50 Unbelievable Things People Found Washed Up On the Beach

You might think that the most interesting thing you can find washed up on a beach is an old bottle, but you would be wrong! The world’s oceans are full of all sorts of strange and unusual items. These things range from whales to ships, so it’s no surprise that there are some pretty unbelievable stories about what people found while walking along the shoreline. Today we’ll look at 50 of these incredible discoveries.

Double Headed Dolphin

If you thought only humans have two faces, you clearly haven’t seen this double-headed dolphin before. People discovered this dolphin on the beaches of Izmir in Turkey. The discovery terrified everyone, but it also created curiosity as no one had seen a double-headed dolphin before in their lives.

The dolphin found on the shore was one year old, and it ended up on the shore because of a storm. Of course, after examination, it was revealed that these are conjoined dolphin twins. It is a rare occurrence we got to witness after it washed up on the beach in Turkey.

Whale Vomit

It looks like a rock from afar, but don’t be fooled by its appearance because, in reality, it is whale vomit. Yes, you read that right. The whale vomit is also known as Ambergris, and you will find this in the sperm whale’s intestine.

Ambergris is nothing new as it is used in various things such as medicines, perfumes, spices, and much more for hundreds of years. The whale vomit also has a value of more than $60,000. Yes, that is the most expensive piece of vomit in the world that washes on the shores worldwide many times around the year.

Hell Fish

The ocean is vast, and many scary things lurk in the depths, of which we know nothing about. Hell Fish is one of them, and it was found washed up in Australia on Mooloolaba Beach. The fish is not harmful, and it was only given this name because of its looks.

Unfortunately, Hell Fish was rejected over its look as we care too much about appearances. In reality, the creature is harmless and does not do anything to harm humans. Maybe we will stop naming animals based on their appearance one day, but right now, the creature is called Hell Fish.

Head of a Shark

Yes, we know you might be wondering why all weird things wash up in New Zealand, but we have another discovery. The shark head washed up on Farewell Spit, another beach in New Zealand. The poor shark died somewhere in the ocean, and the remaining head washed up on the shore.

No one knows what happened to the shark and how it ended up on the shore. It is still a mystery as people wonder how the head got decapitated, where the body went, and what happened to the shark. We guess we will never know the answer to these questions.

Elmo from the Sesame Street

One place where we didn’t expect to find Elmo lying down would be the beach, but there he was in all his glory. Some people found this toy at a beach in Oregon, USA. Somebody tossed poor Elmo in the ocean, but he made his way back on the shore after many struggles.

Maybe it is time to let Sesame Street know about Elmo’s whereabouts. We wonder if one of the Muppets was behind this. Of course, we will not know who did this, but we were sad to see poor Elmo in this condition lying around on the beach.

Massive Eyeball

It is no surprise that Florida has the weirdest things going on, which is why it might not shock you that an enormous eyeball was found on Pompano Beach. The size of the eye is the same as a softball, which baffled the people even more. We still don’t know who this eyeball belongs to and how it came from the ocean onto the land.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is taking care of the massive eyeball. The commission will perform genetic testing to understand the origin of this eyeball. We are as impatient as you to find out who this belongs to.

Dragons from Game of Thrones

Did you know that Jurassic Beach in England has a reputation for many prehistoric findings? There are many things people have found on this beach, but they discovered something that dropped their jaws one day. Locals found a forty-foot dragon skull on the beach, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Unfortunately, the skull was not from a real dragon as one would have hoped after finding something like this. Instead, it was from an ad campaign for the famous Game of Thrones. Artists and creatives worked for over two months to create this beautiful masterpiece that was displayed on the beach.

Famous Harley Davidson Bike

The Harley Davidson you see in the picture is a unique bike because it has accomplished something no other bike has ever done before. The bike traveled from Japan to Canada after being taken away by the waves in a 2012 tsunami in Japan. After that, it was discovered on a shore in Canada and sparked interest from many people.

