20+ Receipts That Deserve A Tip As Well

Although gratuity may appear to be an odd idea to some, it is widely accepted in many cultures worldwide, particularly when tipping a waiter or waitress in a restaurant or other facility. However, not all expressions of gratitude are monetary. Some people express their thanks – or lack thereof, as the case may be, as you will see – by making a joke, an insult, or offering unsolicited advice. Following a day at the diner, several unique “tips” were left behind on credit card receipts, which you can see below. They range from heartfelt to humorous to sarcastic to just plain unpleasant, and they are all great. While some may cause you to burst out laughing, others may urge you to scream and hate. Each of these is entertaining in its way, regardless of the style. Cheers!

What Do You Want Me to Thank You For?

Every bookshop has a section dedicated to it. In addition, they have a UFO department with books regarding strange phenomena, and people buy the books there. This bookstore has decided to thank its customers who enjoy purchasing more unusual items. We are grateful for their support.


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Considering that the buyer had purchased a book about elephants on acid, it is logical that the bookshop owners would be pleased to have something so bizarre removed off their shelves. But we are also interested in learning more about Rapunzel and what the paper with the words “ice cream and sadness” is about.

That Is a Great Deal

The drink known as Sex on The Beach is well-known, but has anyone ever heard of the drink known as an Orgasm? If nothing else, we can only hope that the word orgasm mentioned on this receipt refers to a specific beverage and not to another type of product or service supplied by this restaurant.

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I assume this customer is a man, in which case this will be a fascinating receipt to present to his wife when he returns home. Otherwise, this fruity drink is likely to get someone in trouble with her boyfriend unless he happens to be a seasoned cocktail connoisseur.

The Devil Is in The Details

As if people were not already overly superstitious, this customer went out of his way to sign the cheque in the name of Satan to be on the safe side. But unfortunately, a famous proverb states that not all money is good money. In this case, the money in question came directly from Devil.

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For all we know, the restaurant employees may not have even decided to swipe the card at all. Instead, they chose to proceed with the transaction and ignore the bill. At first glance, it appears to be a hilarious dumb joke. However, it is possible that his total bill came to $6.66.

Is Not That What They Call Themselves?

In the end, this Pizza Hut delivery guy chose to leave a receipt along with a warm thank you note. The delivery driver’s name is Richard, and that he signed the receipt Dick for short is more logical, and one can only hope that this is true.

Text, letter

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When someone calls another person by the name of Dick as an insult, it might be taken to mean that the individual was highly disrespectful to that person. If the delivery driver desired a tip, this would not occur. However, if the delivery driver wrote this in response to not receiving a tip, we now know what he was thinking.

Parents Can Be Cruel to Their Children

Butthole Teeth is just another example of a stupidly idiotic name to sign on a receipt, as evidenced by its existence. Parents have been known to name their children some very bizarre characters in recent years, particularly famous parents who have given their children names such as Rocke and Apple, among others.

A piece of paper with writing on it

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One of two things happened: either this guy was eating hot wings while watching Beavis and Butthead Do America, or his parents are genuinely that horrible. Perhaps this is a sign or indicator of the type of young parents when they were younger. Who knows what will happen? In any case, the last four numbers on the card are essential.

Let us Have Some Fun with This.

Some of our consumers can be downright cheeky. In this case, the customer requested that his server choose a number between 1 and 10. The number 7 was selected by the server. He put the check on the table, said goodbye to the guests, and returned to find a fantastic tip and a letter from them on their way out.

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A $70 tip on a $56 charge is not exactly winning the lottery, but who would not have felt like they would hit the customer jackpot after seeing that amount of money? A better world would exist if more consumers were like that and more people had that kind of spare change in their pockets.

You, Will, Say That

Although we have all seen messages printed at the bottom of receipts, have you ever seen a company motto printed at the top of a receipt? You would think so. This pizza parlor gets bonus marks for originality when it comes to this pizza parlor. They claim that having garlic breath after leaving a pizza restaurant is beneficial.

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And who could disagree? Having a lot of garlic is the best way to go, between the garlic bread sticks and the garlic crust on the pizza, not to mention the garlic bread provided with spaghetti at any restaurant that serves more than a pizza.

Poetry Is Difficult

Leaving a tagline at the bottom of a receipt is acceptable, but leaving a poem? That is quite innovative. He could not make sense of the haiku written at the bottom of this particular customer’s receipt because the cashier had left it there on purpose.

