50 Rescue Dogs That Will Make You Want One Too

Dogs are adorable creatures that are loyal and offer good company. That is why they don’t face any issues when getting adopted from a shelter. However, many times people change their minds about having a pet.

Besides that, some people let their dogs stray rather than returning them to the shelter. As a result, these creatures can face harm and abusive people. That is why we need to be better humans.

If you’re planning to adopt a dog, we suggest you go to the local first. So many rescue dogs in this world need a home. Here are fifty of them that will inspire you to get one too.

Smiling Kodak

This cute pup is called Kodak, which is a befitting name since he’s so photogenic. But this dog wasn’t as happy in his life before as he is now. That is, of course, because of the situation he lived in. Kodak’s previous home was overcrowded. He faced a hoarding situation and was not treated well. Not only that but the environment of the place was also dirty. So, of course, if you want to adopt a pet, you’d know the importance of a loving home. However, now the pup is living a happy life thanks to this woman. She adopted him from the shelter and cared for him like her child.

The Happy Dog

Dogs are pretty photogenic creatures. That is why you’ll see a lot of cute pictures later on. This white dog was very emotional at the shelter when finally, someone adopted him. The man loved this boy so much that he chose him at first sight. Not only that but the puppy bonded with him on the site too. He ran to him to hug him and was delighted. You can see by the picture that the dog didn’t want to leave his dad. We’re just glad that someone caught this moment on the camera. We bet the dog would have gotten too excited after seeing his new home.

The Dog That Pets

We humans have a habit of petting our pets. After all, it makes them feel loved and safe. But did you know that even dogs have a habit of petting? Only this time, we’re the ones receiving the love. If you don’t believe it, look at this picture carefully. The same thing will come to your mind too. The dog is showering love on his buddy. On the other hand, it also seems like that the boy may be crying. So the dog might just be supporting his companion and letting him know he’s there for him. Whatever the case may be, we love when animals bond with their guardians.

The New Family Member

We all love when a new family member enters our family. Well, it’s the same case with this elderly woman. She felt lonely and wanted a companion to make her life a little happier. That is why she popped by her local shelter to adopt a pet. Luckily, she found this cute little doggo who couldn’t let go of her. However, she was a little skeptical at first. After all, puppies can be a handful to take care of. But they both became attached in just one visit. So the lady adopted the dog, and now they’re having the best time of their lives.

Senior Dog

Many people prefer to get young dogs from their local shelters. That is because they want a pup that has never been damaged or faced trauma. As a result, senior and disabled dogs often get neglected. These creatures get deprived of the love they deserve. However, some angelic people in this world don’t treat them as damaged goods. Here is an example. The man in this picture adopted this senior dog to give him a loving home. Unlike most people, he wasn’t affected by the creature’s age. The best part is that old dogs are potty trained too.

Sleeping Beauty

Shelter dogs don’t get to have much fun in their lives unless a volunteer pop by. So they rely on people to come by and take them around the neighborhood. This allows the pups to get in some exercise and enjoy a change of scenery. And this is precisely what happened here. This kid and his family came by the shelter to volunteer. They took the dog to the park and played with him. Then, after hours of enjoying, it was time for the pup to return to the shelter. That is when the child’s mother took this picture. Both the dog and boy were so tired that they dozed off in the car.

Gus and His New Friend

This is another story of a senior citizen wanting a pet to erase his loneliness. So he went to the shelter to choose the best pet as a companion. That is where he met Gus. Apparently, this brown guy stole the heart of the older man in just a few seconds. When the staff brought Gus out, these two immediately bonded. That is why the man didn’t give it a second thought and adopted Gus. Both were really happy with each other’s company and left the shelter with smiles. Not only that, but they even took this picture to have a memory.

