30+ Goods And Services That Made People Ask For Their Money Back

We all know that buying something online can be risky at times. Some of us experienced it personally. But these extremely unfortunate people took it to the next level. They complained about products they absolutely hated, services they were really dissatisfied with. They complained about not receiving any kind of a refund for horrible products that were delivered to their door. When you are ordering online it is not uncommon at all to get, instead, something that looks nothing like the picture you loved so much when you were ordering the product online.

So, in this little article, we collected as many of those stories as we could find online. Hope you’ll laugh at them while shaking your head in disbelief at the same time. People who angrily demanded their money back after not getting what was promised – welcome to our article.

A Pennywise Costume

What could be scarier than the Pennywise Clown? Well, this amazing pennywise costume looks way scarier than the
original thing. This guy thought he was ordering a Pennywise costume for his kid’s Halloween party.

And when the costume arrived it looked nothing like Pennywise. It actually scared the kids (and probably some parents
too) more than what everyone had expected so we hope they got their money back at least because of the horrendous
copy of Pennywise.

Buying Clothes Online?

This girl ordered what looked like high-quality denim shorts but the picture on the right is what she actually got.
She got scammed really badly. We have to say that this was a very bad job by the designer.

We can see why she would be so angry at them for giving her something like this. She paid good money and got a really
badly designed product back in return which makes it worse than just being scammed out of some money.

Asymmetrical Bob Is Still In Fashion

This pet’s hairstylist did one of the worst hairstyling jobs imaginable on this dog. We hope that this dog wasn’t the
owner’s favorite pet because if it is then we have no clue how the owner would’ve felt after seeing what his or her
hairstylist did to their beloved pet.

We hope that they asked for a refund and got one as well since there is nothing else you can do in such situations.
It is only good for practicing positive thinking: ‘it’s not forever’, ‘asymmetrical haircuts are in fashion these
days’, ‘he looks a bit like Kurt Cobain now’ – only these thoughts can save the situation.

A Gender Reveal Cake…

This cake is one of the worst gender reveal cakes. We are pretty sure that the person who made it didn’t know what
they were doing at all and just slapped some icing on there without thinking about how this could offend or hurt
people’s feelings.

This is why we hope that whoever ordered it got their money back for buying such a terrible product. This cake
already had blue color on the outside. Too much for a gender ‘reveal’ cake. Or maybe the recipients of the cake have
a sense of humor and just have a good laugh. Who knows…

Curlers Overdose

This is another botched hair color story. This girl visited the salon to get her hair colored and decided on a red
shade however when she left the salon she looked like something out of a toy store. We really hope that this girl
asked for her money back or at least got some discount in return for such a horrific experience.

She didn’t just look bad but it was also embarrassing as well since everyone in the salon must’ve seen what happened
and were probably laughing their asses off because of how terrible looking she actually is with that coloring job
done by her hairdresser.

The Wedding Gown Of Your Dreams…

This woman ordered a dress from AliExpress however when she opened the package what was inside was not at all what
she had in mind or expected. The product looked nothing like it did on the website and we can only assume that this
made the woman very furious.

Not only is the dress not what she ordered but what was sent was a fashion massacre. It was an atrocity. We are sure
she will never order anything from AliExpress ever again and nor will any of her friends.

And That’s Probably Her Bridesmaid

This girl ordered a beautiful dress from an online store. However, the product she received looked absolutely nothing
like the one she had seen in the picture of the online shop and ordered. And, as you can obviously see, the
specifications of this dress are also nothing like the picture.

It not only looked bad but the quality wasn’t that good either. We hope that this girl asked for her money back
because that dress is of no use. Not only can’t she wear it at a wedding she can’t wear it anywhere because the only
statement this dress will make will be a funny one.

We Hope She Doesn’t Drive A Renault

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a weirdly botched haircut. There are many people who go to their local
barber looking for a simple trim and leave with something so bad they look like they got attacked by some wild
animals out in the woods.

It seems as though this girl had such an experience when she visited her local barbershop which also happens to be
owned by an experienced barber. The results? Well, you can see the results in the pictures above. The result looks
like the work was done by an inexperienced barber who didn’t know what they were doing.