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Haikus already have a complicated syllable pattern that must be adhered to for the poem to be considered a true haiku, but putting everything together in a way that makes sense is even more difficult. Fortunately for this individual, he transformed the situation into a pretty amusing story. Then, of course, the clients laughed at him or told him to stick to his regular work. But, at the very least, he tried.

This Receipt Smells Horrible

At first glance, it appears to be a parking fee, which is understandable given the circumstances. Perhaps they felt it necessary to include that information on the restaurant receipt rather than letting the customer pay for valet services. Still, it is always preferable to pay with a single card swipe.

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Suppose the crew knew exactly which table was responsible for the incident. In that case, the restaurant must have been relatively empty. This was, without a doubt, an unpleasant fee for the customer to receive. However, one needs to consider whether or not there are any rules or regulations against this.

Obtaining a Pass

In most cases, a person would like to work, do their job, and then return home. This might be difficult to accomplish when clients desire to combine business and pleasure. This customer decided to note to the waitress that he did not mind if she called or contacted him to ask if he wanted to go out for dinner later that night.

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If the waitress never indicated any interest, that is a rather daring move on your part. Is it possible that he wrote his phone number on the receipt and then went because he did not want to wait around to see if she rejected him? Or it is possible that he did not want to put any strain on her.

Performing God’s Work

We are all familiar with the concept of tithing, or giving ten percent of one’s salary to the Lord, but who says that doing the Lord’s work has to be limited to the church? This excellent customer decided to inform the waitress that she would always and forever devote her life to the service of God.

A picture containing text, receipt

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On the other hand, she is fine with leaving a 30 percent gratuity for the waitress. While not particularly impressive considering the typical tip left is between 15 and 20%, 30% is not bad. Perhaps it is time to check up that bible verse that speaks of generosity because this individual has it down to a science.

We Had No Intention of Trying It

Because the baker opted to write a heading on his receipt saying, “you cannot scare me,” someone must have gone to this bakery with the intent of scaring the baker. “I am a mother of two children.” Perhaps they talked to the bridezilla who walked into the room and promptly lost her mind over her cake.

A picture containing text, receipt

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Or the mother who desired for her child to have the perfect birthday cake, as well as the ideal second cake to smash into the child’s face on the occasion. In other words, it is possible that this individual had a thrilling experience with someone who had nothing more on his or her mind than to attempt to terrify the baker.

Is Not He Supposed to Be Busy?

While it is great to make fun of consumers, we are not sure if this is a name the customer chose when placing an online order or if it is the fictitious name of the manager. Still, it gave us a good laugh anyway.

A picture containing text, receipt

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We enjoy a good joke around here, and this one earns many points from us for its cleverness. Perhaps this restaurant uses a gimmick to create puns from well-known Korean names to attract customers. Nevertheless, Koreana put up your best performance for us!

Make Use of Your Phone

Nowadays, smartphones are equipped with tip calculators, removing the need for the user to perform the calculations themselves. Nevertheless, the customer made a thoughtful gesture in this receipt and still left a tip, even though they did not specify how much they wanted to give.

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They just provide a total sum to be paid. So, while the tip was more than one dollar on a bill totaling more than $6, we will still award him brownie points, especially since he wrote “I cannot get math” in the tip section of his ticket. – He appears to be unable to communicate in English as well.

There Is Not a Tip for You

In some instances, we are perplexed about how the server knows which receipt belongs to us when they have many receipts in their palm. Of course, they may have memorized our plates and knew precisely which check should be left for us depending on the items on our bill, but that sounds like a lot to remember.


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However, this server had a less-than-pleasant technique of identifying his customers on their bills. This is one of those instances in which it is understandable why these two individuals elected not to tip the waiter. It is more than simply a mere clerical error.

Old Jokes Are Always the Best

It is difficult to make light of someone’s situation when you are unsure how they will react to your joke. When it came to their hot wings, one server at a hot wing’s restaurant decided to itemize the customer’s requests, including how hot they wanted them, how crispy they wanted them, and even some jokes.

A picture containing text, whiteboard, receipt

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No matter how often this sentence is repeated, it never becomes stale. If the customer was easily offended, it is hoped that they were not offended too much; however, anyone with a sense of humor will most likely have enjoyed a good giggle after their dinner.

It Was Certainly a Bad Typo

Imagine the word “whole” spelled with an R instead of an L, and that is the kind of juice our customer received. Or at least that is how it was written on the receipt, but the juice the customer was served with, was certainly not from concentrate.

It was either pureed, or it was just not blended with the juice of another flavor, depending on your preference. Next time, these gentlemen would want to double-check the spelling on their receipt before jumping to any incorrect assumptions about the situation. On the other hand, perhaps they were trying to communicate with her through hidden messages and that receipt.