Sleeping Dalmatian

Puppies love to sleep frequently. After all, they don’t have work commitments like us. This is a fact that makes us jealous of pets. After all, who wouldn’t love to nap whenever they want to. Anyways, this pup, which resembles a Dalmatian, decided to use his dad as a bed. The little guy was so sleepy that he couldn’t get to his end of the seat. So he just dozed off in his guardian’s lap, which is so endearing. Due to the dog’s small size, it seems like the man was able to drive easily. Not only that, but he also held on to his puppy to prevent him from falling.

Puppy Eyes

Dogs have one of the most endearing pairs of eyes. Not only that, but they know it too. That is why when they want something, they will flash the puppy eyes. And, of course, no one can resist those eyes. We know it, and the dogs know it too. In this picture, too, the same thing is happening. The puppy pulled off a stubborn face and combined it with the puppy eyes. With this combination, no owner stands a chance against their pet’s requests. We hope this dog got what it wanted. After all, nothing is better than having a happy pet.

Smiling Pitbull

If you’re feeling a little down today, then we guarantee this smiling Pitbull will raise your spirits. After all, happiness spread by pets is contagious. Dogs are simple creatures. As long as they get attention and food, they will be happy with you. And in this picture, it seems like that the Pitbull is getting these two things. Besides that, they even love when you pet them. So if you have a dog too, shower your love on them. They will definitely end up in smiles like this pup, and you can capture the moment.

Fluff of Happiness

Fluffy pets are the best. Yes, they shed a lot of hair, but they’re also an excellent companion to hug when feeling low. This fluffy pup looks very happy, but it was once a rescue dog. That is why we emphasize the importance of adopting them. You can change the life of an unhappy creature by showering love on them as this girl did. She adopted this fluffball, and now they’re living the happiest life. Whoever took this picture surely knows how to capture the right moments. You can see the dog kissing its guardian’s nose. Not to mention the puppy is wagging its tail too, which they do when they’re enjoying.


This is another adoption story of a senior dog. As we mentioned earlier, people prefer to adopt young pups. However, this woman is not one of them. Out of all the dogs she could choose from the shelter, she went with Bandit. He is a senior that has been living at the place for many years. But he finally found a home when this woman came to the shelter. You can see in his eyes that he is very emotional and loves his guardian a lot. He may not have a lot of years left which is why we’re glad he has someone to spend them with.

Adorable Puppy

The way a dog looks at its guardian says a lot. By just one glance, you can deduce whether they’re happy or not. In this case, the puppy is definitely content. You can see that she is looking at her guardian lovingly. Not to mention that her tongue is out too. This is another sign that shows a dog is happy and comfortable. Besides that, the puppy is sitting in her guardian’s lap. Dogs love to do this to people they’re attached to. That is why you should not doubt this pup’s condition. She is happy with her guardian.

Police Officer’s Puppy

It is not often that we see the soft side of a man, let alone a police officer. That is why this picture is a gem and should be treasured. Just look at the adorable face of the officer while he holds his pet. But, of course, law enforcement officers don’t bring pets to work. This picture was taken when the little guy was initially rescued. You can see that the doggo wasn’t too happy when it was first found. This makes us wonder what trauma this poor pup must have faced on the streets. Nonetheless, we’re also pleased that this little one finally found a loving guardian.

The Cute One

There is a lot of cuteness on this list. But isn’t this the cutest pup you have seen so far? We’re just going to take the chance and bet it is. Puppies who are this adorable usually get adopted quickly. After all, no one can resist their charm. This cute little face can grab the attention and love of anyone. That is why we’re just a tiny bit jealous of his guardian that he has such a beautiful pet in his life. We just hope that they take care of him well and not leave him as other people did.

Dad Is Back

Dogs have a hard time letting go of their guardians. As soon as their companion leaves for office or other work, they just wait by the gate for them to return. This is what is happening in this picture. When his dad came back home after a trip, the dog couldn’t resist hugging him. He missed him a lot, and that is why he jumped on him with excitement. We bet this is the loveliest thing you’ve seen today. Because for us, it is. We just wish we were in the position of the dad. It’s always nice to have a loving pet.

