Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis’ Posh Diet by Former Royal Chef

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of corgis, and rightly so. The Queen has had over 30 Corgis in the span of her lifetime and she’s still going strong with two new puppies that she has now! You might have seen the Queen’s corgis but did you know that the queen’s corgis have their own menu in the royal kitchen.

Let’s listen to Darren McGrady who served in the royal kitchen for 11 years and let’s talk about his experience of feeding the royal family including the Queen’s beloved corgis.

McGrady recently shared some information about what he used to feed them on his blog, you may be surprised by what he says they ate! The queen’s dogs are very well taken care of. They have a specific menu and eat quality food that includes rabbit, rice, chicken, beef and other food items. The food was cut in the way that the dogs loved them. Over the years, the Queen has had multiple dogs and it was important for the chefs to know what the dogs loved and how they felt after eating the food. For example, when the dogs weren’t well or they had a disturbed stomach they were given cabbage. They were also given lamb on some days. Basically? the menu changed with each day. They were given a specific food item on alternate days so if they had beef on Monday they would be given lamb on Tuesday, chicken on Wednesday and so on. Unless the dogs have a disturbed stomach then they were given food accordingly.

So you see the queen’s corgis are given a lot of importance and a lot goes into the decision-making for their food. The chefs have to understand what each of the dogs likes, how they are on any specific day. What would they like to eat and how small should the meat pieces be for the dogs. It’s a whole plan after all they are the queen’s dogs you don’t want to go wrong with feeding them.

Many people may criticize that the queen’s dogs get to eat a posh died however if we look at it, anyone who has pets tend to take care of them in the best way possible and that is what the queen wants for her dogs. You can never replace your companion of over 70 years however after Prince Philip died the queen naturally feels lonelier than ever before so it is important for her to have companionship in any way and form and the best part about having pets is that they don’t have to follow protocol so there is no gap between the queen and her beloved pets.

The former royal chef also shared that the members of the royal family actually helped feed the dogs especially Prince William and Prince Harry who used to shoot rabbits in the estate and bring it to the kitchen for the chefs to cook for the Queen’s corgis.