Looks More Like A Vampire From ‘Dusk Till Dawn’

Have you ever seen 101 Dalmatians cartoons or movies? Well, this face mask resembles Cruella from those cartoons well
at least that is what the pictures showed online. However, when the face mask came it was a completely different

The face mask actually looked like a bad version of Lord Voldemort. It may have helped to hydrate the skin of this
girl but it surely gave a bad impression of the face mask brand. We are very sure that this girl would think twice
before ordering from this place again.

Natural Looking Tan

If you are looking for a spray tan then we suggest that you try not to go cheap and get something done because it
might turn out as terrible as the one in this story. This girl was also fooled by an inexpensive online store who
told her they were selling high-quality products however she ended up with a botched colored skin tone.

That goes without saying but we hope that this girl got her money back from such a horrible experience or at least
went ahead and sued them since it seems like their company has many people complaining about getting duped into
buying low-quality sprays tans.

Boots or Heels?

This guy ordered a pair of these masculine-looking boots from an online store and what he got instead was the pair of
elegant high heels we see above. We are sure the guy was disappointed, even though they came in his size.

what he did was that instead of crying about it he wore the heels and posted the photo on the internet for his friend
and family to laugh at. But we are sure that he and none of his friends and family are ever going to buy from this
store ever again.

Evil Bunny

This face mask was shaped like a bunny and we all know how cute bunnies are: however this bunny-shaped face mask had
a different story. As you see, it looks a bit like Doctor Lecter from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ has developed his own
beauty routine, which is good for his skin, but terrifying for us.

When this girl ordered a nice bunny-faced face mask from an online shop she was really happy however once she put the
face mask on it was nothing less than really scary. It was a botched face mask, to say the least.

Ear Piercing

Does anyone know what’s wrong with these piercings? We are pretty sure that the earrings on this girl were supposed
to be on the other side however the piercer placed them at the wrong place and then said sorry my bad.

Well. That would have made me angry and we are very sure that this girl might have gotten angry as well. We hope that
she got her money back or at least asked to have them removed since they aren’t piercing the right place.

Scammed With Nike Bread

This person got a really bad lesson the day he purchased these Nike shoes online. Never buy expensive and branded
things online until and unless you are 100% sure about the seller. We don’t know how much this guy paid to get this
but if he ordered it because the money was less then that was the first red flag about the seller being shady.
However, if the price was according to Nike products then we can’t help but feel sorry for the buyer.

Not only did the seller scam the buyer but to add insult to injury they also put bread shaped like slippers in the
Nike box. We are sure the buyer must have been very disappointed with this. We don’t think they would have been able
to get in contact with the seller again.

Tangled handsfree Aren’t This Guy’s Biggest Problem

We have all been there tangled handsfree require a lot of work to untangle. However, it was the least of this guy’s
problems when he ordered handsfree from an online store. He got the handsfree but the wiring was all messed up.

The pin was in the place of the earphone and one of the earphones was in the place of the pin which really made it
functionally impossible for a comfortable listening experience for the user. We are sure that the person who bought
it asked for a replacement or refund.

A Forehead is Not a Wall

This guy’s best friend ordered a large wall tapestry for him that made the guy very excited. However, when the
product arrived it was in a small pack which made him very concerned and very rightly so. When he opened the
packaged it wasn’t a wall tapestry but a similarly patterned bandana.

It was definitely a scam for the ages. We don’t know if the guy asked for a refund or not but if it was expensive
then he should definitely tell his friend to ask for a refund. If not, then he should keep the bandana it looks
absolutely amazing on him.

Miniature Cat Scratcher Tower Toy

This cat owner was ordering a cat scratcher tower toy for her cat but was very disappointed when the product arrived.
It was a miniature version of the real thing and not the actual product that he had paid for.

We hope that the person who sold this was not aware of what they were selling. This is unacceptable and we don’t
think anyone would want to buy anything from this store again even if they gave a refund for the product.

Scammed For a PlayStation

One of the worst things about scams is that they actually reply to buyers not being careful with their purchases.
Most of the scammers get away with these scams because they mention the real size and features of the product
somewhere in the description and when people buy these things without reading the actual description they get
scammed and they can’t return the product or get a refund because all of these things were already mentioned in the

This is what happened with this guy who thought he was ordering a PlayStation from an online store; however, he was
in for a shock of a lifetime when he got this miniature PlayStation that he could fit in the palm of his hands.

