Bizarre Pics Of Animals Do Wild and Crazy Things While We’re Not Watching

Have you ever wondered what animals are doing in the wild when no one is watching? It’s hard to imagine what goes on in the wilderness when there are no prying eyes to witness it. Here you’re going to see animals doing some of the most shocking and outrageous things when they think no one is looking. Many of the photographs captured here used technology that enables people to take pictures without the animals knowing it. For the first time, animals no longer have their secret paradise all to themselves. Now we can finally see what goes on when no one is looking and what we discovered is nothing short of shocking.

A Deer Is Caught With a Bucket in Its Antlers

How in the world did that deer get a bucket caught in its antlers? The deer seemed to be confused and possibly hungry. The bucket was upside down, and it had no way of getting free. It was like a scene from a cartoon. Someone must’ve been laughing their head off at this poor buck. Does the bucket have food in it? No one knows. The deer was last seen walking off with its head, and antlers held high. Perhaps, at least the deer could eat, and he didn’t have to worry about predators or hunters. It’s anyone’s guess as to how the deer got the bucket out of his antlers.

A Raccoon Takes a Selfie in the Wilderness

It’s not every day that you see a raccoon taking a selfie with two deers in the background. The raccoon surprisingly looks human as it poses for the camera. It seems to be smiling while the deers are in the background. Could it be that the deer photobombed the raccoon? Or could it be a wildlife selfie? You never know when it comes to either deer or raccoons. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, all in the picture looked their very best, which is something that not many humans can say when taking a selfie. No word if the raccoon posted this on its Instagram account.

What Are All These Deer Doing Together?

There are more deer in this picture than anyone can count. Why would all these deer come together at the same place? Something had to attract that many deer, but as to what is anyone’s guess. Maybe all of the deers wanted to become famous on the internet. Perhaps a shady figure offered the group of deer money in exchange for their appearance. We will never know. That’s highly unlikely, but whatever the reason, they all came together for what appears to be an extended family photo. It’s also odd how they are all looking into the camera as if they know someone is filming them.

It’s Highly Unlikely That the Owl Was Going to Eat the Deer

The deer was more likely in the way of an owl catching its prey. The owl had no other choice but to attack the deer with its razor-sharp talons. The deer is a herbivore that eats plants, while the owl is a carnivore that eats meat. The owl was likely trying to feed its young with a mouse or some other rodent. It’s just a plausible scenario, and it’s highly unlikely that the owl was going to eat the deer. You never know about what happens in the wild; maybe the owl was ready for a larger than life snack.

Deer With Tumbleweed in Its Antlers

This picture is as baffling as they come. How does a big deer like this end up with tumbleweed in its antlers? And how does it walk around with that mess? You’d be excused for thinking it was a Photoshop fake, but the photo is real. The deer had to be somewhere with plenty of tumbleweeds, but it didn’t just jump in there. The shrub or whatever it is had to somehow get lodged in its antlers when it was bent down to either eat or drink. It’s not like we don’t have questions. We just don’t have answers. Wondering about something like this can easily keep you up at night.

A Bear Running as Fast as It Can

The sight of a bear running as fast as it can towards the camera is shockingly terrifying. Luckily the camera was mounted on a fixed object, and no one was holding it. The bear is charging towards the lens with such force, power, and speed that it is nearly impossible to believe that it has been running on four legs the entire time. The bear is most likely running away from a threat and not towards it. Why is the bear running so fast? The bear is likely running away from something that it is more afraid of than we are.

A Hungry Otter With a Fish in Its Mouth

Otters are cute, cuddly-looking creatures, but this one is hungry. He has a fish in its mouth, and soon it will devour it. It’s rare for people to see otters eat, so this picture is extra rare. The picture shows an otter, a member of the weasel family. It has a long bushy tail and webbed feet. It has a narrow muzzle and small ears. In its mouth is a fish and soon it’s going to have a fantastic meal. No salt or pepper is needed for this hungry otter who is getting ready to dine and dash.

