8 Scientifically Proven Evidence That Getting A Pet Is A Great Idea

A pet can help you live happily ever better than pills. Just as we care for pets, they take care of us. For example, cats and dogs can boost our immunity, lower blood pressure, and even sniff out serious illnesses such as diabetes or cancer. And if you were looking for a reason to get a pet, ViralSharks.net has such nine reasons.

8. Pets Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Many rehab centers have cats and dogs. After all, pets help release the hormone oxytocin, which handles attachment and reduces the level of the hormone cortisol, which is released during stress or danger.

7. Immunity Will Become Stronger

Petting and squeezing a dog is not only pleasant but also useful. Even short meetings with pets can have a positive effect on your immune system. If you get a dog, you can strengthen your immune system at least every day.

6. Heart Will Be Healthier

Cardiologists praise cats and dogs as excellent “fighters” against high blood pressure and heart disease. People who have a dog have forgotten about their blood pressure problems in most cases. And the very process of stroking a cat reduces the risk of a heart attack by 40%.

5.Pets Scale Down The Risk Of Allergies And Asthma

This may seem counterintuitive since wool is a common cause of allergies. But research shows that children raised in a home with a furry animal have a lower risk of allergies and asthma and have stronger immunities compared to children who do not have a pet. This is because animals provide natural immunotherapy and help the human body adapt.

4. Pets Make Life Meaningful

A specialist at the shelter says the pet can help overcome loneliness and cognitive decline. This is especially important when life turns into a routine or old age sets in, and it becomes difficult to find meaning in everyday life. The animal gives you a reason to get up in the morning, take care of it, and keep doing some things.

3. You Will Live Longer

Pets don’t just make you healthier. For pet owners, mortality from any cause is 24% lower. Scientists came to such a conclusion after examining the results of 10 studies. They have been held since the middle of the last century and have reached 3.6 million people from eight countries.

2. You Will Always Sleep Well

Interviews with people who are being treated for various sleep disorders show that if a pet is in the same room or bed with a sleeping person, his sleep becomes deeper, more calm and productive. In a scientific study, this is confirmed by over 40% of interviewed patients.

Also, a doctor, writer, and sleep specialist Lois E. Krahn confesses pets are like a harmless natural sleeping pill anyone can prescribe.

1. The Key Thing: The Pet Will Love You Unconditionally

Will your pet love you less if you’ve had a bad day? No. He will love you no matter what job you work, how much you earn, or where you live. He will stay with you in the most difficult moment and will be there no matter what.