Of course, such an appearance only enhances the image of Harley Davidson as it shows the bike’s power and resilience. If you want to cheat nature and come out victorious, you need a Harley Davidson bike to achieve this goal.

Bones of Ichthyosaur

A professional fossil collector, Tony Gill, found 180 million-year-old bones of a fish lizard in prehistoric times. The discovery was made on the coast of England, and it is known to be one of the largest ichthyosaur fossils to be ever found. It was a moment of triumph for Tony Gill.

The bones are preserved and displayed at Charmouth Fossils for everyone to take a look at. You will be mesmerized by the sheer size of the fossil as it is massive compared to others in the same exhibit. However, we are happy that the fossil found a new home for itself.

Letters from Soldiers

Unfortunately, soldiers go through the worst, and sometimes even their love letters don’t reach their loved ones. A few love letters from WWII soldiers were found scattered all over various beaches in Europe. Since the war ended, hundreds of such letters have been discovered on the European coasts as they never reached their recipients.

The letters were never delivered because of sea storms during those times. The storms knocked all the post containers off their route, which means the letters got knocked off with them. Of course, there is always hope as these letters were eventually found later on these European beaches.

A Humpback Whale

Unfortunately, many incidents have happened where a dead whale, shark, or other sea creatures have wound up on the shores. A forty-foot humpback whale also made its way to the shore after dying on a California beach. It is something Californians don’t see every day, and it shocked everyone in the vicinity.

Thankfully, the authorities brought in a bulldozer to ensure the whale goes back into the ocean. It was done to guarantee that the whale decomposes naturally inside the ocean. At least, there are some incidents where we don’t exhibit discoveries and let nature do its thing without interruptions.

Drift Wood

The driftwood looks like something you might see in a Disney movie, but it came up on La Push Beach in Washington. The enormous driftwood is a hundred feet tall and measures at least five to ten feet in diameter. It is an odd occurrence, but by now, the residents are used to driftwood washing up.

The most interesting part about these discoveries is the beach. It has an eerie appearance, and you will also see this beach in the Twilight series. That is why we wonder how all these driftwood pieces keep ending up on this beach from time to time.

WWII Fighter Plane

Never in our lives, would we’ve thought to witness a WWII fighter plane on the beach. However, a USA Army Air Force fighter plane crashed on the Gwynedd coast during WWII. After that, the beach washed the plane away, and it was found sixty years later on a beach in Wales.

Most of the plane was still intact, and we were surprised at how it looked even after spending sixty years in the ocean. Planes always show up on the shore after crashing, no matter how long it has been. So, it was no surprise that this fighter jet also made its way back.

Whale Tail

Nothing is shocking in finding parts of sea creatures washed up on the shore as it is normal. The whale tail met its end and ended up on the English coast, and no one knows how that happened. The tail is impressive, and it wound up on the shore after traveling thousands of miles.

Three years ago, a hurricane took place in England, and many parts of various sea creatures wound up on the shore. The whale tail was one of these parts and discoveries during that time. The strong winds and high tides wash up many such things on the beach sometimes.

Maid of Harlech

This is a story of another fighter plane that crashed and got swept up by the beach only to be found sixty years later. Maid of Harlech crashed off the England coast in 1942 during a training exercise. Unfortunately, the plane’s engine died, and the plane crashed, but thankfully the pilot survived.

Sixty years later, the Maid of Harlech was discovered again as it emerged from the waters. If this plane can be discovered after crashing brutally sixty years later, there is still hope that we can maybe find Amelia Earhart’s plane somewhere on our planet someday. One can only hope this comes true.

The Oarfish

Finding an oarfish on the shore is a rare discovery, but it took place six years ago on Catalina Beach, California. The rare fish looks like a boomerang and is almost four meters long. These creatures live in the ocean’s depths, and we don’t know much about them right now as they are rare creatures.

With time, scientists are trying to understand their anatomy, their origin, and behavior. While the fish is still a mystery, we hope we will soon know more about it. Of course, after the fish was discovered, scientists grabbed the opportunity to find out more about this creature.