Two Bald Eagles Captured on Film Fighting Each Other

Bald eagles are considered to be mostly solitary creatures. Even in areas where bald eagle populations are high, it is not too uncommon for them to be separated by hundreds of miles. That’s why seeing them fight like this is even more astonishing. It’s hard to believe that such majestic creatures would fight each other the way they are here. You might have heard of eagles fighting each other before, but not like this. They’re going after each other hot and heavy. Hopefully, for the sake of the endangered species, they were able to put a stop to their rage somehow.

A Camera Captures a Squirrel Flying Over a Deer

For whatever reason, the squirrel decided to leap from the tree and fly over the deer’s head. The deer don’t even seem to realize the squirrel is barreling at him. At first, it appears that the squirrel had fallen out of the tree, but after looking closely, it’s possible to see that this little guy was actually flying. It seems like he built up a lot of speed in his leap and had enough inertia to carry him over his target. The world is a crazy place sometimes, and this little squirrel is just another example of that. Sadly, it is a bit difficult to tell what happened to the squirrel after he landed. He more than likely landed okay, but he probably shouldn’t be flying again anytime soon.

A Fox and a Raccoon Get Ready to Fight Near an Old Car

It looks like the fox and raccoon are not friends. Foxes are known to eat raccoons. Maybe they used to be friends and now are enemies. This does not look like a friendly meeting. They both seem ready to fight. It looks like they are eyeing each other up to decide who will make the first move. They both have menacing looks on their faces. Both animals are ready for action. Unfortunately, this car has no wheels, so it does not look like the raccoon can make a getaway. With its mouth slightly open, this creature seems so angry that it is ready to fight at any moment.

Raccoons Having Fun Eating Something They Shouldn’t

The look on the raccoon’s face says it all. They’re full of food and having the time of their lives. The raccoons seem to be eating some sort of treat that they shouldn’t. It looks like they managed to get bird seed from a bird feeder. The raccoons have a full belly and are obviously enjoying a good time. Each of the raccoons ate so much food that they can’t walk. The only choice for them now is to lay down and sleep it off. They have to get some rest because they need all the energy they can get for later tonight.

Hungry Baby Foxes Drink Milk From Their Mother

The little baby foxes are having a milky feed. As they get older and grow bigger, their diet will consist more of meat, and they’ll drink mother’s milk less often. For now, both mom and babies seem to be exceptionally happy. The babies are enjoying themselves, and the mom is enjoying being close to her babies. Maybe she knows that soon they’ll be grown and live so far away that she might never see them again. This is the look of the type of pure satisfaction that only the wilderness can produce. The mother’s nurturing, coupled with the overwhelming desire to eat, is what this photo captures the best.

Cat Catches a Ride on the Back of a Buffalo

You would think that the buffalo would notice this strange animal on his back and throw it off, but apparently not. The cat must be one of those cats that if you throw it off a cliff, it will land on its paws and make its way back up to you. The buffalo doesn’t mind having a passenger, and the cat acts like it’s done this a million times. The cat is lucky enough to be on the back of a giant animal and can use its size to its advantage. It looks like the animal kingdom has its own version of Uber, but who knows how this cat ordered the ride.

A Mean-looking Coyote Stares Down a Pair of Deer

The two deer look like they could care less how mean looking the coyote is. The coyote’s face looks fierce and horrifying — massive jowls and even bigger teeth. The photo is of a giant coyote that stands over the deer with a look of nothing but pure intimidation. The deer don’t seem to care that the coyote is standing over them. In fact, they are pretty calm about the whole thing. What’s even more incredible is that the coyote doesn’t appear to be jumping for an attack. It just looks like he wants to look mean and scare them off.

