50 Dog Breeds You Should Think Twice About Getting

The idea of an adorable, brand new, cuddly little baby puppy is tough for most dog lovers to resist. Others have their heartstrings tugged at by rescue dogs or those needing to be adopted from an animal shelter. In the excitement of finding the right dog and bringing them into your home as part of the family, many forget that not every dog is a perfect fit for every person or household. There are pros and cons to every breed of dog. It is important to first make sure you have gathered all of the pertinent information before committing to caring for a four-legged, furry friend who could turn out to be the wrong dog for you.

Is A Siberian Husky Right For You?

As beautiful as they are with those striking blue eyes and majestic stance covered with stunningly beautiful black and white fur, a husky is not for everyone. They are a strong breed and are best known for their sled-pulling skills and adapt well to cold temperatures. They are made for and ready to work hard, which means they have plenty of energy. The Siberian Husky breed can also be very stubborn and have a tendency to run off when they are given freedom from their leash. Some intense training will be a must from the start to help make sure they stay by you when out and about.

Making A Chihuahua A Pet

These innocent looking dogs seem to be too small to be of any kind of trouble. Many want to simply scoop them up and put a sweater on them or tuck them into their purse. But, since they are among the smallest dog breeds, they tend to be very stubborn and will aggressively protect themselves when they need to. Maybe they have an innate sense of always being the little guy, so bullies abound and need to be dealt with in their tiny dog heads. Nonetheless, a chihuahua will require dedicated training. Without proper instruction from the start, they may turn and even attack a small child if provoked or made to feel jealous of the kid.

French Bulldog As A Pet

French Bulldog - Full Profile, History, and Care

Don’t let the gruff and tough appearance fool you. Though, they may have a face that only a mother could love, French Bulldogs are a very playful breed. Though, their idea of playfulness and our level of tolerance of shenanigans may be two very different things. They are, however, very strong willed. They also tend to have health issues that can shorten their lives or make those veterinarian bills skyrocket. These health concerns are due to their flat faces. They can be lovely pets if the right owner comes along who is willing to be assertive yet gentle in the initial training.

Adopting A Greyhound

Because of their amazing speed and energy, Greyhounds are a breed of dog that were bred for the sole purpose of racing. Some have been clocked running more than 40 mph. So, they need lots of room to exercise and move around and a tall fenced-in backyard. If given the right environment, Greyhounds will prove to be extremely gentle and intelligent. This breed tends to be extremely affectionate with their human family. When you take your Greyhound for a walk, you will need to maintain complete leash control. If given an opportunity, they have a tendency to run off, and fast.

The Beagle As A Pet

The child cartoon Peanuts turned Beagles into a popular household pet thanks to the character, Snoopy. But, while many families adore their Beagle, others discovered that they weren’t the right pet choice for them. While these dogs are a nice size, typically have a friendly disposition, and are adorable as puppies, they need lots of exercise and can have a bark that some find to be annoying. They were bred as hunting dogs and are prone to be great escape artists. So, you will need to keep a close eye on your Beagle if you choose to bring one home as a pet.

More Than 101 Dalmatian Pet Love

While the Disney movie portrayed them to be friendly, loyal, and intelligent animals with an unusual coat in high demand, they are actually not a very popular family pet. Though, it would be tough to argue their lack of beauty with the stunning markings of black and white. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs in pursuit of small animals. They have also been used as guard dogs. They often come off as very aloof and need to get the right training and proper socialization from an early age. Otherwise, they tend to become extremely territorial and even aggressive.

The Jack Russell Terrier As A Family Pet

If you have the time to properly train these pups from the very beginning, you will no doubt end up with a very wonderful pet. Otherwise, the Jack Russel Terrier tend to be a highly energetic breed. They demand a great deal of attention with a strictly followed routine and plenty of opportunities to move about and exercise. If you have the time to put into training them well, you will be rewarded. Otherwise, they can be quite the handful to manage. If you don’t have the time to devote to early training, keep looking for a different breed of dog for your family’s pet.

