Cracking The Code On Why Cats Purr

Have you ever listened to a cat purr and wondered why are they doing it? You might think that your cat is singing you a love song. Don’t fancy yourself so much; the reason why your cat isn’t because they love you. However, your cat does love you. What isn’t there to love about the person who gives them food and treats? You’d love a person too if they supplied you with an almost unlimited supply of delicious food and tasty treats.

Purring begins when the cat is just a kitten

A kitten begins to purr almost right out of the womb. Why is that? You’re going to be surprised to learn that kittens purr in the same way that bats use sonar to see the world around them. No, cats don’t have sonar. A kitten can tell its surroundings by how the purr sounds. A kitten purrs to know what’s around them since their eyes aren’t very good in the early days of their lives. Kittens aren’t blind, but their eyesight makes it impossible for them to see much of anything. If a kitten is in the wild, that’s when they’re the most susceptible to predators. That’s why a mother cat is so protective of her kittens. She knows that this is the perfect time for a hungry bird or larger mammal to come along and snatch her defenseless little kittens.

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There are also health benefits behind why a cat purrs

Did you know that purring makes a cat healthy? Purring brings about a whole host of health benefits for the cat, and that’s why they continue to purr long into adulthood. Purring helps maintain steady breathing, and that keeps their lungs healthy and their blood full of oxygen. Purring also eases any pain that the cat is experiencing. Yes, purring is an all-natural pain reliever, and a cat never has to go to the pharmacy if they’re feeling pain. If all that wasn’t enough, purring can also heal bone fractures and cause wounds to heal more quickly. Who knew that a broken bone could be soothed and healed more quickly with purring? It has to make you wonder if you ever break a bone if it will help if you purr. Fat chance, but who knows, it might make you forget all about your broken bone.

You’ll never think of your cat purring the same way again

Purring is more than just beautiful; it’s essential to your cat’s life. Purring begins at the earliest stages of a kitten’s life and continues until your cat is over the hill. The purrs that you hear soothe your soul and calm you. The sound alone of your cat purring can put a smile on your face. Your cat purrs for many different reasons, but none of them are harmful to its health. If your cat is purring, don’t do anything to stop it. Enjoy every purr and get the most out of the moment that you can because any time spent with a cat is the most valuable time you’ll ever have.