Angry Woodpecker Breaks Trail Camera

This is what happens when a woodpecker gets angry that someone is taking pictures of it. This isn’t a new thing; other trail cams have been destroyed by animals before. If you are using trail cams to get pictures of wildlife, you should always expect that it will bring some unwanted attention. A woodpecker has a pretty hard beak, and it’s no match for a camera lens. The woodpecker seems happy as it inspects the damage it did to the camera. The camera was motion-activated, so as the woodpecker got closer it took a photo of it. The attack happened just after the camera snapped a photo of it. The attacker didn’t like that someone was taking pictures of it, so it decided to break the camera.

A Tiger Covered in Mud Trying to Cool Off

The tiger covered itself in mud in an attempt to cool itself off on a hot day. Mud is what a lot of animals use since it helps keep the hot sun from beating down on them. The tiger seems to be completely dowsed in the mud. It even has a little bit of its nose covered up as well. It would be hard to catch any birds or other animals with that much mud on them. The tiger doesn’t seem to be thinking about food at a time like this when it’s so hot that it can barely take the heat.

A Raccoon Catches a Ride on the Back of a Feral Hog

The raccoon must have had tired legs or saw an opportunity for a ride while a feral hog walked by. The hog didn’t seem to mind that a raccoon was on its back. A lift like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity in the wilderness and the raccoon was wise to hop on and see where the hog was going. It is not uncommon for a hog to carry a young animal on its back. Like in the picture, a pig will carry a piglet on its back to be protected from harm and fed with milk. So, while it’s not unheard of for a pig to carry its young, it’s certainly is odd to see it carry a raccoon like this.

Quite a Few Deer Having a Midnight Feast

They seem to have been celebrating for a while as it looks that they have eaten quite a bit. It is hard to see all of the deer as they are inside the woods, but the animals seem to be enjoying their meal. They are having a family reunion, and it looks like it is going very well. Each one of the deer looks like they are having a great time. Even though it is hard to see them, you can tell that they are happy. Who isn’t happy when they can share a meal with those who they love the most?

A Raccoon Runs Up a Tree While Being Chased by a Coyote

The quick-thinking raccoon will probably live to see another day because of it’s quick moves and determination. The coyote can do nothing but continue to watch it climb higher into the tree. It seems like the raccoon will have the last laugh. The raccoon manages to avoid becoming the coyote’s lunch by finding itself a good perch and climbing up to safety. It is surprising what some animals will do for food. This raccoon seems to escape the jaws of the coyote effortlessly. In this sneaky escape, it looks like this very hungry coyote will not be making the raccoon a meal today.

A Deer and a Raccoon Fight Under an Automatic Feeder

The automatic feeder is designed for large animals such as deer and bears. In the winter, these big animals are especially hungry and require more food. That is why wildlife biologists, through the use of automatic feeders, can maintain their populations without having to worry about them starving. The raccoon is hungry and will do whatever it takes to get a little of the prized food. In some cases, wildlife biologists have to put up with the occasional confrontation. In this instance, however, the deer and raccoon didn’t come face to face. The deer had already eaten most of the food when the raccoon stared back at him from under the feeder.

A Creepy Clown Spotted by a Trail Camera

What is that creepy looking clown doing in the middle of the wilderness being captured by a trail camera? We have seen a lot of creepy things on the internet, but this takes the creepy cake. What the heck is this thing doing? No one ever expects to see a clown in the middle of nowhere. This nature photograph brings with it far more questions than it does answers. All we know is that we hope never to see this in person. That’s enough to make any nature lover run for the hills. Who knows what a trail cam will catch next, maybe a space alien.

A Bunny Rabbit Unaware That Soon It Will Be Eaten

Nature will take its course against the bunny. There is no way to get out of this one. The hungry mountain lion can’t refuse a meal as tasty as this bunny is. Nature is indeed cruel. The bunny rabbit’s only mistake was to wander into the wilderness. It had no idea that it might be a meal for a hungry mountain lion. The bunny rabbit’s life and death is the way of nature. The bunny will soon become venison—for a hungry mountain lion. Nature, like a hungry mountain lion, will not be denied. The bunny is doomed from the start. Luckily the trail cam didn’t capture the lion munching on its meal.