Puffer fish Skeleton

Another discovery in New Zealand on Wellington Beach was the puffer fish skeleton. When it was discovered, no one could understand what it was because the skeleton was full of spikes. Of course, upon thorough examination, it was found that the skeleton belonged to a puffer fish, and we were shocked because of all the sharp spikes.

One of the most shocking things about the skeleton was its strength. Wellington Beach is filled with pebbles, and it is highly unlikely that something like this would stay intact after washing up on the beach. However, the puffer fish skeleton was perfectly preserved after washing up on the shore.

Big Calamari

Three years ago, three brothers discovered a giant squid on the shores of Wellington Beach in New Zealand. The squid’s size was enormous as it was bigger than us in height and size. After a proper measurement and examination, it was revealed that the squid was almost 47 meters long.

You may be shocked right now, but this is nothing new as squids keep washing on the shore on beaches worldwide. Of course, they vary in size, but these giant creatures show up often too. That’s a lot of calamari, and we hope the squid was taken care of properly after the discovery.

Flesh from Decaying Sperm Whale

On Acuplco Beach in Mexico, in 2016, some sort of greyish flesh was discovered on the coast. After much examination, it was revealed that the greyish flesh came from the sperm whales’ decaying heads. It is not a new occurrence, as this has happened a few times on the Mexican coast.

So, if you are vacationing on a Mexican beach and you find this creature, it is best to let it be and inform the authorities. They will come to clear the beach so everyone else can go back to enjoying the shore. We still don’t know how they end up on the coast like this.

Great White Sharks

Four years ago, we had a mystery on our hands on the South African coast. Four great white sharks wound up dead on the shore, but that is not the biggest mystery. The most shocking part about this discovery was that each shark had one body part missing: the liver.

Don’t worry. We are not to blame for this body part missing as Orca whales are the culprit. They are gruesome predators, and they love to attack great white sharks. Of course, the Orca whales love eating the livers of these sharks, which is why they were missing from the body.

Snowballs in Siberia

In 2016, a historical event was recorded on a Siberian Beach as something like this had never taken place before. The freezing weather and cold winds created hundreds of snowballs that covered more than eleven miles of the shore. It is the longest stretch where such snowballs have been found in so many numbers.

These snowballs are nothing pretty as they can injure you badly if someone hits you with them. So, if you are in a war with an enemy, take them to Siberia and throw these snowballs on them. It will beat them, and you will emerge victorious in no time.

Waxy Clumps

There is more than just fish and whales in the sea, as some creatures have an odd appearance and texture. That is the case with these waxy clumps found on a French coast, which stretched for more than forty miles. These clumps arrived in thousands and were washed on the beach after high tides.

We still don’t know the origin of these waxy clumps or what they are. However, some authorities conjecture that these wax clumps result from hot grease coming from a boat exhaust in the ocean. Clearly, we need to do better in terms of not polluting the sea.

Giant Die

It is not only weird sea creatures and fossils that end up on the coast, as sometimes weird objects also show up. For example, this giant die was found on a local beach in the United States, and a Reddit user captured the picture. No one knows how this die came here and where it came from.

It is possible that someone thought to dispose of this in the ocean, or they threw it on purpose. We guess it is another mystery we will never know. Of course, this mystery has nothing to do with the ocean and only us humans.

A 40 Ton Barge

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It is rare to find two-hundred feet long, forty feet wide, and eight feet tall visitors on the coast that are made of steel. Yet, that is what people found in Florida at St. Pete Beach on the shore as they saw a steel barge. The weight of the barge was over forty tons, and it was just sitting there on the coast.

We don’t know where it came from or the journey it took to reach here. However, it is incredible that it survived everything at sea and made its way on the shore. That is one strong barge, in our opinion.

Ocean Doe

No one knows what this blob is, but it washed up on a California beach. It is still a big mystery, but many marine biologists assume that it is some type of limpet or sea slug that we don’t know about yet. The creature is another proof for us that we don’t know what is lurking beneath the oceans.