A Nicely Baked Cake

This cake looks nothing like what the person actually ordered. We hope that the person who ordered this cake got
their money back. However, we also feel sorry for whoever made it. This poor loser of a cook probably tried to do
his/her best, and now his skills are much better.

Or maybe this lack of skill is incurable and the guy should be prohibited from ever attempting to cook again in their
entire life since they cannot even handle making a single one properly. Only time and cooking practice can show it.

The Dog Looks So Sad…

This pet groomer really did botch the hairstyle on this dog so much that it seems like this dog has a Mohawk and not
to mention the rest of the shaved body. It all looks so botched. But who knows, maybe this is exactly what the owner

We are sure the owner of the dog wasn’t too happy with the results and may have asked for the money back. Well, we
would be sad if they didn’t ask for their money back. It will take some time for the dog to get back to its original

Buying Cheap Clother Online?

Another one of those botched online purchases. When this girl ordered a beautiful dress online, she couldn’t wait to
get it delivered so she could wear it to an event. But that was never her destiny and neither it was the destiny of
this poor dress.

She was so incredibly disappointed when she actually received this little blue monster. It looked more like a very
low-quality kitchen apron or something your kids would make as a school fashion project rather than an actual
high-quality and elegant dress.

Don’t Trust The Size Chart

Well, we can’t blame this one on the seller. This is entirely the buyer’s fault. She thought that she had the same
size as the model who was wearing the dress in the pictures on the website she was ordering the item from. However.
that was not the case at all.

So it was very sad to see that she had to spend money on the dress to realize that she did not have the same size as
the model. We are not being rude but we can tell that she has a slightly different size than the model so we don’t
know what she was thinking when she ordered this dress. At least the zipper works.

Don’t Go To Cheap Hairdressers

This hairstyle and color are almost as bad as the botched gender reveal cake. It does not really look like any type
of hairdo that we have seen before. We are sure there must be some other words to describe this hairstyle.

But no matter what, it looks very bad and has a very clashing color with her skin tone which makes it even worse. We
hope that she got her money back or at least asked for someone else to fix the problem since it’s quite obvious that
they cannot do anything right when it comes to these types of haircuts.

Stuffed Toy

This person ordered a cute little pig stuffed toy and as clear from the picture that is not what she got. We are
still trying to understand what is it exactly she got because that is a very deformed stuffed toy. There are a lot
of scammers online and in some cases, you don’t get your money back.

With a difference like this, we are concerned if the buyer actually got their money back. We think they didn’t.
However, we hope that the buyer left a negative review on the seller’s store so they can save other people from
getting scammed.

Want To Look Like A Princess?

This Ariel face mask is supposed to look like the little mermaid but it looks nothing like her. It does not even have
half of Ariel’s features and we are surprised that no one noticed this before they sent out these masks.

We hope that whoever ordered them got their money back otherwise there will be lots of disappointed children on
Christmas day when they get these masks in place of gifts. But if the recipients of the presents are girls who want
to have healthy skin, then everything is ok.

No. Not What I Asked For

Well, don’t ever get your nails done from this salon again. This girl wanted her nails to look like the photo on the
left and what she got was the photo on the right. Lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen.

So you can see why she might have been really angry at the extremely unprofessional people working at the salon. They
messed up her nails pretty badly and she probably had to go elsewhere in order to have them fixed.

The Baker Was Just Being Creative

Customized cakes are a great way of showing love and affection to the important people in your life. However, these
cakes do not always come out as planned as you can see from the picture above. The picture on the left is what this
couple ordered.

The picture on the right is what they got. Not only does this affect the mood of the couple but it also makes them
look bad in front of the guests. So stay away from this bakery. We hope that this couple never ordered from them

Bring My Clown Nose!

Online shopping can sometimes be so funny. This girl ordered the pants on the left. We don’t blame her as those pants
look quite elegant and beautiful. However, she was in for a shock when her pants arrived they looked nothing like
the pants she had ordered.

The picture on the product was totally different than the product that was actually sent to the buyer. We are not
making fun of the buyer but of the scammer. We can’t look but laugh at how they thought they could get away with
sending something like that when they are showing pants that are way different than that.