Two Deer Caught in a Very Loving Moment

It seems that love is in the air among these two deer. PDA or not, this moment is worth capturing. The deer kiss, often called “budding,” is a clear sign of affection between two deer. It seems that the deer feel comfortable with one another and enjoy the company. Budding is an act that takes place between two group members. The deer will often rub their tines, or antlers, against one another. The reason for doing this goes beyond affectionately touching one another. It’s to remove and build up layers of dead skin cells. The rubbing works like a massage to help the deer improve their circulation. What appears to be a kiss might very well be two deer helping each other get their blood pumping.

Birds Fighting Over a Fallen Tree Limb

These two birds are fighting over a tree branch. Who knew that birds would fight over something like a tree branch lying on the ground? The battle raged on for a bit, with the larger bird winning the fight and getting to eat the tasty bit of wood. Sure enough, this was not a battle where any type of intimidation or violence was used to obtain the food. It was simply a matter of the bigger bird using his size to get his share, and it clearly worked! That’s not to say that this branch wasn’t worthy of a fight, it was quite delicious in its own right.

A Wild Boar Munches on a Raccoon

Boars are common in the wilderness throughout the world. They are usually found in moist areas with dense undergrowth, such as forests. Boars usually have brown or black fur, with greyish tusks and a large head. They are large, fast, and fierce mammals. This is a perfect example of how boars act in the wild. The raccoon has a black-masked face and a bushy ringed tail. All of which is going to become a tasty meal for this hungry boar. The raccoon is caught by surprise and has no hope for survival. Although this is an unusual picture, this happens very often today. Raccoons are not the only animals that are being severely attacked and killed by boars. There are many more victims. Cats, as well as dogs, are also being attacked in numbers. There are even cases of men being attacked and killed by boars.

A Wolverine Standing on Its Hind Legs

You can see by this picture that a wolverine is nothing you want to mess around with. If you were to encounter a wolverine, you would need to be on your toes if you wanted to survive. Sure, the wolverine looks cuddly, but it’s anything but. It’s a fierce machine that can rip through the flesh of just about any animal, regardless of its size. A wolverine can kill prey much larger than itself, although that is not usually the case. It wins its battles, usually through agility and aggression. When humans get too close to a wolverine den or young, the mother may come out of the den and attack by running up to you and clawing or biting you with sharp teeth.

A Bear Eating Santa’s Hat

In the picture, you can clearly see that the bear has spoiled Santa’s Christmas spirit. Although the bear was just taking a bite of Santa’s hat, he was still naughty and would have been put on Santa’s naughty list. The best part is that Santa’s hat is still intact, and the bear left a big smile on the old man’s face. It was a happy ending to an otherwise sad day. You can’t blame the bear too much; after all, it has no idea what Christmas is. The bear will be able to redeem itself when it realizes what the true meaning of Christmas is. Santa would definitely take this bear’s actions as a lesson and make sure the bear does not spoil Christmas ever again.

An Angry Moose Looking Directly Into the Trail Cam

That moose looks so angry that it could melt the camera lens. He has a serious look on his face, as though he’s in agony. Is he angry because he got stuck in the mud? Or was he summoned from afar to come and destroy the trail cam? We don’t know, and neither did this trail cam owner. He’s just lucky that he wasn’t in the way of this angry moose. Who knows what a moose this mean-looking could do with antlers as big as the ones he has. If any of you see this moose, try your best to be on its good side.

A Raccoon Makes It Rain Bird Seeds for All of Its Friends

Raccoons are smart animals, and this one proves it by giving its friends what appears to be an almost unlimited amount of birdseed to eat. The raccoon seems to be having the time of his life while trying to impress his friends. Maybe the raccoon is trying to get voted most popular, or maybe the raccoon is just being a great friend. Nevertheless, the raccoon is making sure that everyone is happy with its generosity. Hopefully, its friends will leave it some of the seed as a thank you for all the hard work it did. It would suck pretty bad to feed your friends, and they leave nothing at all for you.

