Demonstration of pets; a new pet challenge with new year’s days

Have you added a new pet to your family around these Christmas holidays? If yes! Then you will get to know how much care and attention a new cat or a dog needs. 

Cat Owners:

Compared to dogs, cats are more self-sustained, so they may not annoy you except when they are naughty and crazy, which is the tendency of many cats.

Let me assume what you are going through with your new pet. If you are a new cat parent, then I am sure that your kitty is trying to learn how to use the litterbox and is going well with the new training; it will not pee on your couch.

And also, you will introduce your pet. I am talking about a black-tie party, but the inevitable hair follicle that comes out of Kitty’s throat and the hairy pork looks like sausage. Be careful that your pet won’t eat something wrong, thinking it’s a pork sausage. 

New cat owners may have a cat that knocks objects off the counter, scratch the furniture, meow loud while everyone’s sleep, tease other pets, bounce of the walls, play biting, poop and pee out of the litterbox and much more. One can control and correct all these cats’ behaviour. You can search Google for how to control crazy cats. Do follow the rules; these will indeed work out.

Dog owners:

Now let’s talk about the new dog’s owners. As a dog owner, you are aware that dogs require more care and training, especially the pups. Cats use litterboxes while they are one week old; on the other hand, a dog is not trained unless it is about 2 to 4 months old.

I will advise you to take your dog out of the house as far as possible. Younger pups go out of the home more than older dogs. I know that size of the bladder matters a lot. Give your dog lots of compliments and a little treat. But remember! Don’t overdo the treats; you may have to get back from where you began. 

In Florida, it’s quite easy to house-train a dog within the winter season than in Chicago. Keep going on; when your dog is eight months old, it will be thoroughly trained and can hold up pee for about 12 hours or even more.

Besides housebreaking your dog, you must teach your dog about your home rules such as, don’t chew furniture, don’t run on the counter, don’t tease, or chase other pets in the house, don’t eat something from garbage, don’t beg, don’t sleep on anyone’s bed, and more. 

You can correct all these attitudes and behaviour of dogs by visiting Google. Do learn from Google and then teach that to your dog because if you are not aware of something, how can you train your pet? Firstly, educate yourself, and then let your dog learn from you. Have a fun and happy life with your pet!