Take a hike with these best hiking dogs

If you like the adventure of a brisk hike, it’s even more enjoyable with a four-footed friend by your side. Dogs are great hiking companions and provide a good level of protection as well. However, some dogs are more fit for hiking than others.

There is no perfect breed that will meet every criteria you want for a pet dog, but some are more prone to enjoy a hike more than others. Of course, you know when you get a dog that they will require a certain amount of walking time outside. But, not every dog lives to go on lengthy or challenging hikes. If hiking is your thing and you want to kick up your walking routine a notch, it may be time to discover which dogs are going to make your best hiking buddies.

The Bernese Mountain, Siberian Husky, Border Collies, and Labrador Retrievers are among some of the best hiking dogs around. But, don’t disregard the vigorous walk of a mutt. Depending on what breeds make up the mutt, some make the best choice to faithfully and happily keep up with your walking habits. Take a look at what makes each breed best for hiking.

Bernese Mountain Dog

With mountain as part of the dog’s name, it’s no surprise that this breed loves to be your hiker companion. These dogs have done a fantastic job as cattle drivers. They also are used as guard dogs in Switzerland on the slopes. Better still, they tend to be gentle and sweet.

Siberian Husky

Husky’s are sleek, strong, and striking in appearance. They are known for pulling sleds. Typically, the curiosity of a husky will put them first in line to take on a new challenge with happy enthusiasm. They are likely to be happy accompanying you on a venturous hike.

Border Collie

Don’t be surprised if this dog is just as good at cuddling as they are at working to herd. Known for their skill in herding sheep, the border collie seems to live to be attentive in rounding up smaller animals, or children. The border collie has a lot of energy and is extremely agile, but don’t be surprised if a long hike wears them out making them ready for a nap.

Labrador Retriever

Retrievers are friendly dogs, energetic and extremely intelligent. They love a lot of exercise, so taking them along as a hiking pal is ideal. Keeping them moving is very important for their well being since if they remain passive, they tend to display hyperactivity. They just love to walk.


When it comes to loving to be alongside their owners for a hike, mixed breed dogs are often among the best choice. They love to be outside. Of course how much they love it will be determined by exactly what dog breeds make up their mutt status.