Is Dog aggressiveness an issue?

No dog owner wants their dog to be aggressive but is this all under our control? Unharnessed aggression is dangerous for the owner, their family and also to the other animals around. They can be a threat, says the report. Based upon it around 4.5 million Americans suffer due to dog bite injuries, every year. So, what to do? How to control this aggression in dogs?

Some say there is a link between Breed and aggression but it’s nothing more than a misconception. Any breed of dog can carry aggression within but the damage caused differ. But still, there are some of the breeds who have a bad reputation. They are considered to be aggressive, more aggressive than others. 

Considering upon varied factors the aggression management differ on- Age (younger the dog, easier they are to be trained), Severity, Biting history (a dog is an insurance liability if they have bitten someone already) and predictability (dogs sometimes give warning, watch them closely). 

Like said before, dogs give early warnings before they get aggressive. Earlier the identified, the best will be the remedies to work through the same. Some signs of aggression considering dog health include growling, snarling, standing still, lunging, snapping, guttural barking, teeth showing, etc. These signs can be either due to being fearful or protective towards someone or themselves. Sometimes, socialization to forms an important reason for dogs’ aggressive nature where they get defensive.

An abusive environment can cause aggression too. So, if your dog is adopted, make sure to look out for such signs as the more hurt they are, the more harm they can cause.


Is there training available for aggressive dogs?

Yes, there are training means available for aggressive dogs. Their pattern and reason for being aggressive are to be understood before they are started being trained. See who they are aggressive too. Is it just other animals or strangers or someone in specific for whom they show such behavior?

Once you know, a professional trainer will be the right help as aggression is complex. It will take time, patience and lot to hard work to fix the same.


Dog-to-Dog aggression pattern

Sometimes it’s not you or the family but the other dogs for whom you see your dog’s aggressive behavior. There might be many reasons for the same. It can be fear, stress, nature to dominate or protecting owners. Sometimes even the excitement and eagerness can cause the same.

So, in such cases as mentioned above, a workup with your dog on your own will also help. Emotions are normal to be reflected during such work-ups. So, teaching dogs, avoiding other dogs, or you walking at a peace ahead after seeing another dog for encouraging your dog for doing the same, all can be a great help. These might be baby steps but it will help control your favorite hurting others. 

Aggression is not something one needs to ignore as it needs to be reduced. Remember this. Remember to help your dog.