The Funniest Pictures Of Animals You Have Ever Seen

Aren’t animals the most relatable beings on this planet? Not only are they cute, but they manage to leave behind humans when being hilarious. If you have pets, you will surely know how cute these creatures can be.

Every animal has a different attractive feature making them unique. However, all of them have one thing in common. They all know how to pose perfectly.

You must be wondering what we are talking about. To clear the confusion, here are some of the hilarious moments of them. But beware, the overload of cuteness might make you want a pet.

Hanging By The Thread

Entering people’s homes without permission, lizards have a knack for being disliked. Though it is mind baffling as to why such incredible creatures are shunned. They make zero noise and chill in one corner.

Sometimes you don’t even feel their presence. All they do is mind their own business, unlike some humans. Tthe photo is proof of it.

Even when being captured through a camera, the guy is chilling in his world. Whoever managed to take this shot knows their way around a camera. You can’t even discern where the lizard is.

Is it really inside? Please give it a thought.

Chicken: The Savior

Every picture portrays a different story. The tale behind this lovely photo will make your heart melt. The hen has won our hearts by keeping these kittens safe during a storm.

Watching animals help out each other is undoubtedly a fun experience. Imagine how scared these kittens must have been. They were probably happy to have someone near them.

It is pretty amazing that the person captured this photo amidst a storm. The photograph is evidence that the most unlikely friendships form in the time of need. Even the beings you least expect to help shows how compassionate they are.

Piggyback Ride

Would you have been able to guess that this occurs in reality too? Yes, this is a reference to Finding Nemo for those of you in whose minds the question popped. We are thrilled to learn that they didn’t make up the scene.

Though, we are wondering how the eel and turtle came to this agreement. Maybe they’ve been friends for years, and the eel likes to take trips with him. If not, then the turtle is undoubtedly doing a good job at not making its presence known.

What are your thoughts? Do you have the same theories as us?

The Lion Throne

A lion is referred to as the king of the jungle due to its fierce strength and hard look. And of course, like every king, it has a desire for a throne too. Sitting like royalty on the wheelbarrow, your highness seems to have something on their mind, or maybe he just wanted a candid photo.

Besides that, doesn’t the picture remind you of babies? Just like toddlers, the lion has squeezed itself into a small space. Hence making you wonder how did it even get there in the first place.

But that’s how cats are, right? They eat, sleep, and relax in the weirdest places.

The Impostor

Have you ever been in a place where you’re not supposed to be? If yes, then you must be aware of what this duck is going through. Many of us have been through the same, trying to fit in a place to belong.

Just look at it, trying to maintain balance on one foot, hoping no one finds out its identity. You must have seen videos of kids walking in the same way as their grandparents on the internet. Don’t you think this is a correct representation of mimicking?

Poor flamingos don’t even realize they have an impostor amongst them.

A Strange Customer

We all dislike curious guests. So imagine this shopkeeper’s shock when a deer walked in to do some window shopping. Some people might have gotten scared seeing an animal enter their shop.

However, this was a friendly vendor. He welcomed the deer with open arms and let it have a look at the items. You can see how intrigued the deer is to see new stuff.

When the deer left, he took a sigh of relief. However, we are sure that he regretted his decision when the deer returned with more of her friends. At least he must have a good laugh.

Cozy Spaghetti

As humans, we never think about how the weather affects animals. Of course, we might feel that the temperature is right for us, but what about our pets. It delights us to see that some people are more attentive towards their pets.

This snake is known as Spaghetti. Yes, we know how weird the name and choice of the pet are. But the important thing here is the affection the owner has for her pet.

Look at the cute sweater she made to keep the snake warm. We look forward to more people giving their pets the best care they deserve.

Turn At Your Own Risk

The Beluga whales are magnificent aquatic organisms. However, we still wouldn’t want to see it right behind us as we turn our faces. No matter how pretty, they are still whales.