Memorable Dinner Guests

It appears that Pac-Man has finally received the dinner that she desired. An excellent example is that the customer opted to leave a photo of Pac-Man eating dots with the words “nom nom” written on the signature line beneath the image.

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It appears that the check was appropriate and that the gratuity was left in cash as well. So as long as a tip remained, there was nothing to worry about. I am curious, though, how old this consumer is if they are still playing Pac-Man. Millennials, do you have a nostalgic feeling in your heart yet?

Stay Away from The Parking Lot

This receipt’s bizarre one-liner footer raises many issues. Given that it appears that they ordered a gourmet sandwich or salad. What kind of establishment is this, exactly? We strongly desire to pay a visit and wander about the parking lot.

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Regardless, we enjoy the sense of humor that this establishment possesses. If everyone who works there have fantastic jokes like this, we are curious if they are all like this. Perhaps the one-liners at the bottom of the page are changed more regularly. This is something the world desperately needs more of.

Taking Care of Mothers

Pregnant women are receiving a plethora of beneficial treatments these days. For example, their ability to obtain ideal parking in front of establishments without requiring a disability placard has led to one restaurant offering an incredible discount to a pregnant woman in exchange for a note wishing her “good luck” in her endeavors.

A picture containing text, receipt

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As if being pregnant was not already a stressful ordeal, who could not be cheered up by this gesture? According to the appearance of the discount, her entire dinner was on the house. Although this cannot be true of her husband, pregnancy is when the mother can shine. Unfortunately, the correct term is glowed instead of shining rather than shining.

What Was It That Left Such an Impression on You?

Are there any legitimate reasons for servers to come into work if they are not having a good time? We are all familiar with the telltale symptoms that someone is a touch too – groovy. For example, when someone has smoked before sitting down to eat, it is evident from their red, droopy eyes to the smell emitting from their clothes that they have done so.

It is possible that this customer called in and stated that was their name before placing an order. Still, a waiter would generally have more common sense than to include that information on the receipt. With all things taken into consideration, it is safe to say that nobody was insulted throughout that transaction.

Is That of Any Importance?

A printed remark on this receipt indicates for whatever explanation that the customer’s cashier on this particular day was named White. Did they mean “white” in the sense of skin color or ethnic origin, or did they mean “White” in the cashier’s given name, White?

Text, letter

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No matter how you look at it, this specific comment was a little odd. Whether there is a Karen, the cashier’s name needs to be changed, or someone needs to speak with management about the situation. To be completely honest, Karens come in quite handy in these situations.

Keep Herbs and Spices Low

Indian cuisine is well-known for being flavorful and spicy, which is true with this dish. People from India take great pride in their culinary skills. Of course, everybody does, but Indians take it to a whole new extreme level. The reality is that not everyone can tolerate the heat, so this server opted to alert the kitchen to the situation.

A picture containing text, receipt

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Because the clients were from other countries, they needed to serve the rice with a mild curry sauce. It gets tiresome hearing people complain about the food being too spicy, but this is an Indian restaurant, after all. What exactly did these customers hope to receive? Is there sugar in their food?

Get Yourself Awake

This receipt joke will only be effective if the recipient understands the context. But, let us face it, some of these new generation kids are not even aware of the existence of Myspace, let alone know who Neo from The Matrix is. So, after seeing this, someone could doubt whether the food tasted that nice.

A picture containing text, receipt

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Alternatively, the Matrix may simply inform their brain that the food is excellent. Who knows what will happen? However, when it comes time to pay the bill at the restaurant and the rent when the customer returns home, we know this is the most realistic scenario possible.

Two Cents from the Customer

This nasty consumer chose to give their 2 cents worth of feedback in the most literal meaning of the term. Not only did they leave a tip of only $0.02, but they also opted to share their two cents with the restaurant and provide feedback on the overall experience.

Although the customer did not express dissatisfaction with the serving staff, they did express disappointment that their food did not arrive quickly enough. So, no, in this particular instance, the customer made it abundantly evident that they did not like being kept waiting.

Thank You, I Have Been Putting Some Effort into It.

Customer perception of attractiveness has led to the terrible reality that attractive waiters and waitresses are more likely to receive more tips than those who are not pretty. However, this specific customer is so perceptive of this waitress that they chose to put “love your tan” on the receipt aside.

It can be difficult to tell whether someone has tanned or if their skin hue is simply their natural skin tone in such a diverse society. However, in this case, it takes one to know one, and someone serious about tanning can distinguish another who is equally serious about tanning.

