Cuddle up with these best dog breeds for cuddling

Sometimes all we need is something or someone to cuddle up to. When you have a lot of love to share, or you’re needing to snuggle up next to your pet for a little pick-me-up boost, there are some dogs that are going to serve as a momentary teddy bear better than others. Here are some of the best dog cuddlers for you.

Golden Retrievers

While you may think the best snuggle dogs are going to be small, this isn’t always the case. Golden Retrievers are wonderful with their sweet, gentle nature. No wonder they are among the top three most popular dog breeds in America. They are great with children, and friendly to their owners and usually haven’t meant a stranger because they are instant friends to everyone.


Just one glance at these tiny teddy bear looking dogs, and you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from picking them up and snuggling them. Good thing they like it too. They are considered toy breeds and have a sweet nature. They are adorable and love to sit next to your legs, leaning against them or happily cozy up on your lap.

Bichon Frise

This dog breed looks like a cuddly toy and has a personality to match. They usually have affection to share and are happy merely curling up on your lap. A benefit to this lap sitting is that they don’t shed much, so when they get up, your pants or shirt will not be covered in dog hair.


Perhaps a face only a mother, or pet owner, could love, pugs like to be where you are at all times. Though, they might appear to simply be lazy. They love to be wherever you are. They were bred in China to be a companion. They tend to be docile and loving with no aggression.


This tiny active dog loves to be where people are, especially their favorite person. If someone tries to hug you as their owner, don’t be surprised if they become a little jealous and respond with barking to show how much they disapprove of someone other than them is sitting by your side. If it’s not your lap, they enjoy wrapping up inside a cozy blanket.


When they try to fit on our lap, they appear as though they don’t realize how big they are. But, you probably won’t be able to resist their cuddles. Newfoundland dogs are known to be strong yet calm. If they’re not trying to cozy into your lap, they will probably rest against you to show their love and appreciation for you as their owner.


Lanky and tall, they are far from being a lap dog. Though, don’t tell the greyhound this. This slender dog loves to sleep up to 18 hours a day. They require a lot of room to burn off energy and are able to run at very high speeds, but when they are at home with their owners, they love to just lie around next to those they trust.