Pet Care in Winters

As winter descends, so does winter fashion. However, winter fashion isn’t just limited to us humans. With the rise in popularity of household pets and the lowering temperatures in winter, many corporations have started clothing lines for pets, and we are all here for it.

Winter Weather Reaching an All-Time Low

Within the past few years, the temperatures during the winter months have broken previous records. With temperatures going down to subzero ranges, we can’t help but invest in clothes, such as puffer jackets, turtlenecks, mufflers, gloves, and earmuffs to help keep us warm and ready to battle with the temperature. While you’ll see a myriad of people shopping for warm clothes for themselves and their loved ones, this year, we observed a new prevalent group was shopping for warm clothes. This group had one characteristic that brought them all together, they all had pets. With such low temperatures, to make sure that your furry little friend is all set to deal with the cold, pet owners have turned towards clothing lines specifically made for pets as a part of their pet care regime. So, pet owners all over lent a paw to their furry little friends this winter, and rightfully so.

Pet Care for Dogs and Cats in Winter

So why is it that winter clothes for pets have become so important, along with other care tips to keep your pets warm in winter? Well, the fur of dogs and cats has previously been sufficient enough to keep them warm throughout winters. However, as soon as temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, their fur becomes no longer sufficient enough to keep them warm. Although, that is not all. The intensity of how much this temperature may affect your pet depends on several different factors, such as its age, size, coat type, overall health, weight, the color of its coat, and even conditioning. This concept was introduced by PetMD and is applicable to both dogs as well as cats.

What Do Experienced Pet Owners Say?

We chatted with several experienced pet owners as they recollected their experience of taking care of their pets in subzero temperatures. We observed that most pet owners with older dogs and cats recounted that their pets particularly had issues and disliked cold temperatures. One reason behind this common attribute could be their bones, which would ache much more due to the cold weather, both indoors and outdoors. This is why, when it comes to older pets, pet clothes are great for both the outdoors and indoors. The clothes most definitely help with helping your dog battle the cold when out for a walk. Not to mention that the clothes will also help keep your pets cozy indoors, which will help provide them with relief.

When it comes to winter fashion, the two best things you can get for your pet are sweaters and shoes. The sweater will help keep them warm, and with pet shoes, your pet won’t feel disturbed by the snow on its paws. You should also give them as many cuddles as possible since body heat is a great source of warmth. The last thing that will help keep them warm is to feed them a little more than usual.