Funniest Pics Of Dogs Caught In The Act

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. They aren’t just good to have around the house but they also make for a great companion. If you are a dog person then you know what I am talking about. Dogs can be caught doing some of the cutest things ever. If you or any of your friends own a dog then you can ask them if they have found their dog doing something amazingly cute. The answer will surely be YES. Dogs are amazing creatures so we have gathered a list of dogs doing unique things. This list is bound to make you fall in love with dogs.

#01. This Dog Was Feeling The Heat

Just look at how cutely this dog is sitting in the fridge. Everything about this picture seems just perfect. But, the question is, why the dog is sitting in the fridge. Was the dog feeling hot or was he feeling hungry? It seems like the dog is feeling hungry because of all the mess he has made. Well, whatever the reason is, this picture is too cute to be true. Just look at the innocent look on the dog’s face. It looks like he is guilty after making all the mess. We hope that the poor dog ate to the fullest after all the mess he had made.

#02. This Dog Seems To Be Ignoring The Owner

If you have a dog that loves ice cream, you must know how difficult it is for the dogs to resist ice cream. But, the question is, why is the dog not eating the ice cream? Is he upset with his owner? If yes, then why? Has the owner done something to upset the dog? Well, whatever the reason is, looks like it is too difficult for the dog to resist ice cream. That’s why he is not even looking at the ice cream tub or the owner. Well, we hope that the dog made up with his owner and he got to eat the ice cream.

#03. So What Are You Guilty For?

Poor little dog! We have no idea what he has done to be hiding like this. Is he guilty of something? Has he done something wrong and hiding it? Is he scared that he will receive a scolding from his owner? Well, whatever the reason is, we hope that his owner has let him off the hook. The dog is so cute to be receiving a scolding. If you are the owner of this dog, we would even recommend that you give him a treat or two. And while you are at it, let him have some gourmet cheese and doggie treats as well.

#04. There Was No Bed Here

Good luck to the owner cleaning up this room after this mess. This innocent cute dog seems to be enjoying the mess he created. He is proudly sitting on it as nothing has happened and showing the signs of no regret. He must be a messy one who shouldn’t be left alone. His cute face and innocence like nothing’s wrong must have melted the owner and he must have forgotten the mess behind that cute face. Dogs usually get bored with doing the same things every day and want to do new things; he must have found his way to get out of the boredom and get some fun.

#05. Who Destroyed The Couch?

Ever seen a sight so adorable as this picture? We are sure that you wouldn’t have. We cannot get enough of how adorable this dog is looking in all the mess that he has made. Just look at the cute expressions of the dog. We think that the dog is tired after all the mess he has made up. But, imagine the amount of distress the owner will have to go through to get the couch fixed. The poor coach didn’t see that coming to it. Well, we are glad that it happened and we got to see such an adorable picture.

#06. Caught In The Act

Well, this dog has been just caught in the act. It looks like he wanted to make the bread for himself. But, after making all the mess, he decided that it was not his cup of tea. Just look at his angry expressions. We wonder why he is so angry. Is he angry with himself? Is he angry because he could not make the bread he wanted to eat? Or are these the expressions of being unconcerned? Is the dog unconcerned about the mess he has made? Well, we are sorry for the poor owner. He will have to do all the cleaning himself.

#07. There Is A Chicken Thief On The Loose

Do you have dogs and ever wonder where the chicken you order disappears? Well, now you know. Looks like these dogs are a fan of chicken as well. But, they are caught up in the act. Their expressions tell us that they have no idea what happened to the chicken or who ate it. Are they really trying to tell the truth? If that’s the case, then who ate the chicken? Are there more chicken thieves on the loose? Well, if that’s the case, then the owner needs to be really careful. If it’s not, then the owner should buy some chicken for its dogs next time as well.

#08. Well That’s Our Thanksgiving Treat

We all know of at least one story where our thanksgiving went wrong. But, did it ever happen because of your dogs? Now that’s rare, isn’t it? Well, we think that thanksgiving has certainly gone wrong in this picture because of these adorable little dogs. They must have thought why to let the human beings have all the fun and thanksgiving dinner all to themselves. Seems like they wanted some dinner for themselves too and they tried getting it as well. But, even this thanksgiving dinner was not enough for them. They are not full yet and want more. Let’s hope that they did get more to eat.

