchillas in black. After all, they are adorable, and no one associates them with the color black. Unfortunately, many people use their fur for coats, which is a cruel practice.

Remember that even though these creatures are adorable, they don’t like to be pet or held. However, if you want to protect them from people who steal their fur, you can keep one in your home. It will never bother you and allow you to pet sometimes.

17. The Owl with the Universe in His Eyes

The Blind Owl Has A Galaxy In His Eyes

The owl you see is a rescue blind owl named Zeus, and he is one of the most adorable owls we have seen in our lives. After all, there is an entire universe in his eyes you will not see anywhere else. Once you stare into his eyes, you can see galaxies, stars, and everything the universe is made of.

The most exciting part about this owl is that you can visit him whenever you like. Zeus is a permanent resident of conservation in California, and he is well taken care of. We are sure he has many powers because of his eyes.

18.The Two-Toned Cat

Meet Narnia, A Rare Two Faced Cat

There is always a first time for everything, and we are sure you have never witnessed a two-toned cat before. The car you see is half gray and half black because of the split-tone of the fur. The cat’s name is Narnia, and she is a rare two-toned cat you will not find anywhere else.

The split is perfect as it goes right in between Narnia’s face, and we wonder if her family also has the same split-toned fur. We don’t know how this came to be or if there are other cats with this color, but Narnia sure looks cool.

19. The Girl Who Is Half Brunette and Half Blonde

Her Hair Is Half Blonde Half Brunette, Including Eyebrows And Eyelashes

You might be wondering that this girl probably dyed her hair half brunette and half blonde, but that is not the case. You will also realize that even her eyelashes and eyebrows are half brunette and half blonde when you notice. What makes us wonder is if her arm and leg hair is also the same split color.

We love this split tone because it is natural and gives the girl one of the most unique looks. We hope she never dyes her hair one color because this split tone is majestic. We can only hope to have such a natural color in our hair.

20.The Golden Horse

What Highlighter Is This Horse Using?

Horses are one of the most majestic and royal animals that will ever live on our planet. However, this horse takes the lead in beauty as the golden shine you see on its coat is unlike any other. We wonder what his coat routine is or what highlighter he is using for that shine.

If only the horse could tell us his secrets, we would also have such shiny and thick hair. Whoever the owner is, they are taking excellent care of this horse. We wish more people took care of horses this way so their coats could shine bright.

21. The Black Deer

A Buck You Would Never See Coming

Another rare black animal that blew our mind away with its beauty. It is a rare black deer, and this picture is of him roaming freely in the wild. However, one problem the deer would face is that no one would be able to see him at night, which is why it can easily be a target of an accident.

We need more conservation practices in our urban cities to protect these beautiful creatures and prevent them from getting injured. After all, we need to take care of these animals if we want to save our planet and ensure more biodiversity.

22. A White Baby Reindeer

Extremely Rare White Baby Reindeer

This white baby reindeer is probably the most adorable reindeer you will witness in your life. It looks like snow, and it will be the perfect addition to Rudolph on his sleigh this Christmas. Even the antlers are small and look as if they have been stuck to his head.

This reindeer knew that he would look good in this pose, which is why it is staring right into the photographer. Many reindeers are not tolerant, and they don’t accept other reindeers that look different. Maybe that is why this poor guy came to a human to feel some acceptance and love.

23. A White Giraffe

Rare White Giraffes Sighted In Kenya Conservation Area

You must be tired of all the unique black animals, which is why here are some white ones that are just as unique and beautiful. This majestic giraffe is white and was sighted in Kenya, but brace yourself for its sad story. First, poachers killed the family of this giraffe, and after that, people fit him with a tracker to prevent hunters from killing the giraffe.

Albino animals are rare, which is why people take extra steps to conserve and protect these animals. We hope the giraffe is doing well and safe in its current conservation area in Kenya.

24. The Black And White Dog

A White Dog With A Black Head

This beautiful dog is rare as it has a black head and a white body. Many people thought of naming him blackhead, but it would be cruel as it would remind other of acne and pimples. We wonder how this happened because we have never seen two colors split this way on a dog.

We would love to be friends with this dog and name him yin yang because of this beautiful color split. His mother probably ran out of black ink when creating him, which is why he turned out half-white. However, we love this color combination on him.