Bringing An Australian Shepherd Home

The Australian Shepherd is a breed of dog that was made to herd sheep. Because of this sheep-herding in-bred trait, they may try to herd small children which could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it and how your children respond to the gesture. This dog has excessive high energy, so they will require someone who is committed to making sure they stay active and focused on activities. If they are properly directed to herd something other than your kids, the entire family will no doubt be quite happy with the Australian Shepherd as a pet.

Make Room For A Great Dane

Great Danes Contribute to Chagas Disease Awareness

If you’re going to bring a Great Dane into your home, you’re going to have to make the room for the dog to move around and live in. They are the tallest dog breeds in the entire world. Big dogs are going to have health issues that other smaller animals will not, such as hip dysplasia. They will also be able to easily overpower young children or even small adults even if it is not done with aggressive or mean intent. If you live in a small apartment building, a Great Dane is not going to be a good fit. The large dog needs a spacious home with a large sized yard to thrive.

English Toy Spaniel As A Pet

While they look mighty proud walking the grounds of a dog show, they require a lot of training from a young age. Don’t let the fact that the word, “toy” is in their name fool you into thinking they would make a great gifted pet for a small child. They actually don’t typically make a great child’s pet dog. This breed often feels threatened when small children play with them roughly. When they feel as if they are under attack, they tend to respond violently. If you do decide to turn an English Toy Spaniel into a family pet, be prepared to first put in a lot of time for training and guidance.

Shar-Pei Dogs As Pets

This wrinkly dog draws a lot of people to want to know more about it. However, all of those intriguing wrinkles and folds pose a risk for trapping bacteria which means potentially large vet bills and a ton of skin issues to take care of. The Shar-Pei was originally bred to be a guard dog, so if they are not properly trained, they can often become quite aggressive. If you’re looking for a dog to protect you or scare away harmful people, this is the perfect dog for you. If you have small children or other pets in the home, you may want to think twice before welcoming this breed as a pet.

Making A Skye Terrier Your Pet

As cute and cuddly as these little dogs look, it’s important that before you turn them into your pet that you know what they were bred for. This medium-sized dog was originally bred for hunting. They have top-notch hunting skills. The dog is known for being self-assured and fearless. With that in mind, don’t forget that they are still a terrier, which means they have a tendency to become aggressive if they are not socialized and trained well from the start. They also don’t like being ignored. When they are left alone for long periods of time, they may start chewing on things and resorting to their desire to dig.

Does A Pit Bull Make A Good Pet?

If you’ve ever heard a controversy over what kind of dog is the best pet, you have no doubt heard Pit Bulls come up in the argument. They have a bad reputation for being aggressive, mean, and prone to fierce biting. They like to be the leader of the pack. While most Pit Bulls actually make great pets, some have been trained to fight. If they have this fighting in their training, they may bite. And, when they bite, it is intense. They bite hard. If they haven’t been trained to be aggressive, most are not. However, you may want to get a puppy so you can properly train it just to be sure.

Saint Bernard As A Pet

Saint Bernard Dog Breed Information

You may recognize this breed as being a huge, lovable dog who shows up with a crate of whiskey tied around its neck. This dog breed is a gentle giant and make wonderful pets, but you need to have room for them. Your house and back yard are not the only areas of space to consider. You will also want to make sure your vehicle is large enough to fit the large, lovable dog. Before you rush out to own your own huge teddy bear pet in a Saint Bernard, keep in mind that they do have a nasty drooling habit.

Majestic Akita For A Pet

This dog breed will protect you. An Akita can make a great family pet if the dog has been given the proper type of training. They were originally bred in Japan to be a guide dog. Their temperaments make for fantastic household protectors. Unless they know and feel comfortable around you, however, they may show off their guard skills around friends or family members in an effort to protect you. You do not want to provoke them. If you take one in as a pet, make sure they first receive the proper training so they don’t mistake a visiting friend as an intruder.

Pekingese Pets

Don’t let their little size fool you into thinking they want to be cuddled. This breed of dogs are extremely independent, and their strong-willed nature is not afraid to let you know they want to be left alone. They typically don’t enjoy large crowd, and do not like to be cuddled. As long as you understand their boundaries, they can make nice pets. But, if you have small children who find them far too irresistible and cannot stop from trying to touch them and hug them, then you’d be better served by finding a dog breed who enjoys this kind of attention.