Beautiful Morning

Typically, people wake up with an alarm sound. But that can be annoying and frustrating in the morning. This is why we envy the lives of people with pets. That is because they have their pets to wake them up. If you don’t believe it, take a look at this picture again. This little pup woke his mommy by keeping his paw on her chest and kissing her sweetly. Although they mostly do it when they want you to give them food, it works well for waking you up for work. A fluffy pet is a lot better than a noisy alarm.

Happy Partners

Car rides make dogs a lot happy. And when they’re happy, their owner is happy too. This is what is happening in this picture. Both the partners are excited and cannot hide it. Fido is this dog’s name, and this photo was taken minutes before he reached his new home. Their expressions clearly show that they are both thrilled to have found each other. We just hope that Fido is still as happy now as he was in this picture. After all, what’s better than adopting a rescue dog is that its new home is loving.

Photogenic Dog

We won’t deny that all pets are pretty photogenic. But we will admit that his dog is a little extra photogenic. It seems like that someone called the pup, and he was looking at them over its shoulder. Either that or he just heard someone opening treats and couldn’t resist looking. Whatever the case, maybe we’re just happy that we got to see this pose. That is because dog pictures never fail to lighten up our mood. If you also have any theory as to what brought this pose, do share it with us. It’s always lovely and hilarious to have more opinions.

Double Dose of Cuteness

There are two living beings on this planet that are too cute. One of them is babies, and the other is pets. So imagine what would happen when they both are in the same frame. Well, let us tell you. You get a double dose of cuteness. This picture is proof of our statement. We can’t decide which one is cuter, the girl or the pup. But the thing is that we don’t care. That is because both of them lifted our morale and made our day a little better. This girl went to a shelter with her family, and once she held this pup, she didn’t let it go.

Happily Ever After

The dog you see in this picture is called Rex. His story isn’t for the light-hearted people. So if you can’t handle such reports, we suggest you skip to the following image. Anyways, Rex had a terrible owner in the past. They put a shock collar on him forcibly and misused it. The people abused him to such a point that he had neck bruises during his rescue. Rex was taken to the shelter and healed there. Luckily, he found a new family soon. They are still showering love on him and shared this picture some time ago.

Mamma Cora

This adorable girl found her new home after the animal control service took her in Detroit. After that, she was taken to an adoption event in the city, where she found Kasey Blauwkamp (pictured right). He and his fiancé fell in love with Cora and decided to take her in. They couldn’t learn much about the dog. However, the organization did let them know that Cora had a few children before. The best part is that this mamma dog got more partners when she reached home. That is because her guardians had three cats and another dog as a pet too.

The Dog Seat

Unlike children, people don’t restrict the position of dogs in cars. Therefore, the pet can sit wherever it wants to. While most little pups prefer to use their owner’s lap as the seat, this dog chose a different place. He decided to sit in a basket while going on a trip with his guardians. By the looks of it, he was enjoying his new car seat. His eyes are exuding happiness. Not only that, but his protruding tongue is further proof of his joy. Whoever adopted him indeed made this guy’s day. Besides that, it seems like they were caring too as they made the basket comfier by placing the towel.

Best Christmas Gift

Christmas is all about spreading joy and making your loved ones happy. And this is precisely what is happening in this photograph. The man in this picture is a husband who’s been wanting a dog since forever. However, his wife wasn’t too delighted about the idea. But when she found a stray pup on the street, she couldn’t resist bringing her home. After that, she dressed her up for Christmas and gifted it to her husband. They named it Twila and also learned later that her previous guardians abandoned her. The girl had a broken paw when the woman first found her. But now she has been treated and living happily.