Here is some sound advice for you. Never stand against the glass at an aquarium. That is, of course, if you do not want to end up like this lady.

While the whale is having the fun of its life, the woman is definitely not having a good time. Whoever took this must have had a long laugh. Who wouldn’t?

This is the most hilarious thing you must have seen today.

The Background

Rhino or peacock or a peacock behind a rhino? It took us a little time to guess what was going on here. Oh, and to make it better, the egret still hasn’t learned its lesson.

It’s funny how perfectly timed this photograph is. It captures the essence of the moment and makes it seem like that the rhino has gathered feathers. However, it’s good that the peacock does not know about the photo.

If it were us, we would definitely be upset by someone else taking away our spotlight. After all, that beauty is a rare thing. Won’t you feel the same?

Let’s Wrestle

Two different pets under the same roof will never get along with each other. This is evidence of it. Cats and dogs have never been able to become friends.

And now we know why. It is because cats are always picking unnecessary fights with them. Here is an example for you.

The poor dog was minding its own business and walking in the corridor when the cat kicked him out of nowhere. Look at that face, it does not even regret causing pain to the hound. Meanwhile, the dog is yet to regain his senses after the trauma.

Show Me Some Teeth

Some pictures are simply hilarious, and you cannot argue with the fact. Here is a picture of a happy animal for you. If you didn’t laugh seeing it, then we don’t know what to tell you.

Wide dark eyes and that big smile, isn’t this the definition of happiness? While it may not be as cute as other animals, this guy is trying his best to stay positive towards life. Not only that, he aims to make others happy as well through his expressions.

And whoever got this close-up shot was looking to gain some joy by pleasing others.

Balloon or GPS?

Owners of small pets often have trouble finding them. After all, they have a habit of sneaking into unknown places. But worry no more, here is the perfect solution for you.

Who says only children can have fun with balloons? As you can see, the tortoise is enjoying its time being attached to a balloon. However, a GPS tracker would be a better-suited term.

It does not only help in locating the pet but also acts as a warning sign for people scared of animals. Cheap on the pocket, it is a reasonable method to catch your pet red-handed.

Eyes Speak Too

Dogs are the most liked animals out of all species. And it is with good reason. They are loyal and good companions, especially if you are lonely.

See the pic if you don’t trust our words. Finally, a lonely bird has found a new friend in someone’s pet. Those puppy eyes can very well express how emotional the hound is to have another companion.

Either that, or it’s just wondering about the weird sensation on his head. Nonetheless, this picture will surely be the highlight of your day. After all, it is difficult to resist the charm of such a pretty face.

The Midnight Heist

Do you have little kids? If yes, then you must be aware of what this family of cats is up to. Of course, being a parent is quite a task to keep kids away from junk food.

Sometimes they gang up to pull off a snack heist in the middle of the night. Then, pretending to be asleep, they fool you to sleep and get to work when the coast is clear.

That is precisely what these cats are doing. It’s a shame, though, that they were caught. However, not a surprise, being sneaky and quiet aren’t exactly their top qualities.

Hey There Beautiful!

We do not doubt that this picture will get you to laugh out loud. Many of you might even relate to being in similar situations at cafes or other places. Whether it is a crush or someone else that your eyes come across in a room, and then comes the awkward hand wave.

This seal must have been a model in her previous life. How else would she have learned to be so photogenic? If not, then the cameraman must have been damn good-looking to have caught her attention.

If this isn’t the best photo you have come across so far, then we don’t know what to tell you.

I Wasn’t Doing Anything

Cats are one of the funniest animals on this planet. They always end up in unlikely situations. Look at the cuteness and shock of this one.

Snooping around isn’t a good habit in the human world. But for animals, there is no shame in it as long as no one is looking. Of course, the cat wasn’t expecting its owner to the barge while it is in action.

That’s the reason why it’s using innocent expressions to divert attention. The plan worked, too; it sure has an experience of turning around the situation. No one can resist capturing such a funny face.

