Famous Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Strives To Bring Back Animals To The Galapagos Islands

You might have seen many celebrities and other activists advocating the need for restoring wildlife. There has been an alarming decrease in the presence of wildlife, leading to many becoming extinct. One actor that has been regularly working towards sustaining the wildlife is Leonardo DiCaprio. You will find his efforts to not go in vain as he is working with prominent organizations to help ensure that there is a space for wildlife to thrive in the Galapagos Islands.

What Is Happening Around The World?

When you take a close look at what’s happening around the world, you will find that many of the animal species are going extinct because of the way that humans have been living in this world. There is a need to work towards sustaining the wildlife and ensure that the rate at which they are decreasing is reduced. Otherwise, there is going to be a time where you won’t be able to see many of the species that you do now.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Initiative With Prominent Organizations

Leonardo DiCaprio has been extremely active when it comes to ensuring that there is work being done to help promote wildlife. He continues to donate and fund many organizations through which there is active work towards wildlife.

The current project he has undertaken is in partnership with Re:wild that helps him in the process of making use of the Galapagos Islands as a way to rehabilitate and increase the population of various species that are going extinct. He believes that there is a need to work on this now to see results in the future.

There are plenty of activists who are ready to join hands and work towards something that would ensure that the wildlife is free from the damaging acts of humans. Leonardo DiCaprio believes that it is time to bring them all together to work for something phenomenal.

He has pledged about $43 million in creating a conservatory-like situation at the Galapagos Islands. The idea is to promote wildlife in this location by introducing about 54 species in the area that are known to be decreasing at an alarming rate. Along with this, there is a focus on other locally extinct species in the area as well.

He has met with multiple environmentalists to figure out the best way to make this happen. Since wildlife is decreasing everywhere else, there is a need to ensure that humans push for a more balanced world, where animals are also taken care of and allowed to thrive.

The Purpose For The Pledge

Essentially, the main purpose of the pledge by Leonardo DiCaprio is to ensure that there is a way for wildlife to thrive. While this doesn’t mean that humans will not be permitted on the islands, there is a strong push towards making sure that no harm is done to the animals that are present there. It is up to us to make sure that we bring back the world to how it was by practicing effective and sustainable methods of living for ourselves and the wildlife.