#09. This Dog Has Some Questionable Taste

We literally rolled with laughter after watching this picture. What was the dog even thinking? This picture is worth sharing as everyone will surely have a good laugh after watching this one. Just look at the perfect setting of the picture. The wine and the TV to set up the mood. But, looks like the whole mood of the dog was destroyed when someone walked in on him. What bad timing! He then made a perfect excuse that he was just switching through the channels. Well, if the dog was really watching it, then this dog has got some really questionable taste.

#10. Who Ate The Sandwich?

Well, it is quite evident in the picture who ate the sandwich. Just look at the expressions of the bigger dog. He is guilty of stealing the sandwich. We do not need to do much of the detective work to know who stole he sandwich. The picture tells us everything.

#11. Guilty Pleasures

Ever seen a dog so happy? Look at the way he is smiling from ear to ear. He is not only shrugging his shoulders but also smiling at the camera. Now, what could that mean? Is he trying to deny what he did and also giving us a hint at the same time? We think that the dog is proud of whatever he did. That’s why he is grinning from ear to ear. If this picture does not make you laugh, then we do not know what we will. Just look at the cute little smile of the dog. It will surely make your day.

#12. Sock Thief

My dad’s socks had been disappearing. Mommy had no idea where the socks went until she cleaned my bed. What she found out was so shameful. She found my dad’s sock in my bed. Imagine the amount of guilt I must have gone through. I was so ashamed at being caught up like this that I could not even look at her. Well, this is what we think the background of the picture is. The dog was caught stealing his dad’s socks. We can assume how guilty the dog is feeling just by looking at the picture. Poor little dog!

#13. Who Killed The Doll

We all are the fan of Dora the Explorer. But, looks like this dog is not. Had Dora something to do with it? Had she done something to anger the dog? If that’s the case, then the dog took the law into his own hands and avenged himself by killing Dora. If Dora had not done anything, then we wonder why the dog was angry with the cute little dog. Was there some misunderstanding between the two? Well, whatever the case was, we feel sorry for Dora. We wish that the dog would have controlled his anger or the two would have made up in some way.

#14. Not A Morning Dog

This picture is the perfect story of all of us in the morning. If this is not you every time your alarm clock goes off in the morning, then we do not even want to know you. Looks like the dog is certainly not the morning person like all of us. But, the poor dog needs to wake up to fulfill his responsibilities. So many responsibilities on such little shoulders. Poor little dog. But, we are glad that the dog made this face and provided us with such a great picture. It certainly made our morning, didn’t it?

#15. This Meme

Dogs can be annoying for each other just as they can be for humans. This pair seems to be going off about something the pug did to make his friend get angry. He has a face that clearly shows that he has made a grave mistake. His friend is on his tail and it is too late already to run away. It is incredible to see two pets in a bond annoy each other till one of them loses it. Whatever the pug did, his friend is not going to forget about it and will have his revenge one way or the other.

#16. Time To Check The Garbage

If you are a dog owner, then you must have gone through a situation like this too. Although not on such an extreme level, something close to this must have happened to you once in a lifetime. We will never understand why the dogs are so obsessed with checking the garbage bag. Do they think they will find a hidden treasure in the garbage bag? Well, looks like the dog has not found anything yet. This is why he looks so disappointed. Poor little dog. Imagine all the hard work he must have done to go through all this garbage and all for nothing.

#17. Saving The Bones For Later

Looks like Missy is not certain whether she will get anything to eat for later or not. That’s why she is hoarding all the bones for later. But, Missy should also know that she is supposed to eat the bones now and not hide them for later. Is there some other reason for hiding the bones that we do not know? We wonder what that could be? Are we missing something? Will she not get anything to later? If that’s the case, then we feel sorry for the poor little dog. We hope that she gets to eat to her fullest and doesn’t need to hoard anything.

#18. This Dog Is Too Cool To Care

This cute little dog is too cool to be true. Just look at how adorable he is. He has done all the mischievous stuff but he still doesn’t care about anything. We all want to have a dog like this, right? Just look at the expressions of the dog. He is unconcerned about all the mess and all the things that he has done. Where you will ever find a dog as cute as this one? We hope that the swag and coolness of this dog stay forever and he keeps doing all the cute little stuff that he has been doing.