A Deer Acting Crazy Falls Over in the Woods

The funny thing is how the other two deer don’t seem to notice what their friend is doing. The deer appears to be falling down instead of jumping, but it is really hilarious! What could cause a deer to fall like that? He hit a rock and fell, or maybe he was balancing on his hind legs, and the wind knocked him off balance. Either way, it’s a funny picture of a deer acting crazy. Who knows, maybe the deer had one too many while out on the town and now can’t keep their balance. The other deer don’t seem phased, and that probably means the deer more than likely does this sort of thing all the time.

Deer Running Away From a Flying Squirrel

The look on the deer’s face is priceless. He’s not going to stick around and allow the flying squirrel to land on him. The flying squirrel has to be really strong to carry that kind of weight. It’s crazy how fast the deer can run. He looks like he’s on a mission to get away from the flying squirrel. The flying squirrel is determined to catch that deer. The deer are getting out of there as fast as his four legs can carry him. Hopefully, the deer learned his lesson and won’t do anything to make this squirrel mad again.

This Big Cat Is Looking for Its Next Meal

A big hungry cat was walking through the wilderness when a trial cam took this picture. At first glance, the cat looks as though it is posing for the camera, but the look in its eyes tells a different story. The cat seems hungry and on a mission to find his next meal. Anything with a pulse in the vicinity of this cat is in danger of being eaten. Wildlife cameras provide a glimpse of animals’ lives in nature, but they also show how dangerous the wilderness can be. Anything unlucky enough to be in the cat’s path will find itself inside its stomach.

Two Porcupines Fighting Each Other

Who knew that porcupines fought each other? They are battling it out, but no one knows why. Maybe these two frisky male porcupines are fighting over a female. All sorts of animals fight or attack each other, but most of them have a valid reason. Like when two male lions battle for territory or dominance. Or when a female cougar scares away a rival to protect her cubs. It’s a mystery what happened before the trial cam snapped this shot, but it must have been something to get their blood boiling. They look like they are about to kill each other, but it’s probably all just a rouse to see who runs away first in fear.

Two Deer Caught Having Sex in the Wilderness

Now you know where deer babies come from. The male deer don’t seem to be the most comfortable, but he’s trying his best to have sex with her. Animals aren’t as fancy when they have sex as people are. The female deer seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit. Chances are pretty good he didn’t have to wine and dine her before doing the deed. Soon he’ll fly the coup and try to find another female deer to have sex with while this one waits while hoping that she’s pregnant. The camera turned off before they were finished, which means no one knows if either of them smoked a cigarette after they were done.

Deer Licking the Trail Cam

What did the deer think when it licked the trail cam? It obviously was curious about what the camera is. The deer is licking the camera to figure out what it is and the best way to get to know it. It wanted to be a friend of the camera, so it licked its face. Could that be true? Well, it’s about as good of an explanation as any. This deer seems to like licking the camera a little too much, though. When the deer first sees the camera, it looks very calm and nonchalant. Maybe this deer has a fascination with technology.

Angry Deer Battle It Out in the Dark

It seems that wild animals are always fighting. No one knows why these deer are fighting. It’s pretty clear that the deer are serious about harming each other. When the deer want to kill each other, they don’t mince words. They don’t toss a few insults at each other first. They wouldn’t even waste a minute getting their point across. They attack each other with full force, and if their opponent doesn’t understand the lesson, they will repeat it until they get it. Unfortunately, we’re not sure who is winning the fight here. Aggression like this is usually only seen in an octagon during a mixed martial arts fight.

Deer Survives a Vicious Attack

No one knows precisely what type of animal attacked the deer. It could be a dog or a big cat, but the evidence of the attack is clear. The deer is bleeding from its hind legs, and it looks like whatever attacked it isn’t done yet. The deer is fighting back and trying to get away from the predator. The fight against this animal has to cause great pain for the buck since it’s already been injured. This is a very rare glimpse into what could be a very common occurrence in the wild. Nature is harsh and cruel, but it’s also beautiful in so many ways. The struggle for survival is an intense process that can be witnessed every day in the wild. This is pure nature, and it shows the rest of us just how strong and resilient animals can be.

