The Largest Most Magnificent Animals on the Planet

Animals in general are beloved by humans. The need to protect them, love them is strong and vice versa the animals provide a lot of help to humans too. The love and bond that most humans and their animals feel is unlike any other. Out of all those animals, some manage to become a lot more special for many different reasons. Below are just some animals that have managed to catch the eye on the basis of their magnificence and their size. Let’s take a look and find out which one fascinates you the most and why is it that special.

Rhinoceros beetle

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Just look at how huge this rhinoceros beetle is! Of course, it is easy for us to understand that, because these guys live in the Amazon forest, and that particular part of our planet is famous for having animals of the biggest size. Only anaconda alone is huge enough to scare the life out of anyone on Earth.
This guy, however, is not supposed to be this huge. The normal ‘maximum size’ for rhinoceros beetles is 6-7 centimeters. Which is big enough, yes, but this particular individual took it to the next level and deserved a place on this list.

Horns for Days

We have talked about animals that have managed to make their impact due to their size, weight and other important features. here is another animal that has its appendices to thank when it comes to being in this list. The African Watusi Steer called lurch is one that has managed to catch the attention of a lot of people. He has the largest horn circumference with it measuring just over 37 inches. Though all this was extremely impressive it eventually became his downfall as it became the reason for his demise. He developed cancer in his horns and passed away.

Nomura’s jellyfish

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This enormous creature, known as Nomura’s Jellyfish, lives in salty waters around China and Japan. Reaching the length of sometimes 7 feet, it can easily outgrow some human beings. Its size is perfectly demonstrated in the picture above.
Amazingly enough, this monster somehow constitutes a part of Japanese national cuisine. Who in the right mind will ever eat this guy? – you might ask. Well, tastes differ, because in Jepan it is a hundred percent edible.

The Magnificent English Bull

The particular bull as seen in the picture is eight years old and weighs almost a ton. His eighty-year-old owner has said that the beautiful bull will continue to grow larger and bigger as it gets older. The owner claims that the English Bull is healthy and has no disease that may mark a deterioration in health or size. Contrary to the enormous size, the bull is known to be extremely sweet and mild-tempered and has a particular fascination with humans. As seen in the picture above with its eight-year-old owner, the bull is happy being around humans who cater to its needs.

The Black Percheron Stallion

Horses tend to be magnificent creatures as they are. The way they gallop and run free in the wild is where they are truly meant to be. One such beauty is the Percheron Stallion. The particular breed of horse is known to grow nineteen hands tall. That is a pretty big horse. Its owners, pictures above say that this horse is the complete deal. With style and height to its advantage, this beautiful stallion has managed to get the attention of most breeders. With its majestic beauty apparent to all, its beautiful rich black colour is an addition to why its famous.

The Prince and the Frog

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You may have heard about the tale of the prince that was turned into a frog and had to be freed from the curse by true loves first kiss? Well, this frog is the exact opposite of it in terms of the fact that you would be scared going near it. just by looking at the picture you can tell that the animal is unusually large. Called the Goliath frog it can be found in the plains of Cameroon and Guinea. It can live to almost seventeen years and can weigh over seven pounds. The Goliath frog is completely harmless and majorly feeds on flies and mosquitoes.

The Giant Mild-Mannered Cow

The cow in the picture is named Chilli and is measured to be six feet and six inches with the weight being close to 2,750 pounds. The height and the weight are 18 inches more than an average cow and that is why it is considered to be an important addition to large animals’ collection. The particular cow is mild-mannered and loves humans. Its owner Jenny has stated that Chilli just kept on growing and still continues to grow despite Chilli being of full size. Pictured above, Chilli with her human Jenny, a bond that is so strong that it is incomparable.

The Ferocious Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles are creatures that have managed to maintain their streak of fear and curiosity. Everyone wants to see one but is scared if they do so. The particular Saltwater Crocodile is called Brutus and became famous when it feasted on and ate an entire bull shark. Brutus, featured in the picture above is recorded to measure up to eighteen foot long and was discovered by accident by a group of tourists who were visiting the Adelaide river. The fear and excitement that was when this croc was discovered is immeasurable and to date and is the largest found accidently by tourists.

