Before you feed your dog that cucumber, read this

Can dogs eat cucumbers? You may be a vegetarian or even Vegan but think again before you toss your table scraps to your dog. Specifically, is it safe to give your dogs cucumbers to eat?

While foods like chocolate would not be a good choice for your dog to get a hold of, cucumbers are actually not only safe but may be extremely beneficial for your dog. If the cucumber is raw, it offers several health benefits for your dog.

For starters, cucumbers contain a huge amount of water. When the dog eats or chews on them, it keeps your furry friend hydrated. They also act as a natural diuretic that aids in flushing toxins out of the dog’s body.

Cucumbers contain plenty of phytochemicals that work as antioxidants in their bodies. Antioxidants are needed to combat free radicals in human and animal bodies. When free radicals are kept at bay, it slows aging and may even help to fight cancer cells.

Cucumbers are rich in the minerals potassium, calcium, silica, and magnesium. Potassium is necessary to counterbalance sodium while keeping blood pressure stable. Calcium helps wounds heal, boosts the immune system of your pet and is necessary for strong, healthy teeth and bones. Silica helps with the calcium uptake and maintains healthy joints while strengthening muscles and ligaments. Magnesium is vital to keep the metabolic processes functioning in a healthy manner.

It is better to peel the outside skin from the cucumber if it is not organically grown, but if you can keep the skin on, Vitamin A is abundant in cucumber skin. This vitamin works to give your pooch a healthy coat of fur, helps with their overall growth and is needed for good eyesight. Cucumbers are also rich in Vitamin C, niacin, Vitamin B-6, Riboflavin, and Folate which are needed to maintain a healthy coat and to form red blood cells.

Chewing on a cucumber helps to kill bacterias that are growing in your dog’s mouth which will not only prevent bad breath but also protect your dog from teeth and gum issues like gingivitis.

The juice of the cucumber might help prevent diabetes. It stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and well as help with preventing pancreatitis. Another health benefit is that cucumbers help to lower uric acid amounts and helps kidney function. Cucumbers also contain sterols that could reduce cholesterol in the blood.

You might want to consider swapping out some of our dog’s overly processed foods and treats or those made with byproducts with a cucumber. Cucumbers have very few calories, rich in fibers, and are packed with water.

Try supplementing your dog’s cucumbers with cooked pumpkins, cabbage, zucchinis, or carrots. If your dog is not accustomed to eating vegetables, they might have a bit of diarrhea at first. Don’t worry. This usually resolves itself after a few days.