How To Save Your Pets From The Intense Heatwave

As climate change hits the earth stronger than ever, temperatures are on the rise across the globe. With the high humidity levels and scorching heat from the sun, it can become difficult to keep yourself cool during the summer months.

While we all know how difficult it is for humans to cope with rising temperatures, imagine how our beloved pets would be feeling. Your pet dog might be accustomed to the cool winter weather, but the intense heat of the summer can definitely be harder to cope with.

Pet animals do not have the luxury to express when they are feeling overheated, which is why we need to keep an eye out for some warning signs of how our pets react when dehydrated. Whether you own one little puppy or five cats, here is how to look after your pet effectively during the hot summer months.


If your pet dog has a thick layer of fur, you might find them struggling to cope with the hot weather. Most dogs are able to cool themselves off by panting and increasing their oxygen supply, or by releasing some excess heat via their adorable little paws. Since dogs cannot sweat through their skin like us, they resort to other methods to keep their bodies cool.

However, if your dog is exposed to extremely hot weather, it might be at risk of severe heatstroke. If you find your dog panting excessively or dribbling, chances are that they are feeling a little overheated.

Before your dog collapses from heatstroke, it is important to move them to a cooler place indoors. If you have an air conditioner, then try to always keep your pet dog in a cool room. In case your dog has come back inside after spending a few hours outdoors in the heat, then wet their body with cool water and make sure that the dog always has easy access to water. 


Pale-colored cats are certainly adorable, but they are also more susceptible to sunburn during the summer. Vulnerable areas include ears and noses since they are not fully covered with a layer of cat hair. If you let your cat sit around in the sun too often, the pet animal might be at risk for skin cancer due to repetitive sunburns.

To avoid running into such complications with your beloved pet cat, it is important to keep them indoors during the hottest hours of the day. In most areas, this is between 11 am and 4 pm. If your cat is adamant about staying outdoors, then it is important to cover its skin with a layer of sunscreen that is specifically designed for pets.

If your cat is feeling overheated or lethargic in the summer, then it is advised to keep them in a cool room at all times and trimming their hair to ensure comfort.


Fish stay in the water all day which means they can’t be overheated, right? Well, to your surprise, the temperature of the water inside a fish tank can rise quickly if the room temperature is too hot. If you have a temperature control system in your fish tank, then it is recommended to reduce the normal temperature of the tank during the hottest months of the year. Another life hack to keep your fish cool during the summer is to add a few small bags filled with ice at the bottom of the tank. As the ice melts, cold water is mixed with water in the tank, thus reducing the normal temperature at a slow pace.