Is that a Beatle You See?

Almost everyone in the world hates creepy crawlers, insects and beetles. No one wants a beetle to crawl up their clothes or fridge. It would be the fright of their life. now imagine a beetle that is almost six-point-six inches long and you can hold it in your hand with it covering it fully. Does that creep you out? Well, the Titan Longhorn Beatle is exactly the stuff of nightmares for all those afraid so be careful. It has strong pinchers just in the front that are strong enough to cut a pencil in half so beware and be careful.

The Gigantic Mekong Catfish

As seen in the picture the giant Mekong Catfish was weighted to be 646 pounds and was caught in the river of Mekong. A freshwater fish, the Mekong Catfish is somewhat of a delicacy in Thailand and is most often caught by the Thai fishermen. What is unique about this fish is that it was caught b accident by a fisherman that was looking to catch their normal everyday load of fish. There are no reports whether more are available in the Mekong river and of this size but it would be amiss if that was not something that would be the case.

Yes, That’s a Crab

Imagine being on the beach, walking in the sand and just enjoying your time when you see from a distance a crab coming towards you. Now, this isn’t an ordinary crab. The crab is known to be called the Japanese Spider Crab and is 18 feet long and weighs 42 pounds. If that doesn’t scare you then what will? The Japanese Spider Crab is the biggest known crab in the world and is only found in certain parts of the world, lucky for you if you happen to live in North America. Featured in the picture is a researcher holding the crab.

The Dragon Amongst Us

The creature in the picture is literally named a dragon. It is a Comodo Dragon that has been around us since the dinosaurs and has managed to survive for so long. With razor sharp teeth that can tear, bite and rip apart any animal that dares to come across from them, this is a lizard that has held its reputation of being a reptile that has its own fear scale. They can be over ten feet in length and can weigh an astounding three hundred pounds. The magnificent creatures walk on this plain slowly, taking its time and we are just in awe of its grace.

A Tale of a Giant Rabbit

A rabbit is a cute little fluffy animal that is kept as a pet in most houses. They eat carrots and green leaves and are always harmless. The particular rabbit in the picture is called a Flemish Giant Rabbit and is a record four feet and three inches which is pretty impressive. You can clearly see that the rabbit is the size of an average dog and thus would weigh the same too. The rabbit is of a rare breed that is mostly found in rare parts of the world. Though they may be rare they are not vicious at all and are in fact extremely sweet.

A Flying Fox That Looks Like An Actual Fox

Very little is known about bats in general. They are creatures of the night and tend to stay out of our lives because they hate being around people. The particular creature shown above is a different specie all together. Known as the Bismarck Flying Fox is considered to be one of the biggest bats in the world as they have a wing span that measures up to 5.25 feet which is huge. As seen in the picture, as compared to most bats that you would find in caves, this is a bat that is commonly seen during the day in Papua New Guinea.

Kangaroo Muy Macho

Found in the outback’s of Australia, the Red Kangaroo is something that is a combination of strength, intimidation and aggression. Just look at the picture, does it not make you feel scared to be around this kangaroo? It makes you feel like this kangaroo wants to fight and if it does fight you it will knock you down fast. This Red Kangaroo’s name is Roger and became an internet sensation due to its physique and stance. The masculine stance made everyone question their own strength. He weighed just over two hundred pounds and could crus metal, as shown in the picture, easily.

A Capybara That is Not a Myth

Just looking at the picture, you must be wondering what is that? Is that a rodent the size of a dog? Or is it the beauty of photoshop that is making you believe that a rodent could be this big. Let’s just burst all that doubt right away and let you know that this Capybara is the size of an average dog and lives happily with his parents as shown in the picture. He has lived with them all his life and thus is domesticated. He enjoys different things that the owners have incorporated in his life such as swimming in the pool.

Big Fat Earthworm

As mentioned before, earthworms are creatures that are barely noticeable and if you do notice them, they are not impressive enough to be given a lot of attention. Well that all changed when this little earthworm was discovered by a tourist in 2013 in South America. While trekking through the Sumaco National Park, Mikey Grosman found an earthworm that looked like a whole other creature. Scientists are still trying to find out the genus of the animal but one thing is for certain, expect the unexpected when trekking or touring a new country. Everything is possible and this earthworm, though harmless is a magnificent find.