Aaand Another Bad Manicure

This woman wanted to get her nails done and her desired style is the one on the left however what she got was the
style on the right. She waited for 3 hours at the salon to get her desired results and when she got this botched
nail job done, we are sure she must have been very angry at the people working at the saloon.

Not only was this a waste of money but also a waste of precious time for the woman. We are very sure she is not going
to make her way into that saloon ever again and she is definitely going to tell her friend about the botched nail
job as well.

That Is Not My Dog

We are sure, the owner of the dog said the words “that is not my dog” after they saw how their dog looked after a
grooming session. The reason for getting your pet dog groomed by a professional is so that you can get the best
results possible.

And when your dog turns out like this then you can’t feel anything but disappointment and we are sure this is what
the owner of this dog felt when they saw their dog for the first time after the grooming session. It looks like a
completely different dog as you can see from the pictures.

Wrong Size

This woman ordered these beautiful-looking pants from an online store when the pants arrived they were actually
around 4 feet tall which as you would imagine is going to be difficult to wear for anyone on planet earth. Who would
wear such long pants?

Clearly not a human being. We feel that this was just a botched product that wasn’t manufactured right or it still
had to go through some changes but the seller accidentally sent it to the buyer. Or the potential customer was
Gulliver who somehow jumped out of the book, ordered some clothes, and they were delivered to the wrong person.

Oh no….

See the dress on the left and now see the dress on the right? Do they look alike? Clearly, they don’t. They are miles
apart but for some reasons, the seller thought it would a nice idea to sell this girl this dress.

It has the texture of a picnic tablecloth instead of the light blue dress she actually ordered. This seller is
clearly having problems with his eyesight. But it looks like the purchaser has a good sense of humor, so instead of
going all mad she just had a laugh, and we are happy to laugh with her.

Perfect Prom Hair

This woman is going to remember this quite negative experience with her hair when she visited the salon to get the
hair colors on the left side picture but got a botched job done like the one on the right.

We are not quite sure what the owner of this saloon was thinking but he must have been having some sort of issues
with his eyesight. Or maybe that staff member just isn’t skilled enough to get that hairstyle done.

Just A Bit Smaller

She ordered a comfortable-looking bed cover from Amazon and what she got was… well we don’t really know what she got.
We can’t seem to understand if that is a towel or a doormat. And it is still a mystery to us, to be honest.

It is definitely not a real bedsheet. Neither it is a proper doormat that you can put on the floor and still use it.
We wonder if Amazon will refund her the money or not after seeing that she has received a product that wasn’t
promised to them.

Elmo Cake

You always get what you pay for and when a woman ordered this cake from her local bakery she didn’t expect to get
something that looked like Elmo but with no mouth or proper nose. In addition to that, the writing on his forehead
is absolutely incomprehensible.

We are very sure the baker was just having an off day when he made this cake because it looks nothing like Elmo which
is why we can’t recommend anyone to go there again in case they want their kid’s birthday cakes done for them.

Curls? Not Today

Well to be very honest we feel that the hairstylist did a wonderful job on the color however what we are not happy
about is that they forgot to put in the curls as in the picture on the left. So we can definitely say that this was
still a botched hairstyling job.

The girl did not get the style that she was looking for. When you are looking forward to getting something that looks
like the picture then it is very sad when all you get in return is a product or service that does not look anything

Expectations vs This

This girl had long hair that was around 26 inches long however when she went to a salon to get her hair styled she
was in for a shock. That hairdresser cut 17 inches of her 26 inches long hair. Yes, you read that right.

For women who have gone through a similar problem you would know how heartbreaking this can be when you wait for
years to let your hair grow and an unskilled hair stylish cuts most of it. This girl claims that she cried for six
days straight after her botched hairstyle.

They Didn’t Grow Enough Flowers

Both cakes in the picture you see below look pretty good. However, the one on the left had real sunflowers on it and
that is what the lady ordered. So she was very disappointed when she saw the end product that was delivered.

She definitely noticed from the very beginning that they did not use real sunflowers for the cake, which is what she
wanted. Maybe that is how the cake actually is but if they don’t use real sunflowers then they should actually let
the customers know beforehand.