25. The Goth Flamingo

"It's Not A Phase Mom, This Is The Real Me"

White and pink flamingos are a common sight, but we are sure you have never seen a black and Goth flamingo in your life. This oddball looks like the villain of flamingos, but he has just as adorable as the pink ones. Maybe he ate some bad shrimp because of which his color turned black.

Of course, that is not true because animals with an all-black color are a result of melanism. It is meant to cause excessive melanin, which leads to full black color. We wonder if there are more of these flamingos out there because we would love to see them.

26. Siberian Iridescent Clouds

Iridescent Clouds In Siberia

These iridescent clouds were found in Siberia, and we are in love because they look right out of a Disney movie. The colors are majestic, and we are sure only Bob Ross could paint this and do justice to the clouds. If a fairytale movie had a beautiful sky, these clouds would be the focal point.

The clouds have this color as a result of small ice droplets scattering light individually. We would love to experience such clouds one day, but we don’t want to make a trip to Siberia. Maybe they will come to other parts of the world someday too.

27.The Cross Fox

A Partially Melanistic Genetic Variation Called A Cross Fox

The cross fox is another variant of the red fox, which is a partially melanistic genetic variation you will not find anywhere else. The cross fix is unique because it has a dark stripe going all the way down its back and then intersecting with another stripe. The result is that a cross forms over the shoulders, hence the cross fox.

The fox has one of the most beautiful eyes and fur you will ever see on a fox. Don’t be fooled by its beauty because it is a highly cunning fox that will take you out in a matter of seconds.

28. The Albino Wood Turtle

These Are One Of The Rarest Turtle Morphs In The World

You already met the matte black turtle, but now it is time to meet an ever rare turtle, the albino wood turtle. It is the rarest turtle in the world, and the beautiful colors also make it the most exquisite turtle in the world. However, the color is not there for venom, and the turtle will not harm you.

The albino wood turtle is gentle, docile, and will be at peace no matter what. We don’t know why it has these colors, but we guess the colors are there to help it stay away from predators in the wild.

29. The Albino Raccoon

A Rare Albino Trash Panda

Yes, contrary to popular belief, not all raccoons have those black burglar eyes, as some are albino too. These raccoons are completely white, and they look like an enormous white possum. The one you see in this picture is not hiding well from the rest of the normal raccoons.

Either these nasty raccoons captured the poor albino, or he is now a part of their posse. Without its signature marks and color, the albino raccoon is entirely unrecognizable. If we ever see this one out, we would probably mistake it for some other creature because no raccoon looks like this.

30.The Chicken with Heart Patterns

This Chicken Has Hearts All Over It, So It Must Be Lovely

This chicken wears her heart on her sleeve or maybe everywhere, as evident by her feathers’ heart patterns. Her feathers look on-trend as many girls out there are wearing heart-shaped shirts, and we guess the chicken is just following them. We wonder if the eggs that this chicken lays also have heart-shaped patterns on its exterior.

It is one of the rarest chickens you will find out there as not many chickens have heart-shaped patterns on their feather. We wonder how this is possible and how many chickens worldwide have this. It is one of the most unique things you will see today.

31. The Yellow Cardinal

One In A Million Yellow Cardinals Spotted In Alabama

Yes, yellow birds are highly common, but the yellow cardinal is a rare sight to experience. The color is there because of a genetic mutation in the species, which happens in one in a million cardinals. However, we love this amazing color as it makes the cardinal look vibrant and exotic.

If you are ever in nature and you spot this beauty, you can believe that you have good luck that day. The one you see in the picture was seen in Alabama, but we are sure you will spot them elsewhere too. Just keep an eye out for these beauties.

32. The Canadian Marble Fox

Alolan Fox Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Yes, we know that is a weird name for an animal, but this fox is a mix of a husky and a fox. It looks incredibly cute, and we just want to squeeze it, but we are sure it will not let us because foxes don’t like such intimacy with humans. However, the fluffiness of this animal is too tempting to resist.

Some people also keep these as pets, but we wouldn’t because it is not okay to keep a half fox as a pet. After all, you never know when it might attack you. So, better to be safe than sorry.

33. The Stop Sign That Went Goth

A Goth Stop Sign

Stop signs are deliberately red so passersby can see them from afar and stop when need be. However, this black stop sign is giving us all kinds of Goth and Gotham vibes. Maybe someone added this sign near their property to match their aesthetics and vibe, but we love it.