#19. I Will Not Confess Sir

No matter how much you will try to extract the truth from him, this dog is going to keep his mouth shut. No way is he going to confess anything. Even though it is quite evident from the picture of the mess that he made up, this dog will still keep his mouth shut. But, just look at the expressions of this dog. Even though he is not confessing anything, his expressions are giving him away. Looks like the dog needs to work on his expressions. Otherwise, no matter how much he will keep his mouth shut, he will be caught because of his expressions.

#20. Joint Venture

It is an adorable picture of the two dogs. Looks like they are partners in crime. Do you also have a partner in crime? Then you must know how fun it is to commit mischief together. But, it is quite difficult to tell who the guilty party in the picture is here. Can you guess? No, right? Well, neither can we. Well, whoever the real culprit is here, we hope that the dogs got away with their owners. They are too cute to be receiving a scolding like this. We even hope that they are given treats from their owners while we are it.

#21. Caught Red Handed

Ever been caught red-handed doing some mischief? If yes, then you must know how difficult it is to get out of the situation. The same is the case with this dog. He has been caught red-handed playing with the couch. There is no way that this dog is getting out of this situation smoothly. Looks like he will not be receiving treats for some time now. We feel sorry for the poor little dog as he will be going without gourmet food and dog treats now. Well, we hope that the dog owner is not much hard on the dog.

#22. Stay Away From My Mom’s Purse

Even though you must have seen this picture numerous times on Snapchat, it is still funny. We could not stop laughing over this picture. That’s why we thought of sharing this one with you. Looks like the dog owner has caught him trying to pickpocket his mom’s purse. Poor little dog! Just caught in the act. Look at the dog’s expressions. The expressions are too precious not to be shared. We think that the dog is scared of being caught up in the act. Well, anyone would be scared if they are caught red-handed pickpocketing. We hope that he did not receive much of a scolding after that.

#23. Don’t Go Upstairs

This picture gives rise to many questions. Why is the dog not letting its owner go upstairs? Has he made a mess upstairs that he is scared of showing the owner? Or has he done something mischievous? Well, whatever the case is, his expressions are telling us that something is extremely wrong. This is why he is trying to tell his owner that he loves him no matter what. Maybe he is scared that he will receive a scolding after the owner sees the mess he has made.

#24. Clueless Dog

This dog is trying to hide something that is quite evident. This is why we just love dogs. They are too innocent to exist in this world. Has something like this happened to you too? Well, if you own a dog, we are sure that you must have experienced something like this too. Here, the dog is trying to tell the owners that he has no idea who dug up the garden. But, it is quite evident from his paws that it was him. He even tried to blame it on the cat to get away from the situation. Cute, isn’t it?

#25. Chew The Left Shoes

Does your dog do that too? Does he only eat the left shoe or is it just this dog? Looks like the left shoes are this dog’s favorite. This is why he has only eaten all the left shoes and left the right ones as it is. But, we are clueless as to why does this dog likes the left shoes only. Do you know why? If yes, then do let us know as well because we are unable to find out why.

#26. This Is One Hungry Dog

Well, looks like this dog has not eaten anything for ages. We think that his mom was punishing him for some mischief he had committed. That’s why he was not getting to eat his favorite items. This must also be the reason that he locked his mom out of her car so that he could eat all his favorite food items such as take-out Chinese food and pizza. Poor mom! She had to call a locksmith to get the car opened. But, the good thing about this was that the dog got to eat his favorite food items. All’s well that ends well.

#27. This Dog Hates Magazines

Well, looks like this dog is not a fan of reading. This is why he has torn away from all the magazines present at the house. Just look at the expressions of the dog. He is sitting calmly in the mess created by him. Looks like he has no remorse or whatever at the mess created by him. This dog reminds us of little children. They too tear up the magazines and they too do not have the slightest look of remorse on their face. Has your dog done something like this too or does your dog love to read?

#28. Garbage Can Breaker

Do you own a dog? If yes, then you should take the garbage can out daily. Otherwise, this can happen to you too. No matter whether your dog is trained or not, even the most well-trained dogs can break at some time. This is why we recommend that you take the garbage can out daily. If you don’t, you can witness a scene similar to this picture as well. Here, it looks like the dog was playing with the garbage can and broke it. But, he has no remorse or whatsoever.

