25+ Warning Signs That Showed Us That Safety Rules Aren’t Always Boring

All of us know what warning signs are. They are a part of many public spaces, and their primary aim is to warn the general public about what will happen to them if they do or don’t do something that’s written on the sign. And the main distinguishing feature of those signs is that they are quite serious, which is perfectly understandable: we are talking about safety here, after all…
However, there are many signs out there that are extraordinary. These are the kinds of signs that will make you question what they are trying to say.
These warning signs are funny, eccentric, and, most of all, unique. So, let’s dive into the most extraordinarily eccentric signs all over the world. You are guaranteed to laugh the whole time.

#1. Yummmmyyyy…..

Some people don’t understand that tigers are dangerous creatures and not to be messed with at all costs. Such people don’t listen, and one needs to find a creative way to make them understand the dangers of getting too close to the tigers. The makers of this sign creatively did this so people can stay out of the dangerous area.


After all, no one wants to become a piece of delicious meat for the animals, and this sign is a reminder of that. Whoever sees this sign will think twice now before crossing the safety barriers. At least we hope they do.

#2. The Right Way To Do It

We can’t stop laughing at how funny this sign is. The sign illustrates the right way to observe an alligator using stick figures. Now, we get all the illustrations but what makes us laugh the most is the third one. After all, who decided to jump on an alligator and take it for a ride?


The zoo has seen some weird stuff happening, and they don’t want people to take the alligators for any more rides. You have to love the creativity of whoever made this sign. It is surely one-of-a-kind and makes you think twice about getting close with the gators.

#3. The Parachute That Never Opened

(Yes, we know it isn’t not a warning sign, but it’s hilarious, so we decided to include it anyways.)

When you look at this sign at first, you realize it is just a normal ad for a parachute. However, as you keep reading, you realize that something is not right with the sign. It says only used once, never opened, and this makes us wonder if the parachute works or not.


Why would anyone want to buy a parachute that doesn’t open? It defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place. The maker of this sign either didn’t think this through or wanted people to know the fate that awaits them. All we know is we don’t want that parachute.

#4. Where are they?…

The sign makes us wonder what parents came here that almost ran their children with a tractor? It is not funny, but the sign makes us laugh because of how bizarre it is. It is just a warning sign that aims to tell parents to look after their children and keep an eye on them at all times.


Kids do wander around and may get into trouble or go somewhere they shouldn’t be. However, this sign maker has made sure parents know where their children are in an incredibly hilarious and creative way. It is always great to know where your children are.

#5. Priorities


What seems like a normal warning sign at first comes with a plot twist. It warns you not to do anything that may lead to you falling. Makes sense, right? But then it goes on to say that if you fall, the animals will get sick. What a way for the sign to show that our lives don’t matter to them.

It is also an absolutely great way to show that the zoo truly cares about the animals much more and doesn’t want anything to harm them. We do appreciate the creativity behind this project, even if it is at our expense.

#6. Gen Z, This One Is For You

People are so caught up with social media these days that instead of helping themselves or others in emergency cases, they post it first. This sign highlights this exact problem. It reminds people to exit the building in case of a fire safely, instead of posting it on social media.


A creative and exceptional way to remind people of the real priorities in life. It is a funny yet sad sign at the same time because it reminds us that we have put social media above our wellbeing. So, if you are in an emergency, will you tweet about it first or go to safety?

#7. Who’s The Fastest One Here?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fastest of all, the bull or us? We certainly don’t want to know the answer to this question, but the bull can cross the pasture in ten seconds, according to the sign. Unless you are Usain Bolt, you should not even attempt to cross the pasture.


Trespassing is a crime anyway, but when there is a bull on the other side, it can become incredibly dangerous. We love the witty sign because it reminds us we can’t outrun the bull no matter how much we try. That should deter anyone from crossing.

#8. Where Are You Abby?

Are you also sick of your employees not showing up for work? If you are, then be as creative as this Dairy Queen to make your employees come to work. The manager at Dairy Queen does not regret calling out Abby in this way at all. We hope after such blatant humiliation, Abby showed up for work.


Imagine the horror of finding this sign while peacefully crossing the Dairy Queen if you are Abby. We don’t think anyone has ever been called out this publicly for not showing up at work. Seriously, Abby, go to work already.

#9. I’m A Bird, I Don’t Care ‘Bout Your Stupid Signs

We have all rebelled at some point in our lives. It is human nature to rebel and go against what we have been told. The sign shows us that this rebellious nature is part of the animal kingdom as well. The sign clearly doesn’t allow any birds, and yet the bird is on top of it.