The sign is sleek and minimal, but it is not an effective sign because people will not be able to see it at night. Maybe it is a safety hazard that one should report so the sign can be changed. If this sign belongs in your area, have it changed today.

34. The Strawberry Finch

Spotted A Rare Strawberry Finch

The strawberry finch is a rare sight, but it is one of the most beautiful finches you will witness in your lifetime. It is native to tropical Asia grasslands, and many people cage this beauty because of its strawberry colors. Their plumage has shades of red, white, black, and a slight hint of peach.

It is unfortunate that these beauties are caged because they belong in the wild, and we are sure their colorful plumage is there because of a reason. After all, nature doesn’t make mistakes, and there is a reason for each detail on every being out there.

35. The Lemon Dalmatian

Keep The Lemon Dalmatian Away From Cruella De Ville

Yes, black and white Dalmatians are beautiful, but if you have ever seen the lemon Dalmatian, you will like them even more. These Dalmatians have a lovely beige tone on their white coat, and they are the light to the black Dalmatians. We rarely get to see these Dalmatians, but the American Kennel Club recognizes these creatures.

Imagine if Dalmatian 101 had these lemon ones instead of the black. The colors would have been unique and more people would have known about these beauties. If we ever find this Dalmatian, we will take it home and pet it because it looks fantastic.

36. The Red and White Flower

Picked A Half Red Half White Flower

We are in awe of this flower and the perfect red and white split that it represents. If you are always confused between white and red roses, then this flower is a perfect choice for you. The split color happens because of a mutation when the red pigment is supposed to be produced during the development process.

During this process, the flower thinks it is supposed to produce half the amount, which results in this flower. These flowers are rare because plants are conscious beings, and such error rates are incredibly low. However, we would love to have this flower.

37. Black Petunias

“Black Magic” Petunias

You will rarely get to see entire black flowers in nature, which is why these black petunias are a rare sight. However, if you have a Goth or vampire celebration at home, these flowers would be the perfect centerpieces. Most people will think you painted them black because flowers are rarely this color.

We are sure that the upkeep and maintenance of these flowers would be a lot because it would take proper care to keep this color intact. We would love to have this bunch in our home to add variety to our flower collection and make the most of it.

38. The Chicken Moth

White Moth With A Chicken Face

The chicken moth sounds like an unusual name, but it makes sense because of what the moth looks like. It is entirely white, and when you look closely, you will realize it has a chicken face. Once you see the face, you will never be able to unsee it as you will keep noticing a chicken there.

We have no idea how the chicken moth came into existence, but it is a unique find as they are rarely seen. Of course, we never get this close to a moth because we find them scary, and so we might have missed a chicken moth if it crossed our path.

39. The Deformed Sea Turtle

Leucistic Sea Turtle

Many people mistake this turtle for an albino one, but that is not the case as it is a regular sea turtle. However, what makes it different is the lack of pigment that a regular sea turtle has. When sea turtle hatchlings are leucistic, they can develop deformities such as missing eyes or loss of pigment.

So, this sea turtle lost its pigment because of that, but on the bright side, it would blend well in the sand without being seen by predators. This deformity has pros and cons, but we hope this sea turtle lives a long and healthy life.

40. The Cat with a Brown-Red Coat

She Is Wearing The Most Fashionable Vest

If there was an award for the most fashionable coat, it would go to this cat because it is rocking the brown-red coat. Her face is all-black fur, but her body has the most beautiful shade of brown and red. We have never seen such a unique coat, and we wonder how this came into existence.

Maybe it was a genetic thing or some mutation during the development process. Whatever it was, the cat looks exquisite, and we want to pet its coat. The color makes it look like the cat is wearing a beautiful fur vest we only get to see on runways.

41.The Goth Duck

He Looks Like He Jumped In Ink

You might have seen many various colored animals, but we are sure you have never seen a black duck before. We call it the Goth duck, but we are sure this is just a phase that will pass, and the duck will return to normal again. We can add some shiny necklaces, and the duck will offer a complete Goth look.

The black duck may appear scary, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He is one of the friendliest ducks you will find as he will try his best to make you happy. It is the happiest Goth duck you will witness.

