7 Animals That Appeared To Be Cold-Blooded Killers

Today it is known that over 1,300 animals species practice cannibalism. These include fish and insects as well as mammals such as dogs and monkeys. if you look at the dry statistics, you can find that females are more prone to cannibalism than males. The most famous female eating males is a mantis. We will start our list with it.


For female praying mantis, size matters. They are known for decapitating and eating their partner during mating. However, studies show that only one in six males is destined for such a fate. Moreover, as a rule, small individuals go to death.

Polar bear

Despite their color, these bears also have a dark side. They are equally dangerous both for other animals and for members of their own species. In the event of a shortage of food, adult polar bears can eat bear cubs.

The researchers note that in recent years, cases of such cannibalism have increased markedly. The reason may be global warming, because of which the ice area has noticeably decreased. Meanwhile, the bears get their food from under it, or they hunt seals lying on the frozen surface.


We could not even imagine that these terrifying inhabitants of the Mexican thickets practice the most “tolerant” cannibalism. Females of Crotalus Polystichum after “giving birth” need rest and food, so most rattlesnakes (about 70%) eat their stillborn offspring.

The cannibalism of rattlesnakes allows them to recuperate without hunting since hunting is not only dangerous but also energy-consuming.

Black Widow

Black widows are famous for eating their mate during or immediately after the mating process. This phenomenon is because the female spider spends a vast amount of energy mating. To satisfy hunger, the “widow” devours her “groom”, who is often smaller than the female.

Spiders of this species are also cannibals: being in a cocoon, they eat each other. As a result, only a couple of spiders is staying alive.


The thought that these terrifying animals are also cannibals makes it somehow uncomfortable. However, it is a fact that some adult crocodiles often eat their younger “comrades”.

Sand shark

From sexual cannibalism to embryonic. This form of cannibalism is inherent in many species of sharks, but among the members of the sand shark family, it is especially cruel.
The fact is that the cubs that have not yet emerged from the mother’s womb eat their brothers and sisters. Embryos fortunate enough to hatch are the first to eat those who have not yet been born. Moreover, also in the womb, they eat unfertilized eggs, which are rich in nutrients.

The fact is that the cubs that have not yet emerged from the mother’s womb eat their fellows. Embryos that are lucky enough to hatch first are feasted on by those who have not yet been born. Unfertilized eggs are also used, which are rich in nutrients.

Common octopus

Sex can be a matter of life and death for octopuses. For males of these cephalopods, each sexual intercourse can be the last. Most unlucky are those who contacted a female much larger than themselves and got up from the wrong tentacle.

Female octopuses, as well as female mantises and black widows, practice sexual cannibalism. The rules of the game are the same, just in this case, the male risks being strangled first, and only then eats.


Females of these rodents don’t win the Mother of the Year nomination. However, not everything is so simple here. Often, hamsters eat part of their offspring to feed the survivors. The female eats stillborn, non-viable, defective cubs, as well as the weakest with a large litter if she feels she cannot feed everyone.