A Girl in the Wilderness at Night With Two Deer

How did this young girl get out there in the middle of the wilderness in the night with two deer? This picture is eerie in the sense that anything could happen to that girl. Luckily for her, deer aren’t dangerous, but they can be under the wrong circumstances. In a more traditional setting, like in the daytime, it would look like the girl is out in the forest with her two deer friends, but at night, in the dark woods, it looks scary. The girl looks kind of scared, too. It appears that she’s confused and may be lost.

A Deer Walking on Its Hind Legs

It’s very strange to see a deer standing on its back legs like this. Could the deer feel threatened, and it’s walking that way? It almost makes no sense why the deer is walking like a human. We can’t help but wonder if this was an accident or some type of joke that the photographer set up. If the deer was walking because it was in pain, would it have just limped around the forest instead of standing like this? Why are deer walking like humans anyway? The pose in which the deer is standing looks rather awkward. It would be interesting to know what the deer was doing after this photo was taken.

Deer Takes a Wickedly Funny Selfie

People aren’t the only ones who like to take selfies with their tongue hanging out. The selfie this deer took also had its tongue sticking out. The deer looks directly into the camera as if they know what’s going on. This might be because they recognize that this camera captures them or is just a very curious deer. Who knows, maybe the deer wanted to update its Facebook timeline with this picture. Most deer are shy creatures of the forest. They usually hide behind trees when they spot a human and run away very quickly if they can. However, this deer seems to be quite a ham.

Three Coyotes Howling at the Moon

You can almost hear the coyotes howling at the moon in this picture. All three coyotes are howling, and it’s kind of eerie. It would be bone-chilling to hear such a thing at night time if you were in the wilderness. It’s as if these coyotes are being very expressive and vocal about the moon and their howling is turning into a song. It looks like the coyotes in this picture may be singing at the moon out there. Yet, there is something else that is very special about this picture. It looks as if there is a full moon, but no one knows because it’s unknown when this photo was taken.

A Big Cat Lays Like It’s a King

The cat must have recently eaten because it’s not messing around at all with the deer. The deer must feel a little odd with a big cat lying near them like that. Oddly, the cat doesn’t pounce on one of the deer and eat it for dinner. And it’s unusual that the deer don’t charge the big cat but instead stand there with ears back and tail up. It’s like they’re trying to tell the cat that they’re a deer and deserve to be respected as such. Maybe the animal kingdom is evolving, but probably not. There’s more than likely a better explanation for what’s going on here.

Momma Bear Lifts Her Cub to Get Some Food

This momma bear is lifting her cub so it can eat some of the food from the barrel. Is she worried that he can’t reach it, or is it just a mother helping her baby? Baby bears are born blind and are dependent on their mother for the first weeks. After about three months, baby bears begin to explore and play outside with other bear cubs. The cub’s mother stops giving him milk. The cub stays with his mother until he is around two years old; then, he will go off on his own. By the looks of things, this bear will soon be on its own and invading the spaces of anywhere that has a morsel of food.

A Wolf Looks Directly Into the Camera

This wolf looks into the camera as if he knows eventually someone will see his picture. The other two wolves in the background aren’t sure what’s going on. They seem a little too curious, and that might mean they think the camera could be food. This picture shows us a wolf, but not just any wolf. This one takes it to the next level and looks straight into the camera. It’s easy to see how fascinated he is by this new object found in his natural habitat. In this picture, the three wolves are curious, like the wolf in the foreground, and are a little unsure of what is going on.

