The Science Behind Why We Find Dogs Cute

Admit it; you might be a big burly guy, but you find dogs cute deep down inside. We all do. There’s something about dogs that strike a chord with all of us. The reason for that is we’re programmed to like cute fluffy dogs. The dog is man’s best friend, and the proof of that is when we search for images of puppies and dogs on the internet. We enjoy these furry creatures so much that we’re willing to go to great lengths to look at pictures and watch videos of them.

It’s all about chemicals released by the brain

Chemicals are released by the brain when you see a fuzzy dog that makes you smile. Those chemicals make you feel happy. Every person reacts the same way when they see a dog. You immediately feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From there, you start to bond with the animal, even if it’s only a picture. It isn’t long before you begin to look for the animal traits that make you feel happy. You might look at its face to see if it’s smiling or if there’s something in particular that you feel is more attractive about the dog than with other dogs. Overall, the logic behind it is that you’re trying to get another rush of chemicals in the brain so you feel that way all over again.

Puppies offer an extra dose of mind-bending chemicals

Puppies flood your brain with an even larger dose of the happy chemicals that you’re addicted to. Have you ever found yourself seeking out puppies in particular? If you have and wondered why now you know. The reason is that your brain is craving the rush of chemicals that only a puppy can deliver. It’s strange to think that your mind can want to see a puppy picture, much like it would a drug, but it all goes back to the chemicals. Your brain wants to be fed more chemicals, and you’ll do anything to make your brain happy. Anyone who doubts that last sentence has never seen a smoker who’ll go great lengths to smoke a cigarette.

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Why is the human brain wired to want to see dogs and other animals?

Dogs have played an important role throughout the history of humankind. It could be said beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans would not be in the place they are today if it weren’t for our furry four-legged friends. So, it shouldn’t be all too surprising that we crave the companionship of these fine animals. Even though we no longer hunt in the jungle, protect our crops and livestock from predators, or worry about our safety at night, we still want to surround ourselves by animals that protect us. Dogs and humans have lived together side by side since day one, and that’s not going to change any time soon. The only thing that has changed is our need to connect with our canine companions and the internet that makes it possible to do so on a much deeper level.