Having a Baby and Kitten of the Same Age

Can you imagine having a kitten and a baby running around your house? Well, this chaotic yet fun situation is reality for couple Alex and Tom.

When baby Ollie entered the world, he was greeted by Bruce the cat who was only a month old at the time. Since both of them love to play on the baby mat, Ollie and Bruce are trying to figure out the dynamics of their relationship early on. 

Now that Ollie is seven months old and Bruce the cat is eight months old, the two are certainly enjoying learning to live with each other. Bruce never misses an opportunity to make Ollie laugh, and Ollie provides the reassurance that Bruce needs to have someone as the same size as him. 

Tiny New Friends

Deciding whether adopting a kitten when their newborn was about to arrive was a difficult decision for Alex and Tom. However, their last cat Anya had just died a month prior to Ollie’s birth, and having a new kitten around truly helped the family with healing. 

Alex and Tom had always been hopeful of letting their baby grow up with a small kitten. When Anya passed away from cancer, the couple was truly devastated. Since it would be long before Ollie could have a sibling to play with, Alex and Tom always imagined him to have a furry little four-pawed friend.

Fate decided to bring Bruce the cat to Alex and Tom via the Best Friends in New York Instagram story. As soon as she looked at Bruce, Alex knew that she was the perfect companion for Ollie. The whole process went by smoothly – with only a few emails and a virtual meeting with the adoption center. As soon as the formalities were done, Alex and Tom were ready to bring Bruce home before Ollie arrived. 

The Best Friends in New York adoption center mentioned that Bruce was always a friendly kitten. He was easygoing, understanding, and confident – making Bruce the perfect companion to newborn Ollie. 

Figuring It Out Together

For the new parents, having a newborn and a kitten in the apartment can be quite chaotic at times. Especially when the two of them are working from home, it can become a struggle to keep a check on Bruce and Ollie. But it is moments like these that help them bond as a family. Bruce will be running around the apartment and Ollie would be trying to catch up, all while Alex and Tom share a few laughs and join in on the chaos. 

Alex added that deciding to get a new pet before the arrival of a baby is a decision that not many people are comfortable with. But for Alex and Tom, having a furry friend in the house for their newborn baby had always been the top priority. Since Alex and Tom both grew up with pets of their own, they understood the vital importance of letting your child engage with pets from an early age. 

As Ollie and Bruce try to navigate the world around them together, they learn empathy and compassion – two qualities that each parent should strive to teach their children from a young age.