7 Important Pointers for New Puppy Owners

A puppy is a cute addition to your family, However, if you are a new puppy parent, you may not have anticipated many things about your puppy.

Here are seven surprises that might catch you unaware:

1. Puppies eat any and everything.

As a teething creature, puppies can chew on almost anything without discrimination. From shoes to furniture, from bugs to deer poop, your puppy can gorge on everything. Be careful of leaving medicines or cleaning products in spots where your furry baby can easily find them. Puppy-proof your house until the little pup is trained. You may also invest in a pet-rail for times you cannot keep an eye on your pet.

2. Puppies poop a lot.

It takes a while for dogs to get potty trained, Very young pups need time learning to hold in before they could reach a designated pooping area. Hence puppies need more frequent trips outdoors than older dogs. Walk your little one at regular intervals to avoid accidental puddles and slush around your house. However, accidents are bound to happen so invest in cleaning supplies and be patient with the potty-training process. YOu will most likely have to take frequent night walks as well in the initial period.

3. Puppies understand and like routine.

Establishing a routine can make it easier for your dog to get trained and it will help you understand their cues for food, cuddle, or wanting to relieve themselves better. Pups understand what is expected of them at different times of the day. The routine does not need to be elaborate.it is just a way of making life easier for both humans and puppies!

4. Puppies will chew constantly

Puppies like babies discover the world with their senses. They will chew on every thing including your toes and heels. Keep your favorite items out of reach to avoid getting them destroyed by a very inquisitive explorer. As your pup gains new teeth, chewing is a natural self -remedy for reducing pain. Hence make sure you do keep apart something specifically for your pup to gnaw on when needed.

5. Puppies can give you unpredictable mood-swings.

As a puppy parent, you will undergo intensely emotional moments of joy, frustration, and bewilderment as you try to understand your new family member.  Remember to give yourself the time and space you need to feel and enjoy this newly forged relationship. As with babies, your mood is likely to impact the behavior of your pup so calm yourself down if you feel agitated.

6. A puppy has incredibly sharp teeth.

A pup’s baby teeth are unbelievably sharp although they tend to lose their sharp teeth by the time they are 4 months. Be careful when you interact with your baby pup. It is easy to get a nick when the little one decided to lovingly latch and suck at your fingers or feet. This is another reason you must get your puppy a chew toy.

7. Puppies will change your lifestyle.

Like babies, puppies will turn your regular routine upside down. They are a lot of work and require a lot of care and attention, More importantly, they are an addition to your household and you will have to make a lot of adjustments to make them feel at home. Training, feeding, and cleaning them is only part of the job. You may want to get an occasional pet sitter to give yourself time off should you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of looking after a new pup.