As Slow as a Snail

Snails are considered amongst the top slowest animals in the world. Along with being slow they are interesting creatures because they can very well drop their shell and look for a new one. By doing so they can build a home anywhere at any time. Most often than not, most snails come out after a rain shower and they are found practically everywhere in the world. The particular snail shown above is the African Snail and is known to grow up to fifteen inches and weighing two pounds. That’s impressive as it is almost big enough to be noticed when walking around.

Looks Like Snake but Swims Like a Fish

If you are looking at the above picture and wondering what is going on here, is this a snake or a fish your confusion is completely valid. The above picture represents a fish called the Giant Oarfish and is from the largest bony fish in the world. Most often called the serpent of the ocean because of its appearance, most oarfish have the length of eleven hundred and ten feet and sometimes more. The particular one shown above weighs over six hundred pounds and is the heaviest recorded sea serpent in history. Just look at how many people are holding one Oarfish, that is how heavy it is.

A Dog That looks Like a Bear

Just look at the picture. Is that a bear or a dog? The confusion is valid as this beautiful creature is the stuff of what fluffy dreams are made from but don’t be confused by the big fluffiness of this dog. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that is used by people who live in Asian countries like China, Mongolia and India. The Tibetan use this huge mastiff to protect their cattle and sheep from wolves and other predators that could potentially harm their livestock. A fully grown Mastiff weighs about 286 pounds and are really expensive if sold.

The Stingray That Makes Rivers Scary

The stingray, shown in the picture is another resident of the Mekong river. The Mekong river has something that breeds large water animals and increases their size because almost all creatures found here are amazingly huge. The Freshwater Stingray us thirteen hundred pounds in weight and manage to be a heavy specie. The Freshwater Stingray is often used for its meat and sometimes for recreational purposes too. The meat is unique and quite expensive and thus the value increases when the stingray is bigger. Most people tend to hunt stingray for the sole reason that they are an unusual looking fish.

In Need of Wool? Here is a Sheep

The discovery of this sheep was accidental and also a life saving discovery. Out in the rural outback’s of Australia, this poor four-year-old sheep was found new death, exhausted and dying of thirst with over 88-pound of wool on its body. He was rescued immediately and sheared immediately so that the wool was taken off and he could breathe again. The sheep was then nursed back to health and then released into the wild. The size of the sheep when found was over five times the amount that is of a normal sheep. It was bare luck that he was found when he was.

Legendary Tortoise

Born in 1960s, this beautiful Goliath Tortoise managed to be over 900 pounds and still manages to be amazing. The tortoise has managed to stay alive during all the turmoil of the word and purely because tortoises live you to be centuries’ old. This tortoise usually feeds on greenery and small insects but overall is an old tortoise that has managed to make history as the biggest tortoise in the world. The tortoise was eventually shifted to a sanctuary where he was taken care of especially due to his old age and his requirements. Look at him, he looks peaceful though his beak is sharp and cuts fast.

What is Better Than a Huge Pig

Pigs are usually heavy as they tend to eat anything that comes in their way. Pigs in general are known to be unsanitary creatures that would eat almost anything that comes to them or is thrown their way. Due to this they can be harbingers of diseases and other illness. That being said, the one shown in the picture above is a pig that was specifically found in China. Usually, pigs weigh about hundred to two-hundred and forty pounds but this one weighed over a ton. In order to move this pig, it was a whole process. Now, you can just imagine what was inside that pig.

The Crab of Nightmares

If there is one thing that is for certain it is that crustaceans can sometimes be extremely terrifying. Just look at the one seen in the picture above. It looks every bit as a crab the only difference is that it is humongous. These crabs are called the coconut crabs and are said to be the biggest crabs in the world. With the length of the crab ranging to three feet and three inches and weighing about nine pounds this crab is surely a scary sight. Their diet mostly consists of fruits and seeds, and thus are extremely harmless and pose no threat.

