Everything You Need to Know About Brussels Griffon

Pets, like dogs, act as the perfect companion for humans. The breed of the dog can help tell you about what their personality is mainly like. One of the dogs breeds that people like to adopt is the Brussels Griffon. These small dogs make a perfect addition to the family due to their friendliness. Here, in this article, we’ve provided information regarding the personality traits and appearance of Brussels Griffons.

The Appearance of Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffons belong in the toy group category due to their small size, rarely going taller than 10 inches. Both the genders, female and male, can weigh up to four to six kgs and have a life span of 12 to 15 years. These little furry animals have a short round head, a lot of facial furs, and adorable big eyes! You can find these dogs in quite a few colors, including black, red, a mixture of black and brown, etc. The Brussels can have two types of coat, a smooth and rough one. The former is easier to groom, while the latter is more high maintenance requiring a lot of grooming. Because of their size, they can easily be suitable for those who live in an apartment.

Personality Traits

It is not necessary that all the Brussels griffons will have the same personality; however, generally, they’re known to be very active. They may be small but ought to be incredibly intelligent, making it easier to train them. These fur babies need attention, games, and walks to keep them happy. If you provide enough of playtime, they’ll be calm throughout the rest of the day.

Another thing that makes them an excellent pet choice is that they adjust pretty well with other humans and animals. So, if you want a pet that’ll be friendly with your children or other pets, then you should think of adopting this breed! However, because of their natural instinct, keep a watch on them if they’re around birds, rabbits, or rodents.

Their living need isn’t a big deal either, as they can fit in almost anywhere. Whether you have a big or small yard or an apartment, these little fellows will adapt easily as long they’re getting the daily required exercise time. It’s important to remember that this dog breed is super loving and needs a lot of attention from its family. If not given enough attention, they can develop separation anxiety; thus, make sure you don’t ignore them.

How to Care for Brussels Griffon

Brussels are typically a breed that is healthy; however, there can be certain medical conditions such as cataracts and other orthopedic issues that can arise. In addition, as it is with all flat-faced animals, there might be breathing problems that cause them to snore loudly while sleeping. This is why regular visits to the vets are important, along with giving them a well-balanced food diet.


The Brussels griffon has their roots in Belgium, where they were bred to hunt down rodents and pests. As time passed, these little dogs became more popular, and people started keeping them in their homes as pets in different parts of the world.