The most unfortunate part is that the ocean is so vast that we will never discover it completely. Only time will tell what this creature is once scientists start examining it. Every day we learn that there is a world beyond us we know nothing about.

A Couch

In our series of weird things on the beach, it is no surprise that a couch made it to this list. Maybe someone wanted to bring their lounge to the beach to enjoy the atmosphere and the waves. Or perhaps someone wanted a place to lie down on the beach and spend the days.

We don’t know how this couch here or where it came from, but it certainly seems to feel at home. Now the next time we go to the beach, we might take our couch too to lie down. However, we will be sure not to forget it there.

A Ship

Okay, so finding a ship on the coast may not be remarkable, but this wrecked one is remarkable because it survived and wound up on the beach. The vessel was found in Australia on Fraser Island’s coast. The locals were surprised by this arrival, but they went creative with it.

The locals took some paint and splashed it on the ship to make it look vibrant and colorful. Maybe it was their way of bringing a dead object to life. However, it has now become a tourist attraction in Australia that is open to all visitors from anywhere in the world.

Sea Pickles

Whenever the tides are strong, you might find sea pickles washed up on the shore, also known as Pyrosoma Atlanticum. These creatures float in the ocean in colonies, and when the tides are strong, the ocean’s force washes them on the shore. The sea pickle can filter the ocean water in hours.

Plankton is the most critical aspect of the sea pickle’s diet as it allows them to filter ocean water. One interesting fact about these creatures is that they are distant relatives of urchins, sand dollars, and sea stars. The sea pickles also appear friendly and don’t harm anyone on land.

Robot Hand

Have you ever heard of robot hands on the beach? Well, there is a first time for everything as these robot hands were found in Great Kills Park Beach in New York. If you look hard, you might even find the robot’s entire body if you have any positive luck.

No one knows how or where it came from. After all, no human or robot has come forth to collect the hand of this machine. Mysterious things keep on happening on beaches, but we never thought of seeing a robot hand. Maybe somebody threw it away after the robot experiment didn’t go as planned.

The Legos From 1992

If you didn’t know this before, we are excited to present this fun fact to you that will blow your mind. In 1992, a container filled with almost five million pieces of Legos fell into the sea somewhere around a coast in England. Twenty years after this incident, the Legos showed up on the shore.

These Legos continue to wash up on the coast, and people keep finding random pieces in various parts of England. We just feel bad for the poor sea creatures that have to deal with five million pieces of plastic in the ocean. If this isn’t an environmental nightmare, we don’t know what is.

By The Wind Sailor

By The Wind Sailor is a jelly-like animal that washes up on the shore of the United States and many other places every so often. Their gelatinous bodies do have venom, but it is not harmful to humans. However, caution should still be exercised, and people are told not to touch these animals.

These creatures are entirely transparent, and on the top, they have a triangular sail. The sail uses the wind to carry By the Wind Sailor across the ocean. These creatures appear on the shore often, but they don’t harm anyone, which is why most people are surprised when they go near it.

Spinal Column of a Whale

The ocean doesn’t wash up weird or harmful creatures all the time, as sometimes we also see parts of another creature washed up. In England, on West Runton Beach, the spinal column of a whale was discovered. After a thorough examination, it was concluded that the spinal column belonged to a sperm whale.

It is nothing new that bones keep washing up on the shores, as it has happened many times before. These discoveries are given to museums or sent to the lab for examinations and then displayed. We guess humans need any excuse to find things and display them as discoveries.

Rubber Ducks

In 1992, a container leaving Hong Kong got lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Inside this container were more than twenty-five thousand yellow rubber ducks hoping to make their way somewhere else. However, the container was lost, and all the rubber ducks went inside the ocean.

Now, ever since the incident, we keep finding random yellow rubber ducks on various beaches across France, the USA, Canada, England, and many other places. It has been more than twenty decades since the ducks were lost, but we still keep finding them. The condition of these ducks is still fantastic as they are entirely intact.

