Sudden Locations To Meet The Cutest Birds Ever, Penguins!

All we know from the school program is that the basic penguin habitat is Earth’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. We also like penguins because of their funny awkward gait, cute appearance and faithful monogamy. And over many years, most penguins will remain with their spouse and lay only one or two eggs at a time. During the harsh winter of Antarctica, female emperors pass their eggs to the males’ feet to incubate while grazing in the sea. Males do not eat during freezing spells and curl up in companies to keep warm. Though penguins can’t fly, they are professional swimmers because of their stiff flippers, webbed feet, and streamlined form.

Obviously, penguins have many fans from all over the world and are not inferior in cuteness even to pandas! So, hurry to find surprising destinations that you can visit and seek penguins out if you’re eager to get to know these fascinating birds better!

On the sunny continent of Australia live the smallest penguin species, little penguins (sometimes called fairy penguins). The penguin-representative of this species, just imagine, is about a tad larger than a bowling pin!

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 Fairy penguins

This penguin species lives on Montague Island and Sydney’s Manly Beach in Western Australia, Victoria’s Phillip Island and the efficiently named Penguin Island. Also, petite swimmers make their homes along the south—western coast of Australia. Tiny runners travel approximately 30 km across in search of fish, arthropods and mollusks throughout the day. They return home after dusk and scurry around on the coast in a famous “penguin parade” while gathering hundreds of tourists who are eager to see this miracle of bird cohesion.

Magellanic Penguin, Spheniscus Magellanicus, Bird

Magellanic penguins

The next unexpected dot on the penguin-lover’s map is Argentina. Here live there nearly exploited Magellanic penguins. This species shows southern Patagonia, Argentina’s largest plentiful seabird spawning on the shore. Nearly one million couples of Magellanic penguins live in over 60 colonies on the coastline of Patagonia, with Punta Tombo the largest at about 200,000 breeding pairs. In September, penguins arrive in their colonies and leave in April to linger at sea throughout the winter months, extending north to the Atlantic as far as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

And now we are ready to completely and forever destroy the prevailing stereotypes about these wonderful animals! So, it turns out that penguins feel comfortable prodding on the hottest continent, Africa! Yes, this is not a joke.

Raft Of Penguins, Group Of Penguins, African Penguin

African Penguins

How did African penguins adapt to life on earth in a warm climate? They limit activities in breeding grounds, to daytime breaks and periods of sunset. Most of the time, feathered creatures settle in burrows or under other shelters, such as boulders and bushes, which save them from bright sunlight during the day. Birds that do not hatch or hatch chicks, or other non-breeding penguins, spend the day in the ocean or daydream in coastal flocks and usually swim. A great majority of the African Penguin colonies are open to visitors. Most of them are in Cape Town.