#29. Cheating With The Cat

Well, you must have heard that the cats and dogs don’t go along much. But, this is certainly not the case here. Looks like the cat and the dog in this picture are close friends. Are they really close friends or are they more than friends? Are they cheating on their partners with each other? Well, that’s what the looks on their face tell us. Whatever the reason is, we are glad that this picture was caught on the camera as it gave us something to laugh at for months.

#30. Having A Dog Is Certainly Not An Easy Task

Do you think that having a dog is an easy task? If yes, then you need to think again. It is certainly not as easy as you think. Only people who own a dog know how difficult it is to take care of the dogs. If you think that things will get easier with time then you are fooling yourself. Well, take the example of the dog in this picture. He ate a headband and a sock. Just look at how much hard time he had to face and the hard time he must have given to his owner. Still, he is acting as nothing happened.

#31. Who Is The Guilty Party

It is an adorable picture of the two dogs. Looks like they are partners in crime. Do you also have a partner in crime? Then you must know how fun it is to commit mischief together. But, it is quite difficult to tell who the guilty party in the picture is here. Can you guess? No, right? Well, neither can we. Well, whoever the real culprit is here, we hope that the dogs got away with their owners. They are too cute to be receiving a scolding like this. We even hope that they are given treats from their owners while we are it.

#32. Christmas Tree Blunder

When it comes to Christmas tree blunders, usually the cats are the ones that are guilty. But, it is quite opposite in this picture. Looks the dog has made a Christmas tree blunder in this picture. But, just look at the adorable and cute face that he is making. We think this face is to avoid the scolding. Who would want to scold their dog after such cute expressions? Will you? Well, we cannot for sure. Besides, we should let the dogs have fun on Christmas as well.

#33. Panda Dog

Ever seen a panda dog? Well, we are sure that you would not have. But, if you want to see a panda dog, you can do it by looking at this picture. This picture is cute on so many levels. Just looking at this cute picture of the panda dog has made our day. But, we are sorry for the owner of the panda bear. The fact that this stuffed panda was antique makes us feel more sorry. But still, this picture is totally worth it. We are sure that you would agree as well.

#34. Dog Bed Ruined

Aww!! Just look at the cute little expressions of this dog. Those big eyes seem to be pleading with its owner. Looks like the dog is scared of receiving a scolding after all the mess he has made. Well, who would want to scold him after such cute expressions? Well, we certainly cannot. Can you? If you are the owner of the dog, we would plead you not to scold the poor baby. And while you are at it, we would even recommend you to give a treat to him. Those big innocent eyes are too cute to be receiving a scolding.

#35. The Proudest Dog

Ever seen a dog prouder than him? Well, we are sure you would never have. His face clearly tells us how proud he is. His proud face makes a perfect profile picture. This perfect picture makes us jealous on so many levels. We can only wish to get a perfect profile picture like this one. But, he does not deserve this perfect profile picture after all the mess he has made. Look at all the mess in this picture. If you are a dog owner then you must understand how frustrating this could be. Still, the dog is too proud to give a damn.

#36. Attacked The Teddy Bear

Have you ever seen a dog happier than this one? We don’t think you would ever have. Just look at the happiness of the dog on attacking a teddy bear. Those cute little expressions make our hearts burst with joy. Dogs like these make us want to get a dog too.

#37. Playing Hide And Seek

And the award for the cutest picture on the internet goes to this dog. Ever seen a dog more innocent and cuter than this one? Well, we don’t think you would have. This is the cutest picture of the dog caught in the act. Look like he is playing hide and seek with his owner. We are glad that the owner took out time from their playing session to capture this adorable picture. This picture will for sure be cherished by us forever.

#38. Drunk Dog

Well, you must have seen drunken human beings but we are sure that you would never have seen a drunken dog. So, it looks like that the dogs can actually get drunk too, and that too on chocolate. We are not sure whether to be scared of this news or be impressed by it. Looks like that the dog in this picture got so drunk that he even vomited as well. We hope that this drunken dog gets well soon.

#39. Silly Strings

Silly strings always give you a hilarious ending. These two playful mates in this picture seem to be enjoying while playing with silly strings. They both seem to explore new things and the silly strings are one of the objects they want to play with. We don’t know if it was a prank between them or if these two dogs were just playing with the strings and having fun. Either way, they seem to have no regrets about the mess they made. It is one of the cutest pictures you will see. Their memorable moment and their fun is caught on the camera.