Ancient Walrus Skull

One of the best finds is the walrus skull that was discovered on the Norwegian shore. After close examination, scientists revealed that the skull was more than ten thousand years old. There were other bones found with it too, and it was estimated that after the last Ice Age, the deep seabed began melting, which led to many fossils being revealed.

All of these fossils are still intact as they are preserved in ice, and they were found in excellent condition. Many scientists keep finding new things on these melted beaches as they give us an in-depth understanding of the Ice Age era.

Dinosaur Femur

You might think that we don’t find remnants of the dinosaur past anymore, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently, a dinosaur femur washed up on the shore of a beach in Washington D.C. The femur was hidden deep inside the Pacific Ocean, and the discovery on the shore proved that dinosaurs were also present in what is now America.

After careful examination of the dinosaur femur, it was discovered that it belonged to a theropod. The femur is eighty million years old, and it advanced our knowledge about those prehistoric times even further. There is still so much we don’t know yet.

Antique Cannonballs

During the American Civil War, in the 1800s, cannonballs were created and used. These same antique cannonballs were discovered in 2016 on a beach in South Carolina. The discovery was unexpected as no one thought the cannonballs would end up here after so many decades in the water, but life is surprising.

Once these cannonballs were found, the authorities were notified, and a bomb squad arrived to remove and take care of the cannonballs. Out of all of them, two cannonballs were preserved and displayed in Fort Moultrie, which is a military base in South Carolina. If you go there, be sure to check these out.

Palm Oil

Unfortunately, we cause a lot of destruction, especially in the sea and marine life. In mainland China, a container carrying palm oil crashed and spilled everything in the water. Because of this, endless palm oil clumps were showing up on many beaches and coasts across Hong Kong in 2017.

Palm oil is one of the most versatile products, as you will find it in everything from your deodorants to your pizza. Unfortunately, it is a disaster for life inside the sea and on the coast. One can only hope that such incidents will not take place again and ruin our environment.

Runaway Platform from the Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games were set to take place in Brazil, and a starting platform created for swimming competitions and practices came loose and ended up in the ocean. Because of this fall, the beach was closed down to the locals, and the rescue teams were given the task of retrieving the platform. Of course, the mission was successful, and the beach opened again.

The incident was incredibly shocking as no one thought the platform would ever come loose and end up in the water. Something like this had happened for the first time before the Olympic Games. Of course, now it is a moment to remember.


Containers losing things in the sea is nothing new as that has happened countless times. Another incident took place when a Danish cargo ship went off course in 2014 because of a hurricane. The ship has five hundred containers of cigarettes, and unfortunately, each container fell inside the sea.

After that, people all over the UK coast began noticing packs of cigarettes appearing randomly on the beaches. It is estimated that the cigarette packets lost were worth more than four million dollars. It was a huge loss for the cargo owner, and it was surprising for people on the beaches to find random packs.

A Shopping Cart

This is a tale of a shopping cart that mysteriously wound up on the beach one day, and maybe it was meant to shop for fresh fish. Anyway, in 2011, a shopping cart appeared in Scotland on Aberdeen Beach. The cart was abandoned at the beach, and there was nothing inside it, or maybe the waves washed what was left inside.

In our opinion, the shopping cart could be an art piece making a statement about our society. After all, our consumption habits have ruined the ocean and sea life. So, maybe it was there to offer us a powerful message.

Rubber Tires

It is not hidden that hurricanes cause destruction and transfer things from one place to another without a care in the world. In this incident, a hurricane destroyed an artificial reef created of rubber tires. After destroying the reef, the rubber tires wound up on a beach in South Carolina.

The beach was filled with rubber tires, and it is estimated that there were more than ten thousand tires. Of course, the authorities cleaned up the mess after reporting, and we hope those tires were put to some good use. After all, ten thousand rubber tires are a lot.


The discovery of this sandstone is nothing new as it dates back to the seventies. During this time, the locals discovered this sandstone on a beach in Australia. According to archaeologists, Tasmanian Aboriginal people who lived there created this one-of-a-kind sandstone, and the spiral carving indicates a meeting site.