Big Boy

You might be used to seeing medium-sized dogs, but some breeds are enormous. This Cane Corso is an example of such a species. On two legs, it has the same height as its owner or even taller. While big dogs are cute, most people fear them because of their size. Luckily, this man had a bigger heart than most. He adopted this giant dog from the shelter and did not regret his decision by the looks of it. Besides that, he is a canine lover too. That is because if you look closely, you’ll see another furry dog behind the guy too.

Joyful Day

This picture was taken at an adoption event. A rescue organization held the event to help different pets get a new home. It was a joyful day for many animals and humans alike. The highlight of the day was this little guy getting a new mom. He had been rescued for some time but faced difficulties finding a home. That is why he was delighted when this lady spotted him. Of course, the organization asked the woman to hold the dog to make sure that the pup was comfy. Once she did, the dog burst into smiles, and this became his life’s best day.

Another Big Boy

People don’t rescue dogs according to their size, shape, or color. That is one of the reasons why local shelters have a variety of breeds. This dog is another case of a giant breed. It may not seem like it in the picture, but he was just as tall as his new day. The man said that despite the dog’s bear-like stature, he loves him a lot. That is why he adopted him and took this picture in the car to remember the day. You can see by their smiles that they were both happy with each other’s presence.

All Kisses

Dogs love it when their owners shower kisses on them. That is why this rescue dog looks so pleased in this picture. His name is Stitch, and he used to live at a shelter in her vicinity. The woman wanted to make the life of a rescue pet better. Of course, she also wanted a companion to be there for her when she came home after a tiring day of work. Stitch quickly grabbed her attention, and before you knew it, he was adopted. Showering kisses on him is the first thing this woman after holding him. She was lucky enough to have someone capture this moment.

Family Trio

We love family trios, and this is the cutest one we’ve seen. Not to mention the brown eyes of this pup are adorable. The dog’s name is Hazel, and she lives with her guardians in California. By the looks of it, she seems like a mix of Husky breed. What makes this picture, so endearing is the way all three are looking. While the owners have their eyes towards the camera, Hazel is thinking something else. It seems like that she is longing for the man to look at her. After all, dogs require more attention than most other pets.

Tired Dog

Dogs don’t get tired quickly. It takes hours of running and playing around for their energy to decrease. And this is precisely what happened when this moment of yawning was captured. Roxy wore herself out after spending a day at the park with her friends. Her owner, Sarah, also mentioned that Roxy is usually more energized. But on this day, she played a lot which eventually tired her. Not only that, but Sarah also gives credit to her friendships with Roxy. She said that she meets more people because of her and quickly bonds with them. Other than that, Roxy befriends other pets quickly too.

Marty and Zoe

The dog in this picture is Zoe. She is a handicapped dog that loves to play with other friends. That is why her guardians brought her to this shelter so that she could choose a new dog. They were worried that Zoe might not like the options. But that wasn’t the case because she quickly found a new friend. As soon she saw him, they touched her noses. That is how her humans knew which dog to adopt. They made their little girl happy by getting the new pup, whom they named Marty. Both these dogs seemed like a perfect match for each other.

The Best Friend

When you adopt a dog, you don’t just get a furry pet. You get a friend, family member, and therapist in one package. That is one of the reasons why most people own dogs. They are loyal, loving, and great companions. This is why it is essential that we adopt rescue dogs too. In this picture, the woman got this pup from a shelter. If you look at the dog carefully, you’ll notice a bit of sadness and joy in her eyes. Of course, that is because she gets emotional whenever her guardian holds her. Rescue dogs are fragile, and that is why they need your love.

Husky and the Kid

Huskies are a relatively larger and furry breed of dogs. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to adopt one. After all, there is nothing better than a large dog to hug incredibly if it’s fluffy. In this picture, you can see that the kid loves her pet. By the looks of it, we bet this hug lasted long. Not only that, but the Husky seems to be protecting the girl and keeping an eye out. His calm appearance shows that he’s content with her companion’s family. Seeing this picture improved our mood, so we hope it makes your day better too.