The Infamous Vulture

Vultures are creatures that have been made infamous by movies and cartoons. The omen of death and the prediction that something bad is about to happen are all things associated with vultures. The Cinereous Vulture, as shown in the picture above is considered to be the biggest bird of prey in the world. Their wing span is measured to be between eight to ten feet and can possibly weigh up to thirty pounds. They, like almost all vultures feed on dead animals and mostly carrions as their special feast. Though there has been bad rep about these animals, if dealt with kindness are gentle creatures too.

The Coconut Crab: A Description

The crab may look scary but is extremely harmless. The size of the crab may be extremely intimidating and scary but it is considered one of the friendliest crabs in the world. It feeds on fruits and seeds and hardly ever harms a fly or any other animal. The only feature that is relevant in terms of ensuring one’s safety is the fact that the claws on this crab are unlike any other. The coconut crabs’ claws are strong enough to crush the strongest of coconuts, hence the name. So, if ever you have the chance to deal with one, just be aware of their claws.

Make Way for the Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a sea creature that is usually found within the depths of the ocean. They look absolutely mesmerising and have this calmness about themselves that just exudes peace and tranquillity. Jelly fish have long been used as a source of tranquillity in the ocean. The one in the picture is a significant one because it is seven foot six inches long and is considered the longest jellyfish in the world. The tentacles alone, that are poisonous and harmful are 121 feet in length. Due to the appearance of the jellyfish as shown in the picture, it has been given the name of Lion’s Mane.

The Amazing Amazonian Ant

Ants are generally small creatures that can be so insignificant that you may not realise when stepping on them. there are different species of ants and al of them have a specific task that they do in contribution the ecosystem. The Amazonian Ant is one such ant that can only be found in the jungles of amazon and is almost four inches long. The females in this particular species are almost one inch longer than the male and have poison venom so vicious that one sting and it could kill a person and an animal. If you happen to wander into the Amazon, be on the lookout for these.

The Cat is Out of the Bag

When talking about such exotic animals from all over the world, let’s take a closer look at home. Our pets are our lives so much so that we consider them a part of our family. One such animal is the cat that is often overlooked, here we are talking about Maine Coon. The state cat of Maine, this cat grows up to be a record forty-eight inches long and is considered to be the longest cat in the entire North America. That being said, the cat is fully domesticated and loves interactions with humans along with getting pampered all day.

The Tallest in the World

Donkeys are animals that are often overlooked, over-used and not appreciated enough. That is why you will find out less and less information about them but here is a donkey that has managed to capture the attention of people around it. Named Oklahoma Sam, this beautiful creature stands at 15.3 hands in length. As shown in the picture, the donkey almost looks tall enough to be compared to an average horse. Along with its height, this beautiful creature is known for its love of its owner, pictured above and people around. It allows people to come and pet it whenever they feel comfortable.

A Bunny That Looks Like a Teddy Bear

Just looking at the picture is enough for you to think about all the reasons why a bunny rabbit would be this long. Is it steroids or is it something they are fed? It is neither of those things. This particular bunny is called Darius and has a world record due to its length. He held the record for the longest bunny but his son beat him with his length going up to four feet five inches. They all belong to one family and it is purely the genes that are being passed along. The entire bunny family are long and have made their home with their human owners.

The Legend That is: The Blue Whale

The blue whale is an animal that is known to most people. They are aware of the magnitude of the whale and why it is as awesome as it is told in research books and by scientists. It is the longest living animal in the world with some living up to a century. They have managed to see the world change from nothing to the way it is now. It manages to grow up to ninety-eight feet in length and weighs over 190 tons in total. The most fascinating thing about the blue Whale is that their heart weighs four hundred pound along and that is spectacular.

A Tortoise That Lasts a Lifetime

When going through national geographic or any other animal planet show, you must have heard about tortoises and how they manage to grow and stay alive for a long time. the one particular one being mentioned here is the one in the picture too. His name is Sammy and is owned by a Colin Kapernick who managed to raise him from the time when he was a small baby tortoise. He weighs over 115 pounds and can live up to a hundred and fifty years in total. That is longer than the lifespan of his owner who raised him from when he was a baby.