The stone was analyzed and photographed, after which it was donated to Queen Victoria Museum. So, if you want to see this unique sandstone, you can always visit the museum in Australia and look at this beautiful marvel. Once you do, you will not want to take your eyes off this beautiful masterpiece.

Iron Ship- Lady Liz

Lady Liz was an iron ship that worked hard for thirty years as it hauled enormous cargo worldwide. However, her reign ended when she was swept away in bad weather and taken by the ocean. The damage to the ship was enormous, and no one knew where it ended up.

After a long time, in 1936, Lady Liz ended up on the Falkland Islands. She now lives there till today, and you can go see her if you are ever in the same region. Some businessmen wanted to turn Lady Liz into a museum, but that never came to fruition.

Lego Man

Many Lego men have come and gone on various beaches worldwide, and it is a mystery to solve. For example, in 2007, a Lego man appeared on a Netherlands beach, then in 2008, another Lego man showed up on Brighton Beach. In 2011, he appeared in Florida, Japan in 2014, and Austria in 2015.

We finally solved the mystery as it was discovered that Ego Leonard is responsible for the random appearances of these Lego men. He is a Dutch artist, and this was his work. Now we have to wait and see where a Lego man will appear next time.

Message in a Bottle

The primary aim of any message in a bottle is to get swept away by the ways and land on a shore somewhere. That is why it is no surprise that a message in a bottle is on our list. However, we should not pollute the ocean with plastic and glass bottles and put messages in them as conscious beings.

Instead, we should just use technology to email or message our loved ones. After all, technology is created for our ease and convenience, and a message in a bottle is the opposite of that. So, always resist the urge to put a message in a bottle in the ocean.

Jelly Fish

Finding jellyfish washing on the shore is nothing new. These incidents keep happening worldwide as these creatures and their entire groups end up on the beach. That is why you should always be cautious whenever you see a group of jellyfish on the shore, as they might sting you when you get near.

If that happens, an immediate solution is to pee on yourself to get rid of the pain. We know it sounds disgusting, but that is how it is if you are in unbearable pain and need a quick fix. Of course, the best practice is to stay away from them altogether.

Big Pipes

In 2017, enormous pipes washed up on beaches in Norfolk. These giant pipes were eight feet in diameter, and the longest beached segment of 1500 feet was washed up at Sea Palling and Winterton. These pipes were being towed for a large project to Algeria, but they came loose in the ocean and ended up in Norfolk.

The pipes were relocated somewhere else, and they were not a danger to any of the locals living there. The sea is always unexpected, and sometimes even such gigantic things can come loose. However, the ocean is more powerful and washes these things away somewhere else.

Milk Powder

Who would have ever thought that we would get to see stacks of milk powder on the beach? But anything is possible in the age of globalization and rampant consumerism as goods move from one place to another by the sea. That is what happened in 2011 when a cargo ship struck an offshore reef.

The cargo was filled with containers of milk powders and many other products. However, in 2012, these milk powder stacks were found on Waihi Beach in New Zealand. The cargo spilled more than 350 tons of oil and three hundred containers polluting the ocean and land.

Toy Eggs

In January 2017, thousands of colorful egg toys were floating on the sandy beaches of North Sea Island in Germany. Many people thought the Easter bunny had come early that year as something like this had never happened before. Of course, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why so many egg toys washed up on the shore.

A Danish freight container was carrying a lot of cargo when it lost all its contents due to a sea storm. The containers contained the small egg toys with little trinkets inside that eventually washed up on the beach. The locals and authorities helped clear this mess up.

An Unexploded Bomb

Yes, unexploded bombs have washed up on the beaches many times in various parts of the world. This particular unexploded bomb was found in Massachusetts, the USA, in 2009 on one of the beaches on Martha’s Vineyard. It was a rusted aerial bomb that was being tested during World War II.