The German Shepherd

German Shepherd Personality and Trainability – Inside Dogs World

It’s all in the training for this breed. When they are trained right, they can make a good pet. They are obedient, loyal, and very intelligent. They do, however, have a history of being bred to protect. They are often the choice of police officers to turn them into police dogs. German Shepherds also have very powerful noses that can sniff out illegal substances or help find missing people. They have a tendency to want to push you around if they haven’t been trained to be a pet. If you want a German Shepherd for a family dog, it’s best to get them as a puppy, and provide early training.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a gentle giant, though their bark may intimidate some. Keep in mind that their bark is typically worse than their bite. They are a large breed, though. Large breeds may cost you more in vet bills since they tend to have more health issues than smaller or medium-sized breeds. They also drool a lot. This breed tends to leave puddles everywhere they go. So, if you don’t like wet furniture, you may want to think twice before bringing this breed home as a pet. They were originally bred in Southern Italy to be used as guard dogs.

Presa Canario As Pets

How much is that doggy in the window? You may find yourself singing that song if you see one of these Presa Canario dogs as a puppy. They are absolutely adorable. But, keep in mind they will grow. And, when they grow larger, they tend to get into trouble. They were originally bred to guard livestock, so they like wide, open spaces. If you have a small living space or an apartment, do not expect your Presa Canario to do well in that environment. Some parts of the world actually ban them as pets since they have a tendency to attack anything or anyone that they perceive to be threatening.

Shih Tzu Not Recommended As A Family Pet

Shih Tzu Breeds

The Shih Tzu may look small, cute, and simply adorable, but they are not recommended to be made into a family pet if there are small children in the home. This small breed quickly becomes over excited and frightened which could prompt them to bite. They tend to bite whenever they are scared, and this little breed is always afraid of something. They also often develop separation anxiety. If you work or travel a lot causing you to be away from the dog, this breed will not be a good fit. They will require training to help them stay calm.

Wolfdog Pets

Wolfdogs: The Hybrid Some State Laws Restrict - PetHelpful - By fellow  animal lovers and experts

If the name wolf in the dog’s breed scares you, this is not the dog for you. While they are incredibly stunning in appearance, some Wolfdogs tend to stick closer to their wolf-like behavior, while others are more of a curious type that could make a good family pet. Since their personality can vary from wolf to loyal dog, it’s important to carefully observe the individual dog you are wanting before deciding to bring it home. The main thing to keep in mind with this breed is that they tend to have less predictable behavior patterns compared to most other breeds.

Bringing A Chow Chow Home As A Pet

11 Reasons Why the Chow Chow Is an Unusual Dog Breed – American Kennel Club

They look like a giant teddy bear, but be careful. They can be skittish and often become very jealous with other people or animals around their owners. They really aren’t the top pick of dogs to choose if you have small children. They can be very pushy, quite stubborn, and very difficult to properly train. They need someone who is firm but gentle to train them well. If you are single and want a loyal, protective pet, this could be the choice for you. Otherwise, think very carefully before bringing a Chow Chow home as a pet. At the very least, understand the amount of training that will be required.

Rottweiler Breed For Pets

As a puppy, this breed may look irresistibly cute. But, as they grow you will need to stay on top of some training issues. They were originally bred for their extreme strength. They are excellent at pulling carts and are incredibly loyal. However, they are hard to push around, so they could unknowingly knock over a small child. Their loyalty is an attribute and a fault, since they sometimes try to protect their owner from people who are not really a threat, like grandma or close friends of the family. This could be a problem if children have friends over to play. These dogs love to play, but can quickly become rough. Think twice about having one as a pet if you have small pets at home too.

Opening Your Home To An Afghan Hound

These dogs were bred specifically for hunting and as a family guard dog. They are quite good at guarding, but that doesn’t mean they make for a very good family pet. They can quickly become destructive. They also tend to often disobey if they do not receive proper training. Their long, silky fur is gorgeous but demands a lot of attention in grooming. Some lean toward a friendly nature, but they don’t handle rough play very well. They can quickly become aggressive toward children if the child starts to play rough. So, if you are wanting this breed, it may be best if you do not have small children.