Polar Bears in the Wild

When it comes to land animals and mammals, the one animal that has managed to stake its claim to the top is the polar bear. With fur as white as snow and ferocity that is unmatched, this bear manages to be the top carnivore in the cold and winter landscape. The male polar bears weigh over 772 to 1,543 pounds on average. That is intimidating enough that they hunt sea lions and feed on them mostly. On the rare occasion that they do not find sea lions they then go on the hunt for dead whales and feed on their carcass.

Make Way for the Kodiak Bear

Just like the polar bears, the Kodiak bears are magnificent creatures that are purely carnivorous. Though unlike their brothers, the polar bears, they live in the lands of Alaska and feed majorly on fish and mostly what is available depending on the season. The Kodiak bear is brown in colour and thus can be spotted from a mile away in the winter snow. Because the fur on the bear is warm enough to last them the entire winter, they are hunted by people looking to use their fur. Almost 90% of their population is finished due to being killed by hunters.

The Goldfish of Your Dreams

When you think about getting a pet that isn’t a lot of hassle and doesn’t require constant attention and care, most people go for a goldfish or any kind of fish. A goldfish is a highly low-maintenance fish that doesn’t require a lot of attention and care. All you need to do is provide food at the right time and that is it. the particular fish as shown in the picture is called Bob and grew from an inch long to now a foot long. It is still growing and his owner, shown in the picture too, is now on tank number five so as to accommodate the goldfish.

Don’t Look Now, It’s a Salamander!

What do you feel when you look at the picture above? If you didn’t know what a salamander looked like you would say, what is that puddle of green and why is it murky? This is a salamander called the Chinese Giant Salamander and can weigh over 55 to 60 pounds in weight. The largest that has been recorded is a salamander that weighed over 110 pounds and was measured to be over six feet long. Now that is impressive and scary at the same time. Salamanders are harmless and though the length may scare you, the creatures are usually harmless.

The Myth of the Squid

The squid is something that almost everyone is familiar with. The animal has been used in mythical books and also tales as old as time but these animals are very much real and very much fascinating. The Giant Squid, as shown in the picture is the second largest squid in the world, the first being called the Colossal squid. It is over 43 feet long and weighs over 600 pounds. The interesting thing here is that the female squid weighs less and is at almost 33 feet long and weighs half of what a male does. So, do your research and it may just help you.

The Folklore of the Anaconda

You may have heard stories, watched movies or seen snippets of the legend of the Anaconda. Made famous by the hugely cult popular movies, anaconda became a legend, a myth and a folklore at the same time. Known for its exceptionally long length that has been exaggerated in the movies, in reality it can grow up to 30 feet in length and can weigh over 550 pounds. Rest assured if you don’t live in the Amazon Rainforest then you are safe from this animal. The beauty of this snake is that it can manage to eat whole creatures without needing to break in the middle.

The Dog That Took Over 2016

2016 seems so far away now. In 2021 it seems like 2016 was a millennium away but a lot of great things happened in that year. If we start mentioning all of them then it won’t do us any good and it would waste your time so let’s focus on the picture at hand. The picture above is the picture of the largest dog to be recorded in 2016 and it was a Great Dane by the name of Frankie. He was seven feet tall and weigh over 210 pounds in total. Sadly, Frankie’s reign lasted only one year when.

The Fearsome Goliath Spider

Just looking at the picture, you may have understood the kind of animal we are going to talk about. The Goliath Spider, found in South America especially in dense forests is a spider that primarily hunts and preys on small birds. By using their web, they trap the birds and with one sting they can inject their lethal venom into the prey. The prey immobilises within seconds thus making it easier for them to feast on it. the Goliath Spider, especially the female one can live up to fifteen years and is knowns for its large size and heavy weight.

Spider Long Legs

Easy to confuse this with daddy long legs, this spider is called the Giant Huntsmen Spider because it has legs that reach over a foot in length. Just imagine that, a spider that has eight legs all over one foot long. This makes it easier for them to climb on things and crawl into spaces where normal and average spiders may not have access to. It can only be found in Laos and is the only known spider or a specie of a sider that does not built a web for themselves and instead goes and finds a place to inhabit.

Is That A Whale or a Shark?

