Most Iconic Pets

What would the internet be without pets that seem to go viral effortlessly? A funny animal picture is one of those things that can always lift your spirits. The wildest thing is to see how quickly a funny photo can spread all over the world. A content creator can upload a new picture, and within minutes, people from all over the globe are laughing hysterically at it. That’s not only the power of the internet, but it also speaks to how much we enjoy a good chuckle. Here is a list of what we feel are the most iconic pets ever to hit the internet.

Grumpy Cat

Let’s face it; we’re all Grumpy Cat. There are times when we all feel so grumpy that our faces show it. You’ve probably known a person or two that resembled Grumpy Cat. You know, the person who’s always grumpy. Sadly, Grumpy Cat has passed away. Fans all over the world went from grumpy to sad after learning of his passing. The good news for all of Grumpy Cat’s fans is, his pictures will live on and make us happy for many years to come.

Flo the Chimp

Jane Goodall introduced the world to Flo the Chimp. Flo may have been one of the greatest mothers of all time. Jane gave everyone a bird’s eye glimpse of what life as a chimp was like through the eyes of Flo. For the first time, many people learned how intricate Chimpanese life is and how important it is to preserve their habitat. Flo continues to teach old and young alike about her species and, more importantly, our own.

Hamlet the Pig

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Hamlet the Pig is a cute sensation that has taken Instagram by storm. It’s impossible to take your eyes off of this piglet. Hamlet is charming, funny, and witty at the perfect time. Hamlet has great comedic timing and knows exactly when to ham it up. Also, Hamlet the Pig can spot seizures in people. That means Hamlet the Pig is more than funny; it provides much-needed help to those who need it the most.

Juniper Fox

Juniper Fox is the very definition of cute. Due to the way the fox was bred, it can’t be released into the wild. Why would it want to go into the forest when there’s an entire petting zoo in its house? The Instagram famous fox shares its home with many other furry friends. The fox shares its fame with a dog, possum, and even a snake.

The Parrot of President Andrew Jackson

Did you know that President Andrew Jackson had a parrot? The president’s parrot was famous long before the likes of Instagram and Facebook were around. You could say that the parrot was ahead of its time. President Jackson was known as a religious man, and that’s why the parrot shocked everyone by saying cuss words at President Jackson’s funeral. No, people weren’t surprised by a parrot being at a funeral. They were surprised by the parrot saying cuss words. You never know what’s going to happen when you have a talking parrot at a funeral.