Doberman Pinsetter

When you think of a Doberman, you probably think of a fierce police guard dog. That’s probably because they tend to make great military or police dogs and have a tendency to be violent. But, that probably also means that they have been trained to be aggressive. They are very strong and powerful and can knock down a full-grown adult if necessary to protect their owner. If they have been raised as pets, they usually don’t have aggressive issues. But, other down owners and people you may meet in a dog park or on the streak walking may be afraid of the breed.

Opening Your Home To A Bull mastiff

Bullmastiff – Petcopaw

Bull mastiffs can be very aggressive and clumsy. It is not uncommon for them to knock over small children. If you are considering a Bull mastiff, make sure you get one as a puppy so you can train it as you see fit. They will need to have their aggression trained out of them with a strong and competent trainer. This dog breed is also very large, but they don’t seem to realize how big they are. They often knock things over unaware or walk about in a clumsy fashion. So, make sure you have plenty of space and don’t leave expensive showcase items out on an unsecured shelf in the dog’s path.

Japanese Chin As A Pet

Japanese Chin Dog Breed Information Center: A Complete Guide

Taking in a Japanese Chin as a pet is like adopting a small child into your family. Japanese Chins are very small, which makes then very cute and hard to resist scooping up and taking home. They were originally bred to be companion dogs to Japanese royalty, so they are very loving and affectionate. However, they also eat up the attention. They actually can be somewhat demanding of attention. So, if you have other pets or children in your home who also need attention, you will want to think twice about adding a Japanese Chin to the mix of it all.

A Pet Dachshund

Dachshunds are a small breed that was originally bred for hunting small game animals. This breed has strong hunting instincts which means they don’t typically get along very well with other animals that are small than they are, such as other small dogs, cats, or hamster type animals. They can often be very timid and even become very afraid in large crowds. They have been known to also become unintentionally aggressive toward children. They also are prone to gaining wait, so you will need to be careful not to overfeed them. If you are looking for a dog to lap up your table scraps, this is not the one. It could harm them.

Alaskan Malamute As A Pet

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These dogs are going to require a lot of space since they are of a large size and need room to move around. They also shed a lot. Their coat is extremely thick especially during cold weather months, and in the summer it all sheds over everything in its path. If anyone in your household has asthma, all of the shedding could trigger an attack. They were bred to survive very harsh and isolated environments. The Alaskan Malamute is a very serious dog, so don’t expect a playful pup. They also tend to be challenging to train and require a great deal of attention.

Affenpinscher As A Pet

Affenpinscher Breed Information

This small dog is one that may make you want to pick it up and hug it, but don’t expect the Affenpinscher to sit still for long periods of time as a simple lap dog. They tend to get themselves into all kinds of trouble with their mischievous nature. They are not a common breed, so you may find them intriguing, but they will require a lot of training up front. They are often disobedient and will require a trainer who has a lot of patience, able to get the dog to listen and one who keeps focusing the dog back to the goals.

Weimaraner As A Pet

This breed of dog was originally bred to be a hunting dog. They are incredibly energetic especially as pups. You will need to find a way to gently harness all of this energy with regular daily walks and a lot of outdoor time. They really enjoy chasing small animals, so if you have another smaller dog or a cat in the house, this will probably not be the best breed of dog to consider turning into a pet to add to the chaos. They are very high maintenance dogs, but they are appreciative and extremely loyal for all of your efforts.

Vizslas Hungarian Bred Dogs As Pets

Hungarian Vizsla Breed Profile - Your Dog

Many owners are drawn to this breed because the dog tends to really want to please their owners. They are nicknamed the “Velcro dog” since they tend to stick to you like glue. However, don’t even think about bringing this breed home as a pet if you are not going to be home to enjoy them. Leaving them alone for too long can drive them nearly insane. Vizslas have a very hard time trying to feel at ease filling dull, boring and anxious moments without you. Their high level of separation anxiety kicks in quickly upon your departure. They are also very active, so they require a lot of hands-on attention and space to roam with you close by.

