Seven Fascinating Facts About Hummingbirds You Didn’t Know Before

Hummingbirds are perhaps some of the most fascinating bird species out of all. They flutter during the summertime and love to drink sugar water from feeders. If you love these little birds, you are in the right place.

Here are the top seven fascinating facts about hummingbirds that you probably did not know before.

1. Their Throat Colour Is Not Because Of Feather Pigmentation

Many people have the misconception that the hummingbird’s brilliant throat color comes from pigmentation. However, that is not true, as it is a product of iridescence in the feather arrangement. Everything from the viewing angle to the moisture level, light level, and other factors influence the colors and brightness of the throat.

2. They Have The Fewest Number Of Feathers

Among all the bird species, hummingbirds have the fewest feathers. They have between a thousand and fifteen hundred feathers. That is because they don’t require so many feathers, and it also keeps them lightweight for easy flight.

3. Hummingbirds Take 250 Breaths In A Minute

If there was a breathing competition, hummingbirds would definitely take the prize. That is because these birds take 250 breaths per minute on average. Of course, if they are in flight, then their breathing pace will increase even more.

4. They Are Aggressive Bird Species

While hummingbirds might look small and fragile, they are still one of the most aggressive bird species. That is because they frequently attack hawks, crows, jays, and other birds that threaten their territory. Even the hummingbirds in your backyard are aggressive as they will chase intruders away in no time.

5. They Consume One-Half Of Their Weight In Sugar

On average, a hummingbird feeds five or eight times an hour. That is because they need to consume at least one-half of their weight in sugar daily. Besides nectar, hummingbirds also feed on spiders and small insects while sipping juice from broken fruits or sap from trees.

6. They Don’t Have A Sense Of Smell

Not all animals have a sense of smell, and the hummingbird is one of them. These birds can’t smell anything, but their eyesight is incredibly sharp. They can spot a predator from far away and use their lightweight wings to fly away as quickly as possible.

7. They Lay The Smallest Eggs

Out of all the bird species, hummingbirds lay the smallest eggs. The eggs measure less than half inches long, but they reflect at least 10% of the bird’s mother’s weight at the time she laid eggs. In simple terms, even a jelly bean is bigger than a hummingbird egg.

Final Thoughts

These are the top seven facts about hummingbirds that you probably didn’t know before. Hummingbirds may look small, but even being small has its advantages when you are trying to survive in the animal kingdom. They have used their size to their advantage and will keep on doing so for a long time to come as they survive in the wild.