The best low-maintenance pets

You want a pet of your own, but you fear your lifestyle is just too super crazy busy to give them the attention they deserve and need. There is a solution! The following are the best low-maintenance pets to fit into your busy daily life without neglect.

Hamster and Gerbils

Think small! When you are too busy to let a dog out for a walk or change a litter box, it’s time to think smaller. Hamsters are small enough to fit into your pocket and fairly easy to care for as pets. An added perk is that they are nocturnal, so you may even find you have plenty of quality time interacting with them after a busy day.

Though some hamster breeds are lower maintenance than others, the Roborovski hamster tends to be quiet and prefers to be left alone. All they need is food and a large enough cage to run around and play. The Syrian hamster is extremely anti-social when it comes to their living space, but they love to get attention from their owners on a moderate level, and if you choose a short-hair one, they won’t need to be brushed every day.

Similar to hamsters, gerbils require very little in terms of daily care. Provide them with food, bedding, toys, and plenty of room to run around inside the cage, and you have a great low-maintenance pet.

Guinea Pigs

Though larger than the pocket-sized hamster or gerbil, guinea pigs make a great low-maintenance pet. They will need paper bedding and hay changed out regularly, food and clean water. They are, however, very sociable, so you will want to interact with them daily to create a lasting friendship between a pet owner and a guinea pig.


Rabbits can make great low-maintenance pets especially if they have short hair so you don’t have to constantly groom them and are a bit smaller in size than the large breed rabbits. They love toys that are engaging or another rabbit to keep them company. Though, make sure they are two of the same sex so you don’t suddenly have a host of bunnies. Some of the best low-maintenance rabbit breeds include the Mini Lop, the Holland Lop, and the Mini Rex. Though they don’t require a lot of work on the part of the pet owner, make sure they get plenty of time outside of their cage when you are home.


While fish don’t insist on interaction or going for walks, there is some care that takes time and careful attention such as cleaning their tanks and properly feeding them. Some types of fish to consider may include guppies or goldfish.

Dogs and Cats

Cats can make great low maintenance pets since many prefer to be left alone so long as their needs are met. Dogs, on the other hand, are not typically considered extremely low maintenance due to the fact that they need to be walked and let out to relieve themselves, there are some breeds that are lower maintenance than others.

Older shelter dogs often prefer a safe place where they can rest most of their days, which means a lot of hands-off in your care for them. Other considerations for the lowest maintenance include dogs who are short-haired, low energy, and more independent. Some to think about may include chihuahua, Basset Hounds, or the Dachshund.