Helpful Tips to litter training your kitten without stress

One of the most important first steps when bringing a kitten into your home is going to be making sure they know how to use the litter box. While some are easier to train than others, here are some helpful tips for litter training your kitten to help make the process easier with less stress.

Start by trying covered and uncovered boxes to give your kitten the choice of which one is best tolerated. One important tip to keep in mind is to never punish your cat inside the litter box. To do so will make the cat associate the box with punishment. Here are some additional helpful tips to get your kitten used to the litter box.

Get a schedule

Observe your kitten to notice when they tend to need a visit to the litter box. Pay close attention at first to understand when you can direct them without forcing them to use it. Notice their habit, and place the box nearby accordingly.

Choose a good litter box

If your kitten doesn’t like the litter box, they are not going to use it. Find one that has an entrance which is easy to access. Imagine having to climb over a wall to get to the toilet. Gaining access to the litter box should never be a challenge. Don’t make your kitten awkwardly climb into the spot you want them to use to relieve themselves. While the entry needs to be easy, the other sides of the box need to be tall enough that their urine won’t spray all over the place. Find a litter box that is large enough for them to successfully move around to cover their waste.

No overcrowding

If you have more than one kitten or full-grown cat in the house, make sure you have more than one litter box. Cats tend to not like sharing their litter. Even if all you have is one small kitten, consider having one box for urine and one for solid waste.

Location, location, location

Where you place the litter box matters. Make sure you find a quiet, easy-to-access location. Keep it out of high traffic areas of your home, like the living room. Also, don’t put the box by the feeding dish. Instead, place it in a quiet corner in the bathroom or another out-of-the-way room where it is readily available.

Keep it clean

Cats tend to like keeping things clean. Make sure you regularly clean and change out the litter. Scoop out solid waste daily, and empty and wash the entire box weekly. Avoid trying to mask the smell with perfumed litter. This often will make a cat turn and walk away.