Invisible Antelope

Can you spot the antelope? You definitely have an excellent observance skill if it took you less than ten seconds to find because it took us quite some time.

This antelope is clearly a smart one since it knows how to camouflage itself. Using vegetation to cover the upper part of its head, it did a sound job at hiding from predators. It almost looks like a short tree branch.

It is impressive to see how some animal has such clever mind. Of course, it is also the efforts of the photographer that the picture turned out to be so good.

Belt Up

Isn’t this the cutest picture ever taken? If you were in a bad mood, then we hope this made your day a little better. Safety should always come first, not only for your human friends but also for your furry companions.

Putting on a seat belt ensures minimize harm and keeps the driver’s mind at ease too. Apart from that, as a passenger, you can comfortably sleep in one position. If you doubt us, then carefully look at the pleasing look on this puppy’s face as it naps.

Before he even knows it, he’ll be at his destination wondering about the comfortable ride.

What Is Going On?

You must be wondering what is happening here. Well, you are not alone. We are also trying out to figure out the same.

After all, chicks and cats are not known to be friendly. But, from the looks of it, the kitten is more confused than us. Meanwhile, the chicks look like they’ve got a question to ask.

Don’t you think the situation is similar to when you come home past the curfew, and the whole family is waiting for you? If you can deduce what these creatures are doing on the cat’s back, share with us too.

Until then have a good laugh.

Give Me Food Now

Do you think the cat is sleepy? We have the same thoughts. Though if you look carefully, you can see that’s not the case.

That is not a sleepy look but a hungry look. Someone is eating in front of the cat and not sharing. Thus, it gives a warning look that says, “feed me right now, or I won’t be responsible for what happens next.”

If you have adopted a cat, then you must know when not to mess with your cat. Feed your cats now before they unleash their wrath. We can assure you that it won’t be a pretty situation.

Did Somebody Say Pizza?

You must be in awe of this little guy’s innocent appearance. We can understand. However, don’t be fooled by his puppy eyes.

The dog you are looking at is an experienced thief. He tricked the owner by barking at the door, making him suspect that someone is at the door. But that was part of the ruse.

When the owner returned, a pizza slice was gone. It is not the dog’s fault though we all have poor self-control when it comes to cheesy pizza. Here’s to hoping that the pizza was worth making a fool out of the owner.

Best Birthday Ever!

It is so heartwarming to see people caring for their pets. Don’t you think the same? Animals deserve to celebrate their special days just like us.

Look at the priceless reaction of Lucy as she is given a peek of her surprise birthday cake. The person taking this picture was definitely waiting for this right moment. You can clearly see how amazed she is.

Lucy probably never thought that she’ll ever get to have her own birthday party. It was indeed a sweet gesture by her owners. Many pets do not get the proper care they deserve after being adopted.

Human Cat

Is it just us or animals displaying human behavior is a little creepy? The uncanny resemblance of this cat to humans must have made the guardian uncomfortable. After it’s sitting precisely in the same manner as we do on a chair.

No matter how weird the cat may be, the pose is hilarious too. Does it look as if the cat is sitting in a lecture wondering what the professor is even teaching? From the pet’s point of view, it is probably trying to fit in more with her owner’s family to please them.

Kudos to the person who captured this moment to make our day.

Fish: The Bunny

Wondering how a fish survives on land? The photo has all your answers. Our names are one of the things that make us unique and different from one another.

The same rule applies to animals as well. Meet Fish, a bunny with a unique name. Maybe someone wanted a pet fish, but their parents refused, so they resorted to the second-best option.

That is got a pet and named it Fish. As weird as it may be, we prefer when people pick out distinctive names for their pets. Sometimes it’s best to try out new names rather than sticking to the old ones.