Bear Takes a Fish Into the Wilderness

The bear caught a fish and took it in the wilderness to eat it. Maybe the bear was worried that another bear would snatch its catch. There’s nothing like a meal of fresh fish, and it’s understandable why he would want to keep it all to himself. The fish was pretty huge, but that didn’t deter the bear. Nature has provided it with a superior set of teeth to crush the fish into submission. There’s no need for any other methods, especially if his teeth are sharp and pointy. The bear looks to be chomping down on the fish like there’s no tomorrow.

Something Very Weird Is Going on With These Deer

At first glance, you might think that these deer are having sex. Then, you realize that there are three deer in this picture. No one knows what these deer are doing, but it sure looks like some kind of strange sex act. The pictures from this event are quite shocking. People have never seen deer behave like this before. No one ever thinks of three deers going at it the way they do in this outdoor trail cam picture. Who knows, maybe the deer are in college, and as they say, this sort of stuff happens when you leave home for the first time.

A Cat Won’t Back Down From a Coyote

The coyote wants the cat to know that it’s in danger. The cat doesn’t seem to care in the least. Sure, the cat is standing firm, but it’s not going to budge in the slightest out of fear. It’s brave in this instant, but not stupid. This image shows how even the smallest animals can show bravery under fire. This cat knows bigger animals out there are willing to kill it if it gives up its territory. This cat knows that it needs to stay and fight no matter what the outcome may be. The trail cam only snaps shots every so often; the confrontation was over by the next picture.

A Drunk Guy Has Fun With a Deer

It’s easy to spot that this guy has had way too much to drink. How does a drunk guy wander off into the woods? If a person drinks enough, they’re likely to do almost anything. He could easily have stumbled into the woods by accident, but he decided to stay there. We have seen this sort of thing before, but admit that we never thought we would see it again. We’re just glad that the guy is all right and didn’t end up eating it or hurting himself too badly. Who knows, maybe the deer is his new drinking buddy.

A Dog and a Buck Walking Together

A buck is a male deer. This deer and the dog seem to be walking through the wilderness together. They seem to be friendly towards each other and don’t see the other as a threat. As they keep walking, they seem to be focused on the trail ahead of them. The need for companionship seems like a human quality, but it appears not to be. Who knows, maybe a dog is a deer’s best friend, just like they are a man’s. We can’t expect too much from a dog and a buck, though. After all, the dog is just a domesticated animal, and the buck is just wild. If we see a trend, we can assume that deer have crossed some evolutionary threshold.

An Otter Enjoys a Quick Fish Snack

An otter can’t go to a local convenience store to pick up a bag of chips. This otter headed out into the water to get itself a snack of fresh fish. Munching on the fish makes the otter delightfully happy as it would any hungry wild animal. Every bite tasted better than the one before it, and that’s a good thing when you’re a hungry otter. Otters have a thick layer of fur to help protect them from the cold water. This otter is intently focused on eating the fish, not the camera. It needs plenty of protein and other things to keep its fur healthy and warm.

Deer Enjoys Watching a Fireworks Show

A fireworks show grabs the attention of a deer. You have to wonder what it’s thinking about as it watches the fireworks go off in the sky. The deer isn’t afraid of the fireworks because it doesn’t run away as the booms go off. You would think that the firework display would scare it off, but it doesn’t. It stands there in awe of the fireworks show. What is this deer thinking? Maybe it’s wondering where the BBQ and beer are to celebrate whatever event is going on. The fire in the sky dazzles not only humans but wildlife in the animal kingdom as well.

A Mountain Lion Chases a Deer

The deer fell into the mountain lion’s trap. No one knows if the deer got out alive or if the lion had itself a meal. The deer immediately runs away the moment it spotted the mountain lion. The lion gives chase. Since the deer has already made up its mind to run away, it puts on an impressive sprint. Sadly, even the most remarkable sprinter in the animal kingdom cannot outrun a mountain lion. The most likely scenario is that the mountain lion caught up with the deer and ate like it was Thanksgiving. Nature is a sad, cruel, but often tasty reality for many animals.

