How To Care For Your Chinchilla?

Chinchillas serve as excellent pets if you offer them adequate space. They are highly active and gentle with a curious nature. These animals also like to be cuddled if you take care of them properly.

Understanding your chinchilla’s care needs will help you keep the pet safe and happy. It will also allow you to prevent shy behavior and easily socialize with the animal. So here is a complete care guide for chinchillas to help you.

Feeding A Chinchilla

This animal requires a high-quality diet to stay healthy. The pet’s digestive system is designed for fiber-rich food. So you must meet this requirement when feeding your chinchilla. You must also give the pet plenty of hay because it offers essential nutrients.

If you don’t feed your pet properly, it will suffer from various digestive issues. Other health problems may also arise because of improper digestion. You must also avoid treating the pet frequently, as treats are not beneficial for a chinchilla’s diet.

Bathing A Chinchilla

Most animals prefer to bathe in water, but that is not true for chinchillas. This small pet gets cold easily, so washing them with water may cause hypothermia. Chinchillas also don’t like bathing in water, and doing so may cause behavioral issues.

The best way to clean your pet is by giving it a dust bath. It keeps your chinchilla’s fur soft and thick to keep the animal healthy. The fine dust particles also absorb oils and remove dirt from the pet’s body. Chinchillas also prefer this mode of bathing.

Handling A Chinchilla

It may take some time for your chinchilla to get used to being touched. This is true for newborns, older pets, and animals who are not handled much. Chinchillas are shy, so you will have to socialize your pet and tame it using consistent methods.

Some chinchillas also do not like to be touched or cuddled because of their exploring nature. They prefer to roam freely instead of being restricted to one place. However, a well-socialized chinchilla will love being touched and cuddled moderately.

Keeping Your Chinchilla Safe

Chinchillas have a curious nature which may be harmful to them. They love to bite various objects to see if they’re edible. This means the pet may touch something that can harm it. So you should check a room thoroughly before letting your chinchilla out of the cage.

Closely supervising the pet will also help you keep the animal safe. You must also consider other animals at your home. If you have a cat or dog, the pet may cause your chinchilla to feel in danger. This can lead to behavioral or mental health issues.

Toys For A Chinchilla

This animal is highly active and loves to run around a spacious room. However, chinchillas also like to chew, jump, and hide sometimes. So you must choose toys that support these activities. Offering chewing toys is essential to keep the pet entertained and help its teeth remain good.

Your pet may also love a wheel for running. Many chinchillas love this activity a lot. So you choose a large wheel that will keep the animal safe yet happy.