Italian Greyhounds Timid Pets

Italian Greyhound, Dog Breeds information - Full Of Dogs

For the Beverly Hills type who want to carry their dog around with them wherever they go, this breed is a desired dog. However, when no one is around to coddle them, they easily and quickly become quite anxious. Unlike the typical Greyhound that is active and very agile, this type of breed is happy just hanging out with their owners or family members. You also might want to make sure you have plenty of yard space before you bring this clinging wonder home. They like to run around in fields quite a bit even if their energy levels aren’t quite that of their counterpart Greyhounds.

Manchester Terrier Breed As A Pet

The Manchester Terrier dog often wins over their owners with their tremendous personalities. They tend to be friendly, loyal. They seem to be perfectly content on their owns for long stretches of time so long as you show them lots of love when you return. And, they make fantastic guard dogs. They also train fairly easily. So, what’s the problem with making a Manchester Terrier your pet? For starters, they are often mistaken for a miniature Doberman Pinschers, so dog park friends and passers by may be intimidated at first. They differ from the Doberman in that the Manchester Terrier was originally bred to kill rats and rabbits and not to attack people.

Bull Terriers

Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

A Bull Terrier is a cross between a Bull Dog and a Terrier. They are one powerful package of strength and aggression in one small package. Bull Terriers tend to be incredibly stubborn and very independent. If you are considering bringing one into your home as a pet, make sure you get it trained and socialized as a puppy from the start. Otherwise, they are prone to become disobedient and quite aggressive toward strangers. Even if they lash out with good intent to protect you or your children, they can be very dangerous to anyone whom they perceive to be messing with you.

Japanese Tosas

Tosa Dog Breed Profile | Petfinder

Just as sumo wrestling was originated in Japan, this Japanese Tosas dog breed also originates from the country. They are considered to be the sumo wrestler of the dog fighting world. They are the favorite breed for dog fights in Japan where it is legal. They are favored for fighting because of their size, power, and aggression. This breed is banned in Norway, Australia, and Iceland. So, make sure you live in an area where you can obtain this breed before proceeding to make it your pet. And, make sure the dog gets intense and proper training from the start.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks As Pets

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Breed Profile | Petfinder

These dogs were bred to hunt. They are intense and ferocious hunters even to the point of being able to fend off a lion. Ridgebacks are also overly sensitive. If they are mistreated or trained in an overly harsh manner, they will become very aggressive and lash out. They are not the breed to cuddle up to for a small child, but with proper training they may make a decent household pet. Just make sure you have proper socialization from an early age. Also, be prepared for a lot of walks and have plenty of room for these dogs to roam.

Cae Corsos

How Much Does A Cane Corso Cost? The Complete Buyer's Guide - Perfect Dog  Breeds

Perhaps they have been given a bad name unjustly, but there are things to consider before making this breed your pet. They usually pose no threat to their owners, but strangers will most likely want to keep their distance from this dog. It was originally bred to be a guard dog, and it’s still in their nature. Corsos rarely let anyone other than their owner handle them. So, be prepared for trips to the vet becoming a fast and huge challenge, even dangerous to undertake. They may protect you with fierceness, but they are not typically the best choice for a family dog.


This little breed is so precious that you may find it hard to resist. And, you might not want to resist when you see how lovely these dogs are with children. They often make a perfect family dog. They have Cuban origins and were bred to be part of the family. However, they are quite anxious when left alone. They will be part of the family with one condition – that you give them as much or more attention as you are giving the children or other members of the family. They have intense separation anxiety. If you leave your Havanese alone, plan on hiring a sitter so they won’t be afraid.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers: 8 Fun Facts About These Adored, Adaptable Dogs

A very popular choice for anyone, especially to get as a pup and grow up alongside a child, the Labrador Retriever has much going for it. They are cute as a puppy but grow to be quite large so will require a lot of space. They are very family friendly, but they really love to be around their people. When they are left alone, they can be quite anxious which can lead to some pretty scary results. Even if they are left alone for a small amount of time, their separation anxiety can kick in. If you are not going to be home during the day or travel a lot without your pet, do not consider a Lab.