The bird has had enough of humans telling them what to do, and it is doing what it wants to do. We laugh at the makers of this sign because did they really think that the birds would understand these signs?

#10. Bat Poop Alert

We are sure that this sign’s makers were seriously warning people, but we can’t help but laugh. After all, nobody wants to be a free toilet for the bats or any other bird or animal for that matter. The sign successfully captures people’s attention and reminds them what may happen if they stand directly under the bats.


One thing we wonder is that why would anyone want to visit a free-flying bat enclosure in the first place? Bats are already scary creatures and the possibility of them pooping on you makes the idea of visiting the enclosure seem even worse.

#11. Don’t Mess Wish Hamish

Sometimes we wonder about all the hilarious things people do that makes other people want to put up such signs. After all, who wants to grab the Hamish by the horns? Certainly not us. It already looks angry and done with other people.


The sign is a reminder that people need to be more conscious of their actions. They need to stop and think about what they are doing and then proceed on doing something. People who stop and think would not make the grave mistake of grabbing the creature by its horns unless they have a deathwish.

#12. No Legal Claims

By now, we all know that people love to sue other people and companies. That is why this sign is so smart and witty. First, it warns people not to walk on the rocks, and even if they do and get injured, they can’t file a lawsuit because they would not win.


It just goes to show that this is not the first time the person is making a sign. After all, people don’t follow them and do what they want anyway. People can take chances of injury but not of a lawsuit. What a great way to put people in their place.

#13. Zero


If there are people who have dived despite knowing there is no water, we would love to hear their thoughts. Till then, we wonder what was going inside the mind of the person that created this sign. Did he know he was incredibly obvious?

#14. Who Created A Precident?..

When we look at this warning sign, we wonder if the people that made this did it out of a sense of humor or they were serious? Surely, no one sane has ever thought of diving into their toilet. Of course, there are some exceptions as people love to be adventurous.


The sign is meant to prevent people from getting injured by their toilet. After all, no one wants their tombstone to say, “Death By Diving Into The Toilet Bowl.” We know we sure don’t. It would probably be the most ridiculous death in history of living beings. And dying beings.

#15. Genius

This is not a warning sign. It is a life lesson for all the married couples out there that don’t like sharing their favorite chips. You can use this lesson for your next movie night so that you don’t have to share your favorite chips and you can binge-eat them all by yourself.


There is nothing more satisfying on a lazy day than watching your favorite shows or movies and finishing an entire bag of chips. With this tip, you can have just the right kind of lazy day for yourself. Don’t thank us, thank these sign-makers.

#16. Or Put A Helmet On

Have you ever crashed into a glass door? We have, and we wonder how many people crashed into this glass door before the owner had to put a sign like this. At first glance, the sign seems too obvious because you have to open a door before entering, and it makes no sense to put that up.


However, the glass is so clean that people tend to miss it and crash into it. So, in a way, this is not a warning sign but a public service message so that people can save themselves from embarrassment. A witty yet humanitarian sign.

#17. We’ll Take Good Care Of You…….

Death Valley is located in California, and it is one of the hottest places you will ever visit. Many people die every year of heatstroke, so of course, the valley needs a proper health center. The sign is of the Death Valley Health Center. However, when reading it first, one can also get confused.


After all, death and health are two things that don’t go together at all. We can’t help but laugh at the irony of this. Whoever made this sign should have at least thought twice, or maybe they are a fan of paradox? What do you think?

#18. Get A Room, Guys

We all know how hard it is to leave loved ones and travel abroad. The last minutes at the airport are full of hugs, warmth, and PDA. However, this sign doesn’t care. It is a reminder to people that if they want to indulge in PDA, they should do it on their own time.


After all, it creates an unnecessary rush, and other people don’t like watching PDA either. Travel areas are high-traffic places, and all should keep moving. So, remember, the next time you are dropping off a loved one at the airport, keep your kiss under three minutes.

#19. The Circle Of Life

It is another paradoxical sign that is confusing to look at first. Where do we go? Fresh start or death? Ironically, both are in the same direction, so we guess you will figure it out as you go along. Can there be a life where there’s death? Something to think about today.


These are not signs but reminders to think more about life. We can’t help but philosophize on it. It is not a hilarious sign but one that makes you question many things. Something we don’t need from signs, and whoever placed them together should have thought about it twice.

#20. The Sign That Tells It Like It Is

Have you ever seen a sign so blatantly honest that it scares you? Well, today is your day. This sign is not exaggerating and saving you from all the trouble that lies ahead. We can’t help but be curious about what lies ahead of this sign. It is human nature to want to find out.