After this bomb showed up, the authorities began locating other unexploded bombs that were also used for pilots’ training during the same time. Finally, in 2017, a hundred-pound photo flash bomb was discovered, and the search was over. There still may be many bombs inside the ocean, who knows.

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  • For the first time ever, according to Environics Analytics WealthScapes, the typical Canadian household is now wealthier than the average American family.
  • According to actuarial company Milliman, the 100 biggest public pension plans alone have $1.2 trillion in unfunded obligations.
  • The number of investors who check their accounts lowers by 8.7% after a market collapse compared to a market gain, according to a research by four economists from Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Vanguard.
  • If you tally together all of the airline industry’s yearly earnings since 1948, you get -$32 billion.
  • The S&P 500 has finished at a fresh all-time high 1,024 times since 1928, accounting for 4.8 percent of all trading days.

Surprising Financial Facts Most Investors Don’t Know.

  • Tennessee overtook Nevada as the state with the highest per capita bankruptcy rate in early 2012, with more than 7 bankruptcies filed per 1,000 citizens. Nevada came in second and Georgia came in third, respectively.
  • According to the Institute for Financial Literacy, the rate of bankruptcy among Americans aged 34 and younger has declined by more than 30% since 2006.
  • Jim Cramer is the founder/owner of Cramer Berkowitz, a former hedge fund manager who stated a compounded “rate of return of 24 percent after all costs for 15 years.” The returns, however, have not been audited or validated by a third party.
  • Jim Cramer gave his “The Winners of the New World” speech on February 29, 2000, just a week before the NASDAQ Composite index hit a new all-time high, in which he suggested ten companies and said, “I wouldn’t hold any other stocks in the year 2000.” By 2009, all ten firms had either gone out of business, been acquired by rivals, or had stock prices that were fractions of what they had been in 2000.
  • Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are three of the world’s 50 biggest economies without a specific exchange-traded fund (ETF) registered on a US market.

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  • According to the North American Assoc. of State of Provincial Lotteries, lottery sales in the United States topped $58 billion in 2010. According to the research, more than half of all Americans played the lottery in the previous year.
  • In March 2012, a Mega Millions ticket won $656 million, making it the highest lottery prize in US history. Three people were chosen as winners, with a total prize pool of $474 million.
  • The United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox has about 147.3 million ounces of gold.
  • A normal gold bar weighs around 400 ounces (27.5 pounds) in weight.
  • The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech, three volumes of the Gutenberg Bible, and Lincoln’s second inauguration address have all been stored at Fort Knox in the past.

Celebrities Who Give Away Their Millions

  • Taylor Swift is a young woman who is also very generous. The Grammy winner gave $4 million to music education in 2012. In 2016, she donated $100,000 to Tennessee wildfire victims, $1 million to Louisiana flood victims, and another $50,000 to the state’s food banks.
  • Naomi Campbell is charitable away from the media, despite her diva antics on the runway. Her Fashion For Relief effort contributes to the continuing battle against Ebola by raising donations and raising awareness. She solicits donations for the auction from her celebrity and fashion acquaintances, and the exhibition garnered $1.24 million in 2014.
  • Amal Clooney, a human rights lawyer, and her husband George Clooney are well-known for donating the money they got from Hello Magazine for their wedding photos to different charities. Amal and George recently contributed $3 million via their organization to assist 3,000 Syrian refugee children complete their education.
  • Rory McIlroy, a Northern Irish golfer, donated charity $1.24 million in 2015, including prize money from the Dubai Duty-Free Irish Open. He provided another $1 million to his own charity, the Rory Foundation, in 2017, which distributed the funds to three children’s organizations.
  • Eva Longoria, the former star of Desperate Housewives, generously gives to 35 different organizations. Longoria has gained recognition for her charity efforts in the Hispanic community. Her love for her culture inspired her to start The Eva Longoria Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Latinas through education and business.
  • On her daytime talk program, Ellen DeGeneres often gives away large sums of money. She donated $48,000 to a low-income US military family and $19,000 to a single, jobless mother. Samsung gave a $1 for every retweet of Ellen’s notorious celeb-packed Oscar picture. She donated $2.5 million to two worthwhile charities.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have donated $3 billion over the next 10 years to ‘cure, prevent, and manage’ all diseases. Cancer, neurological problems, heart disease, and infections will be the focus of their initiative. When their daughter was born, Zuckerberg stated that he and his wife wanted to donate 99 percent of their Facebook stock to charity.

