Prancer: The Mean Chihuahua Who Went Viral

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Prancer the Chihuahua, who went viral. He is known for his mean personality, and he probably would not like you even if you are a cute stuffed toy. That is just who Prancer is, and you will have to make peace with it.

Despite his mean personality, everyone is in love with him, and here is what you need to know about him.

How The Post Went Viral

Prancer is a Chihuahua who lives in New Jersey, and he went viral after his mom, Tyfanee Fortuna, wrote a post appealing to someone to take him off her hands. Yes, that is how naughty Prancer is, and he is a mean machine. According to Fortuna, she and her family are tired of Prancer and want someone to take him.

Fortuna has been working with rescue animals ever since she was a kid, and that is when Prancer came into her life. According to her, Prancer was an obese Chihuahua wearing a cashmere sweater, and his crate was stuffed with cheese and bacon. Prancer was not socialized at all, and his former owner was going into assisted care.

After the post, Prancer went viral, and everyone started sharing his story on the Internet. Fortuna’s post made everyone laugh, while they also felt terrible for what she went through.

Prancers’ Story

When Prancer came to Fortuna, she took him in because she was used to dealing with difficult and small animals. Prancer had lived a secluded life, and during his first two weeks with Fortuna, he was scared and fat because he had not ever eaten dog food. She worked with him to help him lose weight so he could be a healthy size.

However, one thing she can’t yet change about Prancer is his behavior. He became attached to Fortuna, and because of this, he was always on guard when it came to other people and animals. His rage issues get out of hand, and Fortuna has had a difficult time dealing with them.

Fortuna has had Prancer for six months now, and he has not accepted her husband. He also shakes and beats up other pets that try to get close to Fortuna, which is a no-go since she works with rescue animals. Despite all of this, the internet loves him.

According to Fortuna, the ideal home for Prancer would be one with women. If guests came over, he would have to be hidden away as he would get aggressive. Ever since then, there is a search going on to find Prancer his new home.

Final Words

Prancer is perhaps one of the most loyal yet aggressive pets you will ever find. He will love you, but he will also try to make everyone who go away who comes close to you. If you are anti-social and you need a pet child, it is time to take Prancer in. He wants to be an only child, which is why you might be perfect for him.