We wonder how many drivers got curious and didn’t heed this warning sign. Aren’t you curious to find out as well? But whatever you do, if there is such a sign anywhere else, listen to it and run away. You will be grateful later on.

#21. The Million-Dollar Question

To stop or not to stop? That is the million-dollar question that these warning signs pose. It is a road sign, and such signs are meant to be efficient so drivers can have a quick glance and be on their way. However, these signs would make anyone look twice.


After all, what are they trying to say? Should one stop or not stop? These signs are not warning signs but sources of hazard because they will take the driver’s attention away and make them think about this conflicting choice. What would you do after seeing such signs? Would you stop or not?

#22. Don’t Worry About Them

A missing letter can make all the difference to a sentence’s meaning, and we all know the letter missing on this sign. Whoever created this either did a poor job, or the letter got erased somehow. Whatever happened, this sign is now telling everyone that parking illegally will not have any consequences.


If you decide to park here and still get a ticket, you can always tell them that the sign said all would be okay. The sign may look aggressive at first, but as you read the entire thing, it’s telling you to chill and park your car without any worries.

#23. Children’s Heaven

The sign may sound relaxing at first because who doesn’t want caffeine and a puppy? However, it is every parent’s nightmare. No parent wants their child to be hopped up on caffeine and bring home a pet they will have to be responsible for. The sign provides the perfect punishment to parents that leave children unattended.


It will add more responsibility if you don’t take care of your child. Surely, every parent, after reading this sign, did not leave their children’s side for even a minute. We know we wouldn’t be able to. We want our children to be less energetic then they naturaly are, not more. Just kidding.

#24. The Weird Cat

Beware of the dog signs are incredibly common in houses where people keep guard dogs. It lets people know beforehand, so they don’t disturb the dog and get attacked by it. However, this sign has a twist because it is not just telling you to be wary of the dog but the cat too.


The sign is the perfect way to keep people off the property because one may not be scared of dogs, but many people hold superstitions about cats. So, if the first warning doesn’t work, then the second one is bound to keep people away.

#25. Tattoo Removal At A Discount

Before you get a permanent tattoo, always think twice, so you don’t regret it and have to get it removed later on. If you want to get it removed, you can go to this place offering it at a discounted price. However, tattoos can only be removed through laser, so we can’t help but wonder how they will remove it for such a low price.


It doesn’t seem right at all, and the sign doesn’t help the situation either. It makes the process look even scarier. If we saw such a sign at a tattoo removal place, we will happily keep the tattoo instead of getting it removed.

#26. Be A Pedestrian And Get Killed

We love signs that go out of their way to illustrate what would happen if people didn’t follow the warning. In this case, if anyone crossed this area, the forklift would take no time to cause injury to the pedestrians. Surely, after seeing this sign, no one would dare cross the area.


The sign is hilarious, but it also gives an important message because one can never be too careful, especially on construction sites. There is a hazard everywhere, and safety should be practiced at all times. We applaud whoever made this sign because they got their message across in a creative and fun way.

#27. The Splatter Zone

Taking children to the zoo is a great way to give them a lesson about the animal kingdom and teach them new things. Of course, there are some dangers at the zoo too, and signs are everywhere so children and families can stay safe while visiting.


However, when it comes to hippos, you should keep away for a different reason. They might splatter you if you get too near, and you wouldn’t want that. The sign has the perfect illustration on it to explain in a fun way so both parents and kids can stay away from the hippos’ splatter zone.

#28. The Dangers Of Trespassing

Have some compassion for the property owners and don’t trespass. After all, they need a break from hiding the bodies of all other trespassers that didn’t take the warning sign seriously. We don’t know the genius that came up with this sign, but the words are enough to keep us out of the area.


All of us know how useless the no trespassing signs are. People don’t take them seriously at all. Maybe the creator of this sign got tired of all the trespassers and decided to make a sign that would keep people out once and for all. We can say they have done a good job.

#29. Eyes On The Prize

Children only go to the doctor for one reason: they get lollipops after their appointment. However, this doctor wants everyone to keep their eyes on the real prize, which is not dying. It is a great way to get adults vaccinated so that they can stay safe and healthy.


If this isn’t reason enough to go to the doctor and get vaccinated, we don’t know what is. There is no better gift than the gift of living. The doctor has done a great job reminding people of that through this sign.

