The Astonishing Healing Powers Of Horses

It may be surprising that horses can help guide humans through so many difficult situations that they face during their lives. Man and horse have coexisted side by side for feels like forever. We can be sure that horses have blessed the lives of humanity for tens of thousands of years, at the very least. Make no mistake about it, the world as we know it wouldn’t be possible without horses.

Horses offer more than a historic mode of transportation

When many of you think of horses, the Wild West might come into mind. A time when people relied on horses for everything from labor to as a means of transportation. It would’ve been next to impossible for people to travel from one place to another without horses. The horse holds a special place in our hearts for many reasons and the need to get from one place to another is a big part of that. However, anyone who sees horses as only as a means of transportation is missing out on one of the most significant roles that horses have played in human history.

Horses were our therapists before therapists existed

Have you ever noticed how great it makes you feel when you talk to a horse? Doing something as simple as brushing their mane makes you feel calm. Simply being near such a magnificent creature has a way of making you feel at ease and calm. Let’s not forget how you feel when you’re on the back of one of these majestic creatures. You feel as if a ton of bricks has been taken off your shoulders. Somehow a horse can do things that no other person can. No therapist or psychiatrist can solve your emotional problems quite like a horse cam.

Activities with horses can heal even the deepest psychological wounds

People who have been through severe traumatic experiences all report a server drop in their symptoms after being around horses. Did you know that it takes a mere matter of moments for the average person to benefit from being around a horse? You don’t need to spend all day in a stable to feel the benefits of being around a horse. Just a ten-minute ride is all it takes to make the stress and anxiety melt away.

A wide variety of mental conditions quickly improve after spending time with horses

Patients dealing with everything from panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and clinical depression can benefit from spending time with horses. Sometimes medication fails patients, and they don’t know where to turn. The first thing they rarely do is look for their nearest horse farm for relief, but that might be changing. Recent studies have shown that being around horses has had a significant increase in the chemicals associated with brain function. Mental healthcare professions who have tried everything else are now starting to consider horse therapy. The health benefits of horse therapy go far beyond that of those struggling psychological issues, as it’s also now being looked into as a treatment for many physical conditions as well.