The Mismatched Friends

Every mistake does not result in a bad outcome. Even though the recipient got the picture by accident, it sure made their day. As mismatched as the pair is, it is nice to see that birds find comfort in dogs.

A dog enjoying the view of the beach while the parrot poses for the camera is all we needed to see today. They are proof that there is no boundary to being friends with someone. To us, the combination seems weird, but to them, it is normal.

It makes us wonder sometimes, how well do we understand animal behavior?

Nap Time

Many people claim that pandas are their spirit animals. You will have the same opinion once you realize how adorable they are. Seeing pandas nap is a mood.

Check out how they are laying on wood without care. We would love to join them and nap too. Though, our responsibilities come in the way of displaying such behavior.

But we all know this is precisely how we jump on to bed after reaching home from a tiring day of work. So, to those who are working right now, enjoy this photo until you get off. And then rush home to exhibit some panda behavior.

Excuse Me Sir, Can I Have A Fry?

Do you love this photo as much as we do? We think you would. It is calming to see the chipmunk enjoying that fry.

One of the disadvantages of outdoor dining is that sometimes unwelcomed guests appear out of nowhere. At least for us, it is a drawback, but for animals, it’s the highlight of their day. Who doesn’t like free food?..

With a fry in his hand, the chipmunk is undoubtedly having a great meal. Meanwhile, the guy with an empty plate seems like he wants one too. The expressions are totally on point in this one, thus making it unforgettable.

The Studious Rabbit

Rabbits are fast creatures, but who knew they were clever as well. We rarely see an animal that goes to school. Meanwhile, this rabbit is setting new goals and looking for books to increase his knowledge.

The cuteness of this moment is too much to handle. We should give a round of applause to the one who took this picture. We definitely forgot about our worries after seeing this.

Whether he is returning the book to its place or getting a new one, the rabbit has made one thing clear. It does not joke around when it comes to education.

The Models

Some photos have a special place in our hearts. This is one of them. The backstory of it is also very heartwarming.

Apparently, the baby weasels were trying to cross the street together all by themselves. So, the photographer rushed to ensure their safety. Then, seeing the camera around their neck, the tiny weasels decided to return the favor by posing for a picture.

Don’t they look stunning, flaunting their beauty? The background is also complimenting their pose. The photographer was no doubt an experienced one.

Sometimes, it is surprising to see how animals manage to give better poses than us.

Hey Neighbor!

Your house is the safest place for you to be. However, sometimes unexpected guests might visit you. This raccoon is one of them.

Animals explore different locations in search of a home. When they do find one, they forget to ask permission from the homeowners. Making the gutter his house, he often pops by the window to say hi to the neighbors.

His roommate also seems to be enjoying having a friendly raccoon to bond with during his free time. We may hate the presence of unknown creatures around us, but there is no denying that their behavior is very relatable.

Cuteness Overload

Birds are an exquisite type of animal. Not only are they pretty, but they have the freedom of flying anywhere. Airplanes have also been inspired by birds which fueled our desire to look down through the sky.

Baby owls are the most adorable birds. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the picture again. Their sweet gaze will surely make you say aww.

Their huge eyes and brown feathers are genuinely their most attractive features, along with their ability to rotate their heads around. In our opinion, this owlette is cuter than the adult owls.

A Furry Romance

Pets are known to be friendly with each other if they have the same owner. That is one of the reasons why this photo has conquered our hearts. Isn’t the picture soothing?

It is heartwarming to watch these cats holding each other’s paws. They are surely enjoying watching birds fly by that they don’t even realize the presence of their guardian. Finding a companion is an opportunity that many of us don’t get.

For a pet owner, it is a blessing when their pets get along with each other. To those of you longing company after seeing this, we truly understand you.

The Spy

Finding out that someone attempted to unlock your phone in your absence will surely give you a scare. After opening the app, you check who the person is. And it’s revealed that the one who tried to snoop is your pet.