#30. You Will Be Found… Or Not

At first, the sign seems incredibly reassuring, but as you keep reading, you realize it is the opposite of that. You can stay calm and wait, but there is no guarantee that you will be found because only two-thirds of people have been recovered from it.


It takes a week for people to be rescued because that is when the team comes to look for people. We don’t want to be stuck in the maze for over a week. What does one do for that long? Unless they have left food scattered around for the lost people, the maze would be anything but fun.

#31. What Is This Again?..

Everyone knows that people barely listen to warning signs, especially when they are about speeding or stopping. Well, the creator of these signs wanted to make sure that people listen and stop. The creator was probably tired of people not listening, and this was their final attempt.


Even though the same sign twice might seem useless at first, it has probably done a lot of good and saved many lives. That’s because it urges people to stop for a moment and think if they want to cross the sign. We know we would stop after seeing this.

#32. The Extra Push

If you appreciate a perfectly timed photograph, then this one is for you. The picture depicts that the car did not listen to the sign and crashed in the sides. We wonder if the driver crashed it because they were too busy reading the sign? Whatever the cause may be, other people will listen to the sign when driving by.


We know we wouldn’t want to be the ones in the car behind the sign. However, we hope that the people in the car turned out okay, and no one was seriously hurt. That is why you should always drive carefully, even when there isn’t a sign.

#33. Tom Is Confused

This is one of our favorite signs because it is hilarious, and it features Tom Hanks. The sign seems to warn people that a walking plant nearby is heavy and crossing the road. If there is, we would want to get our sights on that.


Of course, it just means that the crossing is for the machinery plant that is probably being moved around. We love that Tom Hanks shared the love of weird signs with us and didn’t think at all before taking this picture. He appreciates a hilarious sign just as much as us.

#34. The Delicious Food Avenue

We should warn you that when you look at this sign, you may feel incredibly hungry. After all, who doesn’t love hot dogs and sausages? We are not exactly sure where this avenue and street is, but we do know it will be an interesting one to visit.


It sparks the curiosity that there may be delicious food right around the corner but who knows. Maybe there is just a hot dog stand, and the sign has gotten us excited for no reason. Once you are on this avenue, it will be hard to resist the temptation of finding a good hot dog.

#35. The Age Of Dinosaurs

The sign is incredibly intimidating but is it even aware that dinosaurs are extinct now? However, we do appreciate the creativity they have used to keep adults and children off the area. After all, no one wants a Jurassic-park encounter.


It is a great way to keep people from trespassing, but it may even spark people’s curiosity to see what is ahead. What is the Dinosaur Area? Are there actual dinosaurs there? What are they hiding there? You know there is only one way to figure this out.

#36. Not Good For You

Sometimes we continue to do things despite knowing that they will hurt us in the end. The sign is an accurate representation of the fact and is a reminder of what will happen if we don’t obey it. We can’t judge from the photo what exactly might happen if we don’t listen to the sign.


There is no imminent danger, of course, but it is always a wise idea to do what the sign says to save yourself from any bad luck. No one wants to end up crying, after all, we know we don’t.

#37. Don’t Mess With The Pipe

The sign is an accurate representation of the notion that humans don’t listen. People are doing everything the sign is telling them not to do, and we wonder if there were any consequences for people that didn’t heed the sign. We hope there wasn’t, but one should always be careful.


Of course, it is human nature to do the forbidden things, and we love taking that route. So, the award for the world’s useless sign goes to this one. However, on a serious note, you should always follow signs because they are there for a reason.

#38. Again, Who Created the Precedent

Have you ever thought about consuming a hanger? If you haven’t, then there are still many people that have because why else would anyone create such a sign? They have even gone so far as to create an illustration that seems to show what someone would look like if they consumed a hanger.


Of course, no one can swallow a hanger. But just in case, don’t attempt to swallow any hangers, or you will end up looking like the man in the illustration, and you wouldn’t want that. It shouldn’t seem so hard since hangers don’t look very appetizing anyway.

#39. The Obvious Sign

Some signs are way too obvious, and we wonder why they were put in the first place. Anyone that sees the water will automatically know that the road finishes before the water starts. The hilarious part is that this sign is located at the beach.


After reading the sign, we would simply just go to the beach and relax. After all, who wants to roam on the road when there is a beautiful beach just around the corner. But seriously, someone needs to reconsider this sign because it doesn’t make sense at all. At least not to us.

#40. There Are Eyes Everywhere

These times, the sad reality is that even though we have technologically advanced, it has come at a cost. We are constantly being monitored and kept track of. There are cameras and eyes everywhere, and we can’t escape it no matter how much we try. However, this sign is intriguing because no one uses monitored in this context.


