MeowTalk: Changing The Way You Interact With Your Cat

Do you have a feline that you wish you could communicate with? It often gets difficult for cat parents to understand what their feline might want when they are speaking to them. What if we told you that something is in the works for you to understand your feline friend better? This is where Javier Sanchez comes in. He has developed an application through which you will be able to translate what your cat might be saying to you. How wonderful is that? No more trying to figure out what they need by using the app called MeowTalk.

What Is MeowTalk?

Essentially, MeowTalk is an app that allows you to understand what a cat might be saying to you. It helps you to be able to build better relationships with your feline as you will be able to make sure that you give them exactly what they are asking for. Not only this, it is designed to also help you figure out whether they are in need to head to the vet or not as well.

You will find that MeowTalk is mainly derived through the use of Machine Learning and data science. The presence of these two have helped develop a range of technologies, MeowTalk being one of them. Through this, you will be able to listen to your cat speaking and then see their meows being translated into English words. This will help reduce the communication block that is present between humans and their pet cats.

How Does It Work?

We have discussed how the app mainly works. To get into the details, all you will have to do is turn the app on and ensure that it is able to hear what your cat is saying. Once the input is clear, you will find that it quickly translates into what your cat might be saying to you. These include communication of them being hungry, in need to go to the litter, or pain. All of this helps ensure that you are able to take care of them better in all aspects.

Getting Started With The App

You should know that using the app is pretty simple. The presence of voice technology makes it easier to be able to work with it. While typically there is human voice that is used with these technologies, Javier Sanchez managed to make it work with cat meows.

You will be able to set up your cat account easily and ensure that you add labels to what you might think your cat’s meow means. The entire process was difficult for Sanchez to develop but has proven to be quite useful for a large number of users.

The sad thing is that while it has proven to be quite a tool for cat parents, the idea was only something that his company allowed as a way of being creative. Many other businesses, such as Amazon are also not largely motivated to indulge in such projects either. The main reason this was developed in the first place was the love that Sanchez has for cats.