The Most Adored Celebrity Pets of All Time

Pets are an important part of many celebrities’ lives. They provide companionship, love, and entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else. While some celebrities have personal pets (or even multiple), others spend time volunteering at animal shelters or rescues to help homeless animals find homes. Check out these most adored celebrity pets of all time!

Michael Jackson’s Pet Monkey Bubbles

Michael Jackson’s Pet Monkey Bubbles – Michael Jackson owned a pet monkey named “Bubbles”. The monkey was bought by Jackson from a research facility. He even took Bubbles on tours with him! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bubbles was Michael Jackson’s friend. Bubbles also accompanied Michael Jackson on his tour to Japan. Both Michael and Bubbles enjoyed tea with the mayor of Osaka.

George Clooney’s Pigs

Everyone knows that George Clooney loves to keep pigs as pets. Clooney has been keeping pigs as pets for over 20 years now and he loves them! He even talks about his pigs in interviews. He has a lot of other pets as well however he is very fond of his pigs.

Paris Hilton’s Dogs

Paris Hilton is known to own small breeds of dogs. She refers to her dogs as her babies. She can be seen holding a dog in a picture she posted with her famous line ‘I’d paint the white house pink’. That was her favorite Chihuahua. The dog was with her for 14 years and when her pet Chihuahua passed away she got really sad. However, after some time she got more dogs to showcase her love for them.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette

Karl Lagerfeld is a famous cat lover. He owns multiple cats and even has one named “Choupette”. His other pets include dogs, rabbits, chickens, etc. However, he prefers to keep his beloved feline company. Since the kitty was born it has been causing quite a stir on social media with its adorable pictures!

Spencer Pratt’s Hummingbirds

Spencer Pratt is a known lover of hummingbirds. His Instagram feed is full of videos that show how comfortable the hummingbirds are around him. He has even named many of them. He is known to have around 30 hummingbirds!

Emma Watson’s Puppies

Emma Watson’s puppies are quite popular on social media because the actress seems to love sharing pictures and videos of her adorable pups with fans. She adopted two dogs, one was a Golden Retriever while the other was an English bulldog.

Audrey Hepburn’s Dog Mr. Famous

Audrey was a well-known animal lover and had many pets throughout her life. She even adopted a dog, which she named “Mr. Famous”. She was very attached to her pet dog and even brought her to her movie sets. Mr. Famous was a Yorkie pup and when it died Audrey Hepburn got very sad which led Mel Ferrer to gift her another Yorkie Pup.