When it comes to seeing what the largest fish in the world is, this is where the fish in the picture comes in. it is called a Whale Shark with the length measuring up to 41 feet long and weighing over 47,000 pounds. They may look dangerous and just because they are known as Whale Sharks does not mean that they are actually dangerous. They are quite opposite to what a lot of people imagine as they have known to let divers swim past them without disturbance, pat them when they want to and also give them rides on their backs.

The Turtle of National Geographic

The Leatherback Sea Turtle is one of the few legendary turtles that has been extensively researched on by the national geographic. You must have seen a documentary of how they are trying to preserve them and help them in their times of need. The most interesting thing about a leatherback sea turtle is that it is the oldest living turtle and that it has no bones in its body. Its shell is basically its skin that is exposed and hardened. They are known to grow over 7 feet in length and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. That is one heavy turtle.

The Enthralling Beatle

This beetle is enticing and enthralling to say the least. Found in the forests of Africa, this beautiful Goliath Beatle can grow up to 2.4 to 4.3 inches in length. That is significant enough to be noticeable. Notice the colour pattern on the exoskeleton of the beetle. That is provided by nature to protect the beetle from other predators. The red colour is accepted as the colour or danger and warning and thus, if they find themselves in a compromising position, just highlighting those colours can help save their lives. The poison within themselves is also a backup in case the colour warning doesn’t work.

The Majesty that is the African Elephant

The plains of Africa are home to some of the most exquisite animals. From mammals to reptiles, there are creatures that have managed to maintain their majesty and grace throughout the times. One such animal that has always been the king of the jungle is the African Elephant. They weigh over six tons and can have the height of over 10 feet. They live for a maximum of 60 to 70 years and some have even managed to live longer due to the protection against poachers and hunters. They have emotions that remind you of human emotions and that is why these gentle giants are lovable.

Is It a Tree or a Branch: It’s a Giraffe?

When talking about Africa and its beauty, how can we forget to talk about the one creature that is so bizarre that one must wonder, how do they actually exist in our world. Yes, we are talking about a Giraffe. With their height almost incomparable with them reach above most trees they have managed to stay upright and not fall over. Their running speed is 35 miles in an hour over short distances and that is impressive knowing that their neck is longer in comparison to their body. Their center of gravity is exceptional and that is why they manage to survive.

Are Monsters Real?

Look at the size of the animal. It is the stuff of nightmares but what transpired to this picture is even more interesting. In the May of 2007, something unimaginable was about to happen. 11-year-old Jamison Stone was out hunting in the Lost Creek Plantation in Alabama with the hopes that he could catch something and hunt an animal. What he didn’t know was he was in for a treat. He spotted the nine feet long boar that weighed 1,051 pounds and hunted it for over three hours and then finally gunned it down. It is truly a day and hunt that this eleven-year-old will never forget.

Butterfly; Butterfly Fly; Fly Away

With an eleven-inch wingspan the Queen Alexandra birdwing butterfly managed to make its mark in history. Here the most interesting thing is that the females have a bigger wingspan than the males but the males have prettier colours. The reason for that is that the males, in the animal Kingdome, need to manage to attract the female so that they can mate. In order for that to happen they need to have brighter colours. They can only be found in Papua New Guinea and are poisonous if eaten by an animal. That is why it is always advised to be careful when with wild animals, even a butterfly.

Earthworms That Leave a Mark

Mostly earthworms are found near walls or near the ground when it rains or the ground is wet. They come out because they need the water to survive. Usually, the earthworms are not that long and thus can be unnoticeable most of the times, but the one shown in the picture is doing no such thing. This earthworm is called the Giant Gippsland and can grow up to nine feet and eight inches long. That is a significant amount. Most earthworms don’t survive a season whereas these can survive for five years and can only be found in Australia just beneath the ground.

A Mix Between a Lion and a Tiger

Now, this may seem like word that was made up by people who were not thinking straight or were just too tired to think of a creative word but the child of a lion and a tiger mating together is called a Liger and they most definitely exist. Ligers are huge in size because it is the product or the King of the Jungle and a tiger. They are both huge cats that have ferocious tendencies. This particular liger is called Hercules and weighs over 900 pounds. He is 49 inches tall and manages to intimidate even the best of the professionals.