42.The Pink Nose Cat

With A Nose Like That, He Is Asking To Be Booped

How adorable is the pink nose of this cat that is just waiting to be booped by one of us? The cat’s nose looks like a Tesla logo, and maybe Elon Musk should hire this cat for his next ad campaign as she would make the perfect mascot. After all, nobody will resist this cute creature.

There are very few black cats with a pink nose, and we wonder how it happened and if its paws are pink. One thing we are sure of is that we would love to boop its nose and play with it if it lets us.

43. The Blue Lobster

A 1 In 2,000,000 Blue Lobster

Nature is amazing because there is so much we haven’t seen till now, like this beautiful blue lobster that can fit in our palms. We wonder if these lobsters turn red once we cook them, but they are too pretty to eat. If you ever come across this lobster, be sure to toss it back to the ocean.

After all, that is where these creatures belong, and they shouldn’t be cooked. Rare animals need to be taken care of because they offer us more biodiversity, which makes our planet sustainable. So, there is no need to capture these rare sea creatures.

44. Ginger Seal

Ginger Seal Pup In Russia

The ginger seal pup looks tired of the other pups because maybe it is sick of being bullied by the other normal colored seal pups. After all, haters don’t like it when one person in the group stands out. However, we think that this ginger seal pup is the most beautiful seal we have come across.

We don’t know how this is possible and if there are other ginger seal pups out there, but we are absolutely in love with the color. If you are ever in the wild and see this beautiful pup, don’t forget to click a picture to remember it later.

45. Colorful Lizards

Different From His Friends, But They Don't Care

Just as you can see in this picture, lizards come in various colors, from brown to white to many others. Yes, there are albino lizards too, and once you see them, you will love the beautiful white color on them. Of course, many people don’t like lizards and think they are weird creatures.

However, we love this group of colored lizards, and we are surprised by the person holding these lizards. They must have a lot of courage to hold four huge lizards in one hand. However, we think they are his pets, which is why they haven’t attacked him yet.

46. Clear Lemon Pie

Shiny Clear Lemon Pie

The clear lemon pie is a delicious treat that many people make as a substitute for regular lemon meringue pie. The transparent look comes because of the use of gelatin in the pie. If you love gelatin in your desserts, you should give this recipe a try too.

It will blow your mind, and you will love the meringue with the taste of some lemon gelatin. Of course, this dessert is not for everyone as many people will not like the taste. However, if you love how it tastes, you will get hooked to this pie and keep making it again and again.

47. The Black Gecko

 Black Gecko

The black gecko probably belongs to the ghetto because it looks like one scary gecko. We don’t know how this person is holding the gecko because we would never have the courage to do so. If you want to keep a small black dragon in your home as a pet, then this black gecko is the ideal choice.

Many people keep geckos as pets, which is why we are sure this one will be harmless too. Of course, you will only know once you own it. We plan on staying as far away from this black gecko as we possibly can.

48. The Black Hulk Hogan

Rare Black Hulk Hogan Spotted

Hulk Hogan is one of the best American professional wrestlers you will find, and everyone recognizes him because of this unique white mustache. Anyone who sees it will instantly know it is Hulk Hogan. We guess Hulk Hogan also inspired this man because he has the same get-up and the mustache.

That is why even Hulk Hogan tweeted about this man and called him his brother. Maybe they are twins who separated at birth, and Hulk Hogan has finally found him. Of course, that is not possible because this is just a coincidence, and the wrestler probably inspires the black Hulk Hogan.

49. The Shiny Lobster

Coolest Shiny Lobstah Yet

This is perhaps the shiniest lobster you will ever find in the ocean. We were mesmerized by this lobster, and we had never seen one before, which is why we don’t know how the lobster is this shiny. We wonder if it turns red once you start cooking him or stays clear like this.

We hope whoever found this lobster took care of it and left it back in the sea because that is where they belong. Such rare creatures should not be kept on land because they will not survive for long no matter how much you care for them.

50. The Glitched Zebra

Does This Glitched Zebra Count?

Finally, we have this zebra that looks like it is a glitch in the matrix. We don’t know how this pattern took place, but it probably happened because of some genes or another condition. All we know is that the zebra looks beautiful as it stands out from the crowd.

We wonder if his other zebra friends make fun of him or accept him for who he is. We would love to witness one in the wild because all zebras are beautiful, no matter their patterns and stripes. If you see this glitch in the jungle someday, don’t forget to report it.