How often does this happen? Let us tell you it happens very rarely. In fact, you should be very careful around your guinea pig.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a spy sent to find out your deepest darkest secrets. Though, good for you that it is a bad one.

Now that you’ve learned about its identity, take care of your phone.

A Real Lover

All the husbands out there, start taking notes. This man is setting the bar high by using animals to his advantage. Having a creative husband is undoubtedly a great thing.

Don’t you all wish to find a partner who would make so much effort to put a smile on your face? The wife here has definitely lucked out. Even though the pigeons are only present for their own gain, it sure didn’t harm to use them in creating a heart.

Well done to the father. Not only did he succeed in making his wife happy, but he has also earned his daughter’s respect.

The Uncanny Likeness

Did the dad copy chicken, or the chicken mimic the dad? Whatever the answer, maybe we don’t care. The only thing that matters is that the picture puts a smile on our faces.

People say that pets resemble their owners in many ways. The photo here is proof of the saying. It is so clear that it loves its owner a lot.

If you weren’t, then let us enlighten you that chickens are an ideal pet. The man in the selfie has a good bond with his pet. That’s why it is difficult to see the difference between their looks.

The Magic Words

Being a dog owner is an extraordinary commitment. They require a lot of attention and do not like to sit around. That is why when you ask them, “Do you want to go for a walk?” they get elated.

The dog in the picture is experiencing the same thing. Her emotions are running so high that she can’t believe her ears. After all, for them, nothing is better than going around a few blocks with their favorite human.

Moments like these are what encourages us to get a pet. They are always excited to spend some time with you and love you.

I Wanna Ride Too

Cats are one of the most curious creatures on Earth. They always observe you and try to learn more about things unfamiliar to them. This kitty does the same too.

She saw her human pals riding the horse and felt jealous of them. That is the reason why she decided to take things in her hand. Now that kids don’t use the horse anymore, she is making use of it.

Meowing until someone rocks her, the girl sure knows how to get attention. It is clear from her expressions that she wants someone to give her a push. How adorable is that?

Help Me!

Some people are scared of dogs as they find them threatening. However, it is an interesting fact that dogs don’t attack unless provoked. Look at him, he won’t even harm a fly.

They are good at barking and rolling, if only they put the same effort into jumping across a sofa. Though it is a good thing, they don’t. A mess will be created if there are things nearby.

Can you figure out what this guy is trying to say through his position? The only thing we can tell you is that this one is enjoying his life too much and being lazy.

Who Wants To Shower?

Now, this is some perfect timing. We wonder what the exact moment that the photographer wanted to capture was. Whatever it was, this shot is better than what he desired.

We can’t help but feel sorry for this poor egret. However, that is what you get when you try to follow someone triple your size. At least he got a good shower for the day.

Keeping the joke aside, we really hope that he learned his lesson. Repeating the same mistake wouldn’t be an ideal outcome. Though at least someone might have a good laugh about it.

Just Chilling

Is there any other creature on the planet as funny as monkeys? We don’t think so. Every time we see a monkey, we can’t stop ourselves from laughing.

Maybe it’s got to do something with the vibes they give off. Take a look at the photo of this little chilling against another ape. It seems like he thinks he’s the boss of the jungle.

Little does he know that it’s the ape behind him who has the real power, and it makes sense too. One loud cry from the mother and a horde of apes will be at her service. At least, that’s what we believe.

Did Someone Say Hide and Seek?

Did you like playing outdoor games in your childhood? If yes, then you can relate to this baby bear. After all, isn’t this how we used to hide while hoping that no one notices.

We can’t know whether the bear is actually playing the game or he just likes hugging a tree. But we can be sure that this scenario brings back good memories. The only difference is that we didn’t have someone who would take such good pictures of the moments.

If it weren’t for the little hands, we wouldn’t have been able to see him at all.

The Sleepy Lion

Have you ever felt being overtired? If the answer is yes, then you know what this lion must be feeling. Being the king of the jungle is not as easy as it seems.