An Exceptional Investing Opportunity

How could one become so bored that they have the time to draw such intricate pictures on a business receipt? This customer chose to have an entire scene of the moon in the sky drawn, complete with a mountain and a tower as a backdrop. Beautiful.

Even though the server most likely appreciated the elaborate gesture, a simple gratuity would have been sufficient in this case. But, all kidding aside, this is a very excellent design for someone who just had a pen and piece of receipt paper to work with and completed it in less than a half-hour.

A Problem with Alcoholism

That means that either this is a genuinely fantastic animator who drew this napkin cartoon or that this is a promising young cartoonist with a bright career ahead of them. This individual decided to create a well-thought-out cartoon where Coca-Cola and Pepsi are engaged in a battle.

And while the generic brand of Coca-Cola is a step down for some of us, others are not bothered by it in the slightest possible way. Is not it true that all of these beverages are manufactured by the same company? Everything is the same except for the bottle, right?

Not Stirred, But Shaken

We are not talking about the drinks here; this customer informed the server that they would want their meal tossed rather than stirred. The customer decided to leave a polite, quite literally pulled note stating that they wish their bacon started rather than drained. This could be about something completely different.

No doubt about it, and we were not present for the actual interaction between the waitress and the patron, but this is rather amusing anyway. Some of us may go home and attempt to shake our bacon to see what happens.

We Have Reason to Believe There Was No Tip

When it comes to body shaming, nothing is worse than being mistaken for being pregnant, which can be a downright embarrassing circumstance for a plus-size woman. So, what does it matter if someone has a little extra fat around the middle? That is the most challenging region to keep up with.

As if we did not already have enough problems dealing with unreasonable beauty standards, the server felt compelled to point this customer’s excessive weight to the group. When she scribbled an answer to him on the receipt, she slapped her hands together. It is safe to say that he did not receive any compensation for his efforts.

That Is Just a Way of Showing Off

Let us talk about a little mathematical brilliance. This particular consumer determined that they would want to leave a gratuity for $3.14. We cannot even complete the math at that speed. This guy is frantically looking for symbols to substitute for the number of dollars he should receive as a gratuity.

Congratulations to the bright math teacher who chose to put this server through its paces. Perhaps it was a message that the server should consider returning to school. If you want students to learn, you must make the material enjoyable. On the other hand, this ploy is only amusing to those aware of it.

All-Star Customer Service staff

It is lovely to indulge in a little role-playing now and again. As you can see, this waitress prefers to be addressed by the moniker Lady Gaga. Either this consumer was taken aback by the fact that Lady Gaga is likely to have found herself on a reality television show where she enjoys trying out conventional occupations.

Alternatively, it might all be for fun and games. We all need something to make our jobs a little more enjoyable. Because Lady Gaga is known for her wild fashion style, I am curious what this waiter was wearing and whether it added to the authentic feel of the event.

Meme Culture Is Gaining Popularity

This gaming company decided to include a captivating header at the top of its receipt. Most gamers, and indeed most individuals under the age of 35, will be familiar with the meme referenced in this article. It has been around for quite some time.

It is adorable, even to those of us who are not gamers. However, it is correct. People who are interested in the new game should preorder it. Those extensive lineups outside the store where people pitch tents and camp out overnight are a source of amusement. Pre-order the game on Steam.

Unacceptable and Entirely Uncalled For

Serving people is not a simple job. Not like sitting in an air-conditioned office with a cubicle for eight hours a day, seven days a week. Yet, these gentlemen are on their feet all day, wearing the most comfortable shoes they can find so that they can move around and service people in and out of their establishment.

In the service and hospitality sector, every position is genuine work, and they are not all simple jobs. But, being honest, it would have been simpler to declare that he was cheap; there was no need to bring someone else’s emotions down with him. Get that guy out of here as soon as possible!

What were the reactions of the other diners?

There has to be a mistake here.

While we are not entirely sure what he meant by the term “naked,” now that the word has become ingrained in our minds, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with a word that either rhyme with it or is synonymous with it while still being appropriate for a restaurant setting.

Given that the receipt also indicates that it was the customer’s birthday, it is possible that the joke was intended to allude to the fact that the customer was dressed in his birthday suit. Who knows what will happen? However, if he ever did come to the café naked, it was most likely while he was staying at a nudist colony.

The Importance of Accuracy Cannot Be Overstated

No one wants to appear as though they are skimping on their expenses. For example, this individual left a generous tip for the waitress but then promptly forgot how to add the final sum to the tip. Most of the time, when someone makes a mistake, they just cross it out, put the appropriate number next to it, and begin the page.

