Are Women Really Attracted To Your Cat’s Pictures On The Dating App?

According to a survey, 43% of people sense someone’s personality by the pictures they upload on their social media. This is why it is extremely to put up good pictures that reflect your true personality. Putting up good and interesting pictures of yourself becomes even more important when you are using a dating app.

Why Is It Important To Put Up Good Pictures On Your Dating Profile?

If you are a user of any dating app, you must know how important it is to put up a good and honest pictures of yourself on your dating profile. They are one of their biggest assets that attract women to your profile. This is why you need to upload pictures that reflect your true personality. If you are more of an outdoor type of person, you should upload more pictures about your trips and outings.

There are many profiles on the dating app where men have uploaded pictures of their pets a well. While these pet lovers may think that women are more attracted to their profiles by looking at the pictures of their cats, but is this really the case?

Are Women Attracted To Your Cat’s Pictures?

Even though many previous surveys suggested that the majority of the women are instantly attracted to a profile that has a cat’s picture on it, a recent survey has proved all the previous surveys wrong. This survey proved that men with pets or cats and dogs to be specific are less dateable and less attractive as well. This is why they prefer to stay away from these profiles and go for the men who are more dateable and appealing to them.

Apart from this, the likeability of women also depends upon whether they are a cat person or a dog person. If they are a dog’s person chances are that they would not prefer to date a cat owner.

So, if you have put up any picture of your cat on your dating profile, then you need to think again.

Why Do Women Find Men With Cats Less Attractive?

Although women do love pets, sadly the majority of them do not like the men that own cats. Are you too wondering what makes men with cats less attractive and less dateable? There are many factors associated with owning a pet. Keep reading to find out.

#1. Less Masculine

The survey proved that the men who put up frequent pictures of their cats appear less masculine to the women. This is why they try to steer clear of the profiles of men that have put up a lot of pictures of their cats.

#2. Less Extroverted

During the survey, many women confessed that the profiles of men that show them holding their cats appear less extroverted to them and more neurotic. This is a great turn-off for most women.

What pictures you put on your dating app are the reflection of your true personality. So, if you want to attract women from your dating profile, you need to be genuine and the right one will like you for who you are.