Pets And Coronavirus: Are They Safe From It?

The pandemic has got everyone in a panic. You will find people worrying about a multitude of things. Many pet owners are concerned about whether their pets can contract the virus as well. To help you with this, we have covered almost everything that you need to know about this topic. So, stay tuned to find out all you need to about the coronavirus and how it may affect your pet. 

Can Your Pet Contract The Coronavirus?

The first question that is the most obvious one that everyone’s thinking about is whether your pet can contract the virus. Sadly, there has been a study conducted stating that cats and dogs are likely to contract this strain of coronavirus. 

This gives pet owners a shock as their furry friend is prone to such a scary virus. But then, the other question arises as to whether there’s a possibility of them spreading the virus to other animals. So, let’s take a look at that now. 

What’s The Possibility of Your Pet Spreading The Virus To Others?

If your pets do get infected, then will they be spreading the virus to other animals they come in contact with? There’s no clear indication as to whether there’s any possibility of your pet transferring their virus to other animals. But it is always best to be cautious when it comes to such situations. 

Also, there was a study conducted that exposed cats to the virus. Most of them did get infected when the dosage of the infection was increased. Moreover, other healthier cats were exposed to the infected ones as well. 

This resulted in healthier cats also contracting the virus. Thus, showcasing that cats are not immune to the disease. This, however, doesn’t show whether cats can infect other animal species. 

Is A Pet-To-Human Transfer Possible?

Another question that you must be wondering is whether your pet can transfer the virus to you. This holds no ground whatsoever as there is no indication of humans getting the virus from their pets. 

While your pet might be prone to the virus from other animals, this doesn’t mean that they can infect you. There’s no plausible evidence that would suggest otherwise. So, you can easily snuggle up with your pet and love them as you would before!

What Changes Should You Be Making? 

You must be concerned about your pet’s health and considering what you should be changing about their lifestyle. What you can do is observe their behaviors and what their daily activities are. Once you do this, then you can lure them in with treats to eventually make the change.

You do not want your pet to stay out for long durations where they will be more exposed to the virus. It’s better to plan their daily activities within your home. So, unleash your creative side and offer them a range of activities in the home. 

It is always better to take precautions rather than having to deal with health problems, especially when it comes to your pets. So, try to limit how much time they’re spending outdoors and give them ample of love and things to do at home!