This individual merely drew over the one number they had accidentally miswritten, along with a quite amusing comment, which was the end of it. It was a simple and easily forgiven blunder. But, even so, you do not want to make a dumb small mistake that will affect your karmic balance. Follow in the footsteps of this individual.

At the Very Least, It Was Absolutely Free

However, while all fire is free and dangerous, it is more likely that the food was prepared immediately in front of the customer, which is a service that usually charges extra, but in this case, it appears that the restaurant provided this service as a kindness to the customer.

After all, who does not enjoy watching their food being prepared before their eyes? If you go to a buffet in the afternoon, you will have food that has been cooked many hours earlier in the morning accessible to put on your plate.

Thank You So Much for Everything

It is reassuring to know that someone appreciates your efforts and honors them for what you have accomplished. For example, the guests at this party decided to write a very lengthy statement on a napkin to their waitress. They expressed their appreciation for the excellent service and how much they liked working with her.

Depending on the size of the party, gratuity is usually already included in the final bill before it is handed over to the individual who will pay. Still, hopefully, this lengthy note was followed by an additional tip. The committee decided on the payout percentage that was the most generous. In any case, it appears to have been a successful evening for both the server and the customers.

A Very Goofy Joke

People on our planet need to go through many years of evolutionary change before they learn that a “tip” here does not mean imparting advise or providing someone with the instructions to a life hack, but rather means providing someone with information. To be fair, this specific receipt indicates that the gratuity has already been deducted from the final bill.

It is still a little bit of a surprise. This customer chose to include an additional tip, stating that it is not acceptable to stare directly into the sun. Thank you very much for your assistance. If we had not already been taught that it was harmful to our eyes while we were in primary school, we were reminded of this when we were expecting a little more than we were expecting.

Putting a Theory to the Test

The cashier can get a bit carried away with their imagination regarding the personalized messages at the bottom of this receipt, but it is rare. On the bottom of the receipt, this server decided to add a weird note about a martial arts actor and two utterly unrelated game systems, which was then handed to me.

Not only has it been read, but it has also been photographed and made available for publication. We all benefit from this individual’s ability to make us laugh, whether we start our day or end our day. We hope he continues to write new comedic material regularly.

It Would Be Nice If There Were a Little Detail

It is always beneficial to receive feedback on what the business can do to enhance the customer experience. Furthermore, any feedback should be taken with a grain of salt because some people take pleasure in being impolite. This particular consumer decided to give no tip at all.

It is possible that the service was not up to par or that someone on the team was having a poor day. Despite this, some people are entirely reliant on those recommendations. She is now aware that she will not be compensated if she walks through the door again.

A Lighthearted Joke with a Reminder

Like Dick’s in Las Vegas, NV, this type of establishment where guests can expect to be abused by the staff; however, a “yo mama” joke accompanied this receipt. If you ask us, it is rather amusing. It is, without a doubt, unique.

We have all heard some pretty interesting “yo mama” jokes in our time, and they are all meant to be amusing and lighthearted. There will be no insults, no guns fired and thrown shade. These are probably the only examples of unacceptable slander directed toward someone who is tolerated in society.

Bonus for the Parents

When you have numerous children, it can be challenging to eat. It has the potential to be exceedingly expensive. Parents everywhere understand how difficult it may be to take their children out when they are restless and hungry at certain times of the day.

The restaurant’s management team is also unenthusiastic about assisting a family with extremely active children. However, these parents had some exceptionally well-behaved children. The restaurant staff expressed their appreciation by offering the parents a discount on their meal that evening.

Come Back When You are 100 Years Old

Kindness must once again become popular to have more opportunities like these. For example, this precious person celebrated their 22nd birthday at a restaurant. In recognition of the milestone, they opted to leave a $22 tip on a $40 bill, the maximum amount allowed by law.

That is a tip worth more than 50% of the total. While it appears that the customer is not desperate for money, it is heartening to see that he has left his server with a birthday gift and a heartfelt message expressing his gratitude for the excellent service he has received.

Presidential Business

If the signature on the credit card transaction receipt did not match up with that of the cardholder, it was considered a fraudulent transaction. However, as individuals realized what was going on, they began writing any name they wanted on the receipt.

This patron chose to write the name of Abraham Lincoln, a former President of the United States. The latter is widely regarded as a national hero. At first glance, this seems almost identical to President Lincoln’s signature in person. However, because the card transaction is still legitimate, we will consider this a humorous joke.