#40. Wait What? Team Work

These dogs in this picture seem to be like siblings with a love and hate relationship. They both can make a great team but do not let any chance go without pulling each other’s leg. The dogs seem to annoy each other by doing different things which can be irritating. It is funny and cute how dogs also fight like small children. The same situation can be seen here as when a mother scolds her kids and they make a cute apologizing face. The owner of the dogs must be enjoying this situation and writing cards to make it more memorable.

#41. I Don’t Like Sharing Things

This cute dog must love annoying his brother who seems innocent and in anger at the same time. Dogs also don’t like sharing their treats with their siblings, just like humans. Pugs can always look cute and do funny things around the people they are comfortable with. This time, these pugs seem to be really close which is why he did this with him. He could be having revenge on his brother from something earlier too. The dog does not seem to be guilty of his action. He must be hungry for not offering the hot dog bun to his brother.

#42. Trying To Be Cute

Anybody can fall in love with this cute dog from the way of his apologizing or convincing the owner for something. Dogs always do cute things when their owners are angry with them or when they want something for themselves. They think that they can get anything by making a cute face. Getting pampered or seeking attention is one of their favorite things. This furry animal is doing the same thing after getting a scolding from the owner. He is quite guilty of his actions if he has done something wrong. The owner must have given him a tight hug after seeing his cute face and adorable way of apologizing.

#43. The Perfect Selfie

No doubt dogs are quick learners. It’s possible that the owner of this pup loves to take a selfie and this dog is just copying the owner in his own way by grabbing the mobile phone and clicking pictures. He is smiling like he has achieved the goal of capturing himself. This is the perfect selfie a dog could get; smiling and being cute, just like no one can see him do this funny act. Selfies are becoming popular these days and one day, we are going to see the dogs ruling this and getting the perfect snaps. This dog is enjoying being cute and doing new things.

#44. Interior Designer

Maybe this dog doesn’t like the design and wants something different for the place so he just turned it into what he thinks will look good. Creating a mess in the house or trying to clean it up, no one can tell what he is up to. It seems as if he is just surprising the owner with this little mess. Though he has created the problem, he is acting like a cute little boy who is proud of his own actions and thinks he is making the owner proud. This can be both; cute and angry for the dog owner. The shock of seeing this can make him angry but the cute little face of this dog can make the owner’s heart melt.

#45. Betrayal

Isn’t it hard to accept the betrayal by the best friend? The dog in this picture is quite upset from his best friend sitting beside him. Maybe, they both are caught doing something naughty and are getting scolded. This is why the child is pointing the finger towards the dog and putting all blame on him. Aren’t they both looking cute together? Surely they both do a lot of fun things with each other and this blame game is one of those. Hopefully, they both love each other as the dog seems to be supportive and caring towards the child. They both are a cute little team.

#46. Q Tip

This is a weird and funny card to put on your dog. The owner of this dog must really be fed up with seeing this pet dog eat dirty q-tips all the time. On the other hand, this dog doesn’t seem to care and looks as if he’s still hungry and looking around for any more dirty q-tips. However, he doesn’t seem to like that his owner is shaming him for his bad habit. The expression of surprise and shock can clearly be seen on this dog’s face and he will not forget this card put on him by his owner.

#47. Someone Has Been Going Through The Owner’s Belongings

Just look at the cute little face of the dog. It looks like this dog was going through his owner’s belonging. But, the question is why was the dog going through his owner’s stuff? What was he looking for? Just imagine the amount of hard work required by the owner to clean up the mess afterward. Poor owner! But, just look at the cute little face of the dog. The dog is making the kind of face just like naughty children make after doing some mischief. He is sure to get away with all the mess he has made because of his cuteness. No one can resist a face like this, right?

#48. Nope, What? No, I Didn’t Do That

And the award for the expressions of the year goes to this dog! Just look at the cute expressions that the dog is making. We think he is trying to tell his owner that he knows nothing of the mess made behind him. But, some of the expressions are giving him away. It seems that the dog is scared that his owner will scold him. That’s why he is trying to act like he knows nothing of the mess. But, the question is, if the dog didn’t make the mess, then who did? Well, we hope that whoever made the mess is caught.