Fantastic Ways Animals Use Electricity

Have you heard of animals exuding electrical currents in their habitats? Well, the presence of eels and other animals surely suggests that there are different ways that animals make use of electricity. Here, we look at how different animals make use of electricity in their daily lives.

You should know that almost everything is run using electricity. While there are different ways that this may be produced, there is no denying that it is everywhere around this. What is more surprising is that even animals make use of energy to get by.

Why Do Animals Make Use Of Electricity?

If you are wondering why animals might be making use of electricity, you should know that they are wired differently. They might make use of this source of energy to communicate with others of their species, protect themselves, or even try to find their food. It is perhaps one of the most essential features that they possess. However, you must know that not every animal possesses this feature. There are only specific animals that make use of this.

You will find that these animals are mainly present in freshwaters. So, only sea animals are able to make use of this. They are more inclined to make use of this to make up for their poor eyesight or vision underwater. So, you will find plenty of freshwater species that will be using electric currents every day to meet their needs.

There are also some saltwater species that make use of this to help them with their hunting. But there is more to this. You will find saltwater species to make use of electric currents and other sensory glands to help them survive. These would include examples, such as sharks and dolphins.

Different Ways Of Using Electricity By Animals

You should know that every animal that uses electricity doesn’t use it in the same way. There are two prominent ways through which they do this. One method is called electrogenesis that revolves around the creation of electric pulses. So, these will make use of their body’s ability to generate electricity and mostly use it as a defense mechanism. But this isn’t only the way that animals use electricity.

The other method through which animals make use of electricity is by detecting the electric pulses. You will find that this helps them detect their prey and feed properly. It helps them detect the location of the other animal so that they are able to hunt them.

Other Animals That Use Electricity In Their Lives

When we talk about animals that make use of electricity, you should know that they aren’t only limited to those living underwater. There are many land species present that you will find also to make use of this special feature. These include platypus, echidna, bumblebees, and more. You might be surprised to know these names as you might have never thought of them making use of electricity in their lives. It is pretty unique and amazing to learn about animals who do this.