How to Protect Your Christmas Tree From Your Cat

Cat-proofing your Christmas tree is one of those tasks you know will have to be completed before the holidays get underway, but dread because it sounds easier said than done. Luckily, to help you through this time of the year, we’ve put together a list of some excellent tips from the experts on how to properly protect your Christmas tree.

Buy a fake Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees are a problem because of the pine needles. Cats love to chew on these and then usually end up swallowing them. Medical issues can quickly arise from this, but you can avoid this by purchasing a fake Christmas tree. This will look the same as the real one, but there won’t be any needles that can be choking.

Opt for a smaller Christmas tree

The larger the tree, the more problems can arise when your cat wants to jump on the branches. Large trees are a trip hazard for your cat and can cause them to fall to the floor. To combat this problem, choose a smaller tree that is easier for your cat to maneuver around and make it less inviting for him to climb up.

Use a stand that has a skirt

If you plan to have your Christmas tree stand on your floor, you will need to purchase a tree skirt. This will also block the area around the tree so that your cat can’t get into it.

Set the tree up a few days before decorating it

Setting up the tree before decorating it will allow your cat to get used to the idea of having a Christmas tree inside your home. Of course, after a few days of seeing the tree, it will still seem strange to him, but he’ll begin to feel more comfortable about the whole situation.

Don’t use tinsel because your cat can choke on it

Cats often want to eat tinsel, and sometimes they’ll choke on it. This could end up being deadly for your cat, so make sure that you take it away from your tree before it is time to decorate it.

Keep the Christmas tree lights up high, so your cat doesn’t chew on them

If you have a cat who loves to chew on anything and everything, you will want to make sure that the Christmas tree lights are up high. This will keep your cat from actually being able to reach the lights and potentially chewing on them. If your cat chews on the lights, it could cause them to get burned on electrocuted.

These tips should help you prepare your Christmas tree properly in order to protect it from potential damage that your cat could cause during the holidays. Remember that most cats will get used to having a tree inside the home if you set it up well before the holidays begin. By following these tips, you should be able to keep your Christmas tree in good condition for many years to come.

You should also take down your Christmas tree as soon as possible once the holidays are over. The longer you leave it out, the more opportunities there are for your cat to get into all kinds of mischief.