Caucasian Shepherd

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For starters, this dog is a large breed, so you’re going to need room for it to move around and play. It will also require a lot of daily walking. It tends to be a very protective breed. They are going to need intense training and a lot of socialization if you’re going to have any hopes of it getting along with other animals in the house or at the dog park. If this breed feels threatened or perceives a threat to its owner, the Caucasian Shepherd is not going to hesitate to make a lot of noise or even attack.

Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniel Lifespan – How Long Do American Cocker Spaniels Live?

Cocker Spaniels are a popular pet choice for families. They are fun and interesting. They were originally bred to be a gun dog, so they love to be outside for long hours. They love mostly to be outside if they can be alongside their owners. They make great companions, but are trouble in other regards. Over the years, this breed has developed some temperament issues. If you plan on leaving a Cocker Spaniel by itself for extended periods of time, this is not the dog for you. If you have the space for them to play and time to give them attention to be part of the family, this could be your dog.

Border Collies

Border Collie | Kingston Veterinary Clinic

Border Collies are happiest when they are taking part in sport or playing with their owners. So, get ready for a lot of hands-on time and play. They don’t take well to quiet times being left alone. You will need to find ways to keep them entertained. They are beautiful and intelligent. But, they are little balls of energy and will always be looking for a way to stay occupied. If the idea of always looking to keep a dog amused exhausts you at the thought, then don’t consider a Border Collie. Otherwise, they could be a great pet for your family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Yes, this dog couldn’t be much more adorable. They also make a great loyal companion for children and adults alike. All of this cuteness and companionship comes at a price, however. IF they are separated from their human family, they suffer from intense separation anxiety quite a bit, possibly more than any other breed. They will look for ways to fill their bored and anxious moments away from you, but this often ends up in a mess for you to clean up when you return. If you are able to be home and not leave them alone often, this breed could be a great choice.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Breeds

Seriously, who could ever resist this adorable little face? If you are looking for a family pet, this one seems to be a great choice especially if you have limited space. They are among the most adorable dogs on the planet. When they are groomed with special hair cuts, they look even more adorable, much like a toy bouncing about. They do, however, require a lot of attention. They do not like being left alone away from their owners. When they fear their owner won’t return, they become quite anxious. Keep in mind that their cuteness comes with this price of paying them tons of attention.


Basenji Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts - Dogtime

Even with early and great training, this dog is considered to be the least trainable dogs in the entire world. They typically do not like other animals and are always on the hunt for prey. If you give them the chance, they will chase after cats and other small animals. They have even been known to scale tall fences in hot pursuit of such animals. So, if you have another pet at home, this is not the dog breed for you. Since they basically do whatever they want to, regardless of your attempts at training, you may want to think twice or even three times before bringing one home as part of the family.

Fila Brasileiros

Pin em Cachorros Racas

You may have heard these dogs referred to as Brazilian Mastiffs, but the Fila Brasileiros were originally bred to be quite aggressive. They are fiercely faithful to their masters, but they are committed to a serious fault. If they are left alone with a stranger, the dog may lash out and create serious injury to them. If you are considering this breed, make very sure that you get intense and firm training from the time they are a tiny puppy. With proper socialization, they may not act out in anger or protection, but you may not want to trust them with a small child or other pet.

Dogo Argentinos

This dog was originally bred to be a big-game hunter, but was later turned into police or rescue dogs. Dogos Argentinos have a strong opposition to strangers. They will require a lot of training from the start. If you leave this breed to its own nature, they will easily become quite dangerous and aggressive. Think twice if you have other pets in the house or if you are looking for a dog for your child to cuddle up to and grow up with. These dogs are great at what they were bred to do and it would take a lot of training to focus their sights elsewhere.

Boxer As A Pet

Boxers usually only have aggressive issues with large dogs of the same sex, their boredom can quickly turn aggressive. They require a lot of exercise and are likely to take you for a walk rather than the other way around as they are quite strong. If they become bored or lack exercise, they turn to chewing, digging, and other disruptive outlets. They require a lot of attention and a lot of space to roam ad explore as well as daily walks for exercise to stay fit and healthy. While they can be gentle with children, they also may not know their own strength, so introducing one as a pet for a small child may not be the best idea.