Different Hair Types

These girls had a different hair type than the picture she showed to the hairdresser and her hairdresser should have
informed her that it is going to be difficult to get her hair to flow in the same way as these are different hair

However, she was not told anything and the hairdresser just went ahead to cut her hair. So this is a case of bad
communication between two parties that have different hair types. One other thing that we have to say is that it may
be difficult to get the same hairstyle but we expect the hairstylist to at least get the hair color right but they
didn’t even get that right as well.

Fake Yeezy Shoes

This guy claims that he paid around $2000 online for these Yeezy shoes. With such high demand for these shoes by
Kanye West people weren’t bothered about sparing any money for the shoes. Some fans paid thousands of dollars to get
these shoes and this person was clearly one of them.

The worst part about this was that this fan did not get the real thing. He got fake Yeezy shoes made with cardboard.
We are very sure that he must have been really disappointed with the purchase but more than that we hope that he got
a refund or hired a lawyer to fight back against the scammers.

Jeans or Flappers?

This guy ordered jeans that were according to his size but what he got was long jeans that went way past his feet. It
made it look like he had flippers instead of feet. We hope that the seller was able to find out who this guy is and
let him know what had happened.

We think they should be refunded for their mistake and if not then well, they should just cut the jeans and wear them
anyway. No one wants to spend a large amount of money on the shipping costs that would come with returning the

Another One of Those Fake Dresses

Like some of the other dresses on this list, this girl also ordered the elegant pink dress on the left side of your
screen. And what she got was the dress on the right side which looks nothing like the dress she had ordered.

This is a really bad scam and we don’t think this girl would be able to get in contact with the seller again.
However, if she did then we hope they could come up with some solution so that she doesn’t have to spend more money
on shipping the product back.

The Wrong Sized Jacket/Coat

The one on the left looks like an elegant jacket that would go great with most of your attire. We are sure this is
what this person thought when they bought the jacket. However, the jacket was a little similar to what they had

 The size and color, however, were different from the pictures shown on the site. Maybe the buyer didn’t check
the size before ordering or maybe it was just a scam. Whatever it was, buyers have to be more careful when they are
ordering clothes online as there are a lot of scams these days.

Racist? Or Against Racism?

This guy though that he was buying a shirt that sent a very strong message against racism. However, when the shirt
finally arrived all the text on the shirt was very light and barely visible whereas the word racism was very bright.

This gave a totally opposite meaning to sending the right message. It killed the purpose of buying and wearing that
shirt and we are sure that the buyer would have been very furious with the seller and demanded his money back.

Black Leather Leggings

This order found some beautiful airtight leather leggings from an online store in china. She ordered and waited for
weeks for her delivery to arrive however when her delivery arrived she was furious because those leggings looked
like they were made with the same material that garbage bags are made up of.

They may be easy to put on and take off but they were definitely not sending a style statement as those original long
leggings would. It is a little difficult to get a refund from a vendor that is based in a country far far away but
we hope that the seller was kind enough to at least give her a refund.

Does it Look Like A Ring?

This girl ordered beautiful cupcakes decorated in the shape of a ring for her sister’s engagement. You can see this
in the pictures above. What they requested is completely different from what they got. The bride actually had a few
words for Walmart bakery.

She said that the decorations look like a toilet seat instead of a ring. We hope that these cupcakes arrived the day
before her engagement so they had time to order the cupcakes from somewhere else. We just hope this didn’t ruin her
big day for her.

Received a Book 10 Years Late

This woman ordered a book 10 years ago. Her package was lost and she did not receive it and that was that. However,
after 10 years she suddenly had a courier guy at the door delivering her product. Her package had been found but it
was 10 years too late.

We can assume that at this moment the woman might have got the book from somewhere else or she might not need to read
it anymore. So it is only sensible to get her money back at this time. Well, they were definitely late but at least
the courier services were delivered.

The Stranger’s Socks

This girl’s boyfriend ordered a pair of socks with his face on them. However, when the socks arrived one sock had the
boyfriend’s face on it while the other sock had a random guy’s face on it. We can only assume that there was a
problem and miscommunication at the manufacturing facility.

There is another couple out there with the same pair of socks with the boyfriend’s face on them. It is just a
mishandled case and we are sure that it is one that can be easily resolved as both people wouldn’t want to wear
socks with another guys face on it. So we hope they contacted the company and got the problem resolved.