Starved Puppy

This is another puppy with a heartbreaking story. She may be grinning in this picture, but she faced some severe trauma in her life. Her previous owners didn’t treat her well and abused their power. They starved her for food which is why she was malnutrition at the time of her rescue. Not only that, but the owners abandoned her by leaving her on the streets in cold weather. Luckily, some kind people found her, and instead of dropping her at the shelter, they adopted her. Her new guardians treated her like a queen and even got her this stylish collar.

Time for a Selfie

Let’s admit it, not all people can take great selfies. It requires some good skills and effort. However, some people are just born to take selfies. This guy is just one of them. And no, we’re not talking about the bearded hunk. We’re referring to the guy sneaking up from his shoulder. If that isn’t the cutest guy you’ve seen, we don’t know what to say. It seems as if the pup is fully aware of what’s going. Whether he knew a selfie was being taken or it was accidental, we love this family photo.

The Fluffy Crime Partner

Does this picture make you think of a kid being caught while scoring some snacks right before bedtime? Not only that, but the dog is even helping her. Or maybe she just picked it up to distract her parents from finding the snack wrappers. Whatever the case, we love that someone captured this moment and posted it on social media. As per the source, this little girl got the pet from a shelter a few days before the picture was taken. They love each other and never seem to detach from one another. Even in this picture, you can see how lovingly the little girl holds the pup with care.

Grownup Pitbull

People believe that Pitbulls are aggressive dogs and are not suitable for petting. But that is a misconception. This breed of dogs is aggressive only when the owners mistreat them and abuse them. This picture is a perfect example of their loving nature. You can see how happy the dog is with his little partner. The girl got him from the pound, and from day one, they’ve been getting along with each other. So if you think Pitbulls are worth your love, think again. Because you won’t find more loving creatures than them. Of course, it all depends on your behavior.

All Hugs

Animals love to hug their human keepers when they’re comfortable. This is a habit they pick up from living the world. That is because dogs and cats typically huddle up during nights to avoid predators. This shelter dog had been on edge ever since he was brought to the shelter. But as soon as this lady walked in, he became peaceful. She adopted him, and when the dog was brought to her, he hugged her immediately. Not only that, but he fell asleep in her embrace in just a few seconds. By the expression, we bet he never felt safer than he did at that moment.

Keeper of Secrets

If you can’t keep people’s secrets, then we suggest you get a dog. That is because they don’t speak a word after you tell them everything. It is the reason why they are called best secret keepers. Even in this picture, you can see the little sharing something important with her furry buddy. It’s endearing to see that kids bond with animals so quickly. Not only that, but even the pets get attached to children with ease. After all, they love the extra attention kids give them. You can see in this picture, too, that the dog is enjoying the moment.

The Newly Adopted

This is another picture of a dog getting adopted at an event. Shamrock was a rescue dog looking for a loving family. Luckily, he found this woman who decided to take him home. She immediately fell in love with him and signed the adoption papers. Not only that, but they chose to memorize this day by taking a picture. She even made Shamrock wear this cute little shirt so that they people know he’s off the market. You can see a little sadness in his eyes. Of course, that was because he was emotional about finding a new home.

Car Joy

Bull terriers face discrimination more often than other breeds of dogs. They have a reputation for being aggressive. But what people don’t realize is that these canines behave roughly only when they are abused. They don’t hurt anyone unless they’ve been hurt. Not only that, but they only act aggressively towards that specific individual. Otherwise, these dogs are a loving breed and offer great company. This picture is an excellent example of their peaceful nature. The car is blooming with joy as both the owner and dog are happy. We just hope that more and more people start to adopt from this breed too.