The illustration shows that the person is throwing the monitor at the other, making us wonder if people actually do this. Of course, the sign only means that you are being kept an eye on. What a fun way to twist the sad reality.

#41. A Bit Bumpy

The sign shows a unicyclist in quite a mess. He probably encountered a bump in the road and ended up floating in the air. How many people were using a unicycle on this road that the authorities eventually had to put this sign up? It looks like there were many of them.


Of course, this sign is probably there to warn people that there is a bumpy road ahead, and they should be careful so that they don’t encounter such a mess. It is always a good idea to heed road warning signs because one can never be too careful.

#42. They’re Not Wrong

Any public pool space or water body always has a sign that warns people to be careful in the water. However, we are amazed at how obvious this sign is. No one wants to drown on purpose, and everyone knows it might ruin their day or even the week.


What a creative way to remind people that drowning will not be a good thing for them. Every time we go to the pool or the beach, this warning will always be in our heads. That is the power of a great sign. They are memorable.

#43. Beware Of Dead Deer Meat

Here is a sign we never hoped to see in our lives. We can even relate to the expression this woman has on her face because even we have the same expression after reading this. Deers are prey for leopards, so, naturally, they consume them.


What you don’t know is that they leave their unfinished food on the treetops. That means there is a risk that the food might fall and injure someone. Imagine walking peacefully, and suddenly a dead deer falls in front of you. It is a sight we never wish to see in our lives, and we hope you don’t either.

#44. Strong Dislike Towards Dogs

Dogs are perhaps one of the most loved animals on the planet, but some people don’t like dogs. The makers of this sign feel strongly about their dislike of dogs, as seen from the picture. What makes the sign even funnier is that right behind it, we can see Holy Family Cat.


We are guessing the sign said Holy Family Catholic until the H fell off. But it made the perfect opportunity for a picture like this, and the photographer didn’t waste any time seizing this opportunity. Are you a cat person or a dog?

#45. The Clever Bookstore

We love a good joke, and this bookstore has made the perfect one. You have to appreciate a good sense of humor and give credit where credit is due. The funny part is that it does feel post-apocalyptic with everything in the world right now.


The bookstore has humorously spun this so people can be enticed to check out their collection. We would go into this bookstore and see what it had to offer after reading this intelligent sign. The first section we will go to is current affairs to understand what is going on in the world.

#46. Falling Snakes

Falling deer weren’t enough, and now we have to deal with falling snakes too? These signs are making our worst nightmares come to life. Why are all these animals falling, and where are they falling from? We want answers. After all, no one wants a snake to fall on their heads.


The sign has only made us more anxious and worried because we don’t want animals falling on us out of nowhere, especially not snakes. We want to find the location of this sign so that we can ensure we never set foot in that area.

#47. The Three Musketeers

We have found the perfect place to go to if we run into any money problems in the future. The first thing we will do is file for bankruptcy, after which our spouses would want to divorce us. So, after that, we will visit the liquor store so we can drown our sorrows.


These signs are hilarious because they represent interconnected problems that we would otherwise miss. After all, bankruptcy and divorce are two incredibly good reasons to visit the liquor store and be less sad. We wonder if anyone visited all these three on the same day.

#48. This Is Your Reminder That You Are Not A Train

This is another sign that reminds us of our common sense. Of course, many people still lack common sense, and they need to be reminded every once in a while of things they shouldn’t do. Everyone knows that tracks are just for trains, so it is common sense not to go on them.


Do you think this sign is even necessary? We think it isn’t but who knows, maybe someone thought they were a train, went on the tracks, and after that, the station had to put this sign up. But on the other hand, maybe someone identifies as a train. Who knows…

#49. Wet Floor

All of us are familiar with the Caution, Wet Floor signs. They are everywhere in public spaces and remind us that we need to be careful as a wet surface lies ahead. However, this sign is a humorous version of the wet floor sign.


After all, jazz hands are what our hands look like when we slip on the floor. We applaud whoever made this sign for their creativity and spinning a boring wet floor sign into a humorous one. We just wish more signs were this creative and fun so people could follow them.

#50. The Dumb Machine

We have become so technologically advanced in recent times that we need machines for every task. However, we often forget that machines don’t have brains, even if they can seem smarter than us sometimes. We have brains and the power to use it in many ways.


This machine is a reminder that we shouldn’t rely on machines and use our own brains for a change. After all, it feels great to use one’s brain after a while. You should give it a try and see how refreshed you feel not relying on technology.