Pet Owners admit to sharing their bed

Where does your dog or cat sleep at night? You already share your home with them throughout the day. So, when you tuck in for the night, does your bedtime routine involve snuggling in next to your feline or canine pet? While you might think the answer is that most pet owners send their animals to their own cozy little soft bed of their own or use a crate for their bed, you may be surprised at the results of a new survey.

According to a new poll surveying 2,000 pet owners, dog and cat owners admit to sharing their bed with their pets. Additionally, most say the pet is nicer to sleep next to than their human counterparts.

When asked why, many answered similarly to others. The main reason pet owners admit to sleeping next to their pets is because they feel safer. Others may do so for a more practical reason, to stay warm at night. More than a third of those polled said that they like the warmth that emits from their dog or cat’s furry body. Others feel it is a source of comfort like sleeping with a teddy bear. Regardless of the reason why the bed is shared with our canine and feline friends, for many it is a normal part of their nightly routines.

Even scientists admit that it may very well increase the bond between the human and the animal. So, bed-sharing may be an easy way to start if you want to establish a trust and loyal bond to your pet.

How is this bed sharing perceived by the pet?

Of course, we cannot ask the pet how they feel about it. Though, we can observe their behavior or survey pet owners as was done in this study. It’s no surprise that dogs and cats may perceive the all-night snuggle closeness slightly different.

Dogs seem to find comfort and security with their parent figure snuggled next to them at night much like a child would. Cats, on the other hand, seem to regard their human caregiver as a mother figure.

How do you comfortably sleep next to a pet?

The image of a human holding a small dog or cat as if it were a teddy bear probably raises some eyebrows of concern. So, how do pets and their owners sleep next to each other?

When it comes to actually enjoying or feeling more secure throughout the night next to a furry friend, the sleeping position may make a difference as well. While most pets seem to prefer to curl up at the owner’s feet, some opt to sleep a little closer. The survey discovered that as many as one fifth of the respondents claimed that their pet liked sleeping next to them in a curve that aligns to the bend of their leg.

How does it sound to you to have a pet in your bed? When you’re ready for bed tonight, will your pet be sharing our bed?