A Deer Watches a Hawk Catch Its Dinner

Was the deer happy it wasn’t the hawk’s dinner? The deer looks in almost disbelief as the hawk goes in for the kill. The hawk is hungry, and it appears that it has gotten a small rodent or another little animal to eat. The deer looks like it is contemplating the situation and taking it in. It is a natural process for animals to eat and survive in this world, but the deer looks like it is a little sad as it watches the hawk in action. The wilderness is a cruel place, and no doubt this deer has witnessed all sorts of carnage during its lifetime.

Coyote Catches a Fawn and Carries It Away

No one ever said the wilderness was a kind place. This coyote killed this fawn and now is carrying it away. A fawn is a young baby deer, and its life was cut short because of the coyote. It’s a reminder of how cruel survival is, and no animal gives a second thought to its prey’s age. Coyotes are intelligent animals with an understanding of how to use the land around them. This coyote has figured out that this area in the forest is a great place to catch small animals like young fawns. This image symbolizes nature in action and shows the brutality of living off the land for survival.

A Deer’s Eyes Glowing in the Night

Deer tend to eat at nighttime to avoid predators. This deer’s eyes are glowing in the night. Anyone who has ever driven on a country road during the night and saw a deer knows this is a familiar expression. It’s the deer in the headlights look that everyone talks about. The deer in the headlights expression is as old as the automobile. It is usually a quiet, nervous deer moving from safe shelter to safe shelter while it’s eyes are wide with fear. The deer wants to eat, but it’s also afraid of anything that may want to do it harm.

A Close-up Shot of a Deer in the Night

This deer looks like it was shocked to find a camera staring right at it. The deer may have never seen anything man-made like this before. It would be surprising to find something so wildly technologically advanced such as a camera in the middle of the forest. The deer most likely has no idea what’s happening or what it’s even looking at. His eyes are wide, and he has the most confused look on his face. The deer looks like he doesn’t know where to go or what to do. The only thing it can do is keep munching on whatever it’s eating and continue looking silly.

A Bear Can’t Get a Moment of Privacy

This bear looks like it’s about to go to the bathroom when it realizes there’s a camera pointed at him. How can he use the bathroom knowing that everyone is watching? The bear is feeling as shy as anyone else would who just realized their privacy had been invaded. If you were a bear, wouldn’t you feel as if someone was watching you? Or does this animal just not mind? It looks like he will have to find somewhere else where he can get a little privacy to do his business. He’s not going to get any here, and it seems he now realizes that.

A Rare Close-up Picture of an Anteater

Anteaters are one of the animals that people rarely get to see. A trail camera snapped a photo of this anteater minding its own business while walking through the forest. It seems surprised to find a camera along its journey. Anteaters are truly fascinating creatures. These guys look a little intimidating because their eyes, caught in the flash, looks like they’re glowing yellow. However, we’re sure they’re just minding their business. Doing whatever anteaters do in the middle of the night in the wild. It’s doubtful the anteater had been out drinking all night and is now stumbling around the forest trying to find its way home.

A Plastic Pig Is Stuck to a Deer’s Antlers

How did this deer end up having a plastic pig stuck to its antlers? Maybe the deer thought the pig was real and it was defending himself. The deer must have charged the plastic pig pretty hard to puncture it with its antlers. It’s a good thing the deer didn’t get injured by the plastic pig. It would have been pretty personal to be poked in the eye with it. How will the deer get the pig off its antlers? That’s a million-dollar question since deer have no arms. Despite his look of confusion, the deer seems to be at peace with whatever happened.

A Moose Covered in Polka Dots

What’s wrong with this moose? Something has caused his fur to become polka-dotted. A moose would rarely have something like this happen to its fur. So, what exactly is happening here? No one knows. The moose could be sick, old, or have some kind of genetic condition. But, whatever the cause, maybe, we can say that this is pretty awesome! It’s not every day that you see a moose that’s potted like a cow. It has to make you wonder what the other moose think of it? They probably talk behind its back and saw all kinds of mean things. After all, you know how talkative moose can be.