Dogs Feel As Excited As Us To Go On Vacations

Did you know that dogs enjoy going on holidays with their owners? Yes, they do, and this was revealed in a new study that found that dogs’ heart rate increases by 51% while on holiday. So, if your dog ever feels stressed out, a small getaway is precisely what he needs. 

Nick Benger and Park Leisure did a study with the help of heart rate monitoring technology. First, they established the average resting heart rate of dogs. After that, they tracked the heart rates to understand how it was affected by different activities. 

Here is what the studies revealed.

1. Beach 

Going to the beach increased the heart rate of dogs by 74%. That is because the beach offers multiple stimuli for dogs, such as waves, open space, sand texture, and much more. It brings out the explorer in every dog. 

2. Country Walk 

Taking a country walk in fresh air increased the heart rate of dogs by 58%. Keep in mind that a regular walk at home increases heart rate by only 45% compared to taking a walk in the countryside. Nature is always great for your furry friend. 

3. Paddling In The Sea 

Going in the sea and paddling increases the heart rate of dogs by 62%. That is because getting wet and paddling is an exhilarating experience for dogs. They love it, and they are interested in it all the time. 

4. Playing Fetch 

Playing fetch in an open space increases the heart rate of dogs by 57%. It can be an ideal way for your dog to blow off steam, have fun, and stay healthy at the same time. So, even doing such a small activity is beneficial for them. 

5. Relaxing Next To The Fire 

Sitting by the fire increases the heart rate of dogs by 11%. It is a peaceful activity, but just being next to their owners and the fire pleases dogs. 

6. Coming To A Holiday House 

Just exiting the car and going inside a new holiday home increases dogs’ heart rate by 39%. That is because dogs are always excited to visit and explore a new place. It is one of the most exciting activities for them. 

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Enjoying The Holiday 

Now that you know everything that excites a dog, here are some signs that will let you know if your dog is enjoying the holiday:

  • Young pups and dogs will become full of energy and will get excited to do anything and everything
  • Older dogs will be more relaxed and spend time being cozy and sleeping
  • The dog will have relaxed muscles and wag their tails at all times

Final Words 

That was your complete guide to how excited dogs get when they are on holiday. If you notice your furry friend going through stress and anxiety, it is time to take them on a short trip. It will uplift their mood in no time, and they will be happier than ever.