That yawn clearly describes the dilemma of wanting to sleep and getting the remaining work done. It is a feeling that you can’t quickly shake off. The poor lion must not have found a good meal.

Though we have the advantage of having coffee in our lives. Do you ever wonder what animals do to get rid of their tiredness? Well, this is something you can ponder during the weekend.

Hello Cousin

Have you ever been to a shop with your parents and some relatives enter the same shop? Well, then you must be aware of the thing you’re not supposed to do. Yes, we are talking about not letting them know about your presence.

This little kid represents many of us who made the mistake of making contact despite our parents’ instructions. A tip from us, always follow what your parents say.

Meeting relatives in a shop is definitely a good experience. Let’s hope this kid survived the wrath of this mother. Who can get angry at such an adorable baby?

I Am Innocent

If you own a cat, then you know about their habit of creating a mess. All they do is meow all day and roll around here and there. That is, of course, when they are not busy making a mess of things.

This cat here is also a troublemaker. Taking out bottle caps from random places and gathering them in the hall is her way of having fun. On top of this, when caught, it likes to imitate puppy eyes in an attempt not to get a scolding.

No matter how much trouble they make, this is the reason why cats are famous in many houses.

Spot The Animal

Can you find the hidden animal in this picture? You will be delighted if you are able to spot it. We sure had quite the fun looking for it.

This is one of the many reasons why we like cats so much. They know how to fit in quickly and entertain their owners. We are sure when you spot it, you will admire its cleverness.

Though it is not the cat that we should be giving credit to. It is the person who captured this moment with perfection. All the cat did was end up in the right place at the right time.

Who Is Thirsty?

Is it only us, or do dogs have the power of putting people in a good mood? We believe in their power since we have experienced it firsthand. If you don’t have faith in us, then try looking at this dog trying to have water.

Let us enlighten you with some knowledge. Dogs love playing with water. Seeing water makes them so excited that they lose all control and behave like children.

In all pictures we’ve seen of dogs with water, one thing remains common. The absolute happiness on their faces. Water is the toy for these cute little creatures.

Where Are My Nuts?

Since the ice age, the only thing squirrels are interested in is finding their nuts. So they search for food in the unlikeliest places. You can deduce that from this picture.

However, unlike the rest of its folks, this particular one is more sneaky than mischievous. Of course, he is clever too, since he knows how to look in weird places. But what strikes us most is his cuteness.

It seems as if a baby has gotten stuck in a place while looking for a toy. Not only that, but the marvelous shade of brown is making him look more handsome than usual.

Someone Get Me A Dentist

Many kids, after reaching a particular age, require a dentist to keep their teeth in shape. Many of them are bullied for their crooked teeth and get called out weird names. Unfortunately, this animal has the same fate.

Badly in need of a dentist, it has grabbed our attention. Don’t you feel a little sad seeing his gloomy eyes? Although the photo was still taken at a hilarious time.

It seems like his teeth need attention, but maybe we are wrong, and that is just the way he is supposed to look like. Hence, there is no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy the view.

Let’s fight

Lion cubs are really adorable if you’ve ever seen them closely. They are cute, but they bite too, so pet them at your own risk. In this picture, it may seem to you that the cubs are fighting.

However, that is not the case. Lion cubs like to tease each other and train their moves. After all, they’ve not been given the title of king for no reason.

Though they may be having fun for now, it is clear to us that the left one knows how to throw a punch. Hats off to the photographer for taking a shot of this moment.

Am I Too Old?

There is no age limit for anyone to enjoy sitting on swings. This dog also loves to do the same even though the swings are clearly too small for him to sit. All we can say to this is that he’s still a tiny puppy in his heart.

No one likes to grow up and be told that they can’t do a certain thing because they’re too old. We admire this adorable guy for not listening to people and doing what he loves the most. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Enjoying the things you love whenever it suits you.