The Historic Ocean Sunfish

Sometimes, when you go through history and look at pictures you think about how did those people survive that time. keeping those thoughts in mind, there was once an Ocean Sunfish that was caught by the locals. Now, a normal ocean sunfish weighs over 2,200 pounds which is pretty heavy overall. The one pictured above was an exception and weighed over 5,100 pounds. Let that sink in. That is one heavy fish and just by looking at it you can tell it was a magnificent sight to behold. It looks like a creature out of a fantasy book where creatures like this exist.

Bottom Feeders and Why They Creep You Out

Just looking at this picture can make your skin crawl. The creepy bottom feeders are animals that are found way deep into the ocean where most divers and other tourists can’t go. This isopod is measured to be over two and half feet long with over fourteen legs. Just the thought of those legs crawling on a plain surface is creepy. Now, another piece of information that will affirm your belief of why they are actually creepy is that they are carnivorous and have features like the crab. So, they manage to eat other animals and prey on the weaker animal.

The Legend of the Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is the most misunderstood of the shark family and all of that has to do with media and its portrayal of sharks. Growing to over twenty feet in length the Great White can strike fear into the hearts of brave men. There are two Great Whites that have been recorded to measure up to 36 and 37 feet. So, here is the conclusion, the great White is intimidating and can be carnivorous, but it doesn’t manage to attack every diver that it comes across. If you mess with the shark only then do, they retaliate. So, be careful.

The House Cat That Manages to Hold a Record

This is Ludo, a house cat that is also known as a Maine Coon. The reason why it is known as a Main Coon is because this cat is particular to the State of Maine and it can only be found there. Though Ludo measures up to be four feet long which is less than the other main Coon Cat Stewie, but since Stewie’s passing, Ludo has become the reigning supreme of large domesticated cats. Just by looking at the picture you can tell that the cat is lovable and loves to stay in one place. It is extremely friendly and is always ready to play along.

A Fish Big Enough for 3 Men

This Siamese Carp was a tough cookie. It managed to fight till the end and fought tooth and nail for ninety minutes before these three brave fishermen won and manage to capture it. After being caught, it was a unique experience for the fisherman and they want to get a picture that would last them a lifetime. After doing that they manage to transfer the huge carp into a facility in Thailand where it still lives to this day thriving and shining bright. You tell how magnificent of a creature this is but also how terrifying it can be to catch one.

Lobsters All Around

Lobsters are a delicacy all over the world. They have managed to create a cuisine that is specific to them and they have proved to be the taste that needs to be developed and a skill that needs to be honed to deal with them. that being said, this is a story about a lobster that managed to survive being cooked and live its life out in the wild. The particular lobster, as shown in the picture managed to live in a tank for almost twenty years and thus was subsequently released into the wild. The lobster at that time was 132 years old and was released.

Goldfish Found in the Wild

Most goldfish do not grow too large in size when in captivity. It could be due to a number of reasons but one being that sometime the tank isn’t big enough and two that maybe they may not have the right nutrition. That being said, a goldfish in the wild can grow up to be huge and this one in particular was found to be four hundred pounds in weight. The best thing about animals being discovered in the wild is that after they have been discovered they are let go into the wild and their life isn’t affected.

The Longest Tail on a Dog

The dog here is called Keon and has the longest tail known to a dog. Its length is 30.2 inches and that is a pretty significant amount if you actually think about an average dog. Though the long tail would be a hindrance for most animals, Keon manages to deal with it in his own unique way. Since he has had this from birth, he has managed to adapt to it nicely and quickly. It doesn’t hinder in his running, chasing or just playing around with his human. The tail makes him unique and that is why the tail stays.

The Bismarck Flying Fox: Closer Look

A closer look at the same specie is necessary because there is a lot to notice about this creature. The bat gets its name as the flying fox because of its face. If you look closely you can tell that the appearance resembles a fox to the tee. As it looks like a fox from its face it was given the name of a flying fox. Another interesting feature is that the males in this specie are able to lactate. Due to this they are able to look after the young and take care of them wholly while the mother is out hunting.