Not Letting Go

This little champ is another rescue dog that will melt your heart. He was rescued from a puppy mill operation. Up until the time of his rescue, he led an unhappy life. That is because the people caged him. Not to mention that the cage was too small for him to be comfortable. After he was rescued, the dog was still on edge from the trauma he faced. But he finally overcame his fears and was ready to be adopted by the woman in the picture. After embracing her, the pup didn’t let go of the lady until a long time. Now his name is Dusty, and he is living a happy life.

Rocking Dog

If you think only babies need rocking to fall asleep, you’re mistaken. That is because dogs love it too. If you don’t believe us, look at the picture carefully. You’ll notice that the pup is being rocked by his new mother too. However, we do hope that the lady was careful with the rocking. After all, dogs can get addicted to the little things, and before you know it, you have to rock them every day to make them fall asleep. Besides that, the pup seems to be enjoying himself too. His eyes clearly express his positive emotions.

Perfect Match

Matches are not only made for couples. If you’re looking for a heartwarming adoption story, we’ve got you covered with this picture. The dog in this picture is Ruby. She had been living at the shelter for many years. That is because people used to pass her over for young pups. But everything changed when Gloria came by the shelter. Back then, Gloria was suffering from depression and wanted a companion. She quickly bonded with Ruby and decided to adopt her. Both of them have been through trauma, which is why they are a perfect match for each other.

Fluke with His Dad

We love it when people name their pets uniquely. Here in this picture, we have Fluke for you. The man on the left is his dad, who adopted him in 2017. Fluke is also a rescue and lived at the shelter. While we don’t know his backstory, it is not a happy one. Anyways, this pit bull suffered from the stereotype of passing over until this man came to the shelter. He saw the loving nature of Fluke and got attached to him in the first meeting. Now, the dog is well and living happily with his dad.

Duck or Dog?

Do you think this dog resembles a duck in this picture? If so, you’re not alone. We thought the same thing. Apparently, this is how the pup looks when he gets excited. This picture was taken when he was on a family trip with his guardians. It seems like that the dog was a little shocked when his mom opened the phone camera. Either that or he was excited to see himself, which of course, would explain the duck face. All we can say is that we’re glad this pup has a loving family. Dogs require love, especially the rescued ones.


Some shelter dogs express their happiness for adoption by hugging the individuals. Some also show joy by displaying puppy eyes. And then there are ones like the pup in this picture. As soon as he realized he was getting adopted, he couldn’t contain his joy. It seems like he’s doing some sort of Hooray dance. Of course, another theory is that the person behind the camera was holding a treat to make the pup pose. Whatever the case may be, we couldn’t be happier for this dog. The little champ surely deserves the love and attention of this family. Even the kid seems to be comfortable getting a new friend.

The Side-Eye

This cute little girl seems like giving the side-eye, but she isn’t. In fact, she’s posing for the camera on the right. By the looks of it, two people were taking pictures at the same time. However, as happy as this picture may seem, the story behind it isn’t. This pup in the picture is deaf. Not only that, but she abandoned her owners. They left her on the street without any care. Luckily, the boy in the picture found her strolling in the field. He became attached to her and decided to take her in. Now the little girl is living happily and goes by the name Terabyte.


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Dogs make friends quickly if the person is treating them well. In this case, the pup found a caring friend in his owner’s kid. They met each other only recently but have established a strong bond. This can be seen through the picture too. That is because dogs don’t sleep near every human being. They only do this when they’re comfortable around the individual. Besides that, it seems like that comfort is going both ways. Just look at how lovingly the kid is looking at his partner. Not only that, but he is hugging him too through one hand.

Cuteness Overload

Puppies are too cute to handle. They have the perfect little eyes and paws that make them look adorable. Besides that, they have a habit of chewing on whatever thing they can get their hands on. Even in this photo, you can see the little champ gluing itself to his dad’s nose. If you’re worried that this may have hurt the man, don’t be. That is because the pup’s teeth haven’t formed yet. So he couldn’t have caused harm to anyone even if he wanted. Not only that, but the dad seems not to mind the little guy’s habit.