Celebs Who Drive Fords

  • John Mayer had a Ford GT until 2012, when he auctioned it off on eBay. Because the GT is a vintage automobile with a lot of history, flair, and personality, it’s natural for celebrities to want to drive one.
  • In many locations, John Goodman is a household name. Even if you just recall him from the popular series Roseanne, he’s a familiar face. With a name like his, he needs a vehicle to match, so he drives a Ford-150.
  • Nick Jonas drives a Ford Mustang, a vehicle that screams American heritage. Since 1964, this vintage car has been in continuous production. Although we’re sure Jonas could afford a new one, he picked a vintage version of the legendary automobile.
  • Scott Caan, like many other celebrities, drives a Ford, however instead of the more current versions, he drives a blue 1939 Ford pickup truck. The 80-year-old automobile is in fantastic shape and is a favorite among roadster enthusiasts and car restorers.
  • The Rock drives a Ford F-150 because he wants a vehicle that is as rugged as he is. The former pro wrestler turned Hollywood star needs a vehicle with a personality to match his. Can you imagine him driving around in a little sedan?

Celebrities That Use Meal Delivery Services To Stay Healthy

  • Blake Lively penned the script On a New Year’s Instagram post, I WILL fit back into my pants while holding a photo of an Epicured meal. Epicured is a gluten-free, low-FODMAP meal delivery service designed specifically for those who are gluten intolerant. Being gluten-free instantly eliminates a lot of carbohydrates and sweets!
  • Jennifer Garner and Zooey Deschanel are two well-known women who have contributed to the brand’s success. Each bottle of Pressed Juicery includes around five pounds of California-grown fruits and vegetables. These juices may be delivered anywhere in the United States.
  • 22 Days Nutrition’s vegan challenge impacted Beyoncé and Jay-plant-based Z’s diet. These never-frozen meals are totally ready to eat, with no cooking or preparation required on your part. These pre-made dinners are perfect for a busy worldwide celebrity power couple or regular individuals who work just as hard!
  • Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, has created his own delivery business, TB12. He and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen eat very healthily, so what better way to spread their positive impact than through a meal delivery service? The weekly fee is $78 or $13 each dish.
  • Sakara Life is a nutrient-dense, plant-based, organic food plan. The plan is a little pricey for the typical individual, at $82 each day. Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others, swear by it. On the positive side, all of the time-consuming planning and preparation that goes into meal preparation is eliminated.

Celebrities Who Suffer From Ocd (obsessive-compulsive Disorder)

  • Howard Hughes, a 20th-century American billionaire who died in 1976, died, at least in part, as a result of his severe OCD. Hughes is said to have spent four months in a darkened movie viewing room, without leaving. The millionaire kept his pee in vials when he was in the room.
  • Lena Dunham rose to prominence as the writer and actress of “Girls.” Many of her real-life OCD issues are shown in the HBO drama. One of her aims, she told Vogue, is to make the conversation about OCD more popular. She wants to educate children that it’s appropriate to express their anxiety.
  • In a biopic on the billionaire’s life, Leonardo DiCaprio played Howard Hughes.
  • Hughes’ battle with OCD was shown in “The Aviator,” which DiCaprio has also claimed to having. Although Dicaprio’s OCD isn’t as bad as Huges’, the actor said that one of his compulsions is to repeatedly walk through doors.
  • David Beckham, a world-famous soccer star, has openly revealed his OCD on multiple occasions. He told Independent that he had attempted unsuccessfully to overcome his OCD. The agony he gets while obtaining a tattoo is one of his compulsive activities.