Man’s best friend or man’s best selfie buddy?

Dogs are humans’ best friend and us humans’ need them more than we need love. So, if one doesn’t find posting around more pictures with their spouse but your dog, well, believe it, you are not alone.


Researches are being conducted all over and one such study was done by It’s a site connecting dog sitters and dog owners. Their study shows that people are just obsessed to give up. They love the most to take pictures with their pets than they will ever do with humans. 65%, hard to believe but yes, 65% of owners agreed to same and considered their pictures with their dogs to be their 1st obsession.


Studies also show that there are 94% of the dog owners who consider dogs to be a part of the family and amidst the same, there were 56% who were ready to admit that even before they get along with their family, a greeting to their dog is first to be done. No, they are not obsessed. They are just in love. They love how these little non-speaking creatures make them feel.


With going down the words of people, there came in a lot of acceptance from the dog owners. They considered their dogs to be included in their family moments too. Be it a marriage proposal or a long-planned vacation or even a holiday card, dogs are one to be found with them, right there, waving their tail.


Pet ownership, this is one term that defines today’s Young Americans. They might not be a homeowner or parents like the generations before but what they hold is a love for their pets. They give them attention, bring expensive gifts as for what they consider dogs to be, they are like their mates, their one soulful best friend and by every means, they want themselves to be dogs best friend too. All such have not just been said by people but also accepted by the lifestyle expert Brandie Gonzales, considering her relationship with her pet, Rover.


If one wants to see the love and care, a pet owner is the one to look forward to. They are so deeply concerned about how their dog’s fee and how are they living or are they happy or sad or if something is bothering them. Anything which they feel can also be seen in the names of dogs and the way people try to name their pets. It’s like a reflection of the owner’s feel, the feeding habits and the care provided.


The report, well, it was an enormous response from all around the country. There were 1000s of dog owners involved. The data was just a depiction of how the human and a dog relationship has been evolving for years. It shows how it is more important and more evolving that the ownership